Cindy Crawford & Family Leaving Nobu

Cindy and her family were snapped leaving Nobu in Malibu on February 26th.

Cindy Crawford

After TiVoing The Tyra Banks Show yesterday I watched it last night and Cindy looked so amazing! She talked about her kids, her two totally natural births at home and how her husband found her afterbirth in a tupperware container in the fridge!! Oh my! I was most struck by how gracious and down-to-earth she seemed. She is the epitome of class and beauty.
This is an older pic snapped back in October 2004 in Malibu but I couldn’t resist! Now Presley is seven-years-old and Kaia is five-years-old!

Cindy Crawford

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Cindy Crawford



  1. Karina says

    Oh c’mon, he’s adorable, its just a bad angle, and you’d have a weird look on your face too if there was paparazzi stalking you everytime you leave a restaurant.

  2. bahesmama says

    He’s just a little boy and the picture caught him at a weird angle. Haven’t any of you taken a picture like that? Lucky, then. But the child, does not deserve this kind of attention or commentary. Maybe, he’s freaked out by the papparazi stalking them.

  3. Amy says

    He does look weird in that photo, but it’s just a bad angle/picture. Presley is actually a really cute kid. Looks a lot like Cindy…and we all know that Kaia is a mini-me of Cindy. Great All-American family.

  4. Carole D. Perez says

    He’s just an adorable little boy.
    It’s just a bad picture of him that’s all.
    You guys are freak…

  5. Julia and Ivy :) says

    Where is your proof that I am another person? You can’t tell me if i am or not. Thanks a lot. 🙁

  6. EveLina says

    Hello everyone!! I just noticed the same thing. Very strange. I wonder if that’s Cindy’s little boy? What in the heck is that?……….. Not to be rude, but that is a little scarey. Tammie you do have a point. The child could be sick or something?

  7. Tammie says

    Oh my gosh i noticed that as well… Who in the heck is that? In a little body> a women? Or what? Freaky! Just look at that face, it scares me soo much for a reason. Like some freaky bad movie, and it gives you chills afterwards, you know?> Or maybe that’s her kid? With you know that (age-ing) disease???? FREAKY! FREAKY! FREAKY!

  8. Nicole says

    YES please do and ignore #7.sis a real dumbo!
    Just no one respond to her. It’s a waiste of time. Seriously people. Unless she just changes her name title, and a new story to back things back to normal. But i don’t think people will buy any of her bullshit nomore, enough, who ever the creep you are. Just get lost PLEASE. No one likes you here!!! We people are just way too good for this.

  9. KMisaHO says

    OMG you guys…You are so right about the creepy little picture! hee hee!

    and ladies..just ignore #7 (whoever she is today)..maybe she will just go away…?!

  10. Julia and Ivy :) says

    My God! That is very weird. Does everyone completely eternally hate me now? Does every one still think that I am Angelina because i am not. Read my last coment on the Jennifer Garner post and then you will know why. I am sorry if everyone is mad, i did not even know about Angelina until I got here and as soon as I do people start accusing me of being someone i don’t even know. Once again, I am sorry if I ever caused trouble for you girls. Back to the topic- I really like Cindy’s Jeans in the second picture and the boots in the first.

  11. Lisa says

    I am completely freaked out too – Somebody please explain why there is a shrunken lady in that picture

  12. lhg2504 says

    Does anyone else see that the kid in the picutre on the left looks like a shrunken WOMAN???? whats with that face? definatly not a little boy.

  13. Julie says

    She rocks. She looks awesome, her family is beautiful, I just love her. I was really bummed I missed her on Tyra.

  14. vicki says

    what an awesome shot of Cindy! LOVE that top that she’s wearing. She definitely is a promom! ( makes that top)

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