The Brangelina Bunch In New Orleans

The Brangelina bunch (sans Maddox) was snapped enjoying a stroll through New Orleans’ French Quarter on Friday afternoon. Shiloh turns nine-months-old tomorrow!
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

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  1. liz says

    I am not sure of the age of the people writing these comments, but i am 60 years old and came from a large family when it came to aunts and uncles. I remember them referring to the infants as they were born as being just blobs of flesh in the context that what and how the adults teach them and nurture them is what will make them act the way they should or should not act. I think angie kind of meant that cause she sure is a loving, action mom and ii’ve seen her with shiloh. they are all a beautiful time and don’t forget all those children are a lot of work and they sure lool happy doing it.

  2. Kathryn says

    well…….very interesting indeed…..everyone is a critic I suppose. I think Brad and Angelina are doing just fine and have a beautiful family. But hey…thats just MY opinion. Oh, and by the way, whoever “greens” is….you kill me, I laughed out loud. Clearly you and I are on the same page.

  3. diane says

    I lost a lot of respect for Angelina when she called her new baby a blob…………………….how unfortunate for the child. She deserves nothing!!!!!!

  4. says


  5. Team Jolie ALL THE WAY!!! says

    I love brad and Angelina they make a very cute couple….and as far as there kids go…they are also gorgeous like their parents….Angelina Jolie may not show her love for shiloh but i know she loves her casue she even said that she wanted a lot of kids and that she’ll give brad what he wants (meaning real kids of their own!!!) i think that Angelina is doing great in the way that she handles things!!!! She is the greatest and so is Brad!!!! and Jennifer is crazy outta her mind crazy!!! to NOT have Brads kid!!! all u haters are mad cause Brad is (Happy) with Angelina then he ever will be with Jennifer!!! and who cares if mad or Z anit smiling theyre still so little what do they know?!?!?!?!?! All three of them are so CUTE!!!!! and Angelina is doing her best to help notice awareness of africa…people very well know Angelina for what she does over there and thats one of the reasons why i love her so much…shes such an angel!!!!! so is Brad he too!!!! i love him more with Angelina then ive ever liked him!!!! God bless them and their (expanding) family to come!!!

  6. not4sure says

    I, like a few others, am new here. I am from Canada so maybe my perspective on things is different. Maybe it’s not so different…who knows? Who cares?! Not me.

    I was horrified when I first learned of Brad/Jennifer’s marriage break-up but over time, I realized (as much as an outsider can by “knowing’ someone through the press and media), that they wanted different things out of life. Also, does anyone else here remember the commitment/marriage comment made by Brad? Seems to me it went something like “is anyone meant to be with one person their entire life?” This is paraphrased. Not a good statement to make right after you get married I wouldn’t think.

    This couple was dogged by the paparazzi too. They did look good together though didn’t they??? Better than Brad and Angie, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong…I think they (Brad and Angie), individually, are very attractive ppl but together, I just don’t think they are an over the top gorgeous couple. I just don’t see the “most gorgeous couple” there…. he’s too “boy next door looking” and she is too “exotic” looking. And their lips…my gawd….their biological children could end up with lips looking like balloons!! The gene pool there could end up being very scary. Maybe too much of a good thing…I don’t know.

    Angie’s weight: she’s always been on the “skinny” side and she has the ugliest shaped arms I have ever seen. The way they hang from the elbow…just weird and not attractive at all.

    Her viens: nasty looking but when I was thin, my veins stuck out like that too. Look at Nicole Kidman’s hands…now there are some non-attractive hands. They are red, chapped and with huge veins sticking out but I think she is one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen. I think she is much more attractive than Angelina.

    The kids: I was horrified that Angie referred to her biological daughter as a “blob”. Did she mean it as a mean spirited comment? I don’t know…no one knows except her and the interviewer. Does she love her adopted children more than Shiloh? I’m thinking that she is trying to overcompensate for their less than perfect lives with their biological parents. Sometimes I feel like they are “token children”. I’m sure most of you know someone who has done something similar with someone they know because they feel bad for that person due to a hardship in their lives i.e. abuse, neglect, abandonment, substance abuse, poverty, unattractiveness, etc etc etc. I think it’s commonly referred to as “favouring the underdog”. Part of me believes Angie is sincerely a loving, kind, generous person but I just don’t understand how a mother could favour an adopted child over a biological child and to say such cruel things about their flesh and blood. I also don’t’ understand how Brad could tolerate it.

