New Pic Of Shiloh & Zahara Is Just Too Cute!

Sisters out for a stroll! Shiloh turns nine-months-old today!

Sorry….image removed per request.
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

And Brad’s mom who was pushing the stroller!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Source & Many Thanks to Belly at Bafans!


  1. cheryl strehle says

    I noticed Shilo has scratches on face as seen in photos taken in New York (angelina carrying her); and New Orleans (Brad’s mom strolling her and zahara).

  2. Jodie says

    hey, do you know what, Jolie and Pitt are already on their way to having their very own seven dwarfs. They already have Grumpy and Dopey anyway

  3. Jodie says

    my god, the child is just so average looking. Nothing special imo.

    And when will we get a picture of Zahara smiling? Does she eat constantly? Maybe she has some kind of eating disorder??

  4. Nicki says

    oriana-another niece of mine in kindegarten used to color her nails with Sharpie Markers, blue, black, red….whatever showed up. It took my brother(he was her only primary parent) a couple days to get it off. She wanted it on, but it did come off. You don’t see Maddox with it on everyday. Who knows what little deals they make with him to make him happy, and really who is it hurting, NOONE. I don’t think Angelina is painting his nails. Although I do remember reading when she went to a St. Johns photo shoot, he wanted to be a wolf, and the makeup people did his face up like a wolf. Maybe the nails were part of it? Who knows and really who cares?
    I remember my best friends daughter at 2 used to like the strangest things, pouring the pennies out of our penny jar over you-kinda like being buried in sand(she said), cleaning out our cats litter box, pulling the stringy things off her celery before she ate it, putting stickers on our water container (just because we said she could, and her parents at home said no) she did so many other funny things she couldn’t get away with at home…..but she always knew that can be done at N&S’s house.(but always asked first) And guess what she never tried that at anyone elses house. And thank god that baby girl is in her first year of college, with a 3.8 average with only 2 credits to finish her first year.
    And I’m glad glad we gave her the chance to do something different. Mom was happy to, but had to have structure at home, so at our house if you ask and it was within reason, it was ok. No harm, always supervised, and great fun belly laughs from everyone involved.

  5. oriana says

    Thanks for the info about Darfur, as for dying a child’s hair, I didn’t know they had hair color that didn’t have chemicals in it so I guess if that is the case it wouldn’t hurt anyone, I just thought awfully young to be dying a child’s hair for whatever reason. I still think it is weird to color a child’s nails black and I really don’t get that! Again, just my opinions and to each his own!

  6. Nicki says

    108. oriana -I don’t know about the adoption laws in Darfur, but I doubt they are legal, with all the corruption and such. Who would risk it? Just help them as a whole community.
    I have said before my niece sprayed in pink dye streaks for my 6 year old niece. This was in reward for her trying a new vegatable everyday. Now, without the pink streaks, she eats almost every vegetable, also without butter and cheese, and actually likes them. That was her deal with her, and the pink dye streaks lasted about 3 months or so, then it wasn’t needed. Didn’t hurt anyone, and now she LOVES veggies. Not a bad thing, as we have no idea what the deal is with Maddox. JMO.

  7. Tara says

    Wow-what a bunch of immature lowlifes on here calling babies ‘ugly’. How sad is that. What ‘ugly’ personalitlies here.

    Both children are blessings to Brad and Ang. Z is so lucky to be adopted into a family full of love, and S is so lucky to be born into a family full of love.

    Both of the babies are gifts and truely beautiful.


  8. oriana says

    #104, Who would Seriously take you any kind of way with your trash mouth! You are beyond ignorant!

    Nicki, I did read this and I did look at the pictures, I don’t think this woman is without a heart or a true desire to help these people, not just the children, but these people that are in such a horrible state as a whole, and I do commend her for that, I don’t think she is mean spirited or evil, I just think she has some mental issues still to sort out, and I do definately believe that it takes therapy, counseling and prayer to overcome the problems she had. I think maybe going to these different countries is her calling in life, and to give orphans a home and a life, but I do think she should be able also to show the same love and compassion to her own natural child, what is wrong with that?

    Yes, she has brought focus to a part of the world that is suffering, and for that she will be blessed but that does not take away some of the things I think she does that are a little weird to me, maybe they aren’t to you, maybe they aren’t to a lot of people and indeed they aren’t, but to me they are, do you dye your children’s hair, do you paint their nails black, do you think that is normal for children?

