Brad Pitt & Shiloh!

There are no words!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

I’m speechless!


Angelina Jolie has filed papers to adopt a child in Vietnam, the country’s top adoption official said Friday.

According to the Associated Press, the director of Vietnam’s International Adoption Agency said an American adoption agency representing Jolie had submitted the paperwork.

“She just filed the papers this week,” Vu Duc Long said.

Angelina, 31, and Brad, 43, are already parents to son Maddox, 5, and daughters Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, 9 months.

Brad said in January that he and Angelina wanted another child. “Always, of course,” he said. “We’ll let you know when we get there.”



  1. Christine says

    Hey , people,
    Please pray for each other. Don’t jugde anything about them. Just wish their luck and helping them if you can. You guys who hates them that much , so must think yourself first. TAKE THE NEEDLE IN YOUR EYES FISRT BEFORE YOU TAKE TO OTHERS. OK. Leave them a lone. They are a great family and they got a good HEART than you are.
    I agree 100% with Carleigh # 58 and Lalay #75.

  2. Gabriella says

    Brad looks at his daughter with such love like omg is it really her. I mean Brad always wanted a baby and if Jennifer didnt want to or chose to ignore what Brad had to say “I’m sorry” I mean Jenifer, she is so sweet and looks very polite but she wasnt ready to handle a family and they are so over anyways . Lets just forget about Jen and Brad, they have been over for a while now and I mean all these magazines that say that Brad still loves her, I dont buy it, I mean 5 yrs of marriage is a lot compared to other celebrity marriages but I think that he wanted to build a family and thats exactly what happened. Brangelina are even talking marriage, I mean pretty good after being boyfriend and girlfriend for 2 yrs and a half almost 3 and I mean I hope it goes well for the well-being of the whole family, their careers, their future marriage I mean its just perfect thier family and I understand for Jen and how upset she must have been but I mean Jen moved on pretty quickly and if she neglected what Brad had to say or what he felt then it was her fault. And those who hate Angie, dont because she seems really happy, shes forming a family, her career is going well as well as Brad’s and they both have thier own child and so on. But I do have to say Brad and Angie the passion is there but I dont think theres ENOUGH love. I mean take as example Billy Bob Thorton and Angie now that was love; wierd but it was love and Jen and Brad was obviously love. I dont know, I mean everything seems perfect but I dont think they are as happy as they should. I just hope that they can get more intimate and hug and kiss becuase I really havent seen a picture of Brad and Angie kissing in public. And I’m not saying she hates Shiloh but in a magazine she mentioned that she loves Shiloh but that she’s so priviligded and that she has more cosidersation for her adopted children. I understand her point but the difference between adopting and having one of your own is basically the same concept so she shouldnt use that as an excuse. First of all I love Angie, shes the best but now shes thinking of adopting again and its her complete desicion but I mean doesnt she already have four. I mean she has a career and Brad too but its not becuase of that but how each child will recieve different affection or attention. For example Shiloh and her statement it made no sense at all. Adopting is giving life to someone who can live better than they already do and giving them love, attention and being there for them. Look at Maddox her first child she loves him with all her heart becuase that was her first adopted child but she took him in as a child in need and treated him like a son , then Zahara came and she was a child in need, then Shiloh came. Isnt that important to her? I’m not saying she doesnt care but like shouldnt you just love her equally, like just be glad that now you have one of your OWN. Isnt that great I mean you get to help out other children and then you have one of your own too, from your own stomach like you formed her you made her like shouldnt that be special that she yours and I undertstand her point completely of how shes priviliged I dont know if I took it the wrong way but thats my response. And about the adopting thing its great I hope they get as many as they want and deserve becuase they very well can and just that EVERY child gets the equal things they deserve and that I dont think this is a publicity thing I just think they both do it for the best intrest of all and best health for all. I think they’re a great family, they spend family time, they buy clothes for them and thier food and their wants and hope all thier children grow up to say good things about their parents.

  3. Jodie says

    sorry but that child is unbeliveably average looking.

    She has a kind of dopey expression and her nose is pig like.

  4. Heather says

    This image just reminds me of when Brad was married to Jennifer and said his dream of being a father was having a house full of little girls. Just by seeing the glare in his eyes you can see that Shiloh is definetly “daddy’s little girl”. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words. It truly is we can tell that his dream of fatherhood came true resulting in a child he couldn’t be happier to father. She is very cute as are all babies. I think Sarah’s comment was mean, but I do think they should consider having more biological children, so that Shiloh could have some siblings to balance our her race as Angelina says she wants to do for her other children. They are all cute. Good luck to them all, and I wish them all the happiness!

  5. chipmunk2113 says

    #222 How old are you? Not a put down, just that I saw him much more influentual in the 70’s-80’s, maybe. He just seems younger cause of all of their ‘healthy living’ out there in CA.
    FYI: Robert Deniro knows controversial people draw attention- attention is what you want for a film, then film does well and makes lots of money, eh, eh?? Am I Right??
    OF COURSE he wanted HER-excuse me Picked her. Her LOVE/HATE relationship with the public makes him $ee green.

  6. chipmunk2113 says

    # 86 THANK YOU!!!!!! Now I can quit reading and try to go to bed-got a cold/flu-can’t b r e a t h e. I know, I said this was my first and probably last day on this site, but technically it hasn’t been a whole 24 hours.
    Stay stong orianna, selda, lola, ivy & julia, neil-just go away, carliegh and you other A lovers, quit lying!!! Your blogs are obvious you’re lusting after Brad, not concerned for the kids, OR ELSE you’d see their glazed, fixed stare- ike they are gun shy of people after having strangers IN THEIR FACE from being paraded around so much. Take your own adviceTammy and Tiffany, QUIT already with the same ol’ song and dance-we’re just as sick of your overly sugar coated lie of an opinion that ALL IS WELL IN the BABY asylum. And last, but not least, Minnie, get a red letter edition-ask neil, he has christian speak, having probably heard the TRUTH once or twice and disliked it so much that he now trolls women’s blogs looking to attack anyone that has the slightest scent of morality in their post because it’s ENTERTAINING, if not sooo uncomfortable it squeezes
    a poisonous little yelp from his whipped conscience once in a while. Lalay and yaya, count the entries- your (and a handful of others’) undying love for A and Brad extends only so far with at least 2/3 of this string being neutral, half way or in no way lovers of this ‘Family”-and I use this term very loosely. if you you get pissy having to read nauseating opinions9like yours are to us) you can ask the mod to set up you and your in kind opinion holders a seperate thread. OR-we can share, as is expected of us now. # 61 Hol, I wonder too, but no one knows A’s heart but her. Some people have to work through emotional blocks in order to bond with their children, I hope she can/will/does if that’s her struggle.

  7. Nicki says

    The most adorable baby, that is the spitting image of both parents. Lucky little girl. Best wishes to the whole family.

  8. ???* says

    your right Dori…..He looks at her like she is his world…..a very loving parent!!! and is it just me or is Micaroppi….[i really don`t care how its spelt] crazzy!!! alittle to many shots or Brandy…huh!!! lol

  9. ???* says

    i like Jen and all but its bin 2 yrs… GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK`N-BITCH

  10. mika says

    OH MY GOD! At some point I stopped reading comments from homegrown “therapists” and “relationship experts” or those charitable souls who are so concerned with Brad and Angelina’s kids. NONE of them know them personally, NONE of them have seen Angelina at home interacting with her kids or Brad, but they sure know everything about her feelings or their family. Do you even realize how RIDICULOUS and PATHETIC you sound, spending all this time and energy venting your frustration and anger at someone you’re simply jealous of– a beautiful woman with a mind of her own, beautiful kids and an adoring partner. Good for Brad–he looks really happy, FINALLY.

  11. Lindy says

    Does Brad and Angelina even see these comments, for some reason I don’t think so. But just on the outside chance that they do. Angelina and Brad You are both beautiful people and I truly hope you are the happiest ever and wish you and yours the greatest endeavors in the world. And if you ever want to see some beautiful quilts look me up. Maybe I’ll post them on Webshots if you search for meandering quilts you’ll see lots of fun stuff, I just barely found these on webshots myself. And plan to look around as I learning to machine quilt myself. I’ve been piecing quilts for 13 years and I’m the proud grandma of 1 beautiful grandson and 1 beautiful grand daughter. I love the babies especially when they are little. I’m proud as you probably are.

  12. :) says

    I heard that AJ donated 2 million to the orphanage that she’s adopting the little boy from. No wonder she’s getting him sooner than most people. If that’s not buying a child, don’t know what is.

  13. tj says

    i love angelina jolie and brad pitt and what they do i love how they are happy together and how they use their money for good and they dont just throw away on some big time clothing line or something. and their baby is sooooo gorgeous!!!! like her mama and papa!!!! and so are ther’re other kids. why do people just like shiloh because angelina gave birth to her???? i love all ther’re childern even the ones shes goin to adopted!!!!!!!

  14. Gayla says

    Plenty of kids to adopt in U.S., wonder why she doesn’t adopt them…..guess more publicity in other countries.

  15. Tam says

    #45 – yes you perhaps do not know what being Christian is – they have children out of wedlock?!??! Come on!!!

  16. Nicki says

    234. sharon
    Why would Shiloh be her favorite? All children are the best. I mean she has 2 before Shiloh. She NEVER said she didn’t love Shiloh. So many things are taken out of context and twisted. So be it…… They look like a very loving family for the 3 or 4 minutes in a day we see them……… Who knows what the rest of the 23 hours and 56 minutes are like, maybe just like a normal (oh yeah they do have cleaners and cooks, so maybe not normal, but gives parents much more time to spend with the kids) loving all of the kids and hugging and kissing on all of them. They look like a normal family to me.

  17. sharon says

    It’s that easy to get to meet Brad Pitt? Just let your baby talk to his baby? LOL I’m going to New Orleans! LOL JK it is nice to see Shiloh and her daddy having some one on one time. She looks so much like Angelina! And even if Angie makes comments about Shiloh not being her fav, well it looks like Daddy loves her unconditionally.

  18. comment says

    Yes, I’m talking to NIcki, Nicky. doesn’t matter how you spell your name, you know who I’m talking to and that’s the up Brangelinas bee hind person that hates all criticism and negative opinions of them. I swear you are as addemant in your worshiping of these celebrities as Team Anniston is of Jennifer.

  19. comment says

    Ok, NickYYY! I beg to differ. Goldie and Kurt Russell, Tim and Susan are in a whole different league than Brad and Angelina. None of these people have unstable, mental pasts. So please don’t put them in the same catorgory.

  20. Nicki says

    Again comment, if you are talkiing to me, Nicki, your spelling is off.
    Honestly, I think they will make it together. Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins and Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell are unmarried and in very long term relationships.
    Yes I think they will make it past 5 years, past 10 years, heck I even say past 25 years. But again if they don’t it won’t affect me. I would feel bad for the children involved.

  21. comment says

    Wow, two years together. That sure is a long time. Guess that means they’re going to be together forever. Nicky do you honestly think they’ll last past the 5 year mark? Really, what is your honest opinion? For the record, I don’t wish anyone a breakup, just looking at Hollywood statistics. And it will be a shame for the children, that’s why they shouldn’t have anymore or adopt. In my lowly opinion, I think they got together because that’s what they wanted at the time but times change and people change and before long they’ll be off to another adventure with someone else.

  22. Nicki says

    228. comment —“especially Nicky”—If you are talking to me,( your spelling is off, not sure, for one my name and the others)—–If they broke up (keep wishing) tomorrow, who in everyday life is affected?? Noone, the only ones would be the kids, and that is what I would feel bad about.
    They look like a strong family unit and that is what most have a problem with. Why? They have been together for over 2 years, and for the people who can’t do math, Divorce finalized in Sept. 2005,(but witten off in Aug. 05) Angelina gave birth in late May 06. Once your file for divorce, oh yeah separation announced in early Jan. 05, you are no longer attached to that person……….But look at the time line, NOT pregnant until 1 month before the divorce was written off. OH MY they are horrilble people.

    But don’t worry your little self about what I will do if they ever do break up..looks to me like total happiness between them, remember the Golden Globes, the Good Shepard premiere, the Bansky art show??? If they do decide to part ways, then it will be thier choice and I’d be fine with it because it is thier life to life not mine..If that did ever happen with them, I’d still be fans of both and support them. They will always be connected through the children, and they are adults.

  23. comment says

    Just curious! What are all you people going to do, “especially Nicky” when your sweet Angelina and wonderful Brad split? It’s coming and soon. Won’t be long. Gonna be a lot of upset people and they will fall right off that pedestal you have them on!!

  24. traveller says


    Stating ones opinion does not make them a Hollywood insider. I didn’t read anything that had facts to back it up. Just her opinion of the situation. Anyone could say those things. That doesn’t mean they’re true.

  25. oriana says

    Nicki, I do love Robert Dinero, and I do think she is a good actress, I am not a hater, just not a fan, well, I do like some of their movies, I even liked Meet Joe Black, and I love Anthony Hopkins too, Brad was so handsome in that picture!

    Child welfare should step in, Good Grief, they should step in allright, but to Woody Allen! And to Brittany if she doesn’t continue to seek help, to me Angie is psychologically messed up to some degree but I don’t see her harming the kids, she appears to be distant to Shiloh but Brad surely will give that baby love and nuturing.

  26. Stop pimping out kids for PR! says

    It’s disgusting the way Jolie wh0res out those third world adopted kids for publicity and now both Brad and Whorelina have taken to pimping out Shiloh in front of the cameras to undo Jolie’s “Shiloh is nothing but a blob” remarks.

    Both of them are vile. Child welfare should step in and take all of these children off Jolie

  27. says

    I have to say, it is nice to see Brad out with HIS baby girl. He looks happy to be alone and away with her, and it is about time. Brad should just pack up and leave the rainbow where it belongs…very sad for him that this has become his life!…..

  28. Nicki says

    I’m sorry I should change the all “you” haters……… all “the” haters, sorry for any misunderstanding.

  29. Nicki says

    221. oriana — She might sound like she knows, but hey really, after her comment about Jon Voight winning numerous awards(#183~and it just shows she can’t count past 0) , which by the way he only won 1! Do you really think she has any credibility?? I mean all I hear is her opinion. By the way Robert DiNero hand picked Angelina for The Good Shepard,,, after “all the scandal you haters proclaim went down.” He ONLY wanted ANGELINA in that role, wow, Robert DiNero, he’s a nobody , right? Not.
    Get over it she is paid more than most actresses to be in a movie, she might not open a movie, but she is paid much to support a movie. Thats saying a lot.

    She and Brad are loved in the Hollywood movers and shakers. They have and will be big contenders in the long run.

    The new pics of them are very nice.

  30. oriana says

    Oh, I have enjoyed reading this info about a Publicist!!!! How does a person become one? Do they advertise? Do they have an Agency? So I guess an Agent and a Publicist are two different things? Very interesting! Thank you very much, these are questions that I have heard other people wonder about. I wonder if a married couple or two stars living together have share the same one? I wonder if they get a set fee for salary or if each one differs with different stars? Do directors and producers have publicists also?