    I can tell you though, for being a Goodwill Ambassador, she isn’t very well spoken…I find she often stumbles over her words when being interviewed or standing at a podium. She seems to be searching for “intelligent or impressive” ways of saying things that, inevitably, go awry because she isn’t allowing herself to be natural and true. I’m not saying she is dishonest here…just not being herself by allowing herself to be just that…herself. It’s almost like if she doesn’t have a script to follow, she trips all over the English language. It’s like she is self censoring her words and it fails her miserably.

    Anyway, I have wasted enough of my morning on this topic. Hello to everyone who reads this. It may be awhile before you hear from me again…it may be never.

    Take care and be well.

  7. Terry says

    Why would would you guys write bad things about a 2 year old kid. You guys are all losers to write something like that.

  8. Nicki says

    no but you can go to, it was started a couple years ago and there are over 10,000 members.

  9. jenny says

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  10. Jan says

    Congrats to both of you. A beautiful family. Brad, Angelina seems to have brought out best in you. I’m very impressed with all of your social service work with the less fortunate in the world. You’re quite a team. Angie was giving so much on her own. Its good that she has a partner now. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU BOTH AND THE CONTINUATION OF YOUR SELFLESS ENDEAVORS. J.

  11. Tea says

    I admit Z never looks happy in the pictures I have seen, but so what, My daughter almost never looks happy in pictures either and she is one of the happiest kids I know, she just tends to frown when she sees a camera.

    All you freaking out over Jennifer Anniston, tell me what has she done that is so great? And as for that the break up of her marriage is all Angies falt, well Brad was the one married to her, not Ange, so wouldn’t it really be his fault?

    Ange has done alot of good, and yeah so she was wild years ago, but obviously she has changed and now spends her life and money helping unfortunate people, she is not content to sit on her millions like some other celebs (eg Anniston) but use it for the good of suffering people. She is a saint compared to most other people.

    Also one more thing, I know my daughter prefers to be held by her daddy when we are out when she is happy, and by me when something bothers her, it has been that way for ever, mabey Shiloh is the same, The horror that people who saw my famliy out frequently would think I did not love my daughter because I was hardly ever holding her, well that is just crazy, and by the way I happen to agree with Ange on a few point, 1, I would have adopted instead of having a baby to help out a suffering child, but I to got pregnate by accident 2. when babies are very small they have little personality that shows, all they do is eat and sleep and poop, so they are kind of like blobs, it is not until they are older that you can really what they are like. So get over it

  12. dori says

    Yes after seeing Shiloh with Brad dressed like a sweet little girl I am relieved because Brad always said he really was a push over for baby girls/.

  13. juicalicious77 says

    you nasty negative RACISTS need to quit talking about Z the way you are!!! tara and oriana! i can tell by the way you are talking that you are babies w/o children(hopefully)! ange is a DAMN good mother, with three beautiful children and a loving supportive husband. i can tell that woman deserves a freaking medal for her outstanding parenting. you are onl mad cause your jealous and you know you couldn’t handle what she is doing with 1/4 of the love, dignity, or repect that ange earns everyday! Kids like you are the reason this web site should have an age limit. I HOPE YOU ARE UNDER AGE W/O CHILDREN OR ELSE GOD HELP THEM!!! p.s. have you ever heard of a tubal?

  14. amused says

    You’re right. I don’t. I don’t feel anything for people I don’t know there I can’t say I love or hate them. I can at least understand why people erred.

    It’s fine that you feels that Anna deserves to be buried. And I agree that the whole thing has been one shameful fiasco. But it is improper of you to criticise her mother? You don’t know the relationship between them.

    Why do you feel that Anna deserves to have peace but would not give any to Angelina who by her actions has changed for the better? Angelina has contributed much more to the human community than Anna. She made mistakes and grew from them.

    People, especially women, change. Perhaps you are one of the few who don’t.

    I think you, like her haters, are just jealous because she got Brad. When Brad dated that plain looking Paltrow or married the equally plain Jen, you women could at least have a bit of comfort because your mind said plain girls do get hunk. Why do you think so highly of Brad who I think is nothing special, in look as well as in talent?

    You can deny all you want, can make excuse for your lowly gossipy nature any way you wish. No drunk ever admit she’s drunk. Every evil minded bitch claims her gossips stem from her respect and desire for goodness. You are evil to say Zahara looks worse than a monkey. You have gone on and on from one post to another just to trash a woman you don’t know.