    It isn’t a sin, it isn’t abuse, it isn’t neglect, it is just a little strange to me, and I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, it is just my opinion.

    And this article about her is very touching and heartbreaking, the picture of her with the little boy is the saddest thing I have seen in a long time and I don’t think it was staged or planted, very real and very sad. It would not surprise me at all if she doesn’t eventually adopt a child from Darfur, if that is possible or not with that country, I don’t know, I am not educated enough about it.

  9. its me says


  10. oriana says

    Why is she bleaching a five year old child’s hair for? And painting his nails black? Should a child that young have chemicals in his hair already? Apparently she is still into the goth style, even for her childen!

  11. Terry says

    If you guys don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it at all.Cause all this stuff that you guys are saying is very disrespecful!!!

  12. Terry says

    How do you know that this kid never smiles, are you around her 24/7. If 20 cameras were in your face everyday would you be happy about it. Who are you to say that this kid is not beautiful, how would you feel if someone called you ugly.You can dis the parents but you should not dis the innocent kid.

  13. oriana says

    I think Brad looks like his mother, she is very pretty, looks also like a devoted loving grandmother, I am glad Angie allows her around the children.

    Saying a child is ugly may be mean spirited but it certainly doesn’t make them “sick and perverted”, it is sad but true, not all children are beautiful just because they are children!

    Zahara is always frowning and looking miserable, that is a fact, she doesn’t ever smile, that is a fact, now maybe when she grows up she may be gorgeous, but I haven’t seen any pictures of her looking happy.

    The very first pictures taken of Shiloh that they sold to the magazines, Brad was holding Zahara in one of them, she wasn’t even smiling then, and there were not hundreds of camers around, it was a private photo shoot, and she still had a sourpuss look on her face, so it may not be fair to call her ugly, but saying someone needs mental help is going way over the top!

  14. Terry says

    Wow, you people are very cold and heartless, saying that this kid looks like a monkey. Maybe you guys should look in the mirror. You guys need to find a life and stop saying these mean things about this 2 year old child. I think that the people that are saying these sick things about this 2 year old kid is sick and perverted and need to find help fast. All this stuff needs to stop now, it is sooo ridiculous. Who are you guys to say that Angelina should stop adopting. I think adoption is a good thing. Atleast Angelina is trying to do some good in the world. What have you guys done to change the world. All you guys are doing is critisizing and talking SHIT!!!

  15. dori says

    You’re right it’s not fair to call a baby ugly. But Z is not a very cute kid and when she’s scowling all the time she gives the appearance of ugly.
    Her demeaner in all the pics I’ve seen is that she is not a happy camper. Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe when she’s home with no cameras around she’s a happy child but I get the feeling she’s got issues. Maybe physical maybe emotional, But no kid should look so unhappy all the time.

  16. dori says

    and that Shiloh beautiful beautiful child. They should stop adopting and only create new babies that are as pretty as this one.

  17. Shae says

    Those are beautiful children. While I think that Shiloh looks like Angelina, the look she is giving Zahara is purely Brad! I think Zahara looks alot like Angelina too (the big eyes, pouty lips…)but I have NEVER seen that child smile. She is so solemn for a little girl….

  18. neil says

    There is a lot of ‘projecting’ in these commentaries. So much so that I suspect many don’t even realize it. My advice to those that make profound judgements off a PHOTOGRAPH need to pause, step back, and ask yourselves where these opinions really come from. If you do you might just learn something about yourselves because unless your a phsycic , you’re not going to learn much else other than how aesthetic the photo and photo’s subject is.
    Excuse my spelling.

  19. oriana says

    Can you honestly say that you have not seen a difference in her demeanor and actions in the pictures with her little baby and Zahara? I am not the only one that has noticed this! I admit Zahara cannot help how she looks, and the pictures of her, many pictures of her, all show a child that is sullen, frowning and scowling, I am sorry but to a lot of people she does look like a monkey, sometimes the truth hurts. In all the pictures I have seen with her and Zahara, even as a baby, she has been kissing her in some, bouncing her, holding her close, talking to her, I have not seen the same with Shiloh, why is that? And she actually doesn’t even carry her that often to begin with!

  20. amused says

    I hope to never cross path with many of the posters here. Such mean and lowly creatures, making ugly comments about a woman they only know through pictures and a few articles on tabloids, calling her name, criticising the look of her children, wishing her bad luck. Scary people. I need to go stock up on garlic.

