Rosie O'Donnell's Poem For Britney

Britney Spears

I really liked what Rosie had to say. I don’t understand every bit of it completely, but thought the overall message was inspired:

britney shaved her hair
out out damn spot

in the movie in my mind
she says yes
help me
and i do
we both connect – get through
she is saved

somehow so am i

the bottom for a celebrity
has too much cushion
money buys detachment
no responsibility

many moms –
of kids in ur sons class
want to shave their hair off
and get a tattoo

they dont because they cant
noone is there 2 watch the kids
what would the neighbors say

the pta meeting
would be humiliating
on many levels

real life
can save u
u have to – no choice

super rich 24 yr olds
who have spent half their lives
mary kate and ashley
miss britt
same same same

i want them to come live with us
thinking there is healing here
it worked for me

u can carve out something real
there in pretend-ville
real life awaits
as perspective shifts

compassion aids healing




    I think it was very nice of rosie o’donnell everyone say she has a big month but she tells the truth i love rosie we all need a wake up call and she calls it as she see it i just hope britney hears her and takes her help hey we have all been there one way or another and we should help one other if we can and i do not think fed ex should have the babys heis no better they need to stay with britneys mom and her sister so please britney dont let them poor babys get past around please get the help you need i dont even know you and i am saded with all of this i wish i could help you but i dont know how to get in touch with you so please if not for you then for them babys and your family the hell with everyone els ok good luck and god bless you and your family luv michelle i am a mom of 5 2 girls and 3 boys so i know how she feels

  2. reporterandmom says

    I Really Do Think Kevin Turned Down The Money Because Hello He actually Does Want Full Custody Of His Sons For Their Best Intrest Because He Sees The Life They Would Live Full Time With Britney With All the Hectic Lifestyle She Lives! He loves Those Kids & I Think he Should Get Them at Least Now For Full Time Until Britney Gets Help. I’m Sure Others Agree!

  3. boo says

    Thats your Opinion on him and your entitled to it….. I on the other hand feel as though he may be making an effort to change his ways just to change, Maybe he feels his partying and cheating and his being out of control cost him his wife and family and feels that he’s too old for this shit and needs the change… Or maybe he doesn’t care, but the truth is No one knows his reasons for doing anything but K-fed…And as for the acting skills, Well if you saw him gueststar on CSI as a “gangster thug”…Ummmm, he didn’t have that much talent there..that I found worse then his Rapping!
    In the end though You and everyone else who feels he’s a dead beat loser and always will be could very well be right…. But I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt…Right now I just want someone to get those boys away from Brit before she does something to them that she can’t take back…. I’m more worried about them being safe then anything!~*

  4. Olivia says

    BOTH of them are too immature enough and too self centered and selfish to be able to give those boys the devoted parenting they need. Britney is too out there and sinking fast. He is appearing to have cleaned up his act, but a leopard never not ever changes his spots. What we see may be all sweet and clean, but he didn’t give a rip about the boys before, I’d find it difficult to believe he does not. Neither of them are fit parents at this point. Perhaps acting is something he is actually good at and that is what you think you are seeing. Mark my words, if he has those boys, it will be party harty time with the boys money and I’m sure the nanny will be well paid and well you know what-ed also. He’s white trash and always will be.

  5. boo says

    I have to disagree Olivia, I feel that they do need to be Kfed, those little boys deserve to be with a parent that will care about them… the fact of the matter is since their November split Britney has been OUT OF CONTROL, and Kevin has been for the most part as calm and collected as one can get,, I’ve seen many pics and interviews with him promoting his album and working, doing his superbowl commercial, and the VERY RARE club appearance where he seems to be responsible, you don’t see him taking a new girl home every night or getting drunk and flashimg private parts…. the fact of the matter is he has cleaned up a lot over the past few months, he is actually looking kind of good and Brit has become a train wreck… maybe he is a bit money hungry but is it not true that he turned down a 25 million dollar settlement that Brit offered him because he wasn’t going to give up custody of his kids without a fight… that is probably 10 to 15 million dollars more then what he should’ve gotten from the prenup, so I have to say I’m not sure he is being totally greedy, I think he worries about his kids and truly wants to have them in his custody full time… and the way Brit has been acting lately, I can’t say I blame him.

