Gwyneth & Moses!

Little 10-month-old Moses is so cute! Great to see such a great pic of him! Here Gwyneth, 34, Moses and Kate Capshaw were snapped in Brentwood. Steven Spielberg (Kate Capshaw’s husband) is Gwyneth’s godfather!
Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow



  1. says

    I think Brad is one cutie pie, and Angelina is one beautie, and Shilo is just beautiful and she looks like both of them so so so so so so so cute so cute

  2. Shae says

    Wow Jackie! Sounds like you have SERIOUS issues….check it out with a doctor will you? Too much hate…about nothing!
    Anyway…..Apple and Moses are SO cute, I think he looks like Apple…just a bit chubbier…what a sweetie…

  3. oriana says

    I think Gwyneth is a excellent mother and am very happy for her, I don’t think the baby and Apple look anything alike, Apple is so sweet, Brad and Gwyn are friends and I think they are happy for one another, I wish they had stayed together.

  4. konnitiwa says

    Jackie, why you are so bitter woman? Gwyneth admitted she was the one who did wrong thing to Brad . She said he was great person. This was from DS talk show 4 years ago. And now she was given 2 movie roles from Brad’s production company. Brad has forgiven her already. You sound like Jennifer’s estranged mother,Nancy. She is so bitter to her ex-husband that spends all her life badmouthing him.

  5. Essie says

    You just have to feel sorry for people like Jackie. They can say anything they want on an anonymous message board but, really, she sounds so pitiful and hateful.

    Moses looks exactly like Apple, doesn’t he?

  6. Julia and Ivy :) says

    So cute!!!! He doesn’t look like a 10 month old baby, he look smaller. Look at those little wittle feet!! Does anyone know how to get your pic on at I tried following the directions but they ain’t working and I am def. not a directions person.

  7. says

    oh shutup jackie all baby have big heads just look at moses his head is big too i hate when people called angelina child purchaser is something called having a heart would you called mia farrow and Josephine Baker child purchaser too talentless ass hole look how many movie she made by the way he dumped her so get your facts rights gwen cold and snobbis

  8. Jackie says

    I bet she is thinking that she was lucky leaving Brad ‘loser’ pitt when she did. I bet having him for an ex- boyfriend is really embarrassing seeing now how he is pussy whipped and a butt of jokes with his relationship with Miss hooker turned do gooder-husband thief- child purchaser- lesbo-weirdo Jolie.

    She is also lucky to have escaped having kids with such big heads. Mark you I am still wondering who of those two gave Shiloh such a huge head!

    I think Pitt went out with her because of her connection to Spielberg. He went to hollywood a talentless ass hole who sold sex to men and women for a living.

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