Angelina Jolie & Zahara Enjoying Mardi Gras

Such sweetness! Angelina looks very happy and relaxed here with two-year-old Zahara yesterday.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. Barbara Jean says

    I too think it is strange that there are not many pics of Angelina holding Shiloh, but mostly Brad and Shiloh. It looks like she has no maternal feelings or connection for her own child. That is sad.

    Why doesn’t Z ever smile? She always has the same expression on her face, one of a very unhappy youngster.

  2. dori says

    And whats happened to all her great charity work? Since having Shiloh and securing her relationship with Brad she longer feels the need to prove she’s a good person? Now she can be her self…. a husband stealing homewrecker?
    What comes around goes around, sooner or later she’ll lose him because he was not hers to begin with.
    You’ll see…. 5 years from now they will not be together.
    I just hope he gets to keep his child. It’s clear he adores his little girl and Angelina doesn’t seem to care.

  3. Christine says

    “monkey in the middle” ?! that was uncalled for. However, Angie obviously does not have self love if she can refer to her biological child as a “blob”. She also talks of not having the same connection with shiloh because the other children have suffered and she can relate to THAT!! It’s obvious that Angie is reacting to shiloh as a part of herself that she does not love. How else could a mother state that she felt a stronger bond with her adopted children. Note.. how many pics of angie with shiloh how many with brad and shy? She often opts to hold the adopted children and not the newborn!! STRANGE!!!!! STRANGELINA!!!

  4. dori says

    That Zahara is butt ugly and never smiles. And Angleina standing there like shes enjoying herself only makes it look more odd. Adding children will only make Zahara more insecure and jealous. What up with these people? Can’t they see the monkey in the middle is already showing signs of emotional distress?

  5. Amaya says

    By the time she gets her new child and the adoption is finalized there will be about the same time between Shiloh and the new child as there is between Shiloh and Zahara…I don’t recall anyone saying that Jolie loved Zahara less or was being unfair by having a child naturally as well?

  6. pb&j says

    I think jolie is scared that she loves her bio baby more and is compensating/proving to herself that she doesn’t by pushing another too soon to shiloh adoption. frankly, it’s normal to love your bio children specially because you carried them inside your body. it’s blood of your blood, flesh of your flesh kind of thing. jolie give some good quality time to your existing children — you can’t save them all.

  7. J.Rae aka Team Jolie-Pitt says

    Sometimes I feel Angie does love their adopted children more than her own. But deep in her heart I think she loves them all. Have been afraid since her Mother’s death she would go and adopt again to help her thru her grieving period. She is such a strong will person and pray with all my heart that she and Brad do not break up. They are a beautiful couple and are good parents. It is good to see Brad’s Mom visiting with them. Just hope she loves Mad and z as much as that will bring her and Angie closer.
    As for the rumors that she caught Brad looking at Jen’s new nose job, that is normal I think. The rumors are that she call’s her ex’s so tit for tate. Just wish that Jen A. would get over Brad and go on with her life. She is not bad looking but she is no Angelina. Give Vince a chance Jen. He may not be a Brad in looks, but seems to put up with you. If not Vince, give some other men a chance. I did and got a Angel of a husband. Try it. We have been married 33 1/2 years now.
    Think Brad and Angie should go on with their counseling as a lot of couples need it. Nothing wrong with that is there.

  8. Bree aka Team Jolie! says

    FYI Team Aniston, i think you completley mis understand angelina as in the interview where she commented on Shiloh as being a “blob”, she was infact just agreeing with the interviewer and therefore would never have referred to daughter in such a way.

    I thought you would have understood by now how what celebrities say in interviews, or agree with, is often twisted by the media. I am pretty certain that this was the case with that particular interview!

  9. star says

    you all are fucked!!!!!!!! get a real life and stop fighting over stupid shit. why don’t you all give a big computer hug and say you are sorry.

  10. Jenna .M. says

    Team Aniston, you may not like Angelina Jolie but slagging off her INNOCENT CHILDREN is really, really low.

    All children are beautiful, wonderful beings. Aesthetics mean nothing. Angelina obviously has a very big heart.

  11. says

    #/22/23 Bree:
    FYI, she DOES NOT love all her children dearly, she ONLY LOVES her adopted children..Shiloh to her was a mistake and is a blob, Angelina said she did not want biological children, the article was on here as well! Where have you been?