    I saw in an interview Angie gave once that SHE contacted the U.N. and asked to be a Representative for them and they accepted, so does she have a Passport that is accepted in any country without having to apply for one?

    #218, #219, have enjoyed these posts immensely!!!!!

  31. Miapocca says

    Career: Publicist

    A Day in the Life

    A publicist gets press coverage for his client. The publicist is often the middleman between the high-profile personality and members of the media. He usually wants his client to receive positive acclaim, but many publicists surveyed noted the old adage that “the only bad publicity is no publicity.” Politicians and captains of industry require a little more specific spin on their press-they want to be seen as forward-looking and confident-but other professions are less picky, as in the case of the rock star who reveals the sordid details of his seamy nightlife to cultivate a rough image. Publicists also perform damage control, attempting to counteract any undesirable press coverage the client receives. This position as “last line of defense” is what distinguishes the adequate publicist from the extraordinary one. Good publicists can turn scandal into opportunity and create valuable name-recognition for their clients. Publicists don’t only work for the famous. Sometimes they work for a little-known person or industry and create reasons for them to receive press coverage. In a case where a company desiring publicity is hampered by its esoteric nature or technical jargon, the publicist must translate its positions into easily understandable language. A major part of the publicist’s day is spent writing press releases and creating press packets, which have photos and information about the publicized person or company. Publicists spend a lot of time on the phone. They put in long hours, and most receive little financial reward in return. They operate under hectic conditions and must adhere to strict deadlines which coincide with publicity events, such as the release of a movie or the publishing of a book. They have to ensure that they get the appropriate information to the media in time for the event they are generating publicity for, such as a record release or automotive sale. They must always be available for comment (even when that comment is “no comment”) and remain friends with the media, no matter how demanding the desires of both clients and the reporters on whom they depend. But at the end of the day, they go to the hottest parties in town, the ones for their clients.

    Not all above is true since CAA and others make top dollar for their efforts

  32. Miapocca says

    HHAHHA..its interesting to know that some people think their family life is comparable to the Jolie Pitts

    They are not like normal family… they are celebs!!!!
    Jolie likes to be in the public eye for whaterver crazy reason, celebs may beg paps to leave them alone, but when its really over, they end up on the surreal life looking for more fame

    The point or the reason why we are all on this blog is because they are celebs and not some normal midwestern family from Toledo Ohio. Most , not all celebs have a personality that craves attention, so for that reason they chose to live infront of the camera. Does this choice give the media and us the right to scrutinize them, not really, ..But guess what …when they need us to buy tickets to their new movies they open the door wide open to their personal lifes…remember Jolies last interview ?..You dont expect to be able to close the door on that after you have given a glimpse.

    On the other hand ther are actors who are notoriously private and are hardly seen. Take Patrick Swayze, Steven Speilberg, Tom Hanks, Kyra Sedwick and Kevin Bacon..these power brokers are hardly in the media when they dont have a movie out, they are content to spend their lives at home with family away form Mr Chows and the IVY

    As Patrick Swayze once said being in the media 24/7 is a choice. If you choose to frequent all the hot spots of course you will be noticed. Now why will Katie Holmes and Beckham chose to go to Spago, where Paps are out and about at all hours….Also its quite convinient for Tom Cruise to dissapear several months on end and suddenly resurface for all kinds of photo ops.

    Who is giving away travel plans and adoption plans to the media, I doubt its the lawyers,its the publicists. The publicist is good at alerting the media when their client is going to take a leak, which door they are going through and at what time. All these so called accidental photos are well planned media opps. Presidents do it for their campaigns and movie stars are great at it.

    So if for years you want to have paps at your beck and call and suddently they realize that the money shot is when you are unprepared …why not go for it???

    Brad Pitt is friends with the aging playboy clooney, just like you are freinds with the guy who has the office next door. You may go to lunch together but they dont know shit about you and your life…Note that with Brad, his friends are his girlfriends friends, he has been a loner , because I am sure once the break up occurs the friends go with their main girl, just as the Arquettes with Anniston. Whatever bond Brad might have formed with Clooney, Jolie is making damn sure he is never in Hollywood long enough to go to lunch and I doubt she will be comfortable going out socially with clooney etc. I also dount clooney is a visitor to their new orleans mansion….the woman does not know how to relate to people unless she is fucking them.

    I dont consider Jennifers father an A Lister, probably a well liked person in hollywood, so she did have family and friends in the movie business, Brad did not. She is very accepted as the favourite all american girl and she hangs out with some major A listers herself ..the Arquette family…in short she always had more connections than Brad. The issue is that Brad likes to use the women, yes he may love them in his own way but he never made an alliance where he did not to improve his career, but for this one. For that reason I must say I was happy that Paltrow did not marry him.

    Unfortunately with Jolie, he did the no no and he does not look good in the media nor the hollywood community..and they have also given that child quite a cross to bear, can you imagine people forever associating your name with the adultery of your parents…ouch??

    I think the only good thing she can do apart from her UN work, (which by the way she did not initiate , she was invited based on popularity and we have to remember that other women before her have done more. with the UN, and frankly I think will sh ewas being selfish and crazy destroying herself in LA , she went to Africa and got a reality check) .is patching up with her father who can help others see her in a more positive light.

    The whole time she was being foolish in Hollywood people still saw her as Voights little girl, now I think that sympathy is out……She got an oscar and other awards for acting like her , a crazy demented young girl…..Girl interrupted and then Gia. Something tells me she was awfully close to those characters…….

  33. oriana says

    I don’t really know exactly what a Publicist job is, but surely they keep up with the public’s outlook toward their client, do they go places with them other than the Red Carpet? Are they present for interviews? Do they confer with their client on a daily basis? Surely Brad’s has talked to him about how he is being perceived, Angie probably doesn’t care, she seems so arrogant and she was snobbish at the Golden Globes, everyone could see it and her attitude, Big Stars, I mean REALLY Big Stars, Meryl Streep, in my opinion, one of the best around, didn’t have her demeanor, and I definately think Brad Pitt should have shown support for Babel at the Oscars!

  34. N says

    Please realize enter this site at your own risk….There are a lot of crazy hypocritical judgemental women on this site. Reading these posts are hilarious…..

  35. oriana says

    Shiloh looks nothing like Brad, she is Jon Voight made over! Looks just like him, I hope he gets to see her before she gets much older!

  36. says

    171..Sarah…you obviously do not have kids…I dont see how anyone who does could say such horrible things about innocent children…all children are beautifull in their own way……anyways I thing these pics are wonderfull, little shiloh is so pretty she has her mommys lips……love all pics of this family and I think that anyone who is adopting these children is saving them from very hard lives and a lot of suffering I do not understand the people who criticize them because essentially they are saving these childrens lives

  37. traveller says

    Wow! There are some pretty messed up people on this site. First of all, I do not believe that Nisa is a Hollywood insider. Where’s her proof. In the land of the internet, anyone can claim they are anything. I could say I’m a cardiac surgeon. That doesn’t make it true.

    I think it’s funny that people seem to not only think they really know Angelina and Brad, but that they have the right to tell them what to do with their lives. I personally would not want anyone telling me how to live and I’m sure the posters on this site would not want that either. So leave those two poor people alone.

    My parents have two biological children and three adopted children. And they did not adopt them because they wanted publicity or people to fawn over their “good” deed. They adopted them because they wanted more children and because they felt they had the means to give a family to children who had none. How is that a bad thing? Even a good orphanage is still an orphanage. Children deserve families. It’s horrible to say that a child would be better off in an orphanage than with parents. Also, my parents gave way more attention to one of my sisters and my brother than to the rest of us. They did it because those two children needed more attention and the remaining three were more independent. It doesn’t mean that they loved them more than the others. A parent loves each child differently depending on that child’s needs and personality. To say that a parent should love all their children the same is to delude yourself.

    Why is everyone jumping down Angelina’s throat about the new adoption. She just filed paperwork. It’ll be a good 6 to 12 months before they’ll actually be able to take custody of the child. Shiloh will be almost 2 years old by then.

    As for the comments on the status of Brad and Angelina’s relationship and home life, how does anyone know? They could have a great relationship. Maybe it was Brad that suggested they move from Hollywood. Maybe it was Brad that suggested they adopt an older child so that Maddox would have a playmate. Maybe it’s Angelina that takes care of Shiloh while at home (especially now since Brad is the one working on a movie at the moment) and when Brad has some downtime he wants to hold the baby. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. I don’t think any of us should be judging.

  38. says

    #204 nurseandmominpa — I have read on the people website last week when it was first anounced that she would adopt again that she wants a boy age 4 or 5, maybe a brother and playmate for Maddox. I think it is good that it’s not a newborn because the gorgeous Shiloh is still a baby and Z seems to need a lot of attention too. I love the pictures and think the family is beautiful regardless of how they got together or whatever. They seem happy and like they just fit together so I say live and let live.

  39. Essie says

    Nicki, don’t try to be sensible and knowledgeable with these people!!! They hate Angelina and that’s that.

    I can’t understand why Nisa (the Hollywood “insider”) thinks Brad is not well liked in H-wood. He and George Clooney are good friends. Also, to call Jennifer “elite” in H-wood is totally stupid. Her father was on a SOAP OPERA!!! Since when it that “A” list?? Some “inside” info you have Nisa. Hilarious!!!

    Also, “A Mightly Heart” wasn’t Angie’s idea. It is produced by Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston production company!!!

  40. ????? says

    In that first picture of Shiloh, she is so homely!!!!! What happened? Brad aint that bad to look at! I think shiloh has hung around too much with Z and z’s looks have rubbed off her. She does look like Voight

  41. Jackie says

    Too true Miappocca, you sometimes make sense but sometimes when you make comments about aliens and thetans, you sound like all the disgruntled bloggers. I think Aniston knew the man she married and decided not to have kids with him, I mean look at the way he left her, slept with a costar and had her pregnant within two months, I think deep with in her she knew his true character and I agree she is better off without him. This Brangelina thing has opened our eyes to the true Mr Pitt, spine less and witless.

    Nicki, Oscars and academy awards are not the only awards you know!

  42. Miapocca says

    Nicki, doyou honestly think Jolie wouls have any awards if she has been nominated now..she should be thanking dear old daddy for opening doors for her.

    Talent is great but without the right pedigree and nepostism is hard to get through the doors. Being voted to get an academy award, especailly when all nominated are good can get down to a popularity contest at times, not always.

    Jolie is just trifling and unfortunately neither her or Brad are going to be getting any awards for whatever acting they do form now on..They have pretty much alienated some powerbrokers in the business. Example, see what happened to Babel, brad was not nominated and they were pretty much shunned by the academy.

    I think the day Brad decides to buy the red hair dye to match the new girl friend, JOn Voight better have an ambulance ready to have her committed.

    I remember quite well when Jolie turned up at th Oscars with her daddy, he did not win, but obviously thought it important enough to want to share his big night with his family. He is another hot head, stormed out furious over his loss………

    Also I dont believe that Jolie knows the love a mother can have for a child, or else she will not begrudge her father his grandchildren, once you have those kids and you have that feeling of love that comes with it, its imposisble for you to think that your parent may never have loved you in their own way peculiar way …

    Both she and Brad have no friends in Hollywood. Brad always dated the “it” girl, so has to climb the hollywood ladder. Juliet Lewis when she was nominated for an oscar, Paltow when she was at her best, Anniston, then Jolie………He wanted the girl who was famous and with the time that he hooked up with Jolie she was pretty much the it girl,however this hook up ruined any future she may have had in that community.

    Anniston is way better off and can do better, its may have been sad at first but it better to know earlier than later after 3 kids that you husband will walk out the door and who saysshe didnt know who she was married to and she was probably waiting for this day to arrive!!

  43. daisy says

    I can’t help but think Mommy Dearest when I think of Angelina. She scares me as a Mother, despite the act she puts on. Worries me for Shiloh most of all. Is her biological baby too pretty? Will she steal AJ spot light? Thank God for Brad Pitt and his normal family who just want to love the kids in an unconditional way. Yeah AJ is beautiful and all that but boy does she send chills thru me.

  44. Nicki says

    183. Nisa — What awards has Jon Voight won besides 1? He won an Academy Award once for Best Actor in Coming Home. Thats it, only one win.

    Angelina has won 3 Gloden Globes and 1 Academy Award.
    Gloden Globes, 1998 Best Supporting in George Wallace. Again in 1999 for Best Actress in Gia. And yet again in 2000 Best Supporting in Girl Interrupted.
    Academy Awards–Best Supporting Actress 1999 for Girl Interrupted.

    She did check herself in Mental Health Facility. It was for 72 HOURS, not two weeks, and they sent her home, told her she did not belong there.

    And her Mom died at the end of January, not the begining of last month.

    Shlloh looks adorable.

  45. nurseandmominpa says

    Wow!!!!!A Lot Of Comments On This One!!! I Couldn’t beleive How Big Shiloh Is Getting!! All These Babies Are Growing Up So fast & changing their Looks ,Its amazing How you change your Looks As You get Older & Shiloh Is Really Changing Her Looks I’m Not sure Who She Looks Like But Shes Definitely A Cutie As Are All the Other babies I’ve Seen On Here. 9 months already wow!!! I Wonder If The child They Decide To Adopt As I Read here Will Be a baby Or a little Older!They’ll Be Busy Thats For Sure! lol I’ve been reading About Angelina On Here & I Have To Say I Like Her But When She & Tom Were On the Red carpet at some awards show this year Ryan Seacrest Asked Her a Question & she acted a bit snobby to Him I Don’t know what that was all about But Brad Seems So Down To Earth! & I’m So Happy Hes a Dad He seems very Happy!!

  46. oriana says

    Just turned on the TV, and see parts of Anna Nicole’s funeral, well obviously someone had to make some money off of this, Howard does appear that he is devastated about her death, I wish the DNA test would hurry up and get over with so this child’s father can be determined once and for all! I do feel that Larry is the father but I guess there is a possibility Howard could be, somehow I can’t picture anything romantic between those two though!

  47. oriana says

    Nisa, again, thank you so much for the info, and I am going thru rehab therapy now to learn how to balance, and your kind words are very touching to my heart, thank you for that also.

    I have seen the pictures of Madonna and her family with David, he is a cutie, but I was very surprised when I heard she was adopting, Meg Ryan’s little girl is very cute also, and I think that child will have a good life, Mia Farrow has been pictured recently going to Darfur and didn’t Audrey Hepburn years ago spend a lot of time trying to help children from poverty regions? Now those women I admire also and Angelina Jolie is not in thier category!

  48. Nisa says

    Her Brother is James Haven. He like Angelina dropped the Voight. He is an actor albeit not a very famous one. He is also an assistant director.

  49. Nisa says


    am so sorry you had to have your leg amputated but you can always get an artificial limb these days they make some very good ones moreover custom made for you.

    contrary to common belief, not all orphanages are like that, if they are, then I think we are wrong to leave there any child in the first place. Governments like vietnam like to raise their profile for tourism at any opprtunity. Maddox is a walking advert for Cambodia. It is good to adopt but foster care and funding in Cambodia, Vietnam or Malawi or wherever is much better than plucking one child and waving it around like a prize.

