Patrick Dempsey With His Twin Boys!

People magazine has the first pics of Patrick’s newborn twin sons, Sullivan and Darby. There are also cute pics of big sis Talula, 5. Click here to see them!


  1. says

    What a precious little family! They are BEAUTIFUL. Mommy looks radiant and Daddy soo proud. Big Sister…Just gorgeous. Congrats to them on the new additions.

  2. ???????????? says

    Talula is cute too she will make a great big sister. Which is Sullivan and which is Darby.

    I have been waiting to see them for ever. I am the biggest Grey’s Fan UNDER 18

  3. boo says

    HaHa, McMini’s, that’s cute…gotta love Ellen Degeneres!
    Those are definitely 2 beautiful little boys, & they do have a gorgeous family…All the best to them!~*

  4. Lauren says

    They’re such a beautiful family. Darby and Sullivan are the cutest babies. Yay for McDreamy and his gorgeous family!

  5. scarlet says

    OMG Those are such beautiful pics of the babies and family..It just melts my heart to see such a happy family..

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