More Moms Hitting The Red Carpet!

Gwyneth Paltrow (mom of Apple and Moses) was snapped hitting the red carpet!

Gwyneth Paltrow

What do you think?


  1. Vee says

    I think her figure has never looked better. She is still slim, but has some beautiful curves now. For that reason I liked the dress. Her hair has to be the best in Hollywood. It is so beautiful. She could wear a potato sack and be beautiful. Why are people so critical. Are we that beautiful?

  2. Melissa says

    Gwen is beautiful…… doubt!! There were better dresses that night. Beth, I think we can agree to disagree!!!!

  3. greens says

    I like it and agree with momdoc, motherhood becomes her. I’m not a big fan even but think she’s more attractive since her kids. Her body and face have blossomed. She always seems radiant.

  4. Hol says

    This is definitely my least favorite dress at the Oscars (besides that ugly metallic thing the Dreamgirls actress was wearing)–I liked Reese’s dress a lot more, but still, she’s gorgeous–Gwyneth could wear a paper sack and look good.

  5. Beth says

    I don’t need glasses, Melissa. I think it’s simple, classy, and different without being obnoxious and I think the color is subtle and beautiful on her.

  6. Melissa says

    Momdoc, Gwyneth’s dress is not the best dress I’ve seen on her. The color washes her out, she is a pretty lady and another color would have looked better. She should take a lesson from Reese, absolutely stunning!!! Also, a better color choice of lipstick would have been better!!!

  7. KMisaHO says

    momdoc…just because “some of us” think that Gwyneth’s dress is ugly, doesn’t mean we are “immature” (as you put it). It just means that we have taste!

    and Chris…”Fugly” is American slang for “f*cking ugly” (which is what this dress is!)

  8. momdoc says

    She looks stunning, and motherhood becomes her. Some of you are soooo immature. You think everyone should look like they just got out of high school…and are coming back to a prom or class reunion. THIS is the OSCARS..

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