First Pic Of Britney In Rehab & More Details Of Her Breakdown

(Sorry…image removed.)
Britney checked into rehab late Tuesday morning at the urging of her concerned family and friends.

Britney is seeking help at Malibu’s exclusive treatment facility, Promises, where she is pictured at above.

“Extra” recently got an exclusive tour of Promises, where patients share a room during their average 45-day stay.

Promises founder Richard Rogg told us that patients are at a very low point when they seek help.

“You have to hit a mental, spiritual, emotional kind of bottom,” Rogg said. “It’s that place where you are too afraid to go on living and too afraid to die.”

This breaking news comes just days after Britney shaved her head, and on Monday, “Extra” discovered new clues that may explain why Brit gave herself a buzz cut.

According to a stunning new report in OK magazine, Kevin Federline was at the pop star’s Malibu mansion on Friday when she arrived home from rehab, and a blowout between the exes broke out.

“They had a huge argument,” revealed OK’s Rob Shuter. “Kevin threatened Britney that he was going to have people test her hair to find out exactly what she’s been up to. She was so scared. That was what made her have her head shaved.”

We have also learned where Britney fled to Friday night after daring to go bald; she reportedly showed up at L.A.’s chic Mondrian Hotel in an electric blue wig.

Sources revealed that Brit was seen shaving her legs at the pool and crying after she was refused a room.

“She didn’t have any credit cards, she didn’t have any cash… I don’t even believe she had any I.D.,” dished US Weekly’s Katrina Szish.

Szish added that Brit’s bizarre behavior was noted by the staffers who dished, “she was depressed and confused.”

“The general consensus is we’re seeing Britney have a breakdown before our very eyes,” Szish told us.

After Britney’s sudden downward spiral, her friend JC Chasez expressed his concern from across the Atlantic.

“I feel bad for her,” JC said to MTV U.K. “I’ve known her since she was 12 years old; she’s one of the sweetest people you’ve ever met.”

Chavez also pointed out, “A divorce at age 25 is never going to be easy; the one person she trusted more than anybody in the world is not with her anymore.”

Love and blessings to Britney and her babies.



  1. S says

    So many people concerned about one stupid girl that they’ve never met. If you all focused your attention on your own life as much as you did Britney Spears life maybe there wouldn’t be as many divorces and hate in the world. Britney Spears is rich and young and bascially felt she could do whatever the hell she wanted and went over the line. The paparazzi and Kevin Federline all drove her insane. Kevin Federline is going to get exactly what he wants: half her fortune and the boys all because she couldn’t keep it together. If I never saw her on TV or the Internet again it would be too soon and since hell isn’t going to freeze over and because hell is empty because all the evil people are here on Earth well I guess she’s going to be on TV and the net for a long time and torment us she will.

  2. N says

    “I also saw somewhere that people were coming forward to say that they were Present while the ever lovely Britney got stoned on Ecstasy and Cocaine”…. this was posted by BOO…. This sounds very credible….. (JOKE) and you actually had the nerve to post it as if it was fact. You are delusional too. …. You saw somewhere that people were coming forward…. Well hun where did you see these things and who are these people? Do you know for sure that they were her nannies? What are there names? People do lie… as you can see Angelina PHC above…..

  3. says

    Why the need to discredit someone? For what reason, do you feel better about yourself by belittling another? Whether Angelina is telling the truth or not doesn’t really matter does it?

    Angelina from experience take it with a grain of salt, be who ever you want to be, this is an entertainment blog and I think Angelina adds entertainment!

  4. youre right....... says

    #38 Jenna. Angelina PHM is a total liar, who can’t keep her lies straight. She says she’s 8 weeks pregnant (due is September) with her first child…and yet I just read this on the Brooke Burke post:

    4. Angelina | January 17th, 2007 at 7:11 pm

    woa!! lok aat that belly no strech marks or anything. earlier in my pregnancy in about october i had realy bad ones. Now they are just fine. She is really pretty and it seems like she just annouced that she is pregnant. That was really short. I dont really like the shirt though. If yuo hvae any questions regarding fashion or make up feel free to aske me beucase my profession is a make up artist and i also specialize in fashion. Just ask me right here

    CAN YOU SAY PSYCHO???????????????????????

