Good Morning Courtesy Of Brad Pitt!

Wow! Brad is featured in the new Interview magazine.
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

The following are some excerpts:

What movies do your kids want to watch over and over again?

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3D is real popular in our house.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

What do they think about your movies?

Oh, they don’t – they’re not really old enough. Got to keep some distance. Though I wonder what their perspective of the world is – go to the store and there are 20 cameras all fighting for a shot. They just think that wherever you go there are these random bands of crazy people with flash photography.

I want to see Brad’s movie with Kate Blanchett, Babel, so badly. Hopefully it will be out on DVD soon!



  1. kim says

    Jen look better now because the help of famous cosmetic surgeon Doctor Kondie in Beverly Hill. He fixed her nose smaller, injected her lip by collagen. tummy stuck, eye brown lifted chin implant and botox make her look younger but dangerous. She might get skin cancer later.

  2. Nicki says

    why get back with jennifer aniston? —They only reason they want Brad to go back with Jen………………..She never looked better than when she was (and only time we really saw them) walking down the red carpet with his beautifulness. Only way she looked good. I’m not saying she is fugly, just looks regular, like 97% of the everyday plain janes, that made them think they could find thier Prince Charming. She needed Brad to make her look good. Now she just looks regular and plain. If she would just get that curtain of hair out of her face, she might look a little better. But she will continue on with her pity parties and make them love her even more. Very sad!

    Brad is very yummy looking……lucky Angie.

  3. Abby says

    Well, he’s looking mighty fine. Brad’s looks have certainly improved with age.

    As to his personal life, well, I always reserve judegment to those actually involved in the situation because let’s face it, when it comes to celebrities – can we really say that we know absolutely everything that went down? Angie has opened up some but neither Brad nor Jen has addressed the state of their marriage pre-Angelina directly and perhaps they never will. It’s really not our business although for some reason we seem to think it is. Anyway, so with only the press as an information source and knowing there’s always more than one side to a story, I stay away from judging others and just wish them well.

  4. lil says

    No one really knows what went on in the JA/BP relationship. In Hollywood they change partners like people change socks. Brad seems to have more with Angelina than he did with Jennifer. Like KIDS. And he is always with them so he must care.

  5. rbe says

    seriously, what was so amazing about his relationship with jennifer aniston that he’s only attractive if he’s with her? what a person has to offer has nothing to do with who their girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife is! you know absolutely nothing about how their relationship ended (seriously, are you like her best friend, because no one knows), so you can’t say. let people be happy with what they choose in THEIR OWN lives, not YOUR LIFE!

  6. random says

    why get back with jennifer aniston? shes ugly and cares nothing except herself i mean all those years brad wanted babies but she wouldn’t because her “precious” body! i mean now with angelina hes happy and has a family and a LIFE doing people good! what did he do with jennifer that was so special???

  7. trish alexander says

    i think he still looks great but after what he did to jenifer aniston i have lost all respect for him. Now, if he was to get back together with Aniston I would think again.

  8. Fancy says

    Agree with KellyMay -Yummalicious!
    Rumor has it that Mr. Pitt is also in possession of sizeable, um, charm. . .

  9. Paula says

    Never thought he was that good looking. Never gave him much thought until he left JA, then gave him less thought.

  10. Lauren says

    He still looks good but I have no respect for him anymore. Maybe when he and Angelina break up but until then…ZILCH

  11. boo says

    Not interested…when he drops that twit Angelina then maybe I’ll have something nice to say… but until then, NO Thank You!~*

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