    You must be a saint to criticise another woman so harshly. There are many who erred and become much better a person than saint like you.

    And frankly, they are much more interesting. You are here talking about her attests to this statement.

    Don’t bother to dispute.

    By the way, staying in one place doesn’t mean stability to me. People who sit on their asses all day badmouthing others are not stable characters to me.

  15. oriana says

    Didn’t they just move to New Orleans recently? How could Maddox be in a stable environment going from city to city, country to country and be in school?

    And being glad that Anna was finally buried and saying she should rest in peace is not being on anyone’s side, that is just plain common sense, whether trashy or not, she deserved to be buried and beside her son as she wished, in that case, yes, I was on her side, and I did move on, I find it interesting that you have a problem with someone being glad that Anna was finally buried, and wishing her to be at peace. I feel very sorry for her little baby girl and you probably don’t feel any compassion for her either.

  16. amused says

    Who are you to say that the children are not in a settled stable environment?

    A person who is on the side of the trashy Anna Nicole Smith would know about stable environment?

    You said in the other post that you’d leave this couple and move on to better pasture, so why don’t you?

  17. oriana says

    Yep, if thinking a family should have a settled stable home environment when the children are young and in Maddox’s case, in school, then most certainly I am insecure and have emotional problems!

  18. oriana says

    Kristy, I think you have a very good point, and it is Angelina who wants to travel all the time, Brad wants to settle down and raise a family, she is the one that wants them raised in Europe and be on the go constantly, again, her emotional problems and insecurities are shining through!

  19. kristy says

    I think they are doing really good except they need more family time they are always traveling and working if they had more time togather they would get to know one another better and z and mad could bond with shiloh.

  20. oriana says

    Everyone, LOOK at Zahara’s face in this picture! Who can say this is a pretty child? Look at that frown, she always looks angry and she does look scarey looking in this picture, it is not people making it up, LOOK AT THE PICTURE! A monkey in a Zoo looks more friendlier and happy.

  21. oriana says

    Sandra, sometimes the facts aren’t pretty, like Zahara isn’t, she might be if she didn’t have some a hateful pouty look all the time on her face, surely you have seen the way Angelina shows her favortism over her smaller daughter? It has been very obvious and you must need a LIFE also or you wouldn’t be spending your time reading these comments!

  22. oriana says

    N, are you implying that all the children in that orphanage were being abused? When I said underfed it is because most of the children in Africa aren’t getting enough nourishment, I meant she wasn’t being starved, and there are lots of children in America that aren’t getting enough nourishment either, since you are such a fan of Angie’s, you should not that she said she had an infection and was sickly when she first brought her home, she got medical treatment for her and she started gaining weight. so when I said she wasn’t mistreated or abused I don’t think she was ON PURPOSE, she was not a pretty baby, she is not a pretty child, and Angie herself admitted she is used to getting her way and wakes up Shiloh every morning screaming in her face! So if you want to justify that and think that is okay then fine with me, but she is a spoiled brat, always frowning and has a hateful look on her face, I feel sorry for Shiloh more and more!

  23. N says

    Oriana…. this is your comment…. “I read she was under fed and under weight when she was adopted but don’t think she was mistreated or abused?”….. if a child is underfed ….. it is abuse. FYI

  24. LIl says

    Team Anniston. Why don’t you enlighten us on ALL the great things that Anniston has done. What is her charitable work? Where are her Oscars or nominations for Oscars? Where are her children? How come she couldn’t hold on to her husband? Face it. If you saw Angelina walk on water you would have a fault with it. You aren’t calling things as they are, but as you want them to be. How many copies of the Friends series do you have and how often a day do you watch them. Bet you even wear her haircut.

  25. Nicki says

    88. dori ~Not sure, but are you talking about the photo spread a mag did and it showed an “Angie” breastfeeding also, they were on a plane in one or two of them?? They, the “Brad & Angie” had sunglasses in every photo?
    If those are what you are talking about, they were models posing as them, and they were about 1 month before Angie actually gave birth to Shiloh. It is stated in the pictures they were models posing as Brad and Angie.
    I mean who breastfeeds on a private jet with thier shades on? Plus every photo shown they models posing as them had the sunglasses on. But it did state, in smaller print, they were models, and it was a month before Shilohs birth.
    And yes Angie has said Shiloh IS a girl.

