Jennifer Garner & Violet Out For A Walk

Jennifer and Violet were snapped in Vancouver on February 25th. 14-month-old Violet looks so cute walking!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck



  1. boo says

    I don’t think it’s “late” for a 14 month old to start walking…..
    8months is definitely advanced… IMO, I think the average baby begins to walk on their own between 11 and 14 months… or so I’ve found with babies that I know….most babies start walking around furniture or holdng on to something earlier then that…but as for on their own with no support I’d have to say 11 to 14 mos. JMO

  2. oriana says

    A lot of babies start walking at 8 months, I think 14 months is a little late to start walking but am glad to see her walk on her on, that is cute and I agree, this baby looks nothing like Ben, hope they have a boy next who looks like him!

  3. Paula says

    Ok, I’m so confused. I thought Angelina was a 12 year old??? She is right? I thought so because of the way she spelled and didn’t make sense in her posts and saying she gave 90,000 to charity plus being pregnant with “triblets”, lol. So, how many kids do you have and how much money do you have and didn’t you do the celebrities hair and make up at one time too. Busy litte girl.

    I love Jennifer, she such a great down to earth mom.

  4. Evelyn says

    sorry got to agree with Freddie-o now Brad pitt’s daughter and Suri now those are beautiful babies

  5. freddi-o says

    Sorry but that baby look’s nothing like Ben look’s just like her mom the big ear’s the very funny eye’s sorry she’s very homely she’ll be cute when she grow’s up but will need plently of make-up like the mom

  6. maggie says

    I think violet is walking to late, shes 14 months, but great for her that shes walking now she looks so cute. I started walking at 11 months

  7. Michelle says

    I LOVE that yellow blanket – we have that in hot pink – it’s by Max Daniel Baby – I highly recommend – the perfect gift!!!!!!

  8. boo says

    I have neices and nephews that started at 8 and a half mos and also at 18 mos ….I think most babies (on average) begin to walk between 12 and 14 mos (thats where the majority od babies I know have begun to walk).

  9. KMisaHO says

    Alaina- Both my kids started walking exactly one week after their first birthday! My husband walked at 8 months old and I walked at 16 months old. I guess it just goes to show you that there is not one specific time that babies start to walk or do anything! Those little “creatures” like to keep us guessing and on our toes! 🙂

  10. Mary J says

    Violet looks like the little girl i babysit! She’s adorable…Cute family! That mom is the opposite of Britney Spears..I hope she gets better though.. she could me an amazing mom if she wanted to.

  11. Julia and Ivy :) I am not Liz. says

    What the hell? I am Julia and Ivy not “Liz”. OKay maybe I am not pregnant, but i thought everyone on here was so I was just trying to fit in. I do though have a six month old named Ivy Jaclynn Demay. I am 31. Not 28. Just shut up, Liz, you don’t deserve any respect for stealing my name and pretending to be me and chosing things for me. I can assure you that I am not Angelina and I will not be told that I am. #41, a baby begins to walk when they are close to 1 year old or 1 year old. That is the normal pace. Back to this – Please try to stay out of my business, I just came here to have fun and post and gossip on celebs, and that is clearly not happening here.

  12. Liz says

    #38-go ahead post out my email address. I’m not who you think i am. My name is Liz- elizabeth… I am 28 years old. I think you got the wrong person. No really. You know i made some silly drama around here. It’s not like i commited a crime. I should at least get some respect as a growm adult.

  13. Olivia says

    Well, there you have it. I didn’t read to the end of all the posts before I got annoyed and responded. Too funny. Good Lord little girls have a difficult enough of a time dealing with one prepub brain. She or they were certainly biting off more than they could chew. I gotta say, I really felt left out haha when I wasn’t listed as one of the mean girls. Guess I haven’t posted as much lately as I did. Life has been busy!

  14. Olivia says

    Angelina #17, you forgot to mention me as one of the mean people. It’s Olivia. And when you said mean I am sure you meant to say when you ladies say wicked horrible disgusting things about the babies on this site we get after you. So if your going to make introductions please do it correctly and get the story correct. You are rude and we very nicely disagree with you. I am sure Julia and Ivy will figure it all out for them selves as they read in shock the horrible degrading things you say about babies and mothers you never have nor will never meet.

