Melanie Brown Out & About Sporting A Bump

Melanie Brown & Eddie Murphy

Melanie Brown (aka Scary Spice) was snapped out and about. She is six months pregnant. She asserts that the father is Eddie Murphy (though he is contesting that). Ponyails are becoming quite de rigeur for pregnant gals these days….evidenced by Tori Spelling. Though a hard look to pull off, they can be quite cute.


  1. Michelle says

    I don’t mean to sound disrespectful but what the hell did Eddie Murphy see in her!!! Talk about scary looking!

  2. Ruby Jackson says

    That’s definitely her tattoo.

    What’s with her face? Her skin looks so blotchy. Poor thing.

  3. MissyMama says

    uhm, that is NOT a very good pic of her. Actually doesn’t even look like her at all.

    But I shouldn’t be too judgemental having been “really” pregnany myself x3… 😛

  4. Jenna .M. says

    That barely looks like her at all. If it is, she looks like crap.

    I used to be a huge Spice Girls fan when I was a kid, and had an enormous crush on Mel B.

    Judging by that name though, I’d say she definitely deserved the moniker “Scary Spice”.

  5. carleigh says

    She looks really, really bad. Just tired and worn out sort of way. I will bet it’s all because of the stress Eddie Murphy is putting her through, I do kinda feel sorry for her and hope her pregnancy goes well.

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