Jordan, Peter Andre & Harvey Leaving The Hospital

Katie Price & Peter Andre
This pic of Jordan, 28, (her real name is Katie Price), husband Peter Andre and Harvey was snapped about 6 weeks ago. They were leaving the hospital after four-year-old Harvey (Jordan’s son with soccer player Dwight Yorke) was hospitalized for burns caused by a bath tub accident on New Year’s Eve. Katie is about 20 weeks pregnant now. Their baby is due this summer. Jordan and Peter have a one-year-old son named Junior.

Jordan has said that she would like to have a daughter. “I don’t care as long as it’s healthy,” she said. “But we’ll keep trying till we get a girl anyway.”

For previous post about Jordan and her family click here!

P.S. For those not familiar with Jordan, she is a multimillionaire glamour model who is very popular in the British press.


  1. catsue says

    Hey BECKI (comment #30). You are 19 and pregnant. You need to go back to elementary school and learn how to write and spell first. YIKES

  2. catsue says

    Is that FAT ALBERT?
    That poor kid needs gastric bypass! He is mega-obese. Who is this woman anyways?

  3. BECKI says

    hi am 8 and a half mouths pregnant we me first child am 19 years old and am haveing a little boy i am a big fan of yours jordan and peter i think ur kids are so cute and i bet ur execellet u have a baby girl congratulations to both of u xxxxxxx all me love bec ill tell u when i agive birth x

  4. kirsty says

    does it matter if she is showing yet? what business is it of yours anyway? i bet non of you looked that good pregnant for the third time never mind first.

  5. wait a minute says

    the previous one was found on a jennifer garner post

    it’s funny you say that it said (pgh) so it couln’t have been you on the brooke burke post from jan 17, but you didn’t find out you were pregnant til the 29th, because i’m sure if you knew on the 17th you would’ve said so then….hmmmm, interesting

    From Heidi Klum post-

    2. Angelina | January 29th, 2007 at 6:42 pm
    OMG,!!! Ijust found out that i am PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1I am soo excoted!! I am due in September and i am soo happy. I need names ??its a girl. I was thinking Annie Rose Piri, what do u think of that?

  6. wait a minute says

    you didn’t change your name til the end of january,
    the first post was made on the 17th!!
    How do you explain that one.

    1. Angelina (preggo hot momma!) | January 31st, 2007 at 5:56 pm
    Hey y?all as u can see i changed my name so u can call me that now. Viloet is soo cute. She looks like she is teething, am i correct? I ove her cute bootsies. Is it me or does Jennifer look pregnant again look at her stomach where violets foot is. what do u think? btw, i am having TERRIBLE morning sickness, anything i can do about it?

  7. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says


  8. OMG says

    You’re a F*cking psycho “Angelina” First child due in September, huh? How come I just stumbled across this (Brooke Burke) post from you saying that you had stretch marks in October from your pregnancy. You’re a nut-case! Keep your lies straight psycho!

    4. Angelina | January 17th, 2007 at 7:11 pm

    woa!! lok aat that belly no strech marks or anything. earlier in my pregnancy in about october i had realy bad ones. Now they are just fine. She is really pretty and it seems like she just annouced that she is pregnant. That was really short. I dont really like the shirt though. If yuo hvae any questions regarding fashion or make up feel free to aske me beucase my profession is a make up artist and i also specialize in fashion. Just ask me right here

  9. OMG says

    SHUT UP ANgelina. DAMN EVERYBODY knows you’re pregnant. you say it every f*cking blog (Even when Anna Nicole died, you somehow worked your pregnancy into it!) If you have questions about you pregnancy, go to a pregnancy website. Yet alone, take your $90,000 and hire a personal ob/gyn. You’re a psycho (with multiple personality disorder. ie~ “Witchiewoman” KC” and “Mandy”) and you really need to learn how to spell!

  10. Jenna .M. says

    I have no idea. I certainly don’t think she would be able to breastfeed. Check it out on Google or something perhaps.

  11. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    Ya, i know she has implants, does that harm the baby that she is carrying???

  12. Jenna .M. says

    Oh yeah, #1 asked if Harvey was their only kid.

    No, Jordan and Peter have a one year old boy called Junior. Jordan also had a miscarrage some time last year.

    And yes, Angelina, she does have very large breast implants.

  13. Jenna .M. says

    The kid in the picture (Harvey) is Jordan’s son from a previous relationship. His father is footballer Dwight Yorke but as far as I know, he calls Peter “dad”.

    He looks older than four because of his various health problems. He has a serious growth disorder, epiepsy, autism and is partially sighted.

    Jordan doesn’t look pregnant in the picture because it was taken nearly 2 months ago, the webmistress was very slow in putting it up.

    I’m from the U.K. by the way so I know a bit about Jordan and the family. Anymore questions, just post and I’d be happy to answer 🙂

  14. C says

    In this picture I think that that little boy looks so cute! Yes he’s what? He looks like a teddy bear.

    maggie –
    Jordan is his mother but Peter is not his father. His biologival father is black.

  15. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    Also, it looks like Jordan has breast implants- is that really healthy for the baby??

  16. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    I am 8 weeks pregnant and i am not showing. Tam, getting a bump at 16 weeks- is that the average week a pregnant woman should start seeing their bump?? but I am noticing a bit of wait gain on myself. I am 122 lbs. now.

  17. boo says

    I’m aware of that thank you Mumba, I’m not an idiot, and I wasn’t saying that all people are going to start showing at the exact same time….I’m saying that she may possibly start showing around that time… I have a pic of me sitting on my couch at 13 weeks and I had a tiny round but obvious baby belly.

  18. Winter says

    If I remember correctly, Harvey has all sorts of health problems and that is why he is so big. He is also partially blind I think too. I don’t think he is completely blind, but someone may correct on that.

  19. Lovethebabies says

    Her son has a number of serious health problems. She has another baby with Peter Andre. And as the post says, this photo was taken 6 weeks ago – she is now 20 weeks gone – that would mean that she was only about 14 weeks at that time. And she is tiny to begin with. I think she is doing a good job and I feel quite sorry for her. She appears to be one of the most hands-on UK celeb mums – pls don’t bag her.

  20. Melissa says

    Her son looks way older than 4 years old!! Does he have health problems or is he overweight??? He’s not a really cute kid.

  21. boo says

    If shes 20 weeks then that makes her 5 mos and I don’t see even a little bit of belly, unless it’s just the view of the pic…. either way at 5 mos she should now most definitely have a bump… you should start showing at about 12 weeks Angelina, thats when I did, although some people do start showing earlier, but either way you should have a noticeable preggers belly by 12-15 weeks!~*

  22. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    She doesn’t at all look pregnant. Is that her only kid?? That purse that she has is soo cute. I am totally not a fan of hers though, just the purse. I guess she is waay early in her pregnancy. Hey, i am about 2 months along and iam not showing either so…… yup.

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