  26. dori says

    No honest it was Brad and Angelina with a new born and Angelina was changing the babys diaper and it was a boy. But I don’t know if it was Shiloh or another baby they were visiting somewhere. It was a while ago.

  27. Team Jolie says

    Team Anniston, why do you even waste time in here if Angelina is a “skank”? If you are going to conciously start fights with the people who you KNOW support Angie, then you should seek therapy.
    And FYI- It’s called being a rageaholic
    I hate an idea, why don’t you go start a website that supports assholes (oops, I mean Jennifer Manniston, damn it, I mean Chinnifer Anniston. You know what, forget it.) You can bad talk Angie all you want and those of us who actually like her can come here and try to have an actal coversation.

  28. says

    I call it like it is, did I hit a nerve with you, Sorry dear, I know the truth hurts, it’s okay you can hate me I don’t care…it’s all good. I know if my “idol” was a Skank and a loser and somebody called me on it and I know it’s the truth but I still want to defend that person but I have no idea how because I know the person is right I would hate that person too!

    FYI – if you want to insult a person, learn to makes you look like an idiot and not be taken seriously when you have the grammer you do! 🙂

    Again No Worries, we all the right to feel the way we do!

  29. says

    I can’t believe you people. What gives any of us the right to make accusations about Angelina and Brad’s life and family. There are photos of Angelina holding Shilod in New Orleans a while back when they were out to dinner. I think the girls are beautiful and I wish the family luck. Has anyone thought that maybe the trip to Africa is what Angelina needs to get over the loss of her mom? See others who suffer everyday maybe what she needs. I am glad that she is involved in this work.
    Judge not or you may be judged.
    Hey, the Jen thing is old and dead. Let it die!!! Brad has a new life!!!!!!

  30. Lulu says

    Team Aniston When did you get into their home to see what toys which kid has? It that when you saw first hand how whipped Brad is and what kind of tantrums she throws. And how did you learn to know what people think of their kids (what do I think of mine)? How do you learn to get in their heads especially from just picures. And the kids of famous people learn early to filter out what is said and written about their families. Especially after they learn that most of it was wrong anyway. You really come over as obsessed with your hatred of these people. What are you, a close personal friend of Jennifer’s so that you know personally and accurately what happened in their realtionship? Get a grip and get rational.

  31. Ellen says

    Not a mohawk. Just the way bald babies look when they start to grow hair. I had the same hairdo myself.

  32. ?????!!!!* says

    im like five minutes i won`t mean it but intil then…ya i mean it!!!!

  33. Julia and Ivy :) says

    Dori, those pictures that you saw were not even Brad and Angelina and those people ( I am not sure) were in New York and Angelina Brad were in Namibia when they gave birth to her. You want me to check to see if she is a girl??LOL that sounded sooo wrong.

  34. Lacy says

    has anyone noticed that shiloh is sporting a mohawk?
    i think that lets us all know that that was probably angelina’s doing. so i think that that shows that she does care about her.

    Z is probably very needy. many middle children are, i know i was/ maybe am.

  35. oriana says

    Am I wrong in thinking Z was something like 7 months old when adopted, now she is two years old, how long does the memory of a 7 mo. old last? I read she was under fed and under weight when she was adopted but don’t think she was mistreated or abused? She certainly isn’t fragile now but Angie treats her like she is still 7 months old the way she carries her around all the time. I saw pictures of her on a playground with Maddox, he was playing and running around, Angie holding her while she was eating a banana, if on a playground, and photographers not up close in her face, I could not help but notice, she still wasn’t playing or smiling, in Angie’s arms as usual.

  36. dori says

    Z looks a monkey in this pic. She ‘s had a rough time and probably is a needy child. She also probably didn’t like it when Shiloh came alomg and she had to share the attention. Angelina has given her lots of attention.
    Angelina must be very protective of her because she was a fragile baby and not well. But that Shiloh wow! So cute. Call me crazy but I think it’s a boy . Who knows for sure? The media said it was a girl But what have Brad and Angelina said?

  37. dori says

    Why do I get the feeling Shiloh is a boy. First I saw angelina pictures a while back chamging the diaper of a new born baby and it was a boy. And now seeing her dressed this way . I feel like perhaps the child is a boy not a girl. Does anyone know for sure that Shiloh is a girl?