  6. Olivia says

    It is all pretty sad actually. Sadder still how excited some people are about it. Beyond me how anyone can show such excitement over this, pity is more in order and thanking god your own ability to see this behavior is wrong. Curious also the fed-x comments as they do seem to be a light switch comments. Didn’t everyone hate him a way back? Curious now the gist of the comments seem to be what a wonderful guy he is. Could it be his stupidity isn’t in the press because he is too trashy even for the rags? How soon you seem to forget he is an idiot. Ya she is in a sad bad way, but to voice the opinion the boys should be in his custody is most assuredly nuts. Neither of them should have those boys until when and if maturity sets in. They are both selfish, out of control and immature, but good lord his interest in the boys certainly is the $$$$$$$ kfed-x will have access to.

  7. N says

    She shaved her head ….. So what!… I remember back when you ladies were wishing her hair fell out because she kept dying it and was ruining it with the dye, and changing her hair color too much. All of you were wishing she was bald then. Now your wish has come true and you call her crazy. You guys are crazy. No one knows why she shaved her head…. it can mean a lot of things.

  8. carleigh says

    They cannot use artificial hair i.e. “extensions” to make a wig for Locks of Love. Locks of Love takes 10 inches of human hair that they use to make wigs for cancer patients. Doesn’t anyone remember back when K-Fed actually grew his hair long and shaved it off and donated HIS hair to that very cause? It was way back when he first married Britney and he was sportin’ those icky braids.

  9. boo says

    Yes the pics are real crazy as it is…. I actually watched a news clipping where an employee that was present at the tattoo shop when this took place was saying, Brit seemed distraught and disturbed, people were saying she is looking like she’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
    Lets hope the boys are taken out of the house before she does end up snapping!~*

  10. Paula says

    Probably right Kayleigh but I’m thinking that’ll be the next step for her to get attention. I think People magazine was saying that the shop that she cut her hair in was the one that was going to sell her hair and donate the money to charity and all she had was extensions right? Who wants those greasy things? But I’m sure somebody out there will. Eeww! Don’t think she had enought hair for wigs tho.

  11. Kayleigh says

    I dunno who in the right mind would buy her hair, wtf would you do with it??!!

    Paula, i think the paper was wrong, as i havent heard anything else….and if she had, it would have been all over the news by now 🙂

  12. Miranda says

    The picture is real, right? I’m stunned. I cant believe this, it’s a bit of a chock. ALL OF HER HAIR?!! Why and WHERE did the hair go away? hello, Britney, grow up! It’s not just because of her hair I’m saying this, but I think she’s a terrible mom. I’m 16, and I AM WAY MORE responsible than her! She’s got two babies! I don’t know about their dad, I guess he’s not much better.

  13. boo says

    Did anyone hear that her hair is being sold on Ebay- first of all can I just say Ewwww!! And second have we not heard of the organization Locks for love, could she not just donate it, it would be enough hair to make a couple small wigs for children with cancer… oh but then again she wouldn’t be making any money off it so why would she go that route!~*

  14. NotAbritFAnanymore says


  15. Paris says

    Yah I Agree Those Babies Need at least 1 Responsible Parent! Britney Truly needs Help & She has The money to do it So DO IT BRITNEY! For the sake of your kids if not yourself!

  16. MDMOMINPA says

    Oh My!!!!! What Is Happening To Britney??????? Her Behavior Lately Unbeleivable & Bizarre! She Should Be Taking Her sons To The Park , Strolling Them At The Zoo ,Not Constantly Partyingggg & Thinking About Herself! Showing Off Body Parts &Acting Like A Teenager! Your A Mom Now Britney Which Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You Have To Be a Nun But You Could Take Some Classy Mom Tips From Jen Garner & Brooke Shields For Starters .Their Sexy But In a Classy Way Not Trashy! There Is a Difference Grow Up!

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