Katie Holmes Talks About Suri

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise
Showing off her svelte post-baby figure in a strapless champagne-colored Armani dress, Katie Holmes tells People magazine of motherhood: “I love it!”

Katie left 10-month old Suri at home with her sister-in-law Saturday night to attend a Giorgio Armani Prive fashion show in Beverly Hills to celebrate the man who designed her wedding dress.

Suri, says Katie, is “doing really, really well. She’s a beautiful little girl, and I feel so honored to be her mom really.”

They’re favorite mother-daughter activity is “a lot of walking around,” she says. “She loves just being outside right now.”

Soon Katie will be heading back to work: “I’m going to start a film in about a month-in-a-half called Mad Money with Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton. I play a young girl who’s part of three women who rob the federal reserve.”



  1. kelly says

    does suri ever match or wear shoe’s??? she look’s like a ragga-muffin. it is rubbing off on katie to. all the money they have….please cut that child’s hair.. and run like hell,tom he is so possesive. and a freak…..please dress suri and put shoes on her. the kid already has bad hair day’s like tom. katie you need to change the lock’s so you can lose tom’s family. i would go crazy if my husband’s parent’s and sibling’s and freind’s lived we me. why are they there?? you and tom got married you should tell him you want them to leave. how is it your house?and privacy, you have none. katie please speak up for yourself and stop letting tom run your life. you can’t even make a movie without him comming along to. you need to put your foot down and stand on your own to feet, trust me if you don’t do it now,you will be sorry, you are a great person as well of mom and actress. you need to unload about 180 worth of weight(tom). you really need to beleive in the religion you have in your heart. don’t change for tom. i went thru the same thing, my husband is famous as well. but, if you stay in a controlling relationship. suri will find a man that will treat her the way her dad treat’s her mom. you will have alot of medical bill’s to pay for suri’s psyciatric sesson’s.

  2. Miapocaa says

    The smokign gun had records of Toms Divorce , Suri Birth certificate etc..yet no marriage certifcate…..so I doubt there was any sort of “regular” legal wedding. And when do you buy someone a present that is actually meant for your enjoyment???? A plane indeeed…she will be leaving that marriage with her clothing and whatever Tom decides she is entitled to , incase you havent noticed he divorces before 10 yrs so the woman can have no claim on his property..thats what he did to the woman he claimed he was madly in love with before this one…seems ppl are on some king of scn juice to believe all this made up production shit……………..

  3. bebet says

    # 22 you need to read every article about katie so that you will not judge and accused her falsely. she was married to tom cruise twice. first in july 2005 secretly in scientology ceremony. baby suri was conceived after marriage. tom cruise bought the plane in 2005 as a wedding gift to katie. please read a lot about katie so that you will know more about her.

  4. Miapocaa says

    Due to all teh nast comments generated on TMZ, the publcist has nto sent these picctures there,…afraid of the nasty comments are we…such publicity whores,…they know exactly where to peddle their ‘normal” family pics. hahahahah

  5. Miapocaa says

    I think they left all the loonie out of clearwater and celeb center to make the adorable comments


    FACT: Suri is jsut like any other baby, prettier than some and uglier than others

    FACT: Tom cruise is gay and cannot father childrens, unless they used a date reape drug and turkey baster y’all are delusional

    FACT: This family is not normal…go peek at Affleck and Jennifer..Normal with a capital NNNNN.

    FACT: They belong ot one insane cult and they live on a communal compund including Toms whole fmaily, they have all been sepreated form their spouses including his mother…sickos sickos sickos….

    FACT: Holmes needs to get a refund for whoever butchered her face and gave her tha jawline….insecurities even with all this money..maybe she should have stuck to the shopping spree..she should have spen the money doing her leg…bad posture as always
    Scientologist, no w go back to cleaning the midgets floor…Adios

  6. Anne says

    Get real, Katie did say that she was sticking to her no sex till marriage rule after she had split with CK and she was a subject of redicule as I remember. I guess Tom overwhelmed her.

    Of course selective memory works for all you haters since you very same people brought it up when she had just started going out with Tom. I think it is the reason Tom jumped on Sofas if you ask me but ofcourse he could not say it, every one would have jumped on him!

  7. courtney says

    sooo soo soo sooo soo cute by far the most beautiful celeb baby eva!!!!!!!!


  8. getreal! says

    yeah right…do you REALLY buy into the story that katie gave her virginity to tom??? hahahaha….how could she ‘give her virginity to her husband’ as faci states above..when the product of her pre marital sex was actually in attendance at her wedding….and i think her ex fiance has a few comments about her so called ‘virginity’…how naive faci…katie is a very beautiful woman, yes, but she is no saint…beauty isn’t everything..

  9. faci says

    what i like most of katie is, she is the role model for other girls here in states. she just give in to her virginity to her husband not just to a boyfriend. she has the most beautiful baby in ther world.

  10. faci says

    very beautiful and elegant looking, she is the most beautiful actress in the world for me. beside being beautiful she is so down to earth and very sweet. her daughter is the most adorable and beautiful i ever seen.

  11. yourcomment says

    i totally agree with fancy…kalistabrat – to comment that fancy’s kids will be retarded just shows the kind of person you must be….get a sense of humor and some perspective on all this….and then grow up…i’d rather be ‘jealous’ than cruel and spiteful…and personally Anna – i find people like YOU tiring and boring….its all individual isn’t it….

  12. Anna says

    Kalista Brat#12 you are spot on. People like Fancy are really tiring and boring to no end. Good on you to give her your piece of mind!

  13. Nicki says

    11. Fancy ~13. Fancy ~~~~~~~~~~
    Oh gawd girl 😆 I missed your wit and humor. Thank you for making me realize what I missed here!:lol:

  14. Fancy says

    Kalista Brat, as usual you leave this little corner of cyber space aglow with your witty bon mots and graceful prose. I quake in the wake of the literary prowess and flashing rapier like wit that is your shadow.

  15. Kalista Brat says

    Fancy you’ve obviously been on a mushroom trip stupid! Your pathetic the reason you are really here is because your jealous your kids will be retarded and you’ll be too broke to afford spending time walking your kids like Katie can. I think you are the one who needs to be abducted by aliens and set free in space where you will fall forever and ever and ever like a comet and burn into the nothingness!

    I can’t wait to see more pics and know more about Suri the little princess!

  16. Fancy says

    That must be quite the track they’ve worn into their back garden!
    It will be interesting to see what happens when she goes on location to film. How many minders will Crazy Tom send along? Will Suri be allowed off planet Cruise to go with Katie? Will Katie be allowed solid food again? Ah, the suspense, the suspense!

  17. Lauren says

    Marriage and motherhood seem to suit Katie really well. Tom may be kinda loco but Katie has really matured. Suri is an adorable kid as well.

  18. JACKIE says

    I have just watched the video of this and Katie is so nice and polite to all the photogs who if I were her, the moment I see STAR or us weekly I would break their mikes. She is glamourous and all so grown up too.

    I just love this girl.

    Tom went with Suri for Oscar practice according to Yahoo and took onto the stage, please get us some pictures.

  19. Kayleigh says

    It’s lovely to hear something quite refreshing like this, katie is a brill mum and very pretty. suri will grow up to be a model, love this family 😛


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