An Expectant Jordan At The Beach

Jordan (Katie Price) was snapped looking very pretty in her bikini on February 19th. She and husband Peter Andre are expecting their second child together this summer. Jordan has a four-year-old son named Harvey from a previous relationship.

Katie Price & Peter Andre


  1. emma says

    hi all jordan is shit hot mama wish i looked like that at 5 months pregnant instead i looked like a house lol

  2. Jenna says

    I’m sorry, she just looks friggin riddiculous with that little body and those gigantic boobs! It doesn;t look good. You people are obviously blind.

  3. kirsty says

    Jordan ( or Katie Price as she likes to be known now) is not someone I would refer to as a lost soul. She has had tough times, with her abortion, and Harveys dad (Dwight Yorke) not being there for her or his son, not to mention her miscarriage, but she is a very strong woman, and Peter treats Harvey like his own, which is all a mother can wish for. I think they are an amazing family, when Harvey is ill, everything else is dropped, no matter how important it may be, and they stay by his bedside, come hell or high water. This is the sort of family I admire, they stay strong in the face of adversity and only care about each other. I can’t wait for the new baby to be born, and hope Katie gets the little girl she wants.

  4. sunnydayz says

    She is a very confident and successful business woman, who has made the most of her assets. She is in a very loving and secure marriage and apart from the constant worry over her dear son of 4 Harvey, Katie is blissfully happy and Peter her husband who adores his stepson, Harvey and is very hands on Father with their 1 year old son Junior and both are looking forward to the birth of thier 3rd child. I wish her all the best and having recently seen Peter and Katie performing can say they are doing very well at the moment! (she does intend to get a breast reduction at some point!)

  5. says

    I think she should have her breasts reduced after the birth of this baby!! she was supposed to have them done some time ago, but got pregnant. She’s not a lost soul, she is going through the happiest time of her life now, I think her troubled past has long gone! Her, Peter and the boys make a fantastic family – we love them here in the UK.

  6. Lissa says

    Wow. Who is in charge of taking down ridiculous and absurd comments that have nothing to do with the pictures? Should we find her and make a request? That is so embarrassing.

  7. boo says

    Oh my, that hurt my feelings , really it did 🙁
    You know what, this is a Blog, people come on here to read comments and make comments , so unless I’m supposed to know in advance which stupid ones you’ve made I don’t know how you expect me to Not read them!!
    And you know I’ve been called a bitch many times before, I take great pride in being one, Thanks Very Much!! 😀

  8. OMG says

    YOUR A F*CKING PSYCHOPATHIC LIAR. You wrote this yesterday

    i did Raven Symone’s make up for That’s so raven. I used to doBritney Spears make up for her Dream within a dream tour and I work my way place to place doing makeup. I also did Vanessa Anne Hudgens make up for her video Come back to me and I did Hilary Duff’s Most wanted cd cover. I did Jessica Simpson Ellen DeGeneres show interview. And that is pretty much it. I am set to do Kathrine McPhee’s make up later on and JoJo’s.

    Boo-dont f*cking read it then. Im not talking to you bitch!

  9. Me says

    So sad that her unborn baby won’t benefit from breastmilk with those monster silicon boobs on her chest.

  10. boo says

    Honestly this whole thing with Angelina being fake is really getting old, maybe she is and maybe she isn’t….who gives a shit, Can we just drop it Already, please!~*

  11. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    No, i never said that i did Jessica Simpson’s make-up. Jeesh. You find every way to make me look bad.

  12. OMG says

    You should know Angelina if her face looks like Jessica SImpsons right? You are Jessica Simpson’s personal make-up artist arent you? Besides whos looking at her face.

  13. Paula says

    That’s why she’s leaning backwards, so she won’t fall forwards. Her boobs definatly take away from her cute pregnant belly.

  14. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    Look closely : Doesn’t she look like Jessica Simpson in the face?? Her boobs are too much. They cover her whole torso. Amazing legs. I don’t think that she has one child i am ot sure but i think she has a second child names Junior.

  15. lil says

    Beautiful woman was way too much bust in my mind. So I asked my boyfriend what he thought about them. Either he was humoring or really honest but he thought they were a few cup sizes excessive to his taste.

  16. boo says

    I wonder if she has any back problems because of her ummm “assets” being that big?…lol.
    she looks beautiful, and has a really cute pregnant belly.
    Jen- it’s so sad to hear of her troubled life… I hope things look up for her from here on out!~*

  17. Jen says

    “Wow.” What more can I say? That’s the most fabric I’ve ever seen on a bikini. I don’t know who this girl is so I looked her up on Wikipedia. Sad, sad life so far as far as she had an abortion, break-ups with fathers of her children (before and after births), a blind child, and she herself seems to be a lost soul. God bless her.

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