  5. Jenna .M. says

    Anglenia PHC, you’re a fake. You say you’ve done all that celebrity make-up? Well guess what? I just did an intensive internet search for you and I can’t find your name anywhere. Surely a make-up artist of such famous names would have her name somewhere on the internet?

    Apparently not. Surprising.

  6. boo says

    That interview Is also been copied and pasted on the “britney leaves rehab after 24 hours…AGAIN”…or some of it at least, I put it there a while ago. 😀

  7. maggie says

    well i just read an interview from britneys boys nanny, and she says that when britney hierd her she didnt ask her anything about her experience, and brit doesnt like when sean prefers to stay with the nanny so she look for a new one, I really dont blame that poor kid to prefer his nanny from his mom. You can read that interview on Celebrity baby blog

  8. BC Girl says

    Dori – I have a question for you…. how do you figure that those kids “have a better life than your kids OK???”

  9. boo says

    O.k Dori, I may not have the money that Britney Spears has but as for her kids having a better life then mine is completely off, Her children are in a very unstable environment, different people watching them every day, never seeing their mother, and when they do she’s likely hung over, or burnt out…. but where are my kids they are with me Every minute of every day, when they wake up first thing in the morning who feeds them ME, when they want to play hockey who’s there to play net ME, when they fall and scrape their knee, who is there to kiss their booboo ME, when they need a bath who’s there to make sure they are safe in the tub ME, who is there to read them a story and tuck them in at night ME, who is there to scare away the monsters under their bed or in their closet Ummm that’d be me.
    Just because a person has money doesn’t make their lives better, the kids don’t care about how rich there Mother is, they just WANT and NEED her… Period…!
    But the fact is Brit is too fu**kin’ busy with her own life to worry about her kids, and it’s not cool, she’s had so many offers from so many people for help and refuses it… who’s problem is that HERS!!
    I also saw somewhere that people were coming forward to say that they were Present while the ever lovely Britney got stoned on Ecstasy and Cocaine…. oh well thats indeed a stable , wonderful environment for 2 little babies to grow up in.
    So as for not the critcizing her for being a bad mother, SORRY sweetheart, but I call em as I see em…. and Brit Brit is far from being a good mother, in fact she’s not even half way there.
    And I didn’t know it was a crime to sit on your “fat ass” to play around on the computer during the day…. Hmmmm, My bad! but wait a minute I seem to recall seeing your name posted up on here on many different occasions, so who the hell are you to talk.

  10. dori says

    And as far as the babies go. Her mom is probably watching them so for crying out loud stop criticizing her as a mother.
    When I read these comments it makes me ill. People sitting on their fat asses at home at a computer judging a celebrity whose life is falling apart andf all you can say is aww those poor babies. Those poor babies have a better life than your kids OK???

  11. dori says

    you know this is all very sad. She goes into rehab and the paps follow her there . She can’t get a break. Thats probably why she left. She can’t be left alone even in her time of need.
    I don’t know if she’s a drug addict For all we know she’s having post partum depression big time and a failing marriage and fame put that mix together and you get one ugly mess. And thats poor Brit. She needs help and to be left alone for god sakes.

  12. dori says

    you know this is all very sad. She goes into rehab and the paps follow her there . She can’t get a break. Thats probably why she left. She can’t be left alone even in her time of need.
    I don’t know if she’s a drug addict For all we know she’s having post partum depression big time and a failing marriage and fame put that mix together and you get one ygly mess. And thats poor Brit. She needs help and to be left alone for god sakes.

  13. N says

    Even if she shaved her head at home she would have to come out in public sooner or later… Who are you to tell her that she cant come out in public. She is a human being before she is a celebrity. Why should she have to stay couped up in a house because she is a celebrity… That is a stupid comment. Maybe instead of paps harassing them when they are doing normal things..the paps can harass her when she is coming out with a cd…or promoting a concert or something.

  14. who cares says

    Maybe now we’ll see the “real” K-FED. I would absolutely love it, if he stepped up and showed the world that there ARE father’s out there capable of looking after their babies. I believe he could do it. I’m sure he could do it a hell of a lot better right now than Britney herself. My god. I feel for those boys. Maybe Angelina and Brad can adopt them!!!