  21. Tiffany says

    Oriana – Do you know this family personally? Do you know that she does not have a wonderful, loving and nuturing bond with Shiloh? How can anyone tell from a picture the bond that a mother has with her child? I bet that you and everyone else who says all the mean things on here would change your tune if it was you everyone was talking about in a rude and unkind manner. Or how about if your child was being called ugly or scary or worse yet….told they look like an animal. I bet you would not like it.

  22. oriana says

    Tiffany, she is not being critized for adopting homeless children, of course that is a wonderful thing, the point is that she doesn’t appear to have the same bonding feelings of affection for the biological baby as she does for the adopted children, it is a wonderful thing to give a child a chance and a new life, and these kids certainly will have that for their life time, it is just very noticeable that as far as Shiloh goes, there is not a big show of love towards her from Angelina, and Zahara isn’t scary looking, she is just not pretty at all, and especially when she is constantly having a hateful frown on her face, that is what makes her look so ugly, and it is probably her personality too, sorry, but all children are not beautiful, that is a fact also, and she does look better than when she born but not much, I am not being mean but honest, she really does look like a monkey, only worse, they do smile and laugh sometimes!

  23. Tiffany says

    Wow! what mean comments are said about someone who is saving children from a life of orphanages and bouncing around from foster home to foster home (not that fostering a child is not a wonderful thing) but it is not like she adopts these kids and then doesnt spend anytime with them. I always see pictures of her with her children. There is no harm done in trying to give a child a chance they might other wise never get. Some of you guys are really cruel. Zahara can not help how she looks and she is only 2. She is not scary looking or ugly and I think it is just awful that you guys can say that about a child. Regardless of the child or who his/her parents are.

  24. Katie says

    Angelina should stay home and take care of the children she already has instead of running around the world looking for more kids to adopt. She is such a miserable bitch!!!

  25. comment says

    #79 Sara, don’t even bother trying to tell these people to be nice. It doesn’t work. They aren’t seen with their pictures on here or real names like on the Hellorazzi site. Go over there and notice how sweet everyone is to each other. Here the same people from there will tell you off in a heartbeat. Then you go over there and see the same people and you think you are talking to different people. Amazing what a picture of yourself will do.

  26. konnitiwa says

    What a adorable girl ! Thanks to Granny. Angie must be happy with her family now and enjoying which dress Shilo should put on to daddy’s workplace. And she selected a girly one. What a cute dress! She and Brad’s parents have been spending time together a lot for a couple years. They have developed close relationship. Angie praised them in her interview. I don’t know whether Pitts returned to Missouri yet but they must be very happy to be able to support Angie’s cause. Thank thank grandma and grandpa.

  27. oriana says

    Jennifer Anniston crying when she see these beautiful pictures, wishing she still had Brad and a gorgeous baby like this could have been hers!

    Angelina crying when she sees these mad cause this baby is dressed like a baby should be, instead of black like she prefers, bet she will be pissed off over Grandma Pitt I am sure, buying this for the precious baby, Zahara probably pouting as usual over how pretty the baby looks as jealous as she is!

    Braddddd, Take the baby and Runnnnnnn!!!!!

  28. Sara says

    I would like to make an appeal for kindness from everyone who posts to the comments list for this blog. It is normal in any group that everyone won’t have the same opinions, points of view, or needs. When this occurs here, can everyone please make a choice to be kind (no attacks, no insults). I know of course everyone who reads this is not going to agree with or connect with everything, but when I can’t relate to something I read, I like to practice that old saying “eat the hay and spit out the sticks.” (I enjoy and learn from what I can and forget the rest.) Some of you may want to post a constructive criticism or share your different opinion. Please do this in a way that is courteous and not demeaning. I think that the beauty of this blog is that it connects a diverse group of women. Let’s not lose that camaraderie by neglecting to be kind! Thanks

  29. Tiffany says

    I have only seen this one picture were Shiloh was dressed in black. Also if you look closely at the jacket, it is white with black stripe type piping on it like it is some kind of little matching sweatsuit type outfit. Her shoes look like VANS which I think are too cute on little ones anyway. Since they are just out for a stroll I cant see the harm in it. I suppose if she starts putting thick black eyeliner on the girls and making them paint their faces white then we have a problem, but as for now I think that she (Shiloh) looks cute and comfy. Maybe they are going somewhere where she might be crawling around and so she does not want her to scuff her knees. Like I said, I have only seen one outfit that is black and actually if you take note you will see it is only the pants. At least she is out spending time with them. I think she is a great mom to her kids. Adopted or biological.

