Chris Robinson & Ryder Gone Fishin'

Chris Robinson, three-year-old Ryder, and Kate’s brother Oliver Hudson enjoyed some fishing in Malibu. Kate is in Australia where she has been filming a movie.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson



  1. Scorpion says

    Chris is one of the sexiest men I have come across! Going by what he sings about and how energetic he is when he performs, his perspective on life is uplifting and soulful. If you judge people by looks alone you’d never find anyone worthy…

  2. Karina says

    In my opinion Ryder isn’t very cute, he takes too much after chris. I think in the Genre of long haired blonde boy, Presley Walker (Cindy Crawford’s son) is by far the cutest.

  3. Karen says

    How could Kate Hudson even have sex w/ Chris Robinson. He is the ugliest man I have ever seen. Ryder looks just like him – ugh!!!!!

  4. Lisa Lynn says

    Some of u folks are so judgmental. At least Chris is spending time with his son. Why must some of you nick pick every little picture you comment on?! Contrary to your own harsh opinions, they are normal people like us. I bet none of ya’ll are dressed to the hilt’s every second of the day. And do any of you even go fishing? If so, then you would know it’s not a black-tie affair. That is a very, very cute picture of Chris, Ryder, and Oliver. Some of you need to GROW UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!

  5. Diva says

    *not the previous diva”

    But I’m more inclined to agree with her than the rest of you who think that people should be judged as people based on their hair.

    Anyway…. that lil guy sure looks just like his daddy! If you shaved Chris I bet the resemblance would be uncanny!

  6. KMisaHO says

    Well…EXCUSE ME, Ms. “Diva”, you need to calm down alittle bit. All I said is I have never seen a picture of Ryder smiling. If you call that an “insult”, Man…you are way, way too sensitive and YOU need to “get real” And yes….my children are perfect (there would ne nothing for you to “insult”, but thanks for asking, though.)

  7. diva says

    And Amy i presume your kids look just perfect…..!!

    Ryder is a cute, goodlooking kid and his hair looks fab. Why the hell should he smile for the paps-who are complete strangers to him.

    Get real people and see if you like your kids insulted…

  8. amy says

    I have no idea what on earth she saw in him. He’s gross! That poor little boy is sooo pale. And the hair!!! It’s hard to say if he would be cute or not. Lets hope he never looks like his father. That guy needs some serious grooming.

  9. KMisaHO says

    I’m sorry, but has anyone ever seen pictures of little Ryder smiling? I don’t re-call any.

    (Picture #2)..”Get off the phone, Chris…and spend some quality time with your kid!” They’re only little once! (Sorry, can’t stand the Uni-bomber. Could never understand what beautiful Kate saw in him!)

  10. Lauren says

    How cute. It’s nice to see celeb parents actually putting their child first. Kudos to Chris and Kate and Ryan and Reese.

  11. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    I wonder what happened between Kate and Chris. I really like how they are sharing their kid, not like some Hollywood couples who fight over them. Kudos to them and also to Ryan and Reese. He loos like a good dad, but all he has to do is lose the do.

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