    Adopting undeniably raises the profiles of these stars, how long ago had you heard of Madonna before David Banda? And for Angelina international adoption is her flag. What is the difference between Daniel Smith and a child that grew up in an orphanage with no chance? Or Angelina herself with her famous parents, she was as good as a prostitute by 2000 with manic depression.

    I would not have such a problem if Angelina was in a stable relationship or single for that matter, she is in the middle of a media circus relationship, imagine if Tomkat decided to adopt form Tanzania and all the details are in every news paper with their publicist updating us.

    Mary #86 raised some very important issues on the chances of these children. It may be difficult to adopt from the US but Angelina with her track record will find it hard to adopt from any sensible country. She had to bribe to get Maddox. Her mental stability would be put in question and since no one has ever pronounced her recovered it owuld be difficult for her.

  50. Lizza says

    Without the special light nothing that special. Just another blonde baby. The first picture is really sad. I know they are just babies, but man Suri is beautiful and different in her looks.

  51. oriana says

    Just being curious, but does anyone know what Angelina’s brother does for a living? Nisa, is he in the entertainment field in any capacity? You probably know the answer if anyone does!

  52. Nisa says

    Oh, about Brad and the new child they are adopting, I think he will ofcourse follow where Angelina leads, that is how it has been so far, these days they even have the same hair dye if you have noticed. Everything even the move to NO, Namibia, panama, a mighty heart, name it has been a dictate of AJ. I know, it is sad since I liked Brad too. He seems pathetic these days, like a little poodle that lost its way and was found by Angelina and now he follows her lead.

    On her parents, he mom died at the beginning of last month. Voight has expressed interest to meet the kids, he sometime back called Zahara Shakira! Too Funny. Both AJ’s parents hated BBT so welcomed this relationship because at least it is better than BBT.

    Brad’s mum has been seen taking the kids around. She used to be close to Jen A but I think her first loyalty is to Brad and she knows where her bread is buttered. What she thinks of Angelina? I can only guess.

    Through all this I wonder whether Brad has any genuine friends to talk to him like Matt did to Affleck during Benniffer1. But then how do you tell a friend that you look thoroughly pussywhipped?

  53. oriana says

    Granny, it is so sad about the case of having a child for six months and then having to give up the baby! I have wondered about the adoption laws in this country, I guess a lot of young people do change their minds and for who knows what reasons they decided to give up the babies in the first place, and it is sad for both sides.

  54. blurb says

    By the way, I meant to say this before:
    QUIT PICKING ON THE KIDS, PEOPLE! Shiloh is cute, Suri is cute, they’re both cute, they’re just innocent babies everyone! Leave them out of this! I mean, really! How nasty does a person have to be to call either of those sweet little babies ugly?!

  55. oriana says

    I did not know that she was in a mental institution!!!!! And yes, the way she talks she hasn’t had anything to do with her father for years, way before Tomb Raider, I do think he was sincere in his concern, and surely her mother had to know she had problems, I am sure also she was paying her mother’s expenses these last few years also.

    My Dear Nisa, I think it will be either in August or Sept., can’t wait, Oh Leonardo, I want to hug and kiss you!!!!!

    I hope the restaurants there are wheelchair accessible, I had a blood clot and had my left leg amputated, but I can still stand up on one leg and hold on tight, Tom Hanks, here I come!!!!!!

  56. blurb says

    Nisa, I think you’ve raised a lot of good points about people with money getting advantages that people without money do not get. Celebrities get even more advantages just by being so well known – it brings whatever place they visit immediate recognition and attention! But the rules and regulations are different – I just read that the Vietnamese Government is waiving some of the its adoption regulations so that Angelina can adopt her newest addition. I think you’re right that bringing these children into the very unusual lifestyle of a Hollywood actor is not healthy, but then, neither is dying from dengue fever, malaria, cholera, etc. So, she has saved them from from a life of hunger, sickness, probable sexual prostitution, violence, and certain early death. So, given what these kids are leaving behind, I think she’s giving them a pretty wonderful – if not typical – life. But I do wish she’d recognize that she needs some serious therapy about bonding with her own biological child. Whether Shiloh was planned or not (and I am of the opinion that she was planned whether consciously or unconsciously) Shiloh is here, she is hers, and she needs a mother! Right now her mother is off picking out another kid. Why? At 7 months, wasn’t Shiloh good enough? (If anyone thinks Shiloh isn’t going to be asking these questions they’re fooling themselves). I also think that 7 months is way too short a time between kids. She waited much longer between Maddox and Zahara – she really took her time! Why the hurry for a new one now? Anyway, Nisa, I think you had some very good thoughts and I don’t think you’re a – how was it put? “a fat-ass-housewife” or something? I dunno – some idiot a few comments back thinks that everyone whose comments don’t agree with his/hers must not have a brain or college degree except for him/her! Have a good one!

  57. Nisa says

    You know, when Voight in 2002 said that Angelina needed serious mental help, I don’t think he was being mean or anything. I think he genuinely thought so. Her mother thought so too since she had checked her into a mental institution before. People think that Angelina and her father have always had a rift but that is not the case infact they were in tomb raider togather, he even paid her way through school. Angelina makes it sound like since the day he cheated on his mother she has never spoken to him which is not true, voight and Betrand dvorced in 1978 when Angelina was only 3 years old and she even attended the oscars with him as a child though later she said it was under coersion. They seemed to have some sort of relationship till 2002.

    Jolie also once checked herself into a mental institution in 1999 but left after two weeks shortly before her marriage to BBT. Remember not into a rehab, but a mental facility. I don’t remember her seeking any help after that. Mental problems especially those you have had since the age of 4 (she admitted once that in kindergaten she had to see a psychiatrist at 4 for being too sexual) do not just go away. I think her father is seriously worried about her but fears anything because it will further alienate her and I think he loves her as a daughter.

    Paula you are right, she is counting on Brad being stuck into the relationship, but if that is the case, then she has not done her homework on dear Bradely. He is not a very calculating person and minds a lot about his image but he is very selfish and the day he feels he has looked pussy whipped enough, he will walk 10 children or not.

    Oriana, tell me when you are here may be our paths will cross though am hoping to go to Paris in Summer.

  58. Granny says

    #169 The adoption laws in the US can really work against you. In Oklahoma where I live a birth mother has 6 months to change her mind. Devestating to have a child for that long only to have to give it back. Our cousin had to return one and during another adoption the mother changed her mind at the birth. So she went to China. Add those type incidences to the fact that even teenage single mothers often keep their babies now, and suddenlty adoption is easier from other countries.

  59. Paula says

    Thank you Nisa. I’ve been thinking and sometimes saying the same things you’ve just said and I think you are right. My question is, there has been so much publicity with this couple and the kids, how in the world would they be able to break up without it being an “i told you so” media circus? From where I sit and it’s just behind the tv and the computer, Brad and AJ have never really looked in love and it seems it’s getting worse. And I don’t think they should bring any more children, adopted or otherwise into this relationship. But in the end all AJ will have is her children and as they grow I wonder if she’ll even have them!!!

  60. oriana says

    Oh my Goodness, she is a Mini Jon Voight! No doubt about it people!

    I did see him in the mini series as the Pope and cried, he should have won an award for that alone!

    My sister (who lives in Nashville) and I are going to Hollywood this summer, can’t wait! I want to even go to see The Jimmy Kimmel show! Ha! I like him, she doesn’t, we are making a list of places to go see, Of course Beverly Hills Hotel, please don’t laugh, oh go ahead, it is funny, Pink’s Hot Dog Restaurant! Ha! We are staying at the Roosevelt and we are going to be two of the biggest goofiest looking tourists there! She keeps hoping she will see George Clooney, like he will be walking down the street in front of Mel’s Diner, and I love my two favorites, Jack of course, and Gene Hackman, I also like Will Smith a lot too.

    And I would enjoy running into you!

  61. Nisa says

    Oriana Ignore all the typo errors in that post. I just wanted you to google Jon Voight images. You will stop thinking that Shiloh looks like Brad. She is a real Mimi me of Voight!

  62. Charlotte says

    Oh My God, is she stunning. She does look like Brangelina both of them. I’ve always loved Brad, and seen him as class act, but to see him as a Dad and with the way he looks at this baby. (He has been beautiful with all his children) HE definitely is the Sexiest man alive.

  63. Charlotte says

    Oh My God, is she stunning. She does look like Brangelina both of them. I’ve always loved Brad, and seen him as class act, but to see him as a Dan and with the way he looks at this baby. (He has been beautiful with all his children) HE definitely is the Sexiest man alive.

  64. Nisa says

    Oriana, John Voight is a much better Actor than Angelina has ever been or will ever be. He has won so many awards you can’t count and has been nominated for more. He is that guy who plays a role you boot that you will not remember him but the role. He played the pope in the CBS series and was in Ali. Back in the 60s ,70s and part of the 80’s he was hot, and a ladies’ man too. Yes he is not among the movers and shakers of hollywood but he is a superb actor and well respected. Most people here take his side when it comes to his beef with Jolie but than may be because he is a congenial character and Angelina does not exactly have many friens in hollywood. On the whole, apart from Donald Trump openly critizing Angelina over the issue on Larry King last year, no one butts in, it is after all personal.

    He is a damned excellent and well respected actor that is for sure, but not influencial.

    Showbiz is interesting that is for sure, it is amazing what people do in this town. Visit it some time.

  65. Tam says

    Shiloh is cute but definetly not the most beautiful baby in the world… my 6 week old baby is just as cute as her…

    i dont see how she is different from any other baby in the world..

  66. oriana says

    Nisa, I have to ask, is Jon Voight kindly thought of in Hollywood and respected as an actor?

  67. oriana says

    Nisa, what a interesting and exciting job you must have! I believe every word you said, as an Hollywood Insider, I am sure you are privy to many truths that most of us just guess at, and yes, dream about! I have often wondered how they were perceived in Hollywood, not only by other actors but directors and producers also. I think Courtney and David are for real, and I think that Jennifer and Ben are also, I have also wondered about Melanie and Antonio, she seems to be obsessed with him! Thank you for your very insightful and informative comments! Enjoy them very much!

    It is possible then that Brad may not file for adoption of this new addition like he did Maddox and Zahara. I wonder if his parents and Angelina’s mother are and were aware of this couple’s outlooks and true feelings?

    Again, thank you very much for your great response!

  68. Miapocaa says

    Maggie and Annie were let out from the sea org to sing SOURIs praises ahahahhahah…enough about the cults evil spawn midget and family………… I hear TLTC so I guess you have to identify a father for that little one , for she has to look like someone

  69. Anne says

    Maggie you are right, am not one to hit on small babies but that first picture made me go WTF.

    Indeed Suri has no equal!

  70. neil says

    Nisa, your ‘letter’ reminds me of the 10 page one i got when i split from an old girlfriend. WTF, I thought to myself.
    I’m not going to read this! So why did she bother? I didn’t know and I didn’t care, I wasn’t about to waste my time. I hope you didn’t waste yours.

  71. Nisa says

    Oriana, thanks for your observation but I work for a magazine and I live in L.A and knowing a lot about stars comes with the territory.


    you may not realise it but you are either a stauch Brangelina fan unwittingly or you have been pushed into defending them, it happens all the time where one becomes staunch in their views as a result of having to defend them even though in the beginning they were not.

    I admired Angelina when she first adopted Mad and tried to turn herself around.Though I had some reservations about how she went about it and her past, I believed that anything is better than an orphanage. I thought if she kept on with her life with BBT, she did not have long to live. Five years down the road and my views have changed completely, mostly in the last few months.

    David Arquette, courtney’s husband admitted on Sirius that Brad did sleep with Angelina before the break up and if Angelina had not been in the picture, the marriage may have had a chance. There is nothing like someone waiting in the wings of a stormy marriage. All marriages have problems, I for one never thought Brad and Jen would last that long. From the beginning I knew it was one of those hollywood marriages more for PR than love.

    They were set up by their agents (Mind I know love can grow even if you have been set up)and though I believe Brad was into it, I do not think Jen was. Most of you may see Brad as a catch because of his good looks but for Jen he wasn’t. She grew up in hollywood and in hollywood Brad is not among the ‘elite’ hollywood inner circle. So I always got the vibe that Jen thought she could have done better than Brad given the fact that her dad is in that inner circle or atleast up there. May be she hoped to marry a director or someone like that. Brad arrived in hollywood without any connections and his relationship with Paltrow did a lot to get him to know some people who really mattered.

    So no, I never thought their marriage even had an outside chance, though I thought Brad was more committed than Jen. For that reason, I reserved my judgement on the Brangelina relationship since in my view it was inevitable till recently when things begun to unfold. Angelina’s recent interviews give away a lot. For many of you, they are just any other interview, and these photos are just any other photos, but to us, everything done by a star has a purpose. Brad is very careful about his image and he is starting to realise that it is not doing so well. He has also alienated many people with this Brangelina thing, Angelina has no friens in hollywood and new Orleans was all her idea in the guise of charity. Brad works hard and though I do not think he is the best actor who ever lived he deserves all his achievements.

    I have been in this industry for some time and I see love or infatuation miles away. Brad does not love Angelina. I know as their fans this is dissappointing and you will deny it vehemently and say they will marry soon, but I have never been wrong when it comes to these relationships.

    He is also starting to realise that he does not exactly look good in this whole thing. In a recent interview he said that he always like ‘being in control’, which begged the question, who said he wasn’t?

    But he knows he is not and he knows it does not reflect well on him. Perhaps the biggest eye opener was with his movie Babel. It was well recieved by the critic s but opened so dismally at the box office at 22. Not even in the top twenty, now for Brad, that is not good at all.

    You can see Angelina expected a lot from this relationship, she was glowing in the first months and during her pregnancy she could not stop laughing blaming it on hormones but now she looks like something is not going according to plan. She is gaunt and fail and so tense she could snap.

    To give Brad his due, he has not always been pussy whipped and I hope he soon realises that he has been holding onto Angelinas skirts which nauseating to watch.

    My biggest problem is, why bring an innocent child into this kind of uncertainity. If orphages are such bad places and you say Amused, why are we leaving ther other children there anyway? My guess is as good as yours. Angelina knows she is getting publicity from this. She also knows it elevates her status, profile and fame and right now those are her aphrosidiacs. She also knows it will be difficult for Brad to walk away from 4-5 kids and leave her to fend for herself and yet adoption was their joint venture and the reason he admired her in the first place.

    I hope their relationship lasts because there are children involved and these two are two of the most selfish, self seeking people I know, they deserve each other. I am sorry to say but the prognosis is not good for these two mainly because there is no love at all on Brad’s part, admiration, yes but who wants to be called pussy whipped and live wondering what your counterpants think about you and fearing they may be despising you?

    One day our Bradley is going to wake up and has had enough, true to his selfish nature (is there any one as selfish as Brad Pitt?) he will get his racksack and walk into the hands of the next waiting woman to drown his sorrows.

    In the mean time the media is doing all it can to raise their profile and enlarge the Brangelina affair so that when the fall comes and we all expect it will, the media as usual will cash in, but that is life.

  72. Sarah says

    Shiloh is beautiful. Maddox and Zahara are so ugly. They should send them back to where they came from and demand a refund!!!