  30. KMisaHO says

    N, I don’t know why Olivia singled me out when there are far more worse comments about Z than my “Joke”. Anyway, I really don’t care. Like I said, I’m not wasting another minute on Olivia the Psycho Bitch from Hell. She is obviously jealous of my “kiss-ass, sweet” attitude she says I have. How sad for her to be so jealous of someone with a positive attitude. She must be one miserable bitch! I have never seen her say anything postitive about anyone. The girl needs anger management therapy! Shame she is taking up so much oxygen!

  31. oriana says

    To N, I saw the picture of her holding Shiloh, it looked like she was shielding her from the cameras, I didn’t see any big show of affection that she bestows on grumpy looking Zahara all the time, and No, I don’t claim to not like her, I am stating a fact, I don’t like her at all! I think she is a weirdo and hasn’t recovered from her self proclaimed emotional problems, if she wants to dress in black all the time, fine with me, but I don’t think she should be forcing her children to dress like that most of the time, Brad will kiss her ass and go along with anything for he knows she is even more emotionally fraglie now that her mother has died, I also don’t think it is healthy for her to be dying a 5 year old child’s hair either, she got pregnant by mistake as she said, she got knocked up, she didnt’ want a biological baby and Shiloh will always come in last in her affections, I am glad Brad’s mom is there to show some attention to the smaller baby, and Zahara is not a baby, she is two years old and should be walking more than she does.

  32. BAMZS 4 ever says

    I think these sisters look so much alike. I too think that Z is so cute. I supose Shi will get better looking as she grows taller.

    Isan’t it funny that Shi has eye lids like brad but her eyes open wide like Angie and James eyes. Wow I can not waite to see how that looks later in life.

  33. N says

    For the english scholars…..I misspelled quote…typing to fast at work. Oh crap here comes the boss…. : )

  34. N says

    Kmisaho…. i dont know Olivia… but maybe this comment was a little too much for her…
    “Shiloh tried to take Z’s cracker and Z was all like “I starved for 5 months in Ethiopia! As God as my witness, I will never go hungry again!
    To her it might seem like you are trying to make a joke of children in Africa starving. This qoute right here may not be funny to some.

  35. N says

    Oriana, I have seen pictures of angie holding shi close to her like she was protecting her and she was covered with a blanket. The pictures are out there…maybe you arent going to enough sites on the net to see them. Maybe if you lived with them you would know everything about them you want to know although you claim to not like her.

  36. Tiffany says

    I think it sucks to come on here and try to read all the different comments when people are cussing and putting each other down. Grow up and stick to comments pertaining to this website. Good grief. If you can not say anything nice then do not say anything at all.

  37. traveller says

    I still think most newborns are blobs. They don’t do anything except eat and sleep. You can’t really play with them. They can’t talk to you. They don’t say or do funny or interesting things. You can’t, say, take them to the children’s museum or a park and watch them interact with the people or activities. They’re not interesting at that age.

    I can totally see where Angelina would react as she did to a newborn. Remember, both her older children were 7 months old by the time they were adopted. They could play and interact with her on a more advanced level. She’d never before had to deal with a baby that spent most of the day sleeping. You can see where she might’ve been a little disappointed. Now though, she should be a lot more fun.

  38. KMisaHO says

    Olivia, What in the HELL did I ever do to you, bitch! There are far worse comments about Z and Shiloh than my little joke about Shiloh stealing Z’s cracker! Why single me out? You must be very jealous of me or something. Go stalk someone else. Get yourself some midol, take a long nap and go to an anger managment therapist! I’ve never seen you comment on the pictures. You only come on here, throwing around your hoier-than-thou attitude, telling everybody that they shoudn’t say mean things about babies. Wow! You obviously have some MAJOR issues in your pathetic little life! Go get fucked, Maybe you’ll be a happier person! (I’m sure you could probably find someone desperate enough for money to have sex with a miserable bitch like you…if not…buy a vibrator…they don’t care what kind of diseases you hve or what an ugly, miserable bitch you are!) Now…go bother someone else. Your wasting my precious time being “suck-uppy, kissy ass sweet” as you so elegantly put it! JEALOUS BITCH!

