Britney Spears Steps Out Of Rehab For An AA Meeting

Rehab seems to be agreeing with Britney! For the first time since checking back into rehab a week ago, Britney stepped out of Promises, reportedly to attend an AA meeting in Santa Monica last night.

Britney Spears


  1. marissa says

    wow shes looking better but she just settle down and get to know her life.when i was little she use to be my idol but not anymore get urself and youll soo be the one i wanna look up too!! pccc xoxo :}

    p.s ur baby is adorable !!!

  2. maria says

    I think Britney Spears is complete trash…I mean what woman with 2 kids acts like that? She is the worst example for young teenage girls and younger…Britey if you are reading this if you are going to continue to act like this and not smarten up your life for the sake of your two kids that you brought into this world…you might as well kill your self!

  3. Heid says

    Brit!!! Keep your head up! I cant imagine what you are going through……………….!!! To be honest with you i never want to know. Get the help that you need get the boys back and just take this as a lesson learned. Everything happens to people for a reason, it really does! You’re young, you have your whole life to make up for this stupid shit that happened when you were 25! You’ll grow into an even better person! Take care sweety! You are in my prayers!

  4. Nancy says

    Maybe Britney Spears wil. learn something from all of this. Despite her recent irresponsibility, I think Brit’s very afraid of losing her kids … hopefully this public crisis will kick her in the arse and awaken her to the realities of parenthood. The fact is that many people do stupid things in their lives, especially when they are young and immature; however, this does not mean that Brit cannot bounce back and be great. Remember what a mess Angelina Jolie was? Remember her two failed marriages, the blood vial around her neck, the public bi-sexual flings … she was a mess … but look at her now. In just a few years she’s practically changed her entire life and direction – she matured, and is now trying to do something good with her celebrity status. Brit has the capacity to change, she just has to want to change. Hopefully rehab and AA will instill hope and a new sense of direction in her.Go Brit, I am rooting for you and your little ones!

  5. Tara says

    (#19 and #20)…nope dont believe Im Liz, Julie, etc etc..lived in Mississippi and grew up with live in Seattle.

  6. oriana says

    I thought when a person was in Rehab they were in Rehab. Don’t they have counselors there to help discuss and help her with her alcohol problem? Isn’t it too early to be leaving and going on shopping trips? I don’t think she is giving 100% to this program.

  7. MissyMama says

    Chica-how am I annoying? I’m doing what everyone else on this blog does…voices her opinion.

    If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  8. MissyMama says

    I think Britney filed for divorce durning one of her extreame ups, then the manic mode set in and she came spiraling down thanks to all the booze and drugs.

    I beleive she has some sort of mental/personality disorder and is impulsive to a fault.

    I don’t like her, she irks me, but I do feel bad for her 2 small children who at this point have no idea who their mommy is. All I want is for her to try and become a good mother. I could care less about a comeback…hell, I can’t even stand any of her songs. Just be a mom….

  9. Diva says

    I’m with ya, KellyMay, it would be great if they BOTH learned from this whole experience and got back together and became responsible parents. I don’t think it’s completely out of the realm of possibility, either.

  10. shakira says

    i dont think she did it for publicity shes just going thru some problems and lots of issues. but she will make it thru and pick up all the pieces she left behind. how bout justin..would she get with him not that shes single????lets find out,hahaha!!!!

  11. 1234 says

    NOOOOOOOOOOO Britney do not get back with kevin.He just used her for her money any one can put on a cryin bit.I am not trashing you KellyMay because I like you but Kevin is a spitful person and always will be and I think he messed brit up she was fine before they got married and all the times he wasn’t home and she was with Sean P. And now that she left him for god knows what he relizes he’s running out of money and would love to come back in her life because he needs her and she doesn’t need him.JMO~!

  12. MommyDearest says

    #20 (Nicole) OMG…no, no, no, no, NO! I am NOT “Angelina (PHM), pycho Julia & Ivy, Multiple personality, 12 year old Nikki! The correct spelling and grammar should give it away! (I know how to spell “triplets”) 🙂 This is my handle over on “Hellorazzi”. Check out my profile! I am TOTALLY sane and normal (I think)!