  73. Miapocaa says

    1: Most parents think their babies are cute, that child looks like John Voight and probably Angelina before her nose and cheek plastic surgery

    2: Angelina is not a Saint. She has issues, Adoption and charity is over compensation or the need to have people love her since she feels no one loves her , even her parents…Take her out of the media spotlight and let’s see if all this nonsense continues……..

    3: She is not the first UN ambassador and not the first to ever do charity work in this world, there are a long line of celebs doing fantastic work trying to decide who should get their taxes rather than Uncle Sam. Besides she did not initiate her charity work, like most stars she was invited, they usually pick people based on celebrity status so they can focus attention on the issue

    4: We all do this cheating couple not last. So lets see I am sure with their track records they have made provisions for who should get the kids, if not, they better see their lawyers now

    5: Angelina is sick and will remain sick till she admits that she is currently hanging on to their children and Brad for dear sanity, I don’t quite get the issue with her father, because he told her straight out she needed help and cheated on her mother, puhllllease most fathers have cheated and Angelina has done it more than once..Billy Bob was living with his GF when Angelina married him, the girlfriend came back from a film shoot to find her junk in storage….just a few month before hopping on to Brad this Saint was on about having friends with benefits and doing her co-stars…seems like she can’t make up her mind

    6: She is not leaving Hollywood because of publicity, just can’t stand the fact the man she may actually love now, may not be in for the long haul, she has basically isolated him form all his friends and it seems his family show up only when she is out of town

    7: Jennifer Anniston is better off single than to be with a man who cannot make up his own mind, even dyes his hair to match any current girlfriend..hmmmm and the name Shiloh and all the adoption shit had Angelina written all over it, seems Brad is the live in gigolo.

    8: Has anyone seen Mummy Dearest..I hope that’s not what is going on in that household. I think she will do the world a favor if she send money to support the orphanage and simply leaves the kids alone than bringing them into her lifestyle…I believe they will have better stability and be better cared for……..and I wonder if she would have passed the mental tests in order to adopt a child in the US, so why should she be allowed to adopt elsewhere!!

    Finally there are tons of people doing charity out there who don’t broadcast it or who do more than jolie will ever do in her lifetime…..I commend those people for their hard work……….I am sick and tired of people going on about her charity work, in the world I live in everyone does charity from peace corps volunteers to the ultra rich…so Angelina not extra special ..Also the idea that she is SAVING the kids is so ridiculous. saving them form what ???death!?these days there tons of support for orphanages and they are well fed and go on to succeed inlife..I know it might be hard for those who never worked in international development and sit in their cozy living rooms to think that happiness does exist in a lot of poor places despite the poverty……………………..

    I am glad that jolie joined to help the less fortunate, however it does not make her a saint, she is still mentally disturbed and I guess we have Anniston to thank for her fervor, I think she is only trying hard to salve her conscience..she is also well aware that Brad will not stick around, just like no one ever stuck around her.,.I wonder why????????????????????////

  74. oriana says

    Granny, I have to say that I have enjoyed reading your comments also.

    I have wondered the same as Beth did much earlier, why not adopt in the U.S.? Not just Angie, I have noticed several movie stars go to other countries. Is it harder to adopt here? There are many children that could benefit from a good home that are in need here, and if they want dark skinned children, I am sure there are plenty of those sweet kids also in need?

    I wonder what the Hollywood community really, really, thinks about Angelina as well as her father?

    I myself would adopt a child, but I am in a wheelchair and not in good health, so I wouldn’t qualify, so I go to the Humane Society, have three cats and a dog, and I love them all the same! Ha!

  75. oriana says

    Amused, please do not address me any more, you are not amusing to me! As far as Oprah goes, it IS her magazine, so I would assume she can do whatever she wants too regarding it! As for trashy Anna, yes, she was, and that girl was obviously in trouble, I am sure she had many good qualities, but surrounded by people that were not having her best interests at heart, she needed desperately professional and medical help, and when was overcome with grief, it only got worse, so maybe she would have remained doing and acting trashy, but 1000% I am sure, therapy and counseling would have helped her.

    Bash me all you want too, no worries for me, so in the future, don’t address your comments to me, and I will be more than happy to do the same to you. Go rent Girl Interrupted and maybe you will see how some people can benefit from professional help, I think you may need some yourself.

  76. oriana says

    God, I wished I had someone like Minnie in my family, a neighbor, a good friend close to me! I admire you sooo much Minnie and don’t even know you, but you have opened my eyes to a lot of facts I can share with my family and friends. Thank you so much!

    I have two grown sons, treated them and loved them both equally. I have a friend who is suffering mild depression, hopefully it is mild, she lost her job and had a blood clot at the same time, and she feels she cannot cure herself, she is seeking therapy and is reading literature on the subject.

    I appreciate your response to my questions as I did Nisa’s. I was just confused as to why any mother could not or find it difficult to bond with a biological child and she could with adopted children. I also find it amazing that some people, like Angelina cannot trust anyone, not her own mother or partner/husband. These insecurities have to stem from somewhere.

    You have a nice evening and please, please, keep posting, if not in response to me, to any subject, I enjoy reading what you have to say.

  77. dori says

    once again some of you presume to be of some intelligence but cannot correctly write the english language
    you used the word I 4 times in 1 paragraph and you judge others.
    You are laughable!

  78. minnie says

    Amused – good thing you’ve gone because I simply give up. I can only assume you don’t really understand what education is and I cannot begin to get through to you because you simply don’t want to understand.

    I pity your limited persepective.

  79. Catherine says



  80. dori says

    you’re all full of shit, hows that!
    whats up with these long ramblings of self made intillectuals pretending to more than fat ass housewives sitting spewing bullshit about everything . Reread some of this and have a good laugh.

  81. Catherine says

    Arrrrrrrr these pics are so cute and shiloh is wearing a dress you don’t see that everyday and also look at the colour of it …..




  82. amused says


    You wrote:

    “So as far as your personal feelings for me and my thoughts, too damn bad if you disagree with me or don’t like me, you do not pay my bills, you do not live with me, or support me, so don’t worry about me.”

    Funny, and didn’t I say the same thing about your hating Angelina? As for my negative comments about Anna and Oprah, if you think they are attacks against these two then you’ve waged a war against Angelina with your posts on every topic about her and her beloved. You are trying to justify your bad bahavior. Typical of hypocrite.


    I do not believe six years of observing human behavior and reading textbooks make one an authority on psychology. How about ‘granny’ on here, and Nisa. I bet they have observed human behavior for at least a decade. An job interviewer once told me that a degree shows nothing except the fact that you have the ability to learn. From then on I stopped thinking I was more knowledgeable than others just for having a degree.

    I respect education on any subject and respect those who has earned it. But there are people who did not go to a university and still manage to be quite knowledgeable. Years ago, there was no university, many of the great philosophers were self-taught, writing down what they had observed in living.

    Many of my friends’ offsprings have earned degree in psychology, some are pursuing their ph. d., from accredited universities in US. None has gone about diagnose people with ‘chronic depression’ based on tabloid’s articles. None has dismissed his/her parents or anyone in discussing about behavior for their lack of psychology training. I have worked to many psych majored people too and none have ever been quick to use textbooks to dismiss others in discussion about human behavior.

    I once worked with a gentleman who earned his medical degree along his ph. d in computer science. I admired him greatly for this accomplishment. I admired him even more for not going about dispensing medical advice to every one even though we worked in a pharmaceutical company. It is almost always the novices are quick to do so to show off their recently absorbed knowledge.

    I never claimed to know psychology here. I only wrote what I’ve seen upclose personally. I did agree that I am erudite on textbook psychology, and on any field I did not study, which are quite a few. But we are not talking about degrees here, are we?

    We are looking at a few pictures, taking by the paparazzi , at moments least expected by the subjects. We have a few articles written from interviews of the subject, articles edited to suit the magazine’s agenda which is giving the readers sensationalism. I don’t trust those interviews as the whole truth. Just as I don’t trust clinical trials’ results for they are gathered with the purpose of getting the drug approved by the FDA only, with paid ‘volunteers’ who are dropped if unsuitable. And just as I don’t trust psychologists/psychiatrists/doctors whose interest is the payment of service rendered on visits and reward from pharmaceurtical companies for prescribing their drugs.

    And I don’t trust any one because in time of trouble every one remembers only his/her own best interest. Mother of adult children no longer know every thing of her children so it is fair to say that the children might think that she might not have their interest at heart in exigency. No adult runs home to tell mama every thing. And they have their mates or friends whom they believe understand them more than their parents. It’s a generational thing, has always been. So Angelina has no emotional or mental problem in saying she doesn’t trust her mother.

    This is really interesting debate and since you have a degree in psych, I’d love to debate further. Unfortunately, this isn’t the right forum. And I should really get back to life off the cyberspace.

    Thank you Minnie for an interesting discussion.

  83. maggie says

    wow I guess this is the post with more comments!!. And miranda Shilohs eyes are not brown are green

  84. Miranda says

    I can’t believe how beautiful this baby is. I mean, she’s abolutely adorable. This big brown eyes, blonde hair and beautiful lips. Just love her.:)

  85. Minnie says

    oriana – my pleasure, I’m glad it was helpful. Remember though – all those things can happen to a person and yet a mother will still bond. I’m not sure where you are with babies and all that but don’t – if you’re on your way to having them – worry that if one or all hapens you wont bond. They are just things that make it more likely, not certain!

    Here’s a fascinating one – on wards where new mothers sleep with their babies in bassinets besides them (rather than the babies being in nurseries) a mother will wake from deep sleep only to the sound of her own baby crying in around 90% of cases.

  86. Minnie says

    Amused – I can only assume that the study of psychiatry is very, very different in America. Although a brief check of courses has proved that this is probably not the case. So I am going to assume instead that you have very little idea what you’re talking about. You’re complete lack of clarity when writing and the leaps and jumps in your position suggest either you are lying or you are not sure what you’re saying.

    I’m not sure you understand at all how a line of critical enquiry is opened up, the nature of experiments and the difference between subjective and objective research.
    I am afraid that having no idea who your family are, I am not particularly interested in what they have to say on the matter.
    Your offspring must be studying in a very strange university indeed for them not to be doing a piece of original research as part of their degree. Maybe this has something to do with them “pursuing it along business degree”.

    Psychology is the observation of people. You learn (over at least six years for goodness sake) what has been done before, how to set up experiments, how to analyse data and that steps are necessary to argue your position.

    What you wrote on depression makes is abundantly clear you have never suffered chronic depression. lucky you. But don’t you dare call it sadness or dark water. If that is what you have gone through, then I am sorry you were sad. There are words and phrases people use that are used to determine someone has suffered depression and you do not use any of these and suggest self cure which is a very good indication of what you have felt.

    Sorry for another long post but “amature psychology” must be stopped. Take a six year degree, medical or a BSc MSC and Phd and then assume you know what you’re talking about.

  87. oriana says

    Oprah is full of herself, Anna Nicole was trashy, you admitted you said you didn’t have any compassion for her baby, after it was pointed out to you what you did say that you didn’t RECALL, no, you don’t attack anyone do you? If you think I expect any type of compliment from you then you are crazy, I could care less about what you think of me, and why you call me a hyprocrite I don’t get for I have admitted exactly how I feel about this situation, as for calling a child ugly, I am sorry, but not all children are beautiful, look at her face in the picture, Angie is holding her with the yellow top on, now that is a gorgeous kid isn’t it? Please!

    You seem to have a chip on your shoulder against Americans, so yes, I am a Proud American and if you think I am a hyprocrite, then so be it, I have based my opinions on facts, facts that I have seen and heard out of Angelina Jolie herself. I think this baby is very sweet and I am glad that Brad loves her so much.

    I have seen her stating how she would give up everything in a heartbeat for her son, kissing him and being very tender with him, I have seen her kissing and cooing to Zahara, with looks of love and concern, talking to her and playing with her, I have not seen any of that towards Shiloh.

    So as far as your personal feelings for me and my thoughts, too damn bad if you disagree with me or don’t like me, you do not pay my bills, you do not live with me, or support me, so don’t worry about me. I will continue to have my thoughts about this family as you will. You have not heard me on here calling her bitches and whores, I do think she has some emotional and mental problems, she said herself that her mother was her best friend, and from what I have read her mother had a loving close relationship with her, but yet she said she didn’t trust anyone, not even her mother, to me there is something wrong with that picture?

    You say I have the black heart of a devil because I said Zahara was ugly, then my dear, there are many, many people that are black hearted then, so please, don’t waste your time or energy worrying about me or disliking me, life is short, spend your time with your siblings, your friends, and it sounds like some of them have had some emotional problems too, cutting, contemplating suicide, that is very sad to me!

  88. courtney says



  89. amused says

    Oh I lie every day, a white one if I want to be tactful or a black one if I don’t.

    Why do I have to pay compliment to any one here when I’m just here to read gossip, not looking for idol? Did you mean to say I should return a compliment to Nikki because she complimented me? If I did, I’m sure you would accuse me of something–seeking attention perhaps. I would be finding myself in position like Angelina, wouldn’t I? She is damned if she holds Shiloh more than Zahara or Maddox, damned if she doesn’t. She, perhaps knowing Brad loves Shiloh more than the other two, felt she should compensate the other two for that thus said she would have to make an effort to love her more (well something to that nature). And you and your peers jumped on her. If she says or just like Brad, shows more affection toward Shiloh, you people would jump on her as being unfair to her adopted children then question why did she adopt them and so on. You always find something wrong with her simply because you can’t stand her.

    Well, from what you wrote I can’t stand you so I don’t feel the need to compliment you unless you wrote something sensibly and fair-minded. I am not here to find friends, or to seek intelligent people, just to read gossip. I don’t hope to find validation for my thinking here. I am not here to argue either. Pointing out your ugliness was accidental. I didn’t come here because I hate or love Angelina or Brad therefore did not anticipate an argument.

    You on the other hand were quite gungho on arguing. You attacked a woman because I can’t stand her. Well I can’t stand a lot of celebrities and many people whose misdeeds I know well but I don’t go about attacking them. Nor do I attack their children. Your character gives you little right to judge others. That’s the point of my ‘argument’ with you.

    I didn’t argue with Minnie, just presenting my points. I am sure she could read from my wording that I was debating as fairly as she did with me.

    And Nisa too can read from my wording that I was merely debating with her. I understood perfectly why she has her concerns.

    It’s you that I took offense at. Well, you deserve credit for being fair to Brad in not accusing him of cheating on his former wife. But I don’t respect this, not because I think he cheated, but because I think you are a sucker for him. Just because he didn’t share his private thoughts to the world, you think he’s a nice man. How gullible! Quite intelligent!

  90. oriana says

    I am not on here to argue back and forth with you, but yes, you did lie, more than once, again, your RECALL has failed you, read my post again, if my comment that she should be buried beside her son as she wished, was taking her side, then yes, I did and I do, but you tried to make something out of that, I have not defended her, I did say and I do feel, maybe if she had been in therapy she might not have been on drugs as bad as she was, after you called her trashy, and I do think that was possible, so before you put your own spin on it, read what you said, and the facts speak for themselves.