  39. EveLina says

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  40. Jackie says

    Shiloh is one of thos ebabies who if you found at a super market you would not stop to look at them. Suri on the other hand you would defiantely stop!

    I disagree that all newly born babies are blobs, my 2 year old daughter Jess had a lot of personality and at one month she had this look we nicknamed ‘are you for real’ when you would try to calm her or feed her without her interest. She had so many expressions and sounds and smiles right from when she was 0ne week, so no, not all babies are blobs.

    Shiloh, Kingston, and Sean P. seem like slow babies with little in the way of personality. Suri and violet on the other hand seem to be rather full of expressions life and zest but stubborn and difficult to mother.

    I think Suri is a joy to watch and her parents are definately proud of her. She is a rare beauty not just a sweet child. I wish we could see her more often. I hope her parents have more babies.

    Brangelina should continue adopting, it is much better though Maddox and Z get less cute by the day.

  41. reyna says

    It’s so sad how other people are judging a lil’ baby. If you don’t like her parents fine, but don’t say hateful things about the kid. she didn’t do anything..

  42. oriana says

    #46, I did read that Angelina breast fed Shiloh, that is why I was surprised when she made the statements she made, and I have never read anywhere that she loves all three children equally, actions speak louder than words, I haven’t seen any signs of her loving them equally, she even said she has more compassion for the other two over the baby, where is the equality in that? Obviously the breast feeding didn’t bond her that closely with Shiloh, too bad.

    I am not a fan of hers at all, she is a good actress but I don’t see a Saint there at all, tell me one picture you or anyone has ever seen of her holding her baby close and showing affection, I haven’t seen any and many others have noticed this fact also besides me.

  43. Lacy says


  44. traveller says

    As for Angelina’s “blob” comment, I actually agree with her. Newborns are not very interesting. All they do most of the day is sleep. You can only look at a sleeping child for so long before it becomes boring. At about 6 to 9 months, a personality emerges. By the time they are 1 year old, they’re incredibly interesting. You can play with them and they start to interact with their environment. I’m a lot closer to my nieces now that they are older.

  45. traveller says

    I have seen pics where Z is smiling. I saw as series of candid shots of Z playing on a beach in the Caribbean and the kid was smiling away and having a great time. So, apparently, when the paps aren’t right in her face, she’s a normal happy kid. Can you blame her. I wouldn’t be smiling if 20 people shoved cameras in my face everytime I set foot outside my house.

  46. dori says

    sadie what are you talking about? you repeated what I said and mixed it up with what you said. Your statement was very confusing to me. I don’t understand what you’re saying. Do you think Shiloh could be a boy? It was just a thought. I’ve never heard or read anywhere that Angelina or Brad have said the baby is a girl il. We all presume she is a girl. Guys refer to their cars as she . I was just speculating and curious to know if anyone else thought Shiloh could be a boy. The baby is gorgeous and healthy and could be either sex from the dress and hair. It’s true Angelina is still very gothic and maybe she’s making Sjiloh gothic too. Mad is gothic his two tone hair and hair cut. Very cool kids.

  47. carleigh says

    Shi is a beauty..who cares what color she’s dressed in. She’s well fed, she is loved and cared for and her parents actually have time to spend with her and her sib’s and that’s a good thing. Zahara is a bit of a stoic child, she may be more thoughtful and a “thinker” but she obviously is loved and well taken care of as well, so what the hell. Why comment on the clothes they are wearing or arguing who’s baby is cuter than who’s?? Who really cares? The best thing is that BOTH Shi and Z are loved and healthy, those are the two most important things any child needs.

  48. STarrr says

    i dont mean to bash anyones opinions BUT VIOLET IS LIKE 1 OR 2 YEARS OLD OF COURSE SHE IS GOING TO HAVE MORE OF A PERSONALITY. this is a beautiful pic of both of them, shiloh looks lke when she gets out that stroller her and zahara are going to be fighting for one of those BEAUTIFUL CHILDREAN!!!

  49. dee says

    lola and jen all mothers know babies have their own personalities none alike. stop making shi and zahara out to be troublede little girls, my gosh their only babies not aware of anything. just be glad they’re being treated well and loved. angie i heard uses the african american hair product line carols daughter on zaharas hair. that’s why her hair looks softer and seems to be growing out now. i also use carols daughters products and they are amazing.

