John Travolta, Kelly Preston & Ella

John Travolta, Kelly Preston, 44, and Ella Bleu, 6, were snapped at the premiere of Wild Hogs yesterday. Wow…Ella looks so grown up!

Kelly Preston

Awww! Daddy’s girl!

Kelly Preston

John and Kelly also have a fourteen-year-old son named Jett.


  1. johntravoltalover101 says

    i luv john travolta ! i really want to meet him i know where he lives because he 5 door down from house and ver very sexy and him and his is so beautiful they make awesome kids together !

  2. jennifer says

    nope i dont think she’s gonna look like suri cruise, suri looks nothing like her, perhaps a slight resemblence as a baby but no, i think there’s too much john in ella to look anything like tom cruise or katie holmes. a little sad to see nothing of her mom in her though; she is stunning

  3. EveLina says

    Ella is such a beautiful little girl! She looks a lot like baby Suri Cruise. I wish they would post out baby pictures of Ella. I bet that’s what Suri is going to look like sooner or later. Since they just grow-up in such a fast paste!

  4. KMisaHO says

    Where’s their “He’s not autistic b/c there’s no such thing as autism” son, Jett? Anyway…Ella looks just like her daddy! Wow! Mom’s sporting some big boobies in that picture! Sorry, can’t help but notice them!

  5. Nicki says

    5. Julia and Ivy 🙂 I am not Liz.—— Ella Bleu is only 6 years old, thier older son, who is hardly photographed, is 14 years old. Ella is only 6 years old, and very pretty.
    I heard she was going to be in a comedy with John and Kelly. Don’t know what, or how big of a role, but heard maybe start filming this year.
    She is a very pretty little girl. The dark hair and blue eyes probably remind some of the “Suri is cuter” crowd of what she might look like in 5 years?
    Ella is a very pretty girl.

  6. Julia and Ivy :) I am not Liz. says

    How old is he? Kelly looks VERY hot for that age. Jeez that kid is only in sixh grade and is a boy magnet!!

  7. MissyMama says

    Wow, Ella sure is getting big. I tend to lose track of celebrity children and their ages when they are not in the spotlight constantly.

    Such beautiful dark hair!

  8. boo says

    I think John Travolta is so sexy, I have a bit of a celebrity crush, have you ever seen him dance??? Oh my my, very sexy!
    Kelly is gorgeous to… they make a great couple, and Very cute kids!~*

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