  38. Team Jolie says

    Well if you think about it, Zahara has to feel a tad bit over whelmed with all the cameras on her all the time. Because in most of the shots with Angelina or Brad they have two kids with them and nine times out of ten it’s Zahara. But maybe it’s just outside that she’s not happy. Did any of you see the pictures when Angie was pregnant when they were in Paris? She was fooling around with Zahara in a play area, Zahara was all smiles, and there were no cameras in her face (They were behind her, but she was turned to the side ever so slightly so you could make out a grin on her face. I think HELLO ran the photos). So who’s to know if she’s happy behind closed doors or a total brat. Only Brad and Angie I guess.

  39. oriana says

    #72, I apologize to you, thank you! I just saw a very sweet picture of Brooke Shield’s holding and kissing her baby daughter, so lovely to see the sincerity of that picture. I have never seen that from Angie to Shiloh, I am sure she kisses her shows her affection sometimes for surely Brad would have noticed that if she doesn’t, but it is strange that there have been many pictures of her kissing Zahara and Shiloh is adorable!

  40. greens says

    oriane. see nicki’s post, #70 for what we mean by whack jobbery.

    It’s the whole cheerleader vibe. SURI IS THE BEST OF THE BEST!! YAY TEAM!! GOOOOOOO SURI!!!

    If poster is under the age of 12, okay. If she is a grown woman , it is bIzarre on so many levels.

  41. Nicki says

    Even more freakishness—#41 Stacey didn’t post one thing on the latest Katie and Suri thread, yet felt the need to to post this—
    “Shiloh does really looks like a little boy. She’s cute, but not like Suri. THE BEST OF THE BEST, SURI CRUISE!!!”
    But nothing about how great she thinks Suri is on her own thread. Weird.

  42. oriana says

    #55, Nina, Please look at Zahara’ pictures, especially the ones taken in Pune and even mostly recently, she has a constant snotty looking frown on her face, Angie said she was jealous, Angie said that Shiloh woke up every morning with Zahara screaming in her face, now I am sure she doesn’t like the photographers, but there are a lot of celebrity children having their pictures taken, even Brittany Spears little boy, who is gorgeous, he doesn’t have that look on his face like she does, Brooke Shields baby, Kingston laughs and smiles a lot, and Zahara is not a baby, doctors even say after two years old children are toddlers, although we hardly see her walking, and never by herself without her Nanny holding her hand, so no one is exaggrating about this very noticable subject.

    And just because someone says Suri is the best looking child, why do they have to be called whack jobs for? I agree that she is beautiful and she laughed and smiled when she was much younger than Zahara. So guess I am whack job #2! Too bad!

  43. greens says

    The freakishness of being all “Team Suri!” or “Team Shiloh!” is beyond bizarre. It’s even more disturbing to me then the people who bash their looks.

    Example — #41 —

    “Shiloh does really looks like a little boy. She’s cute, but not like Suri. THE BEST OF THE BEST, SURI CRUISE!!!”

    Yeah, okay. Go team !!!!!!

    whatever whack job

  44. maggie says

    those two girls are very cute, but the truth I really dont like Z, shes not an adorable and sweet baby, SHE NEVER SMILE FOR GOD SAKE, all babies smile even in one pic, but this kid is weird. I cant wait to see the new adopted child of Brangelina, I wonder if she gona love it more than Shi

  45. Maryanne says

    Lisa you make a good point, but he did adopt the other two as well, so they are his now, too. Also, don’t you think angie might want to hold her own baby, as you put it?

  46. lisa m says

    there were to many comments to read so i dont know if anyone wrote this or not but Dont you think Brad might just want to hold his own baby..i mean i know he loves all them kids but you know deep down that there is a spot just for Shi..

  47. Liz says

    This “thing” has no right having kids. If she can’t treat them equally she shouldn’t keep adopting. She obviously got “knocked up” on purpose to get a married man that she knew wanted kids. He has to be kicking himself by now or at least every time he sees this ink covered skank walk past.

  48. boo says

    Nina #55 makes a good point… Maybe Z does prefer Angie… I know my 18 month old son, anywhere we go he wants me, he doesn’t care to much for his daddy..hehe…he loves hims Mama, a definite mama’s boy.

    And as for why Angie is still getting hell for her blob comment and Gwen isn’t, well because I don’t think it was JUST the fact that she referrd to Shiloh as a blob, but that whole interview she gave and everything she said including how she felt More for Mad and Z, And how she was the one who got KNOCKED UP….I found that rather Harsh. On the other hand you see Gwen gloating over King, he seems to be her whole life she can’t get enough of him…. Angie just doesn’t seem to feel the same about Shiloh.