    Again, I didn’t “quickly add” I think monkeys are cute, I have said that many times, and if that offends you, I am sorry, Zahara being dark skinned has nothing to do with her being ugly, look at her face in most of her pictures, she is always frowning, scowling and looking sullen, now if that is pretty to you,then I feel sorry for you, but Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder so maybe to you she is beautiful. I have always said I think Maddox is very cute, and he doesn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes.

    I may be illbred and odious with a black heart of the devil, but you have not exactly been paying compliments to everyone you have talked about either, so stop being hyprocritical and stop lying, read what you wrote, don’t try to twist it around!

    I don’t like Angelina Jolie, I can’t stand her, I want to make that clear so no confusion, I think Zahara is ugly, I think Brad is a good man who wants and loves children but is weak in behind her, I feel sorry for the baby left behind of Anna Nicole Smith, I am glad she was buried beside her son, yes, she had trashy ways about her, just like Angelina Jolie did, so there, you can make of it what you want too, but I am not in a debate with you, I like this site, and many people on here are extremely nice and intelligent to me, and some are asses, myself included, so you have a nice evening and maybe you can go to your altar if you have one, and pray for me tonight. And as for the book on the Monkey King, sounds like an interesting book to me, good suggestion, thank you.

  91. amused says


    Then you were tricky even before I credited you with being so. As I recall, it was my talking to you about Anna–your taking her side specifically I think–that provoked you to reply with statement about my having no compassion. My bad, I did not read your reply thoroughly. Whenever I misbehave, my emotion always run far ahead of my eyes.

    I feel as much compassion as I do toward any stranger’s children who are not facing threat of starvation, death or misfortunes of that nature. I am a cold hearted bitch, yes, and consequently I try to stay far from compassionate ones like you.

    In this socially corrected, every one knows not to compare a black person to monkey. Don’t you tell me such socially corrected idea is not known to you and the ill thought never cross your mind. You have what I call convenient or selective values–only whichever suits you is good. Why did I say convenient? You quickly added that you happen to think monky is cute.

    And we don’t? But comparing a person to a monkey when you are in hostile mood does not insinuate that good thoughts were the root of your statement. I am not one who accept that crap ‘I didn’t mean what I said. I was upset’. Angry people speak their true feelings always. And there has never been one angry soul who thought of nice things about the people he/she is upset at. If he or she did think of thing, he/she would have shut up. You sounded pretty angry toward Angelina to me. Or was it Zahara that you were angry at? What if someone come out of the blue and say that you are ugly? How would you feel?

    And if you have no care or concern about this family then you are here for gossip and spicing up the gossips with ugly things is an act of an illbred. If you are not here for gossip then you are here trashing Angelina because you hate her. Why? Did she steal your lover?

    By the way,

    My people and our neighbors happen to think monkey is intelligent creature, if not one of the most. There’s Monkey King on many home’s altars since he was the one safeguarding a monk on his way to Tibet to obtain the Budha scripture. While in the library to borrow the psychology book, why not see if the book about this Monkey King is available. You could read it and learn a great deal more about human behavior.


  92. oriana says

    Amused, since your memory is lacking, FYI,

    The Brangelina Bunch in New Orleans, your post was #103, March 3rd, 2:02am.

    And Nicki, thank you honey, I read it, all of it, and you are right, it won’t sink in. Poor Me!

  93. Nicki says

    152. amused ~~Oh PLEASE “misbehave” 😆 again. Everything you said was “spot on”. The only bad thing is the people who should read it, won’t, maybe part of it. But even then it won’t sink in. Thanks for your insight, ITA.

  94. oriana says

    Amused, it appears you forgot what you wrote! Please go back and read it, I said, I feel sorry for the little baby and you probably don’t have any compassion for her either, your response was, You’re right. I don’t. It is there in black and white for anyone to read, and there is no way it can be intrepreted you were referring to Anna Nicole. So please, stop lying! And No, I am not changing my tune about her being a good mother, I have always said she treats the other two much better (as for shows of affection goes) so yes, I do think she will be a good mother to any adopted child for that is clearly where her heart is!

    As for saying Zahara is ugly, I think she is, I do happen to think monkeys are cute, and again, that is my opinion, and I am certainly not the only one, not the first person to think that Zahara is not pretty!

    Black heart of the devil? Here we go again, please read your Bible more and pray for me if you think Lucifer as you refer too, is so prominent in any discussions regarding Angelina Jolie!

    Who said I had a load of concern about those kids? Those are your words, not mine, I am not concerned, they will be rich and spoiled probably all of their lives, especially the adopted ones, my thoughts are that Shiloh will be treated differently, and I think that Brad and his parents will give her plenty of love and attention but there is nothing like the love of a mother.

    So again, Amused, you are not amusing! Go back and read what you said, your RECALL is lacking!

  95. amused says


    Ah, the famous argument ‘such and such textbook teaches so and so’. As far as textbook of psychology is concerned, I am quite ‘erudite’ indeed. So I like to ask you.

    Who writes these textbooks? Not human? How did these textbook authors get their material? Not from studying human behavior? And how many human beings were used in their study or studies? All? Or did they read textbooks written by so and so who were academically deemed authorities on the subjects, paid someone to come in for ‘clinical studies’ and wrote another textbook?

    It is typical of those who got a degree or worse yet read a few textbooks to go about thinking they are intellectuals on the subjects, particularly psychology, history and all the majors of study that require only memorization. My youngest sibling who used to self-multilate in moments of depression and is becoming a medical doctor in a few months, has always called these ‘intellectuals’ the lazy bunch (computer science, math, chemistry majors and a few others will probably agree with this assessment). This sibling of mine never had mental problem. I and a few friends had suicidal moments too. We did not have mental problem. My offspring on the other hand loves psychology and is pursuing it along business degree. I had said to this offspring that money is better spent observing people and learn than paying psychology tuition, and was told that ‘but there are people out there who place reading the textbooks, taking the exams, passing them for a degree above the voices of the experienced. I could only smile. Interestingly, this offspring had troubled phase too a few years back. I’ll tell my offspring about you who presumptuously stated that I have never experience true depression. But I’ll also be sure to pass on that you were right to say that I have never experienced mental illness. Just as I don’t believe that Angelina had mental illness.

    You may have earned a degree, a Ph. D. even, in psychology or psychiatry, and that is respectable. But it would not enhance your capacity as a psychology to not being able to assume that people have no experience.
    By the way, I just realized why she won her Oscar. Thank you. She probably acted from her heart. Too bad I never watched it. I should go rent it and watch just to see if my speculation is right. The Oscar is in no way a measure of how good her performance was, I am sure you’d agree.


    Tricky woman aren’t you? I don’t recall talking about Anna’s little baby. I did not reply to you with the baby in mind, only Anna. Saying ‘poor baby’ isn’t compassion in my erudite opinion. Just as criticizing your behavior as shown through your posts on this forum does not mean I consider Angelina a saint.

    Of all those who criticize and speculate about Angelina, I find you most odious. You criticized Zahara’s look, saying a monkey in the zoo looks better than her, and went on post after post to put down this child, all because you ‘dislike’ her mother (I would use the word ‘hate’ but I won’t chance you claiming you don’t hate the woman). What moral values and senses of kindliness do you live with?

    To me you have a black heart of the devil to have done such a vile thing to a child. I hate, yes hate—a word I don’t use carelessly, hypocrites—those who trash others under the pretense of concern for their mental state, children, etc. You have been waging a campaign to discredit every improvement this young woman has made in her life, stigmatizing her with her past. Where is your compassion? Couldn’t you just let her try on her own term? If you truly cared about her children, couldn’t you allow her to put her past behind her so that she can move forward? You would argue that you have a great deal of compassion. Then I ask you what kind of compassion is this? The kind of the hypocrites I believe.

    The hypocrites, especially those born and raised in America—a country that is considered most socially advanced in the world, where people can be themselves without fear of being made pariah for deviating from social norms, are the ones I hate most. You are one such hypocrite. You and your kind prove to me once again that human behavior has remained the same since the beginning of time, that despite the feminist movements and all the big talks about how far we have changed from our predecessors we women have remained petty, jealous and it is us women who continue to prevent us from getting equal footing with the men, not the men. I rarely see a man attacking the children of the man he hates. I rarely see men go on ranting hateful thoughts about men they know and dislike, let alone men they don’t know. At most they make one sarcastic quip. Those who make more than that are said to behave like a woman. You should be proud that you are the kind of woman men being put down to. You should be prouder because even among us gossip loving women, you are a rarity among us.

    I have thought ill of people I dislike but never like you. I have read that this movie star or that movie star did this crazy thing or that crazy thing, and have not been able to control my bad trait of being judgmental thus said to friend that the person is an idiot, a moron. But I have never gone on public forum to trash him or her and his/her children. But you, good, compassionate hearted you, have.

    So what if she did drug, and all those things she said she did? Did she put you in harm way by doing these things? She did not die of overdose in some sewer. Nor did she ask you for change so she could buy more drug. Did you have to put up with her for one minute? Who are you to cast the judicial stone? So what if she has not completely overcome her instabilities. What matter is that she is working hard to overcome them. You on the other hand are refusing to recognize your flaws. Instead you go out attacking others so that you can feel that your flaws are minute therefore acceptable.

    You changed part of your tune all of the sudden, saying that Angelina will be a good mother to her adopted children now, blah blah blah. Trying to show your compassion eh?
    There were and probably still are women who had a dozen children, one or two years or even less than a year apart (if they are not on birth control like the women of long age or in other countries). These children are grown, successful and contributing members of this very society–American. Do yourself a favor (an us too): lighten your shoulders by dropping the load of concern for children like Maddox, Shiloh, Zahara and the Vietnamese boy Angelina adopts next. They are cared for, not to your standard perhaps, but cared for. If you wished to care for them according to your standard, go adopt one. Better yet, concentrate on your own.


    Regarding Angelina still has issues my answer is ‘possibly’. No one is issues-free. What matters is the person is trying to deal with the issues as best as he or she could. He/she may fail again but without failure one could not isolate cause of problems. There are those who go through life never learn from their past mistakes and then there are those who do. Until Angelina fails again, she should be given the credit for trying and the benefit of the doubt. I have known some very wild ones settled into very nice mothers, not perfectly nice, but nice. I don’t believe there is a perfect anything anyway.
    On not bringing a child into showbiz life, it is these people’s job, the way they make their living. Are you saying that they can’t have children if they are in showbiz? Or they have to quit showbiz to have children? What if they loved their job? How these people choose to care for the children is up to them, not us. I don’t like the way Oprah selecting girls for her school and I think she is too full of herself with her face always on her magazine, but I respect that she uses her money the way she likes, to whomever she wants.

    You assumed that I am young. Thank you. I do wish I am young again thinking that I could change therefore avoid many mistakes of the time. But without those mistakes I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am sure that you with the number of years lived that is far higher than many here could attest to this thinking. We would love for the youngsters to never err as our parents had wished for us, but in my opinion if that’s the case we would not have gained any wisdom from living.
    Even if she is not doing all these good deeds for charity alone, she is doing them. I am not, can’t, so it is better that there is her doing them than no one at all.
    As for orphanages in Vietnam, I can tell you with credence that the requirements were not set out of pure caring for the children. If you would not put all the stock in Angelina’s good deeds, I would suggest that you would not put all in these agencies or anyone. Every one has an ulterior motive. It’s a matter of it being accepted by the majority or not that makes it acceptable to most of us. To me, no one way is the absolutely right way in doing anything, save the scientific works that require the strict following of formulas. Anything involves human’s emotions is just that, driven by the doer’s emotions. Right or wrong we the observers can’t influence without getting personally involved.

    I can speak from my own experience that saying a child is a blob, a mistake, or a burden does not mean that the mother doesn’t love and be responsible toward the child. And love if it wasn’t quite there at first can grow overtime. Each of us loves differently. Saying ‘I love…’ all the time does not mean that that love is full and permanent. Americans tend to say ‘love’ very quickly. Where I come from people don’t.
    I don’t want to speculate on Brad’s feeling about Angelina or her about him. I am of the old world. I don’t like men who go tell every soul crossing his way his private thoughts, feelings and affairs. It’s none of the strangers’ business. We women tend to be more open about emotions than men. The more passionate our nature is the easier and quicker for us to put out our thoughts. Look, I am here exchanging with you.
    Why did Brad not bring other children to work? Why did I sometimes give one of my this toy but not the other? I just wanted to indulge that one that moment. Sometimes I could only afford to give to one, whether it’s timeior money. I had been accused of showing favoritism and if I was in good mood, I explained, otherwise I send them to their room. There can’t be all winners in life and children are better having learned it early on. Without loser, how could there be a winner. I’d never claim to be perfect mother, not even good mother, unless my children turn out to be exactly how I want them to be, which may not suit your standard. I think it’s no crime in favoring your biological child a bit more, wanting to pet her more.

    And on AJ not being married, it’s her choice though it’s not the norm. If she were my daughter then I would want to change her mind. But having had to raise children alone, struggling economically all along, a mother might not be too firm in her persuasion.

    I say let the children of these two judge them as parents later. Surely you don’t want a stranger like me telling you my way is the good way to care for your children.
    Lastly, I am not passionate about Angelina or any celebrities. My culture would not idolize entertainers or artistic professionals. You might say it’s ridiculous. But that how it is. Unless one sacrifices one’s life for the country, one is not a hero. So I am not here for any purpose other than satisfying my womanly penchant for some gossips. I wouldn’t have said anything if I didn’t get hot and bothered by hypocrites. It’s not good for people my age but what the hell, I give myself a few moments of misbehaving occasionally. Life is more fun this way, don’t you think?

    Well, my moment of misbehaving is over.

  96. Nicki says

    Absouletl the best pics of Dad and Shiloh, his lil girl. I can’t wait for the pics of Dad and son Maddox and pics of Dad and Princess Zahara. Good thing someone made this mans dreams come true…………..Being a Daddy! What a wonderful dream come true for Daddy Pitt…..!!!!!
    All the best for the Jolie-Pitt family.!!!!!

  97. oriana says

    Minnie and Nisa, thank you for educating me a little better, I am going to the library also and read up more on this subject. Minnie, I think you must be a psychologist and I appreciate your response, Nisa, you are very informed about Angelina and her history, much more than I have been, thanks to both of you very much. Minnie, you have made things much clearer of an understanding for me. I really was interested in reading what you wrote about the parent/child bonding!

  98. Granny says

    I’m not concerned with the adoption announcement. Many women already have a general idea of when they want another baby, if ever, shortly after they have one. I knew that I would want another in about 2 years immediately after my first was born. And I didn’t plan a third child but I got pregnant. Most of us probably were unplanned.

    And it can take quit a while to adopt so many adoptive parents start early. Our cousin applied for her second from China months after getting her first. And it still took three years. And she applied as a single parent even though she was in a relationship because that is the only way to expedite a foreign adoption. Either as a single parent or a married parent; Chinese authorities wouldn’t work up a relationship adoption.

    And as for leaving a child for a trip. The Bureau of Prisons would send me away from home too. My 3rd learn to walk while I was gone for 3 weeks. Families usually do what they have to do.