  50. says

    I have to agree with Lola and Lost fan 100%.
    Shiloh is a cute baby yes, but she is plain and ordinary. Run of the mill little blondie and blue eyes, cute but not exqiusite.
    Suri on the other hand is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen! Dark hair and big blue eyes, now that is one little girl who is gonna break hearts! Such a beautiful child, now Katie and Tom should have a million babies!
    As far a Zahara goes, ya sorry, she is kinda scary looking, but ya never know, I have seen scary looking babies before who as they get older they grow into thier looks…here’s to hoping!
    As far as Brads mother goes, I am not even going tot ouch that one!

  51. lostfan says

    shiloh will likely grow up to look like her gorgeous mum and dad…it’s in the genes but unfortunatly z really is not all that cute and quite ugly to look at really.

  52. Mary J says

    What an adorable family!
    Is it just me or Zahara NEVER smiles?! She never looks happy…Anywayss she’s still relli cutee.. i remember the first picturee i saww of her, she was soooooo littlee! Aww god bless them all.

  53. Nicki says

    46. konnitiwa ~Thank you for comments. Very well said!

    40. oriana – Yes I am a fan of Angie, I wouldn’t waste my time commenting about her if I weren’t.
    NO I don’t think she is perfect.
    Some of the magazines use old pictures and cut and paste certain parts of many articles to make it look like an actual interview.
    I don’t have to justify her choice of her childrens clothing colors. They are her kids and it is her choice. And yes I have seen other colors on them, Zahara for one in a bright yellow dress this past summer.
    My niece let her daughter, 6, put pink in her hair if she tried a new vegetable every day. Guess what?- she loves most veggies now and her hair doesn’t need to have pink in it anymore for her to eat them.
    I remember her interview where she said she looks at Shiloh and sees Brad and said that was sweet. She breastfed Shiloh, how do you not bond when you do that?
    Remember we see less than 5 minutes of thier entire day in any still pics, how could it appear she hasn’t bonded with the baby?
    No you did not come off as disrespectful to me.

  54. konnitiwa says

    I’m very disappointed with Oriana’s comment. She is too much into tobloids and ignore the facts. IWhat she wrote is from the lowest tobloids like Life&style etc. I saw many pics those babies wore white and colurful dresses and pink shoes. And Oriana ignored Angelina breast- feeded Shilo for several months. I believe Oriana never did it in her life because breast-feeding is holding your baby in your arms with love and it is the happiest thing a mother can experince. Angelina said she loves all three children eaqully and this quote is not from tobloids. This is from real interview.

  55. KMisaHO says

    What the FUCK are you talking about Olivia? (and I don’t say “fuck” alot so you must of really pissed me off!)

    Please.. anyone reading this, look at my #16 comment and try to expalin to me how “I dis-honored my family”

    Honey, I think you got a screw lose in that big-ass head of yours! It is obviously YOU who are on the rag, bitch!

  56. Olivia says

    Are you ladies all on the rag here or something? What a lot of nasty hateful comments about little babies you do not know and know nothing about other than from your reading of rag mags. Sooooooooo I guess picking on someone your own size and having any true knowledge of what your talking about is just too difficult for you?
    KMisaHO, you used to act so suck uppy and kissy ass sweet, you have made me gag from your apparently fake sweet childish comments in the past, but that nasty ugly sick comment you made at #16 sure did show your true colors. You dis-honor not only your self, but your family as well!.

  57. oriana says

    Nicki, I can see that you a such a fan of Angie’s that you feel she is perfect, and yes, I do agree and see your point about the trash magazines, but what about the other more respectable ones that she has posed and interviewed for? Have you ever seen the girls in anything besides the darker colors and neutral colors? Maybe I missed those? How do you justify gray and black all the time for small children? I guess I am old fashioned, I don’t understand why she would dye Maddox’s hair when he is just 5 years old either. I think that she has not totally overcome her emotional problems she had and the interview she gave about feeling guilty over having a biological child that was not planned when she prefers to adopt could have some credence over her lack of bonding with her smallest daughter, and maybe I am wrong there also. I do feel that whatever her feelings are for her father, maybe just maybe because the baby does look a lot like him, could be one reason she hasn’t bonded with baby the way it appears she hasn’t. Hopefully I am wrong, time will tell.

  58. Ellen says

    Shiloh’s hair seems to be coming in quickly now and in no time she will have a full head of hair. And it’s possible that her little shirt has a ruffle or decorations or something on it. It isn’t really that important in play clothes. Anyway, at least the girls are dressed warmly and comfortably for being outside in Feb. Her little boo-boo nose must mean she is a mover and shaker in the home.