  49. KMisaHO says

    hee, hee…Maryanne…that’s (with an “o”) not HELLrazzi….even though you made me chuckle! 🙂

  50. minkysmom says

    Z is just a baby! why are her facial expressions up for discussion so much? I doubt that she’s doing it to snub any of you

  51. Maryanne says

    Julia and Ivy – while I love this site, you should check out to talk and have fun as well. It’s a little more personal.

  52. Julia and Ivy says

    Sorry, I forgot to add this but Shiloh’s hair is so cute! Angelina’s purse is very weird but cool. 🙂

  53. Julia and Ivy says

    Hi everyone!! I am new here and i found this site and it looked reall great to gossip and just have fun. I am married and i have one child Ivy who is 6 months old and another one on the way.I hope this site is very nice to talk and have fun. (That’s one of my specialties)

  54. Nina says

    So we’re looking at a family where the kids are routinely in the arms of their parents, and there’s bickering about which parent holds which child? Good lord.

    Zahira looks like a very watchful child. Maybe she just gets a little clingy and prefers being held by Angelina when they’re surrounded by paparazzi, whereas Maddox is more nonchalant and Shiloh’s too young to know much about it? Kids have personalities that come out in different ways. Not to mention that Angelina never smiles when being shutterbugged — Zahara’s very possibly learned from example.

    From the way that Shiloh and Zahara seem to be able to go side-by-side in a stroller without problems, I’m not thinking they’re at each other’s throats. (And calling a toddler “snotty” is a bit much.)

    Cherrypicking quotes is just a way to take a side and stick to it. All I see is three kids who are frequently seen in the company of one or both parents, which is more than many kids can say.

  55. KMisaHO says

    Just for the record…the “well-loved” Gwen Stefani also called her son a “blob” (in a recent magazine article) and yet she received no backlash (unlike Angelina Jolie). Why is her comment gone unnoticed while poor Angelina is still receiving hell for hers?

  56. says

    The most beautiful family! Z is sooo cute and shiloh is getting bigger looking more like her daddy she’s sooo adorable.I just love this family. I pray that brad and angie will stay together forever and wish them all the best in life for all the wonderful things that they are doing reaching out to the most needy! God Bless Them!

  57. JENNIFER says


  58. oriana says

    Meg, I just made a comment about Madonna’s little boy being very cute and I wish that family good luck also, if that makes me a weird person to you then thank you, I don’t know being called weird for wishing good luck to a family, why do you find a problem with that? Just like others as well as myself said that Suri Cruise was gorgeous, I think she is the most beautiful child of her and if you think that makes me weird too, then too damn bad for you!

    And Angie did say all that stuff to Anderson Cooper on CNN, that is when I lost all respect for her as a mother!

  59. boo says

    Oriana IM stands for Instant Messaging!
    Shiloh is so beautiful, Her lips and Eyes are gorgeous.

    Did Angie really say that stuff in #33, if so that’s terrible, who would feel guilty for having a baby, and why would she allow Zahara to act that way around the baby Screaming in her face and stuff, that is just wrong, ever heard of the word Discipline.

  60. MEG says

    ah ariana, oriana, whatever… Why are you all the sudden talking about Madona. I thought this was a homepage for the brangelina folks. You sound like a weird person.

  61. oriana says

    I have to say also that Madonna’s little boy is gorgeous too and I am so happy for that family, not a big fan of Madonna’s at all but I applaud her and wish her and her family the very best of luck.

  62. oriana says

    Nicki, what is IM? I don’t know what that stands for? It is not bitterness, it is facts, quoted facts from Angelina herself, I am sorry if you can’t handle that, take it up with her, not me, again, she made her comments.

    And yes, Suri Cruise is the most beautiful and adorable child!

    I don’t wish any bad will towards Brad and Angie, I hope they have a loving committed life and relationship, but with ALL of their children, not just Angie’s pets! And Zahara might be a beautiful girl if she would have that perpetual frown off her face!

  63. Paula says

    Shiloh is a cute baby. I just don’t care much for Brad or Angelina. And I too have wondered about what Brads family thinks of Angelina. Got to be a big change for them.