    I chuckle over the happiness factor of these pictures. These are not posed for pictures such as one does in their home. Someone hold the camera and yells smile and everybody does. These pictures are taken by professional stalkers getting whatever they can get. We the public probably shouldn’t read into them.

  99. Minnie says

    oriana – that question would be impossible to answer in the abstract – there just aren’t the studies to inform generalities about mother child bonding. Analysis of a situation like that would have to be deeply subjective for it to be in any way correct; that is, it would have to involve interviewing the individual and exploring past history.

    Very, very generally parent-child bonding can be effected by: traumatic birth experince, difficulty concieving, unexpected pregnancy, marital/ relationship problems, a history of depression, recent traumatic experiences prior to birth (divorce, death of a family member/ friend), major change (new house/ job) or early life experience (abuse, post traumatic shock etc).

    The fact that a mother adopts a child swiftly after the birth of a child or planning another pregnancy immediately after having a child (very common: many people feel siblings will get on better if they are closer in age) should in no way be taken as an indication that a mother is having difficulty bonding. Nor should “blob” comments – they are surprisingly common though apparently distressing to some people.

    Also… “I read” when it refers to tabloids means “it is possible, maybe, perhaps that…”!

  100. Nisa says

    Oriana and Blurb, Angelina always said she did not want her own kids, even after Mad, she always maintained that she would never have a bilogical child with so many children suffering in the world.

    She told BBT that they should adopt instead of having biological children and he refused because he wanted his own children but mainly because he did not apporve of the way she got Mad, that is why she had (and he allowed) his name to be removed from Mad even before Brad came into the picture.

    She says that Shiloh was not planned but that is an outright lie given the fact that Brad wanted a child so badly at the time. How can a woman who has had a live in boyfriend since the age of 13 and should by now be an expert on birth control say she slipped so conveniently.

    That is another thing that bothers me about Angelina, she tells lies and she genuinely (or so she seems) believes them. Like about sleeping with a man who is involved when BBT and BP (whatever she says to the contrary) were both involved when she slept with them and according to insiders she has always had sexual encounters and adult relationships (strictly sexual) with married or involved men including Olivier Martinez Kylies now ex!

    Then she talks about Madonna and her less than legal adoption when the agency she (AJ) used to get Maddox was closed for illegalities and FBI found that she did bribe them when she had failed to get Maddox because of her past.

    I am sorry but I do not believe in ‘any charity is charity’. I am really concerned about these children. Why not sponsor them or atleast get an orphage, name it Jolie-pitt and visit it every week. Why expose a child to hollywood when it damaged her (Jolie in the first place)

    On your question about Shiloh, she did not want her and still does not, you can decipher this from her interviews. I was also concerned when she talked about adopting immediately after having shiloh. Now I know why, She had her for two reasons- fame and it was the easiest way of getting Brad. All stars like fame, make no mistake about that!

    You can see Brad likes his child and she is a dream come true. You can also see he admires AJ’s charity work but as a person he does not have so much regard for her. He rarely says anything about her, in his interviews he talks about fatherhood but never gushes about Angelina like he used to Jen. She wants to gush about him but she can’t if he does not ,otherwise she looks foolish.

    By the way, for this occassion of Parents- children at work, why did Brad bring only Shiloh? And for the adoption, Angelina seems to be more keen on it, I may be mistaken since I do not live with them, but collecting children in an ‘undefined’ relationship like theirs ‘….we are legally bound to them…’ is unfair on the children.

    You young kids can only think about living in hollywood being famous and all the money but there is more to life than those things. I think the world should wake up and stop selling kids to stars. It is unfair on these kids especially some one mentally disturbed like Angelina.

  101. oriana says

    This is a serious question, not a sarcastic comment, can someone please tell me, if she is unable to bond with her own biological child, and not just her, any mother, what would cause that to be? I do feel that a 7 month or 9 month old baby the mother would want some time with a child that young before going across the world to seek adoption of yet another child, what would cause any mother to seek adoption and be able to not bond with her own children she carries and gives birth too?

    I did read that she has trouble with hugging, although she didn’t have that trouble with Billy Bob, and I also read she had a loving mother so I am sure she was hugged by her and her brother whom she is so close too, so what would cause the aloofness she exhibits now? I think there are some very intelligent people on this site that would know a lot on this subject. Thank you.

  102. Julia and Ivy :) says

    Stop using my name Jackie. I know it’s you. You are making fool out of yourself. You obciously don’t know how to make a smiley face because my realy name has one it and the poser as me does not. Please do not listen to the poser. They are jst making them selves look stupid.

  103. blurb says

    Mary – #88 – you nailed it!!! Angelina’s bonding problem with Shiloh just about screams in bright neon lights (mixed metaphor – I know)! I suspected something was wrong when Angelina talked about adopting another child when Shiloh was only weeks old – who thinks about another child after just giving birth????? Why isn’t she just enjoying and reveling in her healthy family with this man who says he loves her, will stay with her, wants more kids with her (eventually) and will follow her around the world and back again? Why does she collect children like Cabbage Patch Kids (they come with birth certificates too)? It’s only because they are who they are that they can just keep collecting kids as if they were at a “Kid Sale”! Anyone else would be denied and told to take more time to bond with the children they have – especially with their 7 (seven) month old baby. By the way – I don’t think a normal person refers to her healthy baby as a “blob.” She just doesn’t. A healthy baby is a miracle! It does sometimes take a bit longer to bond but babies aren’t born doing a tap dance; it’s only through a lot of interaction with the mother and father – especially the mother! – that the baby develops a personality. And as for not needing her as much as Maddox and Zahara do because she was born into privilege and not an orphanage, if Angelina neglects Shiloh emotionally, she, Shiloh, will develop exactly as if she did grow up in an orphanage only it will be worse because her mother will be right there – ignoring her. Great job, Angie.

  104. espanola says

    shiloh es preciosa bellisimaaaaaaaaa bebita m brad guapisimo mmmmmmm
    angelina es una locaaaaaaaaa ponganla en un manicomio ..

  105. Jackie says

    You know Angelina said in a recent interview that when Mad had his first milestones, she had no one to share them with. She also said she trusted no one not her mother, not Brad. I wondered why she did not give a call to her mother to say ‘ mum mad said ma!’ . She cannot hug and she wont go anywhere near her father. Those are not actions of a person who conquered her demons.

    My question is, how will Shiloh, Mad and Z treat John Voight when they are adults?

    Shiloh does look like him a lot. And Brad? how does he feel about this rift? He seems to be a doormat in this relationship with no say whatsover on what goes on. Even the name Shiloh Nouvel is so Angelina. He is so pussy whipped he can’t see straight. He shames all men.

  106. Minnie says

    I would imagine you can find a dictionary. However – Banal: so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring.

  107. Nisa says

    may be you have a point, many mental illnesses can be over come without any help but if you have been following Angelina’s life for yeas, I do not think that her problems can be overcome just like that. She has very serious issues and from her recent interviews she looks like she is still dealing with them. Remember just before Brad she used to have adult affairs where she would take men to hotels just for sex, to me that is not exactly overcoming sexual perversion. Look at the way she paints Mads nails black and bleaches his hair, and all the tatoos which she admits are not good for a mother.

    Am not against her adopting, but it is unfair to bring an innnocent child into showbiz life, if it were a biological child, that is inevitable, but she can do more for these children if she financed their foster care like Oprah, Ricky Martin and most of other celebrities do.

    Many of you are young so you think a life in hollywood is the best, it is not. Almost all people in this town are dealing with one demon or another. Am sure Nicole Richie would have been better off in obsurity. If Orphages are so bad, why don’t we work more towards improving them. Is she taking all the children in Tao Bing orphanage? So what happens to the rest? She leaves some money which in turn is taken by corrupt individuals.

    Frankly I do not believe that she is doing this solely for charity. It keeps her in the news and it is a new obsession she picked up. Where are all the children Mia Farrow adopted? One slept with woody Allen her partner. Mark you she was not in such limelight as AJ.

    If AJ was married, it would be a different matter. There is a reason why most orphanages insist on married couples. I personally know people who have made it from orphanages or foster care but I do not know any child in hollywood without major issues as a result of growing up in the limelight.

  108. oriana says

    #128, I think Angelina will be a wonderful mother, to any child that she adopts that is!

    I bet Jon Voight has enjoyed looking at these pictures, I think he should be allowed to see his grandchild.

    And Yes, there is a look of true love and pride on Brad’s face when he looks at his little baby, I am so happy for him!

    Oh Jennnniffeerrr, you lost out! Although you do have Courtney’s little girl to play with,and that child looks absolutely nothing like her mother at all, best wishes to that family too!

  109. Minnie says

    How fascinatinly controversial you are Julia and Ivy. My goodness a comment like that makes you appear so intereseting and really makes me want to talk to you. How clever you are to draw people in in such a way.

  110. Cyberkitten37 says

    man u ppl just amuse me to no end. Why do u all think it’s wrong for Angelina to want to adopt another baby? It doesn’t mean she’ll neglect the children she has now. What about larger families of say 10+ kids? Love ISN’T a limited emotion. Angelina (and so can anyone else) EASILY love many many children..ya, AT THE SAME TIME!
    Brad said in an interview once that he wanted little girls..well he got his little girl and u can tell he’s over the moon. I’d be willing to bet HE was the one who dressed Shiloh in that pretty frilly white dress. I think it’s adorable. What i’m puzzled about is that on the news last night they said Angelina was filing for adoption as a single parent..what’s up with that??

  111. oriana says

    This coming from a person that said she had no compassion for Anna Nicole’s little baby daughter because she didn’t know her! The world doesn’t know her, has never met her personally, but yet a lot of people do feel sorry for her circumstances.

    I feel sorry for the sorrow Angelina is going thru with the loss of her mother but I still don’t think she is a Saint, I think the need for her adopt these children from different countries is for her own instabilities, not for them so much, I am not a shrink, that is just my opinion, and as for the remarks I have made about Zahara, again, those are my thoughts, a lot of people may think she is pretty, I haven’t seen any pictures that point to that, and I doubt if there will be very many pictures of her smiling and laughing in the future, I don’t like Angelina, again, that is my choice, don’t like Jennifer Anniston either, again my choice, that is why I am so thankful to have been born in a country where I have freedom of choice, thank you very much!

    Are you a religious fanatic, I notice you have mentioned Lucifer more than once? Angelina has made great strides from the years she was cutting herself, doing drugs and being suicidal, (her owns words from interviews) but I doubt very seriously she has overcome all her instabilities, maybe I am wrong, now excuse me, I am going out and buy a whole new wardrobe of all black clothes, come back home and get on every site I can find and bash her all day and all night, and pray that Lucifer doesn’t make me any worse than I am. Now why don’t you go apply for her Nanny for she will need someone soon to carry Shiloh for she will have her new child to care for!

  112. Minnie says

    amused – even the most basic of psychology textbooks would teach you the difference between chronic and mild depression, between shock and trauma, between long term and short term effects. To suggest that suicide is the product of a lack of “mental strength” is almost criminally stupid. “Sadness”??! My god – while I am glad that you have, clearly, never experienced true depression or any other mental illness perhaps if you had you wouldn’t speak such dangerous trash.

    I suggest you avail yourself of one so that you don’t come off as an uninformed and dangerous cretin.

    The rest of what you had to say in post 125 was surprisingly erudite.

  113. amused says

    How do you know? From statistic published on America? There will always be individuals whose mental strength could not hold up so they seek death. But there are people who will get themselves out of dark water alone. I have been on other parts of the world where war, poverty and multitude of hardships bombarded people. These people have strength you probably have never seen. Even in America, not every one with sadness needs a shrink.

    You are entitled to your belief of course. And I to mine.

    My point is young people did, do and will do lots of ‘crazy’ things and most have no mental problem, just going through a phase, trying to deal with their sadness in their way. As long as they don’t kill anyone senselessly, I say they have a good chance of growing out of it. And every one will err at some point in their lives. It is better to err when young and learned than in advance ages.

    I think the women here who have commented on the children’s look, expression, saying the children are ugly and so on are people who have mental health. No shrink could help them. Perhaps Lucifer could.

  114. oriana says

    Amused, you are not very amusing! Look in Japan at the highest rate of teenage suicides, if they had someone professional they could talk too then perhaps this would not be happening. You called Anna Nicole trashy, maybe she wouldn’t have been if she had seen a therapist instead of relying on drugs, Nicole Richie is an adopted daughter of a world famous person, look at the problems she has had, I do agree there are other celebrities that have small childen close together, whether adopted or not, but their parents aren’t running all over the world and making the comments that Angie has made and done, when a person is troubled and doesn’t seek help, their addiction or problem just transfers to another one, if you read anything other than blogs you would know this, and it is very rare indeed that someone can just wake up one morning and be “cured” on their own!

  115. Minnie says

    amused – all over the world people kill themselves because the do not seek help for their problems. What a ridiculous comment yours was!

  116. amused says

    And just out of curiosity, there is no Angelina in these pictures, why do you people see fit to trash her?

    Some called her a publicity or media whore when seeing the picture in which she and Zahara enjoyed watching the Mardi Gras. How come no one calls Brad media pimp for showing off Shiloh?

  117. amused says

    To Nisa and those who think people need to seek out therapist to get out of depression etc.

    Only in America and some Western countries therapists are employed. That leaves billions of people on earth who have gotten out of the blue periods of their life on their own or with the help and support of their beloved. I don’t see them having problem.

    I know teenagers who multilated themselves out of angst and sadness and are now graduating medical school, becoming doctors, psychiatrists, surgeons et al. Now this is quite amusing to me for some of you may one day seek them out for treatment. Wouldn’t it be fun to see the look on your face when you find out you are being treated by an old peer of Angelina.

    As someone said, just enjoy the pictures and quit speculating, judging, criticising, sermonizing, would you saints?

  118. rachel says

    i think that she is the cutest baby alive. i do agree that angie needs to concentrate on the kids that they already have. i do not no how angie can live with herself saying that she chooses madd and z over shiloh. obviously, shiloh one day will find out wat her mom had said about her and do wat angie does and not talk to her dad. but the change is that shiloh will not talk to angie.

  119. Paula says

    We all have to remember that Brad and Angelina are just people like we all are. Just because they are Hollywood stars doesn’t mean they are going to have “the most beautiful” babies in the world. People need to get a grip on that. Those two might make pretty babies but they might not. Just like the rest of us. And I don’t think Jennifer A is really that worried about having children or she would have run out and had one by now. She might not be as maternal as some and there is nothing wrong with that. At least she didn’t get pregnant like Britney did just for the publicity to decide later that she really didn’t want to be a mother anyway. Have to give that to her at least people. And since none of us have lived with her and Brad when they were married we don’t know the exact reasons for her not having a baby. Maybe at the time she thought he wouldn’t make a good day, or she wasn’t ready. Have to be ready to have kids instead of “oops I did it again” type thing.

  120. Jackie says

    Shiloh seems like a slow child. She knows she wants a cookie but does not know how they react to that. She is sweet and cute like all babies but not a beauty.