  59. Nicki says

    30. oriana
    If you would actually listen to an interview, LISTEN, not read a cut and paste job in a ragmag, you would know she doesn’t resent her father, she just chooses not to have him a part of her life now. Did you read her saying, when she went on her first humanitatarian (sp, sorry) trip that he told her not to go. She said she felt she had to and hoped for his blessings. Well, as she was leaving he handed her a letter and told her not to open it until she was on the plane.
    Well all the hateful things that were in that letter sealed the deal for her “temp. dad, when he wanted to be around and it suited him” She couldn’t believe the hurtful and mean things he said in that hatefilled letter. And that wasn’t from a ragmag, it was from her actual mouth, and no not “quote unquote” but pretty much adds up to that.
    So stop reading the Enquire, Star and “Out of Touch” and try listening to an actual interview.
    Perfect example is #33, she returned Frilly and girly stuff……………….Where did you read that?, it wasn’t from a “quote” from Angie.

    34. Jo …………..You are just plain sick….You need help, I hope you don’t have children, and don’t live near any.

  60. Amanda says

    Yea Shiloh does look like a real BOY. And she sure dresses her like it. But she does have nice lips. I just saw a baby girl at the store the other day with the same big lips, except she had long dark hair, know that’s nice.

  61. Lacy says

    has anyone noticed other than me that shiloh has a mohawk. that is why it is longer across the top. angelina probably plays around with it because she is the one who is into that. remember, she had given mad his.

  62. Jo says

    Already Shilo looks like a boy. I thonk dressing her like one is gonna make her gay or Bi sexual like her mother. It is a cute picture though. I hate aging but I can’t wait for the next 15 years to see how these kids turn out. I am expecting a Mia Farrow case between Brad and Z or Angelina and Mad or Angelina and Shi. A tiger can’t change its spots can it?

  63. oriana says

    Karina, it is Angie who is dressing the girls all either in black or gray most of the time, she returned some girlie clothes, frills and bright colors that Brad’s mom bought, look how she dresses mostly, in black and gray, she has not gotten over her weird hang-ups and still has mental problems, they have not disappeared, and Brad has to kiss her ass to get along with her, remember not long ago she threw a little tantrum and took all the kids and checked into a hotel for three days due to an argument with him.

  64. says

    ok dori :But that Shiloh wow! So cute. Call me crazy but I think it’s a boy . Who knows for sure? The media said it was a girl But what have Brad and Angelina said? Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment “she” was born. I have less inclination to feel for her= I think Shiloh is a boy. I saw pics of Angelina changing the diaper on a baby a while back and it was a baby boy. Shiloh could be a boy????? can we see the PICTURE then and brad said shiloh change my life “she” made me a better man and an intview

  65. Karina says

    why do they dress both kids like little boys with all that money the have i would but on the best dresses in the world on them … suri cruise is a way better dress baby then them two…

  66. oriana says

    I wonder if one of the reasons Angie doesn’t like to hold Shiloh or care for her as much as she does her adopted children is because she looks soooo much like Jon Voight whom she resents as much as she does? Especially since she gave an interview stating she wanted to adopt instead of having biological children and Shiloh wasn’t a planned pregnancy.

  67. dori says

    I think Shiloh is a boy. I saw pics of Angelina changing the diaper on a baby a while back and it was a baby boy. Shiloh could be a boy?????

  68. sammi says

    angelina dresses zahara way cuter than shiloh!
    and she’s always kissing and holding her
    i think that she feels that she has to give he more love bc she’s adopted , but it seemds like brad ADORES shiloh! good for him 🙂

  69. Jenna .M. says

    Actually Rachel, she is 9 months. She was born in May last year. My own little sister is just one month older than her 😀

  70. Granny says

    My son didn’t smile an excessive amount as a toddler. From what the future held apparently he was plotting his upcoming escapades. . When he turned about 4 he became a live wire. Maybe Z is also plotting her future and going to become another hysterically funny kid soon also. She looks like she is just studying her surroundings and taking it all in. .

  71. BC Girl says

    Awwww Shiloh is soooo adorable!!! I dont really think that Z is a very good looking child… Very grumpy looking all the time. Although, I cant really blame here, cause like some have stated, there is always pap’s everywhere she goes. But I guess that the life you have to accept when adopted by Angelina and Brad.