  64. Stacey says

    Shiloh does really looks like a little boy. She’s cute, but not like Suri. THE BEST OF THE BEST, SURI CRUISE!!!

  65. Leah says

    Oriana #36, you have a point. I know they were close to Jenniffer who was a ‘perfect’ girl now they have to try and like Angelina who was close to a hooker as they get with her adult relationships and sex dens.

    And now I think they genuinely love the kids, who wouldn’t ? they are so sweet , but deep down, would any sane parent want a woman who broke up their son’s marriage especially one with Angelina’s reputation? Questions, questions!

    Shiloh is so sweet. She will not be beautiful unless a miracle happens but right now she is so Sweet.

    Suri though is the fairest of them all. She blows the wind out of you whenever you see her. Kingston too will be a charmer.

  66. Nicki says

    16. Team Jolie ~ You are welcome. I’m glad I could share it. I think that pic of Shiloh is precious. I guess because we only have limited ones of her. Zahara is a beautiful girl, and she is going to be a very tall girl, look how long her legs are when Angie holds her, or in the double stroller with Daddy or Grandma Pitt. Too precious. Very lucky all the Jolie-Pitt children are!

  67. Nicki says

    MGN and oriana~ Why not take your private chat elsewhere? This isn’t IM, but it is for you two. Kinda weird that you two are the only ones agreeing with each other, and NO Team A——, doesn’t count. Just have fun with that bitterness, hopefully it won’t consume you (and I meant to say only you-you are one).

    Best wishes to the Jolie-Pitt FAMILY, they are a beautiful example of a loving family.

  68. MGN says

    I would agree with the concern that Brad’s family must have. Especially in light of Angelina’s relationship with her own family (if you can call it that).

  69. oriana says

    I can’t help but wonder what Brad’s parents think about this situation? I am sure they treat all the children good and want a good relationship with Angie but in their hearts and in private, they have bound to have been concerned.

  70. MGN says

    I believe that would put Shiloh in sixth place. In order, I think, it will be: New baby, Z, Mad, Angie, Brad, Shiloh.

  71. oriana says

    I remember reading several times that Angelina felt gulity for having a biological child when there were so many children in the world that were orphans and needed to be adopted, she said that Maddox and she shares a special bond and she is very close to him, she stated that Zahara is the funniest person she has ever seen in her life, and her biological baby, who is the only BABY in the household, was a BLOB and didn’t have a personality, also she said that Shiloh wakes up every morning with Z screaming in her face, now why does she allow that to happen? And why does Brad allow that to happen? The words and actions have made it very clear for anyone to see how she has bonded with the baby as a mother. It is sad to me, and now she is wanting to adopt yet another child, where does that leave Shiloh’s importance in her life?

  72. MGN says

    I understand the nurturing adopted children need – for a period of time, and IF they are adopted after having biological children. However, to adopt two, have your own, and refer to her as a blob is a disgrace. Angie deserves whatever criticism is given – as we all here know that she is the one who called Shiloh a blob.

  73. oriana says

    To Jennifer, as far as a lot of people speculating how their thoughts on how much Angie loves her child, I wasn’t the one that called her a BLOB, she did! I didn’t read where she called Z that when she adopted her, so yes, I and others will speculate when she makes those kind of statements.

  74. says

    Angelina never holds Shiloh becasue she doesn’t like her, Angelina called her a blob, spoiled from the moment she was born and that she accidentially got “knocked up”. Angelina only likes her adopted kids. Angelina said she NEVER wanted biological kids but I guess that was the only to really keep him around.
    What is this crap about why these adopted kids don’t smile…what the hell do they have to be insecure about, THOSE TWO are the ones spoiled. They get to do all the outings, get all the toys and most of all stupid Angelina likes them more that she like her own real child! I cant wait till Shiloh gets older and disowns her mother for saying all the horrible things she said about her, becasue kids do grow up and read…and stuff like that does not go away!
    Brad is as much to blame too, he is so whipped he shuns Shiloh too, cuz god forbid everything has to go Angelinas way or temper tantrum city!!!

  75. oriana says

    It appears that Z has been going thru a transition period for quite sometime and i have no doubt she is jealous still, after all Angie did and does give her the utmost attention, as for me knowing what goes on in their home, no I don’t and neither do you, so why are you so quick to get an attitude? I totally agree it is a shame that the photographers are constantly pestering them, but at least Maddox smiles sometimes, Z always has a constant frown on her face, I do think this is a loving family but to me, Angie doesn’t seem to have done a very good job of a balancing act when she has not only made statements about her preference for her children but the pictures validate what she has said out of her own mouth.

