Jack Black With His Wife & Son

Jack Black was snapped as he arrived in Los Angeles with his wife Tanya Haden and 8-month-old son Samuel on Thursday.

Jack Black
I really don’t know much about Jack Black…I think he was in a movie called “Lots of Nachos” or something like that.



  1. Bree says

    I love jack black he is such a funny man!! My favourite movie is “The Holiday” in which he starrs alongside Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jude Law.

  2. Brandi says

    My first inpression of the flippant comment at the end there was that whoever runs this thing knows him. He’s pretty famous. Otherwise, very lame captions.

  3. Fancy says

    Fell for Mr. Black in High Fidelity and have seen all his movies since. Can’t resist a man who makes me laugh!
    His loins are truly mighty!

  4. boo says

    I love Jack Black… the guy is flippin hilarious!
    How was the movie Nacho Libre?… I have yet to see it.
    Little Sam is gonna have a riot growing up with a dad like him…for sure!~*

  5. KMisaHO says

    Oh…and don’t forget one of the funniest movies ever….Shallow Hal (with celeb mom Gwenyth Paltrow). Baby Sam is very cute! I hate those Gerber Finger Food puffs he’s holding. My daughter choked on one when she was little…very scary!

  6. Diva says

    I think she was just dismissing him as someone she doesn’t see as being important. The remark “Lots of Nachos” was too flippant to be serious.

    I’m less and less impressed with the webmistress lately, she seems to have gotten a little catty.

  7. Just visiting.. says

    I’m totally with you, Tess. Ridiculous!
    No way is this webmistress some “celeb mom” as she claims.

    Yes, and he was in King Kong too, for Pete’s sake!

  8. Tess says

    Give me a break! If you’re going to comment on him, at least Google him so you can get the name of the movie right. It’s Nacho Libre. He was also in School of Rock and numerous others. He is a great actor and very funny.

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