  15. jenna says

    any one just hear?
    She just left rehab…..again. after staying for one day.
    Now I hope they take those kids away from them…all of them. K-feds a retard. Britney obviously doesent want to be a mom anymore, HER moms an asshole, pimping out her two kids to make them inter national stars, all so she can drive a nice car. this is why shes all screwed up.
    Her mom dragging her half way across the US to audition for everything, shes one of those evil stage moms from hell. Smooth move Spears family.

  16. cherisse says

    what i think is she completly gone insane i mean why in the hell would she save her damn head? She looks like a funny alien. I mean apart of me feels that she is trying to get attention then the other part is telling me that she just want somebody to see that she needs help and seeing if anyone would help her. But for the first time i can not believe that i am saying this but i am glad that she finally woken up i mean what the hell was she thinking in the first place going out every nite, hanging out with Paris Hilton i mean u see how she turned out, and for the first time K-Fed being right. That was scary for him to be right about her. So i guess i wish her the best of luck.

  17. Diva says

    I don’t like her, either, but REHAB PAPARAZZI??? Come on, she doesn’t stand a chance if people won’t give her ANY space to clean her act up. I know it’s another addict’s excuse, but she’s using these pictures and lack of privacy as a reason for leaving treatment this time…. is it so important to get pictures of this chick smoking that we all don’t care about her or her kids’ life?

    Yeah, yeah, I know, she’s a celebrity, she doesn’t “deserve” privacy….

  18. reporterandmom says

    SAD SAD SAD! BRITNEY needs help taking care of herself at the moment ! so i think the two small boys need their father at this time more then ever! & i give kevin credit hes trying to be responsible for those boys and Britney clearly can’t take careof herself right now let alone 2 babies so so sad I Feel for those boys ,What good is all that money when all they need is love right now. Britney needs to do whats best for her babies right now & if that means letting Kevin have them on a full time basis till she gets help then so be it! Think of your boys Britney!!!

  19. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    BC Girl-
    i did Raven Symone?s make up for That?s so raven. I used to doBritney Spears make up for her Dream within a dream tour and I work my way place to place doing makeup. I also did Vanessa Anne Hudgens make up for her video Come back to me and I did Hilary Duff?s Most wanted cd cover. I did Jessica Simpson Ellen DeGeneres show interview. And that is pretty much it. I am set to do Kathrine McPhee?s make up later on and JoJo?s.

  20. Lauren says

    I hope Britney truly understands that she needs help in her fight for recovery and that she has two babies at home depending on her. She needs to grow up and start being a mother to those boys.

  21. BC Girl says

    Angelina – you are just getting caught in a web of lies. I cant stand people like you. Its just lie after lie after lie. How can you live a life like that?? I know a few people who are just like you… feel the need to make up all these “amazing” stories about their life (aka – Im Britneys make up artist hahahahaha) just to impress other people.
    About Britney, its great that she has gone to rehab, but I can almost guarantee you that she will not stay there. This happends only too often with celebs, they go to rehab and either check out right away, or stay for a bit then relapse right away again. Best of luck to her though… Those poor babies of hers need their Mama back!!

  22. Paula says

    My posts aren’t showing up, A gain! Anyway, KMisaHo I agree, and is that a size label on her pants? It wouldn’t suprise me if she checked out of rehab. She’s not ready. Did you see the link Boo sent? You can’t tell me she’s not on something? And Angelina, I don’t even want someone sending me a thank you, that’s getting your email address. And NO, I’m not signing anything to help keep Britney Spears out of the media and who is going to listen to a bunch of die hard Britney fans anyway? Can’t be more than a 100 out there left. Plus, Britney is really going to be pissed if the paps start leaving her alone. She might have to leap from a tall building in single bound to get her attention then. Face it, she loves this!!!!

  23. boo says

    Apparently she has checked out again, according to Perez Hilton, ET is reporting she checked out of the centre this morning and there is no reason why!!….I really hope that this is not true~*

  24. KMisaHO says

    Paula, maybe Angelina (PHM) is the most important person in Britney’s life…haha (Just kidding). And no! I’m not signing an online petition so a bunch of nut-cases can have my email address!

  25. KMisaHO says

    I think that Britney should of taken the size label of the back of her pants before entering re-hab :). Anyway, and as far as giving Britney her “privacy”…that is a bunch of B.S. Everything this girl does is a publicity stunt. She could of easily of shaved off her hair in the privacy of her own home, but what did she do? She went to a very public hair salon and did it in front of a window. If she really wanted privacy, there are ways of doing so. When she announced to the world that she was going into rehab (and the name of it) she kissed all her “rights to privacy” good-bye!

