Katie Holmes & Suri!


Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes, 28, was snapped with 10-month-old baby Suri and Tom Cruise’s mom, Mary Lee at LAX on Thursday night. Tom Cruise was not with them.

On Wednesday, Katie attended the “V-Day and Glamour Honor Women in Conflict Zones Working For Peace” Gala in LA.



  1. says

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  2. Jasmine says

    Aww poor thing! She’s adorable…but there’s always this sad && lonely expression on her face in every photo of her. And she does seem older than ten months…but still adorable =)

  3. bebet says

    93. Miapocaa, you are so disgusting and so jealous of this family. suri is the cutest hollywood baby.

  4. mitch says

    I noticed that the few comments in baby suri’s picture are disgusting, especially saying suri is ugly, this shows that brangelina camp are biased, evil and vicious. while in brad and shiloh’s picture, i noticed that no one say that shiloh is ugly, but the truth is she is a bit ugly, her hair, her facial expression and she looks like a 6 months old baby. when baby suri was 7 months old during her parents wedding, she is so alert and smart looking as if she knows what’s going on. the fans of tomkat are well behaved, educated and god fearing.

  5. Kalista Brat says

    Some of you people are appaling, especially you people who say such disgusting things about Suri and her parents and then make their religion an excuse to call them crazy. Leave them the fuck alone, they are more normal than you are, you go around saying nasty things about a baby whos more pure than you are. You have problems to go so far!

  6. cherisse says

    i think she is cute don’t forget that she about to turn
    11 months on March 18th oh i forgot her b-day is coming up soon she will be 1 yr old on April 18th.

  7. faci says

    rose i agree with you on karma stuff, but they can be forgiven anyway, shiloh maybe will be beautiful when she get older. those who comments negative stuff about baby suri are vicious and jealous.

  8. Miapocaa says

    I think they left all the loonie out of clearwater and celeb center to make the adorable comments


    FACT: Suri is jsut like any other baby, prettier than some and uglier than others

    FACT: Tom cruise is gay and cannot father childrens, unless they used a date reape drug and turkey baster y’all are delusional

    FACT: This family is not normal…go peek at Affleck and Jennifer..Normal with a capital NNNNN.

    FACT: They belong ot one insane cult and they live on a communal compund including Toms whole fmaily, they have all been sepreated form their spouses including his mother…sickos sickos sickos….

    FACT: Holmes needs to get a refund for whoever butchered her face and gave her tha jawline….insecurities even with all this money..maybe she should have stuck to the shopping spree

    Scientologist, no wgo back to cleaning the midgets floor…Adios

  9. Rose says

    Faci you are right, I just seen those pictures too and I thought they had adopted a white child. In the truth on closer look she does look like them, but she is way too ordinary for a baby whose pictures fetched that much. She also seems to have no personality at all and not exciting. Such a pity!

    Suri on the other hand is so exciting even just to look at her. At the wedding she was so alert and excited as if she knew what was going on. She is very beautiful too and I had never seen a baby with such long hair. She is beautiful all round and I hope we see her more often.

    Do you think it is Karma? That Brangelina have a homely child because they are adulterers? many people think so.

  10. faci says

    since i saw katie in dawson creek, i really admire her beauty. i always make sure to watch every episode. she has a type of beauty that is so rare, i’m so happy that baby suri is very beautiful like her mpther.

  11. faci says

    i just saw the latest picture of shiloh with brad pitt, i was so dissapointed with what i saw, i never expected that. sorry to say that she is just a very ordinary looking baby. i thought brad and angelina could make better looking baby than shiloh. i like jennifer aniston more than angelina, but i’m not biased in my comment about shiloh. baby suri cruise is very beautiful and the cutest baby in hollywood. katie is very proud of her.

  12. carleigh says

    we are looking at an aging tom cruise in drag..sorry, that’s what i see when i see his mother.

  13. hasanyonenoticed? says

    does anyone else think that toms mother looks like a very hard faced woman…to me, she always comes across and cold and calculating, though to be honest i don’t know much about her at all…does anyone else know more

  14. vise says

    hi katie, nice for you to join use . I love your daughter suri she is so cute and adorable. I wish you all the best in marriage and motherhood, you is a very sweet lady. And you desire all love and happyness. Don’t worry about gossip just be happy and love you deserve it. love you katie feel free to write me back. have a nice day.