  15. OMG says

    Oh…okay “Liz” your name is Nicole Rennox. You are an 11 year old chubby girl living in Canada. You have 2 brothers, no dad and your role model is Angelina Jolie. Now…go play with your Barbies and quit trying to fool us “real” grown-ups with your made-up fantasy stories. If you don’t I will post a link to your web-site page on and your email address for all to see! Got it, little girl! Now…go to bed! It’s late and you probably have school in the morning.

  16. Julia and Ivy : ) Liz says

    ok people i’ll be very honest with you all. I did paly a few roles up in here and i want to appalagize. I am sooooooo sorry. My real name is Liz. I’m going to start out fresh. I promise. so sorry!

  17. Amanda says

    OK angelina (hot premo mamma), julia, mandy, etc.
    You got BUSTED girl. So what does that mean for you my, dear, a new NAME! With a new story to tell. lol. That’s right! You are such a sick person. I really feel sorry for you. You probably have no friends, no life, no man, and def/ NO SEX in your life!

  18. CTBmom says

    I am not a regular on here, but I have seen enough of your posts to know it seems like you make up alot of things. I don’t really believe you are even pregnant. You announced that you just found out you were pregnant and immediately stated you were having a girl. Then I guess you realized you had messed up, and tried to correct yourself. Then in another post you say you went to another country and donated $90,000 to charity. Then you sign on as Julia and say that you have a 6 month old daughter and you are 6 months pregnant. I wondered if it was you even before you messed up and spoke as Julia under your Angelina sign on. If you are going to play this game, you really need to keep your lies believable.

  19. Julia and Ivy :) says

    You people really think that I am her? You are so judgemental. I told you I made a mistake, does that not happen to you? When you look at a name or a word, you tend to do that word or type it. Wh does everyone have to be so mean? Angelina and i have nothing in commen, we spell differently, she is insane and I am not, etc.

  20. KMisaHO says

    Oh my goodness…where do I start?

    First of all “Julia” you can NOT be six months pregnant (#24) IF you have a 6 month old baby (#10) Do the math.

    Second of all, “Angelina” you really need to go to a therapist for your multiple personality disorder. (Shock therapy works well, I heard)

    Third…”Mandy” you only seem to come on this site to ask “Angelina” questions about her pregnancy. Hmm…interesting!

    Fourth…Remember “Nicole” (12 year old chubby girl from Canada) “someone” on this site has your email address…you don’t want mommy to find out you’re playing “grown-up” games again, do you? Don’t you have homework to do, little girls?

    I am so-o-o-o glad “you” and your “friends in your head” screwed up your Hellorazzi password! It ‘s a great place FOR SANE PEOPLE…keep the crazys on here!!!

  21. where's Nikki? says

    Anyone Else notice we haven’t heard from Nikki since she was found out to be an 11 year old…. oh wait I forgot that was Angelina to!

  22. boo says

    OMG, that’s hilarious, I was actually thinking earlier that julia and Ivy was an alternate personality but thought I’d give it a bit to see if she would say anything to prove it…. well that took long… Angelina you have Issues My dear!~

  23. BC Girl says

    Ok well now we all know who Julia & Ivy really is. Your hilarious Angelina, do you have fun living these seperate lives?? Talking and replying to your own posts but with a different name. Must get confusing a little, no??

  24. Julia and Ivy :) says

    No, Amanda i think that your sister’s baby went at a faster pace because if you look at all the celeb baby’s they learned to walk at about one year old. ( Sean P, Violet, Mason, etc.) My niece’s little boy started walking at 12 months, so:) I am not trying to be mean, i am saying my opinion.

  25. Julia and Ivy :) says

    Woopsies i put in Angelina’s name at mistake because i was about to say something to her but them i forgot and i was looking at that name that made me type that in. That was me in the 8:04 post. Sorry about that!! I am six months pregnant to answer your question.What does Angelina do to you guys??

  26. Amanda says

    I bet Violet just started walking. My sisters baby girl started at 8 months old. And now she is a year old and running, jumping, climbing all over the place.. I guess some babies are just a bit slow, behind than others. She looks so much like Jen, cute!