  26. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    I never said that i know her so well. I just did her make-up. I didn’t go to her fro special info. about her life. What do you think i just went up to her and said Do you do drugs? no. You guys are really harsh. I don’t know who the most important person in her life is that is gone now. I am not an expert on her. Did anyone sign the petition??

  27. Paula says

    If Britney Spears didn’t do any drugs why would the threat of KFed testing her hair run her to the rehab? And Angelina, if you know her so well, you should know who the most important person in her life is.

  28. OMG says

    Paula, Angelina revealed in one of her posts (Glamorous Moms @ the Golden Globes) that she was Britney Spears personal make-up artist. See?

    33. Angelina | January 18th, 2007 at 4:54 pm

    “I used to doBritney Spears make up for her Dream within a dream tour”

    If anyone should know if Britney Spears has done drugs it would be Angelina! She WAS there!

  29. Elaine says

    I think the webmistress should not have used this picture. It is too invasive. Celebs are people too and its not an excuse to say because they have public personas, they are fair game at any time or place. Everyone deserves some privacy. Also there will be people there who are not celebs who will have been affected by the efforts made by the paparazzi to get the photo in the first place.

  30. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    Well………yup, ok. She never showed any signs of drugs. But please you guys please please please sign the petition it is on my ther posts where to sign. It would really mean a lot. I have a question – In the last paragraph, Chavez said the person that she only trusted is now gone, who is that person? Justin??

  31. Tina says

    Sorry if you guys think this is invasive. If she didn’t want her life invaded she should have did her drugs at home and shaved her head at home and had her breakdown at home. She’s invaded our lives with her public behavior and stupidity. So naturally we’ll watch her life go down the tubes. Hope this helps but I don’t think she went in voluntarily. She had to be threatened by KFed before she’d go. She’s over but not over her addictions!! Stupid girl, had everything and flushed it down the toilet!!

  32. Paula says

    Angelina, I understand your concern about Britney. It is a shame that she has reached such a low in her life. But I disagree with you on if she wasn’t famous she wouldn’t there. Famous people aren’t the only ones that do drugs and get into trouble. Britney just has the means to stay at expensive rehab centers. Britneys fame didn’t put her there, Britney put herself there. There are lots of celebrities out there that live good lives without starting drugs. She may have done this even if she’d have stayed in Kentwood. She has kept herself in the media’s eye for so long with all of her antics from day one, what do you think the media is going to do with this? They aren’t going to leave her alone now. If she would have just stayed home and done her drugs she wouldn’t have been so public. She could have shaved her head at home too. Knowing that paps follow her every move, again she made bad decisions. I do feel bad for her but she has done this to herself and can blame no one else. Lets see if this is going to help her, because as one poster stated she has to want it for herself and if it took threats of testing her hair to get her in and she didn’t go voluntarily then she wasn’t ready. She’ll go through the motions and get out and then be back at it again in a few weeks. Until she’s ready, nothing is going to help her.

  33. boo says

    I really hope for her own sake and the boy’s that she sticks this out and gets the help she needs, she deserves to be happy and so do her kids, she’s done a lot of stupid shit that everyone ( I included) are irritated with and can’t stop going crazy over but now she’s made a step towards a Promising future and a good life, for the first time on this blog I am wishing Britney Good luck, get your shit together, get your life back in order, but first and for most, GET HEALTHY.
    Best Wishes to you Britney!~*

  34. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    Guys, webmaster who ever you are, can you please not post pictures of britney in rehab because that is just invading her privacy. I am not only doing this becasue i am a die- hard fan its because i love her and the media is thre ason and the paps are the reason why she is in there. Do think that if she wasn’t famous that she would be in there. Thee is a petition going around and it is located at a Britney Spears website and you can sign the petition there or at all you need to put id your name and email address and write a little note to her or wirte some thing to defend her like leave her alone. I would really like for you guys to do this. Britney needs all the support she needs not photo agancies hovering over her and stalking her while she is trying to get help because of them. Thank You so much and Please- all you have to do is sign. It’s easy.

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