  15. whateveruk says

    Ever heard the saying that beautiful parent’s make average looking babies and not so beautiful parents make stunning babies?? I think all babies are cute in their own little way, may not be the way they look but their actions, moves etc make them all unique =)

  16. Maddy'smom says

    I think she is still as beautiful as the first pictures we saw that everyone made fun of! She is a wicked mix of her mamma and daddy…Beautiful girl you have there Cruise’s.

  17. Nicki says

    Ella Bleu Travolta looks like an older version of Suri. Ella looks just like John, but she is very pretty. Suri is a pretty baby, and looks like Katie, but I think if you look at pictures of Ella now, you will see pretty much how Suri will look like in 5 or so years. Very pretty girls, but almost the same look.

  18. carleigh says

    I think Suri is precious, love her dark hair and pretty blue eyes..however….just wondering what does a “typical American baby” look like vs. a typical British, Canadian, etc., etc. baby??? Just curious as to why that statement was made, because to me it makes no sense at all. JMO

  19. Kayleigh says

    Angie, as i said, i feel sorry for you! I ain’t replying no more, you have shown how pathetic you truly are.

  20. says

    how old is this child she is cute but she growing up fast must be scientology.I agree about the comment of Shiloh being average sometimes God punishes children due to the sins of the parents sorry for her and cause she does’nt smile she makes it worse

  21. Dirty Birdy Patrol says

    ENOUGH ALREADY KIDS!! Have you done your homework? You better be in that bed by 9:00 or you’ll be eating your cold cereal in a 5X8 cell. Dirty birdies will NOT be tolerated on this site. I sure hope you don’t kiss your parents goodnight with those foul mouths.

  22. angie says

    kaylegh you are the retard! so fuck yourself bitch. And quit talking shit, and keep your stupid little comments to your self i don’t care or want to have to keep telling your fucked up ass off.

  23. Katie Cruise says

    Thank you soo much for all of the wonderful, sweet coments about our sweet Suri. We are very proud to be her parents. She is a very good, smart, loving little girl. All babies are special and unique in their own little way!

    Thanx again, Kate!

  24. Nisa says

    I must admit I am also disappointed by Shiloh. She is sweet yes, but totally average, like Bluebell Maddona, I expected more after all that hype. Atleast Suri lived upto her hype. Just imagine if they had hidden her for all those months and then she appears on a magazine cover looking like Shiloh. Just for the record, I don’t know about you but I find Katie more beautiful than Angelina.

  25. maggie says

    Like I said it before and # 54, all I see in the streets are bald or blond with green eyes babies. Im not saying that shiloh is an ugly baby, shes adorable, but shes like any other baby in the USA, and you dont get to see many babies like suri, who is absolutely beatiful

  26. Kayleigh says

    LOL, Angie, you have just shown how common you actually are “go fuck your dad”? Yeah really classy! Pathetic!

  27. angie says

    #46 kayleigh. no you fuck off, better yet go fuck your dad that is if you have one. we have the right to express ourselves, so like i said go fuck your dad. sorry ass bitch. now don’t get me started. so just stay quiet and read the posts like a good little bitch.

  28. Kayleigh says

    Enough with the “hating tom”, sick of it now, you lot don’t know what the fuck your going on about and Suri is Tom’s! Grow the fuck up!

  29. May says

    Kayleigh, don’t get me wrong of course Tomkat are good looking but there were so much anticipation to see what Brad and Angelina’s baby were going to look like because of how her parents looked but it turn out she is average looking baby where as Suri’s parents were called all sort of things including the baby but she turn out to be one adorable baby.

  30. Kayleigh says

    may, tom and katie are most definately better looking than brad and angie, thats why they made a gorgeous baby. get it right!

  31. May says

    Can you believe it, Brad and Angelina two of the most beautiful people produced an average looking baby and Tom and Katie who both are average looking but they had a unique and beautiful baby. Weird huh?

  32. Hana says

    OMG! seeing Suri just made my day…she is one cute baby and definitely the most beautiful celeb baby around and next to her is Violet Affleck. Tom and Katie should have more babies.

  33. lookclosely says

    she has the stare of an autistic child, lights are on but no ones home…like her mamma….

