Tutu Adorable!

Denise’s arms are full! Here the happy mom was snapped with Sam (who turns 3 on March 9th) and Lola, 21 months at the Santa Barbara Zoo on Tuesday.

Denise Richards



  1. neil says

    I allways wonder why in those silly beauty polls Denise is never mentioned. I’m not a fan but she has to be one of the most beautiful of women celebrities. Oh, and add Diane Lane and Monica Beluci to that list.

  2. Shae says

    I think Denise is a great mom. She always has one or both of her girls with her. Lord, I do not know how these Hollywood parents do it…trying to raise normal kids and have every fart and shitty diaper reported by the paparazzi. 24/7 scrutiny, is not part of ANY package.

  3. oriana says

    What do the doctors books say about thumb sucking? I would think that 3 and older is too old for that, and especially to still be wearing diapers! That is pitiful!

  4. carleigh says

    The girls are both cute. Let them be the KIDS that they are and stop being so critical. They are both toddlers, coming through a divorce in which the begining was very acrimonious and I am sure they pick up on the feelings of the mother and father. If they want to suck their thumbs and have blankie’s big deal, I’d be more worried about Ryder Russell Robinson have a nuck in his face at almost 3 1/2 years old than I would these two sucking thumbs. They do it to soothe themselves and they are both still very young.

  5. Nicole says

    Missymama just so ya know don’t even bother waisten’ your time with that weirdo. (Julia and Ivy). Just read other profiles on how pathetic she really is…. She is well known here for her different roles, and name changings. Thought i could save you some time.

  6. MissyMama says

    Right, Julia I lik her hair too. Does anyone know if she is still with Charlie????Julia , who is Ivy?

  7. maggie says

    the problem is not that they are too big for sucking their thumb, the thing is that its a really bad habit, even if they are babies, when they grow up are going to have dental issues.
    My cousin used to suck her thumb and now she have terribles teeth and is because of that….. Maybe is cute to see a baby doing that but it isnt good.

  8. boo says

    #12 Some babies don’t potty train until late, some don’t have the desire to… some don’t want to… and you can’t push them to or you may end up with some serious problems and rebellion on your hands…some don’t even start training til the age of 3… it all depends on the child and their desire to in fact do so.

  9. EveLina says

    When my little girl was about 2 months old she started kind of sucking her little thumb. But I really didn’t like that one bit. So I started putting socks on her hands for about a week or so, and then she completely stopped. I didn’t mind the binki, but she always refused. lol. I just think there’s binki’s for that. And only for about a year, no longer. If so it’s kinda sick…. Plus you want the best for their teeth, right? But the girls are so cute. They do look a lot older for their age though!

  10. Cyberkitten37 says

    to add…if ya take a closer look at the picture, both girls look pretty darn tired to me..even more reason to want the thumb and blankie 🙂

  11. Cyberkitten37 says

    God some of u r so critical! Just because the little ones r sucking their thumbs and snugglin with blankies doesn’t mean they don’t get enuf mom time. From all the pics I’ve seen Denise appears to spend alot of time with her children..and they always seem so happy.
    Both of my girls carried blankies and one of em sucked her thumb. One daughter gave up her blankie at age 4..the other did (and stopped sucking her thumb) at 7. All is good..my girls r secure and happy (and no dental issues either)

  12. oriana says

    Emily, are you saying that children three years old shouldn’t be potty trained? Surely not, and even at two years old they should at least be started on potty training, too old to still be in diapers!

  13. Essie says

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with a 2 and 3 year old sucking his/her thumb!! Nor is there anything wrong with them having a “blankie” to hold on to. It does not mean they are neglected by their mother. Some people are just so ridiculous, it’s comical!!!

  14. Emily says

    I suppose if you people saw they were still in diapers you’d be having a hay-day saying they should be potty trained as well

  15. KMisaHO says

    Oh my goodness…Denise must be stronger than she looks! I have a hard time carrying around one child, yet alone 2!!!

  16. Lauren says

    Those girls are adorable. Sam looks so much like Charlie and Lola is a mixture of both. They look so cute in their little tutu’s.

  17. oriana says

    Lola is adorable, she is soo cute, Sam looks just like her father, not as cute as the little one but I think they are both loved by both parents and are very lucky children!

  18. boo says

    Lola is not even 2 and Sam is has yet to turn 3… how do you figure they are too old for sucking their thumbs they are not even in school yet…give me a break people!~!*
    It’s a comfort thing….. leave them alone!~*

  19. foursweetbabies says

    Oh my heavens! They are little~ they were at the zoo, maybe it is nap time!!!? I feel so bad for these parents~ always under scrutiny. Put your life under an ever present watchful eye, and see what kind of children you have. At least she is spending time enjoying her kids… let the kids be little without judging them!!!!

  20. maggie says

    They are two precious girls, sam is so big and she looks so much like her daddy, yeahh but I dont like that they are sucking their thumb, they look like spoiled little girls, I think they are too big to do that

  21. foursweetbabies says

    Nice~ they all seem quite happy to me! I have two thumb suckers with loveys, and they spend every moment they can with me! (I am a stay at home mom, but the kids have school/activites… a life) Don’t be so quick to judge!

  22. Carole D. Perez says

    The two little girls already have the bad habit of sucking
    their thumb and holding the blanki.
    Maybe they need a little more attention from their busy

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