  13. Brandy says

    It’s rumored that she shaved her head because K-Fed threatened to have her hair analyzed to see what kind of drugs she has been on for the custody dispute. She destroyed the evidence and checked into rehab.

  14. says

    I think I’m the only one but I would like to see Britney back with Kevin… I saw a short interview last nightthat he did and he choked right up, he seemed so sincere and she was pretty stable when with him. The media really tore that relationship apart, and it does appear to be her wedding ring?!?

    20- I am so lost!!!! Angelinas’ story is tabloid material!

  15. Nicole says

    Ok peoples Mommy Deareast and Tara is (Julia and Ivy) -not liz. She is doing it again and again, cause no one was responding to julia and ivy. WHAT A REAL LOSER! Oh and by the way julia- not liz, whatever, that’s what Anna Nicole Smith called her precious loser mom, for your info.

  16. Just wondering.... says

    #18…Is that you ngelina (PHM), Nikki, Mandy, KC, and the new one Julia and Ivy (not Liz)? Are you telling stories again?

  17. Tara says

    I grew up with Britney and I must say she is a sweet, sweet, caring person. She wants nothing but the best from her family. I cant understand why people are so cruel to this girl. Everyone acts like they have never done anything wrong in the entire lives. Just imagine yourself living under a microscope, and being called out in front of the whole world for knit-picky things. Just leave the girl alone, and let her be at peace with her friends and family!!!

  18. MommyDearest says

    Just wondering…is anyone else having trouble posting anything on the Hellorazzi website, or is it just me! THanks!

  19. carleigh says

    I just hope for the sake of her health and the well being of her two babies that she is serious about this commitment to getting well. She has to want to do it for herself and no other reasons or it will NOT work. She can use her children as her focus and use them as inspiration to get well, but if the true sentiment is NOT there she will never make it. Her baby boy’s deserve a whole, sober, devoted mother. Good luck to her, she needs it.

  20. Team Jolie says

    I don’t understand why she shaved her head if she’s going to go out in a wig!? Did she do it to spook her children?

  21. sofie says

    If her new publicist is any good, he/she’ll insist In order for Britney to make a BIG comeback, she should prolly stay home with the kids for at least 2 years. Live a REAL normal life (or at least try to–but who are we kidding? most times the paparazzi are *paid* to stalk the stars by the stars themselves) Britney has to say NO to photo ops. In a perfect recovery she would stay home raise tater and small fry, write heartfelt lyrics none of that crap she sang before and become the ultimate spokesperson for post partum depression. if she can pull her life together in 2-3 years, she can have an incredible comeback, a bigger fan base, and the respect of celeb and non celeb moms everywhere!

  22. says


  23. Tiffany says

    #10 – Maybe this time she actually wants the help. I think ANYONE who can stay in rehab and try to improve themselves and their situation deserves the chance at a fresh start and forgiveness. That is what I would want if that were me.

  24. MissyMama says

    Great, one week in rehab and all of the “Britney’s Great, she’s ok” teeny bopper fans start coming out of the woodwork again. Ugh, please…

    She’ll finish out her stay in rehab, because she HAS to. She doesn’t want to lose her “boo boo’s” to K-Fed.

  25. Tanesha says

    I think britt is a great mom! hey EVERYBODY makes mistakes i have a little one myself, it’s hard no one can say it isn’t.

  26. Tiffany says

    I think she looks good and even though it has only been a week she looks as though she is feeling better. The first 72 hours are the hardest for any addict and she made it through that so maybe she will make it through the rest. I really hope she does, for the sake of her kids and for herself. As for her career, there still is hope. The are thousands of people out there who still like her and her music and who can look beyond all the mess she has created. I hope she makes it!!

  27. Emily says

    She probably knows she has to be in rehab or KFag will get the kids cuz he’s not being a screw ball in public………….but you know he was a smart guy to hook up with Brit cuz she pays he ex $25K a month for his two other kids………….what a loser………….both of them, and to think you have to have a license to do anything and everything just about except to have kids, poor kids

  28. Lauren says

    She’s looking better and not as disheveled as she was. Good for her for getting help and trying to turn her life around. Her career is a different story though…

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