  27. Angelina (preggo hot momma!) says

    It’s okay you can call me Julia, Thanks. It’s no only that but i tried to make a new account but I can’t use the same email address and that is the only one I have. The username that i picked- no one will no me as they do now. I really wanna join but i have no alternate email address. Can some one gie me their email address and i will put it under their name and you can give the password to meIt’s okay if you don’t want to because i completely understand about giving out your email address, I am just looking for alternatives. 🙂

  28. boo says

    Gee, you consider Me a mean one.. well thanks Angelina, but last I checked I was called a bitch defending you on the last post telling OMG to drop it about you being a faker and leave you alone… Well I guess I take that one back… besides I can’t say I don’t agree with it now, reading alot of the posts that she had on you and your stories just not adding up!!!,
    Anywho, Julia and congrats on baby… and if you are having troubles signing on to hellorazzi, just sign in as you would and go to for got password they’ll email it to you.~*

  29. BC Girl says

    BTW Julia and Ivy… Dont listen to Angelina #17. Those girls she listed off in her “mean list” are not mean. Angelina is a basketcase, who has done everything you have done 10 times more and 100 times better than you. She is full of lies, not a very nice person to be on this board honestly, shes very annoying!!! Anyways, congrats on your baby, love the names you have chosen!!! How far along are you??

  30. Angelina (preggo hot momma!) says

    Congratz Julia and iyv i hpope thatv you have a great pregnancy and a vey ealthy baby,.i lik that name jaclynn. I looooove your last name Demay. i love those names that ya chose where did ugo to get it, btw if u r new here then you might as well watch out for very mean prople like ( OMG,kisahoor something like that, boo kellymay, carleigh)

  31. Julia and Ivy says

    I am due in June. I am having a another girl and the name is going to be Ashley Ava Demay. My other girl is Ivy Jaclynn Demay.

  32. Mandy says

    Hi Julia, when are you due?Do you know what you are having? What’s the name? Well i hope you have a great pregnancy.

  33. KMisaHO says

    There’s those Robeez again! I love those little slippers…but I only used mine inside the house. For walking outside, I perferred a harder sole on my kids foot…ya know, incase they stepped on a rock or something! Cute pictures though…! I love that new “I can walk!” waddle!!

  34. Julia and Ivy says

    I accidently deleted the email that they sen me and i did not know that it had my password in it. You can just call me a klutzzzzzz.

  35. oriana says

    Jen is such a loving mom, she is a joy! So good to see Violet walking and at least she seems happy and smiles quite often. Good to see a happy well adjusted baby, guess the photographers don’t bother her that much and that is a good thing. Love this family!

  36. N says

    Julia just use the username you messed up on then try to edit that once you get logged on…. i think tha paps are around Jen …but each celebrity does not get the same amount of attention the other does. For instance Jen may have 2 paps following her….but someone like….lets say Britney has 4 paps from every team…. like 4 from x17, 4 from perez… 4 from tmz…. etc… JMO

  37. Julia and Ivy says

    Hi, everyone! Too cute. Is that the nanny holding Violet in the second picture? Jennifer’s face is so beautiful and refreshing. For those of you who don’t know me I am Julia and i have a daughter Ivy who is 6 months old and another one on the way. I tryed Hello Razzi and signed up for it, but i messed up on the name and they said that i can’t use the same email address to make a new account so i can’t join there. I bet it must be fun. Does anyone know what to do?

  38. Chris X says

    Ben isn’t with them cause this was Sunday and he was at the Academy Awards on Sunday night – admittedly doing a waste of time thing announcing some montage and he looked bored to death. He probably wished he was in Vancouver instead of there. He also did not walk the Red Carpet or go to any of the parties after, but he had made a commitment so stuck to it. Get off the crap about where is Ben.

  39. maggie says

    see how jen isnt carrying violet, now that she can walk and I think there are paps all around. I like jen shes a normal mom

  40. Maryanne says

    I have been very impressed with Jen as a Mom. She is always with Violet. Unlike so many people (not just celebs) she seems to enjoy spending time with her child, which is a refreshing change. I think they are adorable.

  41. boo says

    Not all the time they don’t, Surely Ben gets a day off here and there and could take a family trip to the park, all I’m wondering is why he doesn’t….No one works 24/7 for ever, he may very well be a busy man, And I don’t doubt that one bit, working in hollywood, but I’m sure he can take an hour for family time to spend with his Kid!~*Jmo

  42. boo says

    My favorite Hollywood Mommy and Baby team for sure.
    I love Jen garner she really is such an amazing Mom and Violet is so precious… I wonder where Ben is, he’s never out for family outings with them..Hmmm, I wonder why???

  43. Lauren says

    Violet is just too cute. She looks like Ben so much. I hope they have another one soon. A little boy would be adorable.

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