  34. Karina says


  35. leah says

    Nikki, I understand where you are coming from, I love Shiloh too and I would like to be loyal to BAMZ but you gotta admit, there is something about Suri that makes her special and different. She is not your baby next door and definately not a typical American baby.

    She has that wow factor that makes you want to look at her over and over again. I know she is a child of Crazy Tom and I wish she wasn’t, but she is way cuter than Shiloh. Shiloh is cute too, but Suri is in her own league. I mean she is the only celeb baby with a head full of hair and those totally exotic eyes.

    I bet Mr Cruise is smug for having one on us. lol .I can’t wait to see her grow. I wish they did not hide her. She just made my day in that picture.

  36. jay says

    nikki do you have beauty blindness syndrome?, you need to open your eyes wider, no doubt baby suri is the cutest hollywood baby.

  37. Nikki (Preg) says

    really Maggie ? cuz i think Suri is a tipical Amarican baby and Shiloh is absolutly stunning and Unique!!! so…i guess we agree to disagree (don`t post back saying “w/e suri is cuter then shiloh..bla bla bla!!”) Cuz i don`t give a crap….

  38. itsme says

    well said number 22 i AGREE….
    she looks a lot better here than she did in the earlier pics when she was younger….although she IS very cute here now….you have to admit she was pug ugly around the time of the wedding….

  39. maggie says


  40. face says

    those nasty comments are just jealous, those bragging that their daughter is prettier or looks like baby suri are dreaming, she is very adorable and beautiful.

  41. Mama says


  42. sillygirl says

    Suri may be cute but Tom’s Mom is scary looking. You would think her mega rich son would spring for a face lift and neck lift. Maybe Scientologist don’t beleive in that stuff. Instead of spending that money on themselves, the cult would prefer that they tythe to them. They are all a bunch of freaks, especially his Mom cause she raised him. Glad he is not my son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Nisa says

    Suri is a doll. I know I have not commented for some time but when I saw her pictures around, I just wanted to see whether any site had more.

    Unless most of you are young, I can excuse your conspiracy theories but do you know how impossible it is to pull off scam after scam when your life is closely scrutnised by the press and the public?

    How can you even think that they can fake a relationship, a pregnancy, a birth, and a baby… I know Tom Cruise is good at what he does but even he cannot be that good. You are all just caught up in a world of fiction and fantasy. You watch too many movies.

    Though I thought Tom was sterile(am sure Katie thought that too, every one did) I thought the child was his given the fact that if you want to fool a public with a baby, you do not get the most exotic eye-catching baby from the adoption centre.

    She is beautiful that is granted. I can see her on the catwalk

  44. Angie says

    I tried to get lost but this site is bookmarked so I guess I am stuck. I think that Suri is very lovely, and quite resembles her parents. My remarks about the size of her simply had me wondering if Suri that was photographed in Italy with her parents was indeed her or perhaps a child that resembled her and Suri was not brought out so publicly for her safety.
    I’ve posted here for quite a while doll, and I’m not going anywhere. I do enjoy that I merited a mention in another posters’ blog. Quite a compliment, thanks!

  45. Jackie says

    WOW! I too wondered what an off spring of Tom cruise would look like and boy, she is such a beauty! What took him so long? May be it is just the long wait that makes her look soooo stunning, then again we took long to see shiloh again and she did not blow us away when we finally saw her this week. Hmmmmmmm.

    I say Katie, quit work and make babies if there is more where that one came from!

    She has so much personality for one so young.

  46. Lucia says

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!! she is gorgeous and i LOVE her big blue eyes….
    we need to see more pictures of this beauty…i think she looks a lot like her mom with a hint of Tom C. Nice combination…she is absolutely beautiful!

  47. Fancy says

    While I agree Suri is a very pretty baby, she is also the spitting image of actor Bill Mapother who is Tom’s cousin. Family resemblance I guess.

  48. Lauren says

    Suri is a gorgeous kid. You can tell Tom is her father, she looks just like him. In the first pic, she looks like a little baby doll. She’s going to be stunning when she gets older.

  49. Lauren says

    Suri is a gorgeous kid. You can tell Tom is her father, she looks just like him. In the first pic, she looks like a little baby doll. She’s going to be stunning when she gets older.