  12. Bree says

    I think its great how Angelina isnt as shallow as you people – she doesnt just adopt the “prettiest” baby in the orphanage. She is a great mom and loves all her children dearly, no matter how cute they are!

  13. Bree says

    I think its great how Angelina isnt as shallow as you people – she doesnt just adopt the “prettiest” baby in the orphanage. She is a great mom and loves all her children dearly, no matter how cute they are!

    I seriously feel sorry for any furture kids you’s may have, because clearly looks are all that matter in your world!

  14. says

    All I have to say is you ladies all must have PHOTOPHOBIA… You all really seriously need to get your EYES CHECKED! You know what I’m talking about!

  15. Momma UK says

    I happen to think that Zahara is a total cutie, I think she must be quite a serious little character as we don’t see her smiling that often…….and yes please more pictures of Shiloh !

  16. NO NAME says

    Angie looks really happy and at ease in this picture. Maybe she’s not getting as hounded by the paparazzi with all the other news going on from California and the Bahamas. I do agree, Z hardly ever smiles, but I’m sure she is a happy lil’ girl. I like seeing pics of ALL the family but guess I’ll just have to settle for this. 🙂

  17. says

    Wow, #6 & 7, let’s hope you’re not pregnant (or planning to be) or planning to adopt…you have no idea the hurt you would cause a mother by talking about her child that way. Some of you are just a BIT too preoccupied with how cute or pretty someone’s child is. They’re NOT the same as their parents, who have intentionally placed themselves in the unmerciful hands of the public to scrutinize, they’re KIDS, leave them alone.

  18. Lacy says

    wow, she does look happy. i think she has a beautiful family. i don’t think she loves shiloh any less than she loves mad and z. i know what she means when she said that “blob” thing. many other celebrity parents don’t take out their babies, and angeling has a bigger excuse than any other celebrity parent because the world is obsessed with her. z is a pretty little girl, i’ve seen her smiling in pictures-planned pics not pap pics. i hope the best for them all.

  19. KMisaHO says

    #7 – Whoever you are! First, learn to spell. Second, why do you call me “high maintenance” just because I have to wear sunglasses due to an eye problem? That does not make sense, and therefore, you are an idiot! BC Girl, I know that post was not from you. You are much more intelligent than that! I think I know who it was to!…someone who types really bad and tells really, really big lies to make themselves look better…(I think you know who I’m talking about, BC Girl!)

  20. Jenna .M. says

    It would be better if we all had passwords for our names, then no-one could do that.

    Angelina looks healthier in that picture than she has done recently. She also looks very happy, I hope she is recovering well after her mother’s death.

    I think Zahara is cute, she looks like a right little character.

  21. Nikki (Preg) says

    wow now that i think of it some one was bin usig mine…..but stopped after i kinda freeked…

  22. Terry says

    Its so great seeing Angelina with her daughter Zahara, she is such a beautiful little girl,and It’s good to see Angelina smiling again because it was sad to know that her mom died!!

  23. BC Girl says

    Hmmm ok… someone has a little too much time on their hands. #8 was not written by me KMisaHO. We all know who it is, its that same person who has been changing their handle for months now. You need to get a life whoever you are. Is something like starting a fight under someone elses handle really all that entertaining to you?? If so, you are a sad excuse for a human being.

  24. BC Girl says

    Well KMisaHO, wow you are soooooo high matinance. you dont wanna ruin you pretty little eyes!!! god that is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny.

  25. BC Girl says

    I thought that Z was cute as a baby, but now she is starting to look a little ‘different’…. Ahhh well, as long as they are happy I guess…

  26. oriana says

    Good to see her looking happy since the sad loss of her mother, however, as usual, Zahara never smiles, and is not pretty at all! The older she gets the worse she looks!

  27. pika says

    I was saying the same thing to my friends just the other day….we never see Miss Z smile. I hope she smiles when she’s not on display!

  28. KMisaHO says

    I have very light colored eyes (as does Angelina). I also wear sunglasses everywhere I go because I suffer from a condition called photophobia (light sensitivety) which inflicts many people with light colored eyes. Unless you know her personally, do not jump to conclusions. There have been plenty of pictures of Angelina without sunglasses.

    This is a great picture of Angelina and Z. Looks like she is really enjoying herself!

  29. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    I love how Angelina dress so laid back and normal compared to other celebs. Zahara is pretty cute in this pic. I am just wondering but does Angelina wear and sleep in sunglasses? Because there is not one time when we don’t see without sunglasses. Just wondering.

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