    The picture with Brad’s mom with both girls in the stroller is cute as can be, and the little baby does look just like Jon Voight indeed!

    I just feel that Zahara is still being treated like a tiny baby and she is two years old, I do feel sorry for Shiloh to a certain degree and hope that Brad talks to Angie about dealing with it as she gets older, if they do adopt another child, and Angie’s attention is given more to him, then Shiloh will be left out even more than she is now.

  76. MGN says

    Jennifer, I do have kids at my house, and when we are in such a hurry that we are “grabbing” them we also don’t take the time to use a carrier, such as Brad has because they take a few minutes to get situated. I agree that Z could be jealous, and have adjusting to do, but I also think that she probably needs a chance to bond with Brad as much as Angie needs to with Shiloh.

  77. rachel says

    i know that one day shiloh is going to find out not only that her mom called her a blob but also said that she would choose madd and z over her. omg!!! i feel really bad 4 shiloh. angie says that she wants to help the world be a better place right? then how come she doesn’t give shi the love and care that she needs because b4 u even care about anything else u need to think about your family your kids u knoe what i mean. personally i think shi will grow up and do certain things to get attention and angie won’t give her any. all kids in the world only want to knoe and feel loved.

  78. JENNIFER says


  79. Liz says

    Maybe Z is jealous. Angie mentioned that in an interview with Anderson Cooper when Shiloh was just born. They may be going through some transition period that is difficult for Z and they are all working on it. Z has not looked happy in photos. Perhaps, she is pissed off at the cameras flashing in her face. That must really get irritating for a kid or an adult. Who knows what she is feeling. Blending a family must be hard sometimes. Z almost died when they brought her home. She may have issues with insecurity. How about a little compassion for them all. They seem to be attentive and loving hands-on parents. It must be quite a balancing act being in the spotlight and being criticized for every little thing. I send them love and goodwill. And for all everywhere.

  80. rachel says

    man,i think that shiloh will not be loved by angie as much as madd and z. I mean angie said it herself, calling shiloh a “BLOB” and that she perfers her other children than shiloh. but i’m sure brad loves her just as much as madd and z

  81. oriana says

    Jennifer, if she just “grabs” one kid as you say, why is it usually always Zahara? She is old enough now to walk more than she does, and look at her face! Do you see a happy look EVER on her face? When Zahara was Shiloh’s age, Angie had her everywhere with her constantly carrying her, the pictures speak for themselves!

  82. JENNIFER says


  83. Team Jolie says

    Well, actually, there was one picture that they wern’t posed for where she was holding her, but that was the only candid shot in circulation at the time, I think they were in Pune.

  84. Team Jolie says

    Thank you Nicki for putting that site up, it’s great to see Shiloh out and about without any cover over her face. Plus Brad is holding her bonus! Usually when we see the kids, meaning Zahara or Maddox (especially Shiloh), Angie is holding them. But it’s good she’s sharin’ the love!

  85. oriana says

    Shiloh looks just like a boy and is very fat, so cute though! As usual, Angie holding snotty looking Zahara who is always never smiling! It is so obvious she prefers her over the baby!

  86. Melissa says

    They have the most beautiful family…..and it is apparent to see that they take such good care of every one of those kids. I’m very happy for them and wish them the best always. Brad and Angelina are a perfect couple and I am glad that they found each other.

  87. Lacy says

    #1 they were all togerther in a Gala pic. and like ellen said, mad is probably at school. we’ll probably see more pics of them together as time comes, i think they are starting to bring shy out now-FINALLY- just for random strolls or outings.

  88. boo says

    Awww, Shiloh is adorable, I love the hair, my sons was like that when he was a baby. it’s too cute!~*

  89. maggie says

    I would like to see a pic of angelina kissing shiloh like when she does all the time with mad or Z

  90. MissyMama says

    Shiloh is getting so big! She really is a pretty baby. Love how Brad has her in a sling type thing. I could never figure mine out..

  91. Lauren says

    Shiloh is the cutest celeb baby ever. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Suri Cruise are my fav. celeb babies. I never see all 5 of them photographed together. They seem like a happy family unit.

  92. trina says

    How come whenever they are photographed, they only have 2 of the 3 kids… I dont remember seeing a photo where all 3 of them are together….

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