  50. Nikki (Preg) says

    Notice When everyone was saying how beautiful “Shiloh JOLIE-pitt ” was key word “Jolie” she called her ugly….now what is the toatle opposite of Shiloh?? and equilly beautiful little girl named Suri Cruise…Team Maniston…You may hate Angie but what if some day Suri and Shiloh are BBFL`s??Will you hate Suri then?(Probably) Cuz its just the person you are…Rude, arigent, Self centered, Bitchie , Mean , and a loonie!!!! GET A LIFE TEAM MANISTON!!!!!!!!!

  51. Miranda says

    Suri is so cute. Just look att her very focused eyes. She looks straight into the cam, just like she wants to say: Well, go ahead, this is me and I don’t care how many pics you’ll take. OH, what a cutie. Love her hair.

  52. fema says

    she’s a real beauty, please update with her picture every day. want more picture of her, very cute baby.

  53. Cyberkitten37 says

    What a gorgeous little girl! I see alot of Tom in her..and she definately looks 10 mths of age. She’s a beauty, that’s for sure 🙂

  54. angie says

    that child looks like the omen and i bet if they turn her around she is still bald in the back of her head.

  55. discodivaeva says

    Girls..have you all escaped from a mental institution, taking your meds?? You are all saddo wackos.

    All your comments are so OTT. Full of American Crap.

  56. says

    That is honestly the most beautiful baby I have EVER FRICK’IN SEEN!!!! What a gorgeous little girl!!! WOW is all I can say! Tom and Katie should have 10 kids together..they make the most beautiful babies!!! NO OTHER BABY at this point can honestly hold a candle to Suri, what a sweetheart!

  57. lovely says

    wow, what a beautiful and so so cute baby, she’s absolutely the most beautiful baby in the world.

  58. mitch says

    # 2 comment what a dirty mind you have, she is very innocent and very very beautiful baby. She looks older than her age because she is taking care of very well, proper nourishment , love and all stuff.

  59. mitch says

    # 2 comment what a dirty mind you have, she is very innocent and very very beautiful baby. She looks older than her age because she is taking care of very well, proper nourishment , love and all stuff.

  60. faci says

    She is very adorable, beautiful, and etc. She looks like both of them, katie’s facial expression and tom’s eyes. When I saw this picture I said wow, very beautiful baby. Angie # 1 comment get lost.

  61. MissyMama says

    I’ve always thought Suri is stunning. She is so unique looking. She has always has the most beautiful striking blue eyes, porcelin skin and dark hair…

    I do agree with the previous poster that she does look older than 10 months.

    Strange family, beautiful baby.

  62. Kalista Brat says

    I love that she is wearing a different color other than white like the other times did anyone notice that besides me? I think she looks so pretty here with those lips eyes and rich dark hair! I think shey looks sweet and gorgeous!

  63. Catherine says

    Well for the first comment made about suri i can say it is false from beginning to end she had beautiful blue eyes in the vanity fair magazine because i still have it and she looks the same 2 me but i think she looks like katie all over so adorable but i still think kingstons the best

    luv ya

  64. KMisaHO says

    All I thought of when I saw this picture of Suri was that she has on that same stupid clown collar that Katie was photographed in at the Grammys!

    Wow! I can’t believe that Tom is no where in sight protecting his “girls”. Run, Katie! Run!!!!!

    Just wondering #2, why did you have to use the “F” word when describing a baby?

  65. Most beautiful baby ever! says

    She looks like a beautiful doll! I have to say I’m soooo loving her eyes, they are so pretty and wide and that cute button nose! I remember back in the day when I used to wonder what Tom Cruises biological kids would look like, because I thought the dude was hot and I love the shape of his eyes and now I know what one of his sperms made and I have to say I think the dude has some good genes in his sperm cause this baby is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen for real! I saw a close up of her face from this pic and she looks gorgeous, I just want to see her again!

  66. Angie says

    Ummm…this doesn’t look like the same child as the one that was in Italy for her parents’ wedding(only 3 months ago-check out pics of Zahara, Kingston, Sean P., Shiloh, etc and you will see there is no huge changes in any of those kids other than growing bigger). She’s at least twice as full in the face, and much more mature looking. This kid looks much older than 10 months, the eyes have changed from brown to blue, and I am really starting to wonder what the heck is up with the Cruises.

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