  72. oriana says

    #7 Jules, You are absolutely right! Angie is into the gothic style, has been for years, well documented, and I have noticed she dresses the children a lot in black or gray, what is wrong with the little girls being dressed like little girls? What is wrong with some pink or even blue? Z does seem to always be eating, and they look nothing a like, that was a stupid comment made from momdoc, and most definately, Z always has a bitter, sullen frown on her face, I don’t understand why she can’t smile SOMETIMES! She is a spoiled brat by Angelina and I hope she stops screaming in Shiloh’s face every morning like Angie stated that she did!

  73. Robin says

    Shiloh is a very pretty unique name…I dig it!
    but I wonder how she got her boo-boo too!
    and good for them for strolling around New Orleans so much, I guess its not overrun with rapists and thieves after all! (although I’m sure bodyguards arent too far away)

  74. rachel says

    actually shiloh is exactly 10 months today. if u count bac then you will agree with me . shi is the cutest baby ever. she is my favorite besides her parents. she is one blessed baby as well.

  75. KMisaHO says

    How Shiloh got that “boo-boo” on her nose…(IMO)

    Shiloh tried to take Z’s cracker and Z was all like “I starved for 5 months in Ethiopia! As God as my witness, I will never go hungry again! You already stole my spotlight, you will not steal my cracker!”…and BOOM! Little Z slugged Shiloh in the nose! 🙂

    Of course…all in good fun! It is a very cute picture, though! I can’t wait to see how sibling rivalry will play-out in this family! 🙂

  76. Lauren says

    Shiloh is sooo cute. She’s going to be so beautiful when she gets older. I hope Brangelina have another bio baby soon. I’d love to see what a little boy would look like.

  77. carol says

    Funny how self proclaimed psychologists like lola can interpret personality via telediagnosis. Youl could make hell of money with that – your you simply get a life on your own.

  78. Jennifer says

    I have to say although they are both cute I agree a little with Lola. I am not one to say that a baby is bitter but, I see baby violet and she just beams with personality. These 2 children don’t seem to have smiles on their face very often. I am sure they are happy and content and well cared for I just wonder why they don’t smile much.

  79. MissyMama says

    Cuteness!! Does Shiloh have an ouchie on her nose? I’ll kiss it all better!!! :O

    Shiloh does look like she wants a cracker of her own.

  80. Bree says

    They are both adorable, Zahara sure does love her snacks! It also looks like Shiloh has a little scratch on her nose in the top picture, she is still a cutie though!

  81. Nicki says

    How cute!!! Those two are adorable. Grandma looks very happy.

    jules- I’ve only seen two pics of Shiloh wearing black. All the others I’ve seen she has had white on. Even here she has mostly white, just her pants are all black. Maybe I haven’t seen all the pics you have.
    Anyway she sure is a cutie, she’ll be picking out her own clothes soon enough, and who knows what she will end up with wearing any given day. ( I remember Coco used to wear the ballerina dresses a lot.:lol: and she looked cute.)

  82. jules says

    Has anyone noticed that Shiloh is never dressed like what I associate with little girls? Everytime I see her, she is in black. Now, I know that Brangelina is usually in black attire, but I would love to see that baby in some color. She is too cute, let’s see her in some bright aqua or pink or anything other than black.

  83. Essie says

    It’s amazing lola that you can tell by looking at a photo of a child you have never had contact with that she is “bitter.” She’s a baby!! Stop imagining what she is supposed to be.

    Both of these little girls are beautiful and their granny looks very happy to be with them.

  84. lola says

    Whenever I look at Shi, am taken aback about how ordinary she is, she also does not seem to have a lot of personality Some how I expected I don’t know what! I mean among celebrity babies, she is right there among the really sweet plain ones like Matilda ledger and Bluebell Madonna. I have nothing against Brangelina, but one would think with their so called looks they would gift the world with a beauty. Z is pretty, though bitter, those first months in an orphage must have taken their toll.

    Suri and Violet are reall dolls.

  85. momdoc says

    Oh, Oh, Oh…TOO cute. They look related..just different fathers!! I love that blankie and the grandmother pushing….thank you for this wonderful picture.!

  86. Julie says

    Oh my, she is adorable. I can’t believe she’s 9 months already! Time flies. Time for another Jolie-Pitt baby!!!

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