  121. comment says

    Well, I think Shiloh is cute but she to me isn’t over the top beautiful. She has her daddy’s nose poor child. It must just be me but I have never thought Brad was that good looking. He has a baby face and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better as he ages. And he has strange lips like they can’t close all the way or something….just never had it for him. And it’s not because he’s with AJ. I never liked him when he was with JA either. But, if he’s happy with his baby that’s great. I hope he has special feelings for her that her mother doesn’t have. How come none of their kids smile? If Z smiled her face would probably crack. I know that’s mean but most babies are smiling and happy looking all the time. Could be all the cameras but you’d think at least one picture would show them smiling just once.

  122. Nisa says

    Mary and Oriana, I think you have excellent points. Some people on these blogs are really immature to think that just because a child is raised by celebrities they are very lucky. I agree no child should be raised in hollywood unless they are born there adn there is no choice. Stars’ children suffer a lot emotionally and as we have seen most of them are unstable as a result, Angelina a prime example.

    Over the years we have watched Angelina unfold. She was a severely depressed, self harming sick teenager who became a perveted woman and did the most bizarre things. Has she ever sought professional help for that? No, apart from the two weeks in the mental facility in 1999, she just changed out of the blue to an obsessive do- gooder. She adopts from countries with lax adoption laws because she knows few sensible countries can give her a child to raise.

    I don’t care what you fans want to believe but it is a practice as old as time that when you love people, you profess this love and I do not even see the loving actions between this farce. It is so clear that they do not love each other and even the little affection is strictly on Angelina’s part.

    Brad wanted a child. Period. And if her fans grew up a bit, they would realise that bringing a child in a temporary relationship is not the best thing. In most of her interviews, Angelina seems to admit that she does not think this is a parmanent arrangement.

    I still think Angelina has big mental issues and should seek mental help as soon as possible.

  123. Minnie says

    Of course the people on here bash each other!
    Anyone who belives they know a person based on celebrity snaps and occasional articles clearly has an overdeveloped sense of their own intelligence and psychological skills and values their own opinion above everything else. Stands to reason that they would turn on each other aggresively to defend baseless opinions.

  124. Melissa says

    Ladies……..ladies…….please!!!! “It is..what it is….” Let’s just all be happy for this beautiful family. Look at Brad’s face…it tells it all…he is very happy. Also, look at him during those awards…he loves Angelina! If they don’t stay together long…it is none of our business. I personally believe that they are meant for one another, and will stand the test of time.

  125. says

    Can we please not make this a competition between babies? Both are beautiful in their own ways. This is a post about photos of Shiloh with Brad, not Suri vs. Shiloh. Thanks.

    Again with the random Holmes-Cruise bashing. How many events have we seen Suri out and about? Three, four times? Most were taken at her parents’ wedding and rehearsal dinner, everyone was dressed formally. The dress she wore when she got back from her parents’ honeymoon didn’t look all that different from the one Shiloh is wearing in these pictures. In the latest picture taken at the airport, we can only see her collar. “Armani baby”? Come on.

    Can the Suri-loving crowd just comment on Suri’s thread instead of coming her to tell everyone how much they love Suri and Suri alone and no other baby compares? It’s a little tiresome and very COS.

  126. Beth says

    Shiloh is the cutest little thing. I guess with parents like hers, it was inevitable.

    Although I think its extremely bighearted of them to adopt children and give them a good home, I have a question. Why do they adopt all foreign children? Yes, they need a good home too, but how many children are there in the system in the US? Why don’t they adopt an American child next?

  127. Fancy says

    Granny and Fee, thanks for keeping it real! Like another granny often said ” Everybody with a future has a past and everybody with a past has a future.”

  128. Buffy says

    Fee and Granny, I agree with you completely! Well said on both parts! And also, I can’t understand why describing a newborn as a blob is such a crime. A newborn is essentially a blob, they come into this world and they eat sleep poop and cry, and as they grow they develop personality and a character. Though I think I would have use the words blank canvas or something instead of blob, but Angelina was at a loss for words and it was the interviewer who suggested blob, essentially they both mean the same thing.

  129. Kenisha says

    Id just like to say that this baby, like most babies is a beauty because she is healthy and cared for.
    Its so easy for us to judge the parents of this child for being homewreckers, or for having children outside of marriage or for for adopting too soon or for almost anything that they do.
    the Beauty is that these ppl continue to live their lives without tryin to please others. In reality most ppl will never adopt and dont have time for the children they do have due to careers and other things.
    I commend these ppl for helping children and for bringing publicity to the plight of children all around the world who need help.
    To say that she does love her child or to say that she is adopting too soon is to think you know her mind, to assume her thoughs or to rob another child somewhere of the love of a family.
    Regardless of how these two have things in the past, they have made the lives better of at least two children and do more than most celebritities do for thousands others!!

  130. oriana says

    Les, you have only said what many, many people have thought. I think now that her mother is gone she will exhibit more and more of her behaviors. And that is another thing, if her mother was so ill, the doctors had to tell her about it, she was travelling all over the place, why not want to be near a dying mother especially over the holidays knowing it might be the last holiday season, I am sure the children would have enjoyed being with their grandmother also.

  131. fee says

    ok we don’t know brangelina at all, but isn’t it possible that they could be…happy? Just because two people don’t gush about each other and hang all over each other doesn’t mean they are on the verge of a breakup. I am NOT a touchy-feely person, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy with my life. As far as Angelina’s past, isn’t it also possible for people to grow up and change? And there is no doubt in my mind that she loves Shiloh. Do you guys remember that issue of people that Shiloh was in after she was born? Angelina adores her. As far as Angelina never holding Shiloh, while she was in India, Angelina was the only person photographed holding her. We have only seen Shiloh out in public 4 or 5 times-give them a chance!

  132. MommyDearest says

    Just a hypothetical question:

    “What do you think Angelina Jolie and/or Brad Pitt would say if they read this blog? What do you think their reponse would be if they read all these (crazy) comments?”

  133. KLove says

    I love my child more than life itself. I want to hold her, give her kisses and tell her “I love you” ALL THE TIME. Does Angelina even care for Shiloh? NO pics to show for it!!!!!

  134. Les says

    Does Angelina even care about Shiloh??? You never see Angelina with her!!!! No pics of the two together unless Brad is holding her. Hey Angelina–Do you even care about the child you GAVE BIRTH TO? I guess she has the wrong color and culture!!!!
    Yes I said it

  135. dori says

    geez you guys ..why are you bashing each other?
    We’re here to discuss babies for god sake.It’s not a competition of intelligence. if we were really smart we wouldn’t be here at all now would we?
    So now to make a comment. Shiloh is a very pretty little baby. And I’m glad to see her dressed like a little girl finally.
    The look on Brads face is so special. He looks at the baby so lovingly. What a pleasure to see him enjoying his baby girl.

  136. oriana says

    selda, You my Dear are absolutely right! And moving on to something else is a good idea. Thank you!

    I think we all pray for Brittany and her family, now that is such a sad situation!

    Poor Anna Nicole finally buried beside her son where she wanted to be, I wish her mother would shut up and let her rest in peace!

    So glad that Brooke Shields wrote a book about her experiences, hopefully it will help someone else!

    Just read about John Travolta’s son may be autistic, first time I heard about that, hope it isn’t true, those kids are gorgeous also.

    Have to say, Suri Cruise a little doll, I am happy for that family and wish all these children many happy years and a good life ahead!

  137. Granny says

    I imagine that the children are loved very much in this family. Every family operates differently but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily disfunctional. All children operate differently in their position in the family – some are needy and some are independant. And parents usually know what each need and provide the differences. .You just can not tell by pictures, or by the frilliness of clothing, or by who holds who what the real family is like. You have to live in the home and be a part of the real day to day activities, behind the scenes to know. An example is how some of the bloggers claimed Shi doesn’t smile because she is with her mother, but she isn’t smiling in these with her father.

    And thank goodness we all have a past. And what we did in our past should remain there for all of us. We should all be allowed to leave the bad parts behind whether we are famous or not.

    I still wished that parents married before children. I don’t understand these long time engagements that last way until after the children are born. And there seems to be a lot of those. Sadly, the famous change partners often. Lets see in 10 years how many of the idolized on this site are still with their present partners. Probably very few.

  138. selda says

    #86 mary #96oriana, i agree a 1000%, well but lets move on to something else, we give them much to much attention the day will come when they have to pay, choices have consequences, and theirs are on the way

  139. Karina says


  140. oriana says

    It doesn’t take an expert when a person sees the pictures, hears her commenting out of her mouth, I saw her exhibitions on the TV, saw the pictures of her with her lezzie lover, heard (not read) heard HER say how much she was in love with them, and also heard her say she had no intention of marrying Brad, so no, I don’t need a degree to form an opinion about this sicko!

  141. sophie says

    oriana, I see that you do think you are an expert on this subject. glad you went to the University of BAMZS to get your degree which allows you to spout such facts!

  142. oriana says

    I may be perceived to be ignorant, wheras she is perceived to be mentally unstable and other traits I won’t mention.

    After all, this is a woman who married Billy Bob Thornton, couldn’t keep her hands or tongue off of him in public and everywhere else, and yet, Brad, she doesn’t want to marry and has a biological child by him and he adopted her other two children. She also made statements she would have married her lesbian lover if she could have but yet, doesn’t want to marry Brad! Oh No, she doesn’t have any emotional problems at all does she?

  143. sophie says

    it always amazes me that at every turn and on every blog, everyone is always so knowlegeable about what AJ is thinking, who of her kids she loves more, what BP must be regretting, etc, etc. None of you know, unless you are close friends/relatives of either one of them, and even then, I’d be hard pressed to believe you absolutely KNOW what they are thinking, feeling, doing etc

    what you’re doing is analyzing the situation by a few pictures, some articles, some comments made by some announcer…well, then do your research and use ALL the information available (including the photos of AJ holding Shiloh, the comments BP made about what he wants with regard to children, AJ’s “Notes from My Travels, etc). otherwise, you just come across as ignorant (not saying you are, just saying you’d be perceived as such)

    just enjoy the pictures (or don’t) but please don’t profess to be an expert on the subject

  144. oriana says

    Mary, I like what you wrote and it is very logical. Prime example, Brittany Spears has $100 million dollars, and if incorrect, for sure several million, she cannot give her children a stable home environment, neither did poor Anna Nicole Smith, and she had money to provide for her beloved son, Angie did and does have mental problems, maybe not as severe as when she was cutting herself and on a suicide kick, but they have not all been solved, she has a deep rooted need within to adopt a bunch of needy kids to fulfill something lacking within herself, Brad would be content with a stable family and home life, I am afraid the world will see cracks within her before too long, she should be seeking some professional help, her father may have been an ass to her but I think he did see some signs that she needed emotional help, I think she is unstable, and the way she has talked about her baby daughter and her actions or lack of, has given some substance to that, she is beautiful, talented, and may have a caring nature, but she is not emotionally secure and poor Brad has to have seen that by now.

  145. Tanya says

    Mary too true, Angelina wants to prove a point, and I too do not think She Brad will have a till death do us apart relationship. Deep down i really think she has a problem, and she will lose Brad. Maybe a pact has been made between them, for Brad a bio child and for her to continue to adopt. But sadly these children, will suffer more when they split.

  146. Sara says

    Wow, we’re up to #88 on this one! Haven’t read them all….they sure get a lot of “comments”….must be pretty interesting!~!

  147. oriana says

    Carleigh, you sound very educated, what are your thoughts on Zahara still wearing diapers and being carried all the time? Even on a playground?

  148. Francine says

    Angelina has a complex personality , we do not know what is going with her, we will know only when Brad is out the door.

  149. Mary says

    I am not sure being adopted by Angelina is automatically being better off than being in an opharnage. I know people who have lived in these orphanages and have gone on to realise their dream. Children like Maddox and Z will never be doctors, engineers, lawyers e.t.c. They are fated to have the same hollywood life as Jolie who was severly depressed and suicidal. If that is the ideal life, then I would rather they stay in orphanages and these stars sponsor them whilst visiting them every month.

    Secondly I do not like the way Angelina adopts kids as if to try and erase her less than perfect past. She is like an atheist who becomes a preacher and goes to the extreme crucifying himself to imitate christ. I do not think Brad appreciates what he signed up for. Children are people who if you say you are their parent, you need to give them 100% care. Between her movies and charity I do not think Angelina can do that to all these kids she is collecting. A big family needs atleast one stay home parent to balance the home.

    It is also unfair to bring them in the world of Showbiz when we can all see how children there have turned out. I have no illusions that Angelina is kind otherwise she would never have lured Brad from his wife even though I think she believes she and the kids needed him more and he needed them. I never trust anyone who hurts another intentionally. My appeal is that these celebrities sponsor children instead of bringing them into a life as hopeless as that of hollywood children, Angelina should know this, she has been there. Saying that it is better than an orphage is not enough, so if Britney wants to adopt, do we let her because she has the means and the will?

    We all want a better life for these kids, but no one is under any illusion that this Brangelina thing is going to last, not Angelina, not Brad (of course their fans can always dream). It is therefore unfair for them to collect all these kids and bring them into such an unpredictable life. They have already suffered enough, they need stability. They are better of placed in suprvised and sponsored foster care. Many people in Vietnam will tell you that they are willing to take in orphans but they have no means. I think there is more to these adoptions than the obvious need to help kids, I believe it is some kind of Exorcism for Angelina, she is fighting demons and this is just one way.

    What makes you is what finally breaks you. Kids got BP and AJ togather and Agelina’s obsessive adoptin will split them. Brad may say he wants a football team, but reality is different, am sure he wants time between these kids and has realsied by now a football team takes a lot.

    I am sure he has a lot to give but I would rather no child grew up in hollwood especially in the eye of the media and with a mother with mental issues. Think of Daniel Smith (ANS) am sure his mother loved her to bits and had all the means to give him everything he wished for but look at what happened to him. Look at Britney, Paris, Lindsay et al, an orphage would have been better for them. I say help these orphanages instead. I know they do and they should stop at that.

    P.S I have nothing against Brangelina or Madonna. I think Shi is cute and sweet and cuts a nice picture with he daddy. Of course not the most beautiful baby in the world, no, I have seen better.

  150. oriana says

    Misconceptions? I am only referring to statements Angelina made, and with the thousands of pictures taken, the baby does look like Angelina and especially like Jon Voight, a very pretty child, but as far as Angelina and UGLY Zahara, look at her face!, a blind person can see the obvious distinction she makes between the two girls whenever she is holding them, and very rarely for the little one, I wonder what kind of fits Zahara will be throwing when the other adoption comes thru? Angie will be carrying the new baby, Brad will have Zahara, the nanny will be pushing Shiloh and Madox will be walking or a bodyguard carrying him. Since Zahara doesn’t walk that much, she will be continued to be carried when she is five years old, and Angie will have her pets, Zahara first, Maddox second, the new baby third and Shiloh last. What psychological problem does she have that she cannot love her biological child as much as she does the adopted ones? Why?

  151. says

    wat r u talking about Anon n by da way people seemed 2 get over Gwen Stefani callin Shiloh n Kingston blobs
    i’m reading these comments one at a time

  152. Carla says

    If we are still alive, in a few years we will hear some crazy story about this family. Mia farrow, Woody Allen and Soon YI Previn anyone.

  153. says

    i couldn’t have said it better Lalay n Shiloh looks like her mother 4 any who doesn’t it Angelina was born blond

  154. oriana says

    Shouldn’t Zahara be out of diapers by now? I think Shiloh is very pretty, but GIGI is right, I haven’t seen any signs of rapport either, and of course we wouldn’t from Angelina since she wasn’t wanted in the first place as far as being planned goes, out of Angelina’s own mouth, she got “knocked up”, so therefore the new baby from Vietnam will probably be given much more attention and showered with affection than Shiloh ever has been, when someone has a small baby under a year old, why not focus on that child a little bit before wanting another baby, especially when she has her two pet?

  155. Amaya says

    Some people are so silly? She’s a lovely baby, so is Suri Cruise…babies are just adorable in general for the most part.
    Some of the comments made, have reminded me of photo sessions with my own children…god I remember how hard it was to get the boys to smile in unison and the like, I have photos of my gorgeous son looking like he was sucking lemons.
    …and the adorable rolls of my eldest as a three month old, god what a fat baby. LOL
    Some of you people just need to lighten up and maybe even get a life of your own? So few pics are seen of these people really and likely they will not all be great photos at that, because these are human beings and not infallible god-like creatures. They likely are uptight being photographed all the damn time, hence the occasional snarls…and a photo captures just an instant in time, no one knows what the next instant might have looked like.
    …and none of us knows if Jolie sings her children to sleep, or kisses shiloh on the head while feeding her?
    …or if Brad and Ang like to just stand and watch their babies sleep, like I know that I do.
    Presumptuous and rude, that’s what I see alot of on these boards and mostly just plain silly…in thinking that you know anything whatsoever really about the private lives of any of these people. LOL

  156. fee says

    I think Shiloh is absolutely adorable. It may seem that they are adopting too soon, but the adoption process can take months. They want a lot of kids, but they don’t want to be in their 50s raising toddlers either. Besides that, they have the means to love, care, and provide for all the children they want, so why not adopt right away?

  157. Julia and Ivy :) says

    LOL, Does anyone see in the last picture you can see the other baby’s pamper? Shiloh looks pretty hungry for that cookie or cracker. Her mouth is like a little triangle. Now, we can gush about this all day can we not?

  158. oriana says

    Very pretty baby and Brad does look so happy and content, a proud father indeed! Sad to say but very true, Angelina does pay much more attention to the other two kids, Shiloh will be fading into the background even more with the new child coming, guess grumpy Zahara will be screaming in his face also! Brad looks better to me without Angelina around, can’t stand that phoney!

  159. Rebbeca says

    Seeing those pictures today , clearly Suri Cruise has been penalized.Because she has something more going on.

  160. Gigi says

    Shiloh is a cute baby, but she seems a little unreceptive. The exception is when food is the stimulus (remember how she was staring down Zahara’s cracker in the stroller ride). She’s unresponsive to the lady in the first pic, and quite honestly, she doesn’t appear to have any rapport with Brad. She’s not smiling or laughing or cyring. She just there.

  161. Tiffany says

    Can we please get over the “blob” comment already. That was months ago when Shiloh was little and probably did not have much personality developed yet. We all see that she is not a blob and so lets drop it.
    This is an amazing family who puts forth time, energy and money in helping the less priveledged. It is nice that someone with the means to do so is stepping up to the plate. I am sure that no one in the family is neglected or being left out so more power to them.
    I think they are a wonderful family and Brad seems to be a very devoted dad.

  162. tammy says

    she’s a child for goodness sake and none of you know angelina or brad to know what they really feel!
    all i have to say is that in my opinion shiloh is beatiful and brad seems like a very caring father.

  163. Lola says

    Hol and Julia #61 an d#62

    She does not hold her because Angelina told you she never wanted children of her own, I bet Brad wanted children badly and any one at the time would have done, he has never said he loves Angelina or even likes her, I guess to him she was a baby vessel, a means to an end, he said in an interview he wanted little Jens never little Angelinas.

    I bet he is content to have a child but if you gave him his marriage back now he would gladly welcome it. Since this relationship begun, I have never seen him dying of love for his baby momma and though he has given many interviews, I have not even heard in a single one an intimate declaration from him, which is strange for anyone star or no star.

    I hope Shiloh does not grow up and start whining how much she can’t stand her father for cheating on her mother or her mother for cheating on her father when herr parents were the most loose people in Hollywood.

    I never understood Angelina getting angry with her dad for cheating on her mum when in those days every one knew John Voight was a loose canon and every one thought Bertrand a vitrually inknown actress married him for fame and was just a gold digger.

    Nice pictures, nothing special though.

  164. Hol says

    Well, I just don’t understand why I NEVER see pics of Angelina holding Shiloh–it’s always Brad, and she’s always out with the older kids. That and her reference to Shiloh as “blob” just makes me sad…

  165. carleigh says

    neal…duh…venal…latin origination..meaning capable of being bought or obtained for money or other valuable consideration, capable of being bribed…now you want to EXPOSE what “VENAL ACTS of vanity”, exactly what Angelina has done that you made reference to above?

  166. carleigh says

    Does anyone know that a child’s head in relation to the rest of the body is disproportionate because it was designed that way? Babies need the extra fat to feed their brain development during their early years. The infant brain needs high amounts of energy in order to function and grow. Now, done with the science lesson…anything else anyone wants to add to the above, please feel free.

    Shiloh is a beautiful little girl and Brad looks so contented and happier than I’ve ever seen him. Fatherhood suits him and he wears it well. To all the poster’s who dislike Angelina…eat your hearts out, if JA had been a little more compromising and not quite so vain and self centered, this would be her family but she chose poorly and is probably kicking her own ass. I love this little family and if they can save any child from being raised in poverty, filth and neglect then let them, who are you to judge what’s too much for them? They and only they know what they want and can handle. Stop all the hating and just let them live their own lives, they don’t run around to nightclubs drinking, falling down and puking all over themselves do they? They don’t run around in public w/o underwear and flash their private parts do they? (Movie nudity does NOT even enter into the equation) They are responsible, aware and fortunate and they know what position they are in and they want to help this world, leave them alone. They are making their mark on this world and doing things about improving the world, what have all of you done today that you feel particularly proud of to where you can sit and thumb your noses at this family????? Leave them alone, they are happy! GO BRANGELINA!

  167. neil says

    I am appalled that Angie would submit poor little Shiloh to collagen implants just to hide her own past venal acts of vanity! (Anyone know what venal means?)

  168. Minnie says

    Selda – how is it that you practise christianity?
    Many do so by following the words of Jesus whom they see as the son of God.
    I assume that you do not do so. Simple misunderstanding.

    I think she is a cute child. I feel strange about talking about “beauty” in a baby or “most beautiful baby” since I’m not sure how one evaluates beauty in infants. She has the big eyes, large forehead and button nose we are programmed to find attractive.

  169. neil says

    Selda, you make me laugh. You sound like one of those ‘hellfire and brimestone’ christians. Keep it up. I love it when you religiouse types spit at each other.

  170. Jenna M. says

    Awww! I don’t like that dress though. . . actually I wouldn’t have thought Angelina would put her in something like that.

    I wonder how soon they’ll be bringing home the new child?

  171. maggie says

    shes a cute baby, THATS ALL, not the cutest baby, shes like any other baby in the USA like nisa said.

  172. karen says

    Absolutely the cutest picture of Daddy and Daughter. It’s nice to see Brad’s mom’s influence on Shiloh’s outfit! I don’t think Angelina would ever put Shiloh in a frilly, girly outfit. I may be wrong, but my feeling is…I’m not.

  173. Nisa says

    I am sorry but I dont think shiloh will be beautiful, she was overrated and even if you are the staunchest Brangelina fan you know that this child isway off the beauty radar. She looks like any other plain baby and I would not look at her twice if I was walking on a street so quit that ‘…she is the most beautiful baby in the world…’ routine it does not wash.

    Look at that first picture! and her head is too big anyway. Grow up you can be a fan butthat baby is not the most gorgeous in the world, hell no!

  174. Julia and Ivy :) says

    They look very calm. Brad looks very very hot but I am not a fan of that whole denim look that he has going on. Is Shiloh in the movie filming with him or just hanging out? In the second picture does anyone notice the tatoo? I love Shiloh’s shoes and I am in love with the first picture! 🙂

  175. lala & mommy says

    who cares if you hate angelina she is really very very beautiful anyway. also their kid is soooo cute and guess what shes the cutest baby i have seen from all the hollywood babies. sorry but suri is no comparison at all with shiloh. about them wanting to help and adopt other kids – well that’s great because they really share what they have. how about you guys who keeps on criticising them in all the things they wanted to do – do you ever give to the less fortunate? brad and angie are really good together. so deal with it you people who doe not like them. and we really love this family.

  176. laurie & elaine says

    shiloh really look so cute – what a pretty baby. she looks after her mom and of course her dad. i really love this famiy. i wish they will stay together brad and angie forever.

  177. Nicki says

    This is only going to get better. Brad did a short interview recently and said he hoped to have enough kids for thier own soccer team!! Wow thats 11, count em, 11 kids.
    I for one am happy for them. I hope thier dreams come true.
    Shiloh is an adorable baby, she looks like Angie and Brad (and Angie looked just like her Dad when she was little, so of course she would resemble JV).

  178. Minnie says

    She’s adorable, he’s pretty handsome himself and all this talk of sin and adultery is unchristian.

  179. maggie says

    Shi looks so much like her grandfather, I think he must be proud of that, too bad that AJ dosnt let him see his grandchildren, because they are very cute.

    I think that is ok for angie to keep adopting kids, if thats what she wants and shes helping those kids who dosnt have parents, but I hope she dont keep having biological babies, because she dosnt seem happy doing that

  180. SELDA says


  181. babyhates says

    36. You are soooo right !!!! Some of these people in here are stupid … she’s helping children… am sorry if I had millions I would adopted also !!!! Why not share your riches ? Her children are being taken care of, and that’s all that matters.

  182. lisa says

    This baby is very cute, and adorable. You people need to mine your own business, you all are very jeaious people. Brad and Shil look’s very happy and that’s all what counts. Angelina is a sweet and loving person, stop all the hate and grow the hell up people. You all are acting like children. It doesn’t matter who baby is the pretties’t, what matter’s that they are healthy and bless by GOD. Shi is a very beautiful baby, her parent’s love her and that’s all court’s.

  183. Jasmine says

    Angelina is a publicity whore, let us hope they stay together or she will be on her own with all the adopted ones.

  184. Melissa says

    Honey is right on the money!! All you jealous, self-absorbed people just get over it!!!! Angie is WAY more beautiful and much more open-minded than Jennifer. I’m glad they had Shiloh, she is the perfect combo of them both. She is absolutely beautiful, just like her parents. So what if they want enough children for a soccer team??? They obviously have the resources and availability to adopt as many kids as they want. Maddox, Zahara and any other child that they give a loving home to is better off than the 3rd world country they came from. I don’t understand when a person gives underprivileged kids a chance at a wonderful life and to be a better person, they get harassed and bad-mouthed like they committed a crime. People!! Pull your heads out of a certain spot and deal with it!!!

  185. Fabienne says

    Because of this child parents magazines wanted us to feel the hype , the anticipation and label her the most beautiful baby that ever existed on the surface of this planet, and im quoting this guy from people magazine. Now outside , she just looks like any baby. Nothing so sublime.

  186. maggie says


  187. says

    These are weet photos…who are all of you to say Angelina isn’t home every night nursing her baby and reading all her kids bedtime stories?? It’s incredible the amount of celebrity info you people really think you have by a few photos! I think she’s proven herself a very committed partner, mother and do-gooder. Get over yourselves!

  188. Naissa says

    I thought she was the most beautiful baby i have ever seen, but those pictures are telling me something else. No special light i guess.

  189. Stephanie says

    Jackie The assasination of Jesse James ,Pitt movie is coming soon. All actors do that ,photo op. But i get to see her it is cool.

  190. SELDA says

    Angelina needs to stop adopting, and take care proper of the children she already has, Shiloh does not look happy, she looks indeed very sad, angelina needs to be emotional there for her, and not a new Baby.

  191. Nisa says

    Though she does not seem to have plenty of personality, Shiloh is still cute. Pity she is a child of sin. Brad looks so happy I cant help feeling that he would rather take Shiloh and run away from all the craziness.

  192. joelly says

    #21 – Pika

    Very good point.

    “You’d think they’d give her some more time as the new kid in the family before they bought a new one…….”

  193. Jackie says

    Shiloh and papa look lovely in these pictures. She may not be the most beautiful baby ever (suri is) but she is so sweet I want to pinch her cheeks.

    I am still wondering the reason for all this Shiloh over load!

  194. amused says

    One could discern very quickly why Angelina is hated by the women here: she has Brad.


  195. Sue says

    Kylie, I totally agree w/ you. Angelina is such a controlling, fake person. She needs to concentrate on the kids that she already has.

  196. Kylie says

    Angelina should stay home and take care of the children she already has instead of running around the world looking for more kids to adopt. I cannot stand that woman!!

  197. pika says

    She’s very sweet. You’d think they’d give her some more time as the new kid in the family before they bought a new one…….

  198. MissyMama says

    Brad looks soooo happy. Shiloh is very cute! I think she looks a lot like her grandpa Voight.

    I just can’t get over how happy Brad looks…

  199. Tiffany says

    She is very darling and I love seeing dads out with their kiddos. It is really refreshing to see any dad out bonding with their child. She really is a cutie.

  200. Larissa says

    It is all real and i am a bit disapointed, the hotness she is not in those pics , nothing to set her apart with other babies, she does not look exotic at all.

  201. Whitney says

    It is me or she looks like Mia Hewiit Bec and Lleyton Hewitt daughter. She is cute but please not the most beautiful baby ever , nothing to look at over and over.

  202. Lauren says

    These pictures are soo cute. Brad looks so happy when it’s just him and his beautiful daughter. Shiloh is just too cute for words. Brad does look much better and happier when he’s not with Angelina. When he’s together with her, he looks depressed. BUT, Shiloh is the cutest 9 month old ever.

  203. Diva says

    OK, I’ll totally admit I’m a bit hormonal, but that baby is so beautiful it made me want to CRY! lol

  204. Just visiting.. says

    I may be one of the “haters”, as I can’t STAND Brad and Angelina..but Shiloh is a really cute little girl (and yes, it’s nice to see her in a light dress! ;-))..I’ve never denied THAT, it’s just her parents that bother me. 🙂

  205. katie says

    Looks like both daughter and daddy want that biscuit in the last photo!

    too cute!

    Just wish it was Jen and Brads baby!!!

  206. joelly says

    As a so called “hater”, I must say these pictures are absolutely adorable…..Brad looks so much better when he’s not with Angelina.

  207. boo says

    Well there you have it… to the person who was convinced that Shiloh could have possibly been a boy….I guess not, Not many parents would dress there sons in dresses with cute frilly socks…lol.
    They look so cute in these Pics… Brad looks so happy with her in the first, I do love this baby, she’s so Adorable!~*

  208. Nicki says

    She is such an adorable baby. The best of Daddy and Mommy. Daddy looks so cute adoring his lil girl.

    A WHITE dress at that!

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