Ashley Parker Angel & Son

Ashley Parker Angel
Ashley Parker Angel, 25, was discovered on MTV’s Making the Band show and was a member of O-Town. He is pictured here with his one-year-old son, Lyric. Lyric’s mother is Tiffany Lynn, 31. She is a model and they are engaged to be married.
On son Lyric he shares, “I get it. This is what everyone’s talking about. It was such a rush holding him in my arms.”

Lyric looks so much like his mother!

Ashley Parker Angel


  1. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    I actually happen to think that she is very pretty. I have the same colour eyes as her. He didnt and couldnt take care of the baby because he as busy trying top find a job and financial problems and trying to make a living and a god life for them. Tiffany was lazy half of the show. He was not discovered on Making the Band but on There and Back. I know when he proposed it was so cute. I loved thatpart i watched it over and over again. Is their show still on?? I have no time to watch tv anymore. Lyric is pretty cute, wow he has grown since the show had started!! Why do people have to say such mean things about them??

  2. TLB says

    I wached the show and what a lazy couple. Ashley did not want to work and was not helpful around the house and his girlfriend seemed rude. She is very unattractive and I think the post said that she is modeling??? For who?? I cant imagine who would want her…..

  3. says

    Lyric looks so much like his mother and something else remember when ashley was like i used to get teased for my name when i was little and i dont want my children going through the same thing then why did he name his son LYRIC i think that little boy will get teased for his name too

  4. boo says

    I watched the reality show starring them “There and Back” a few times and saw how he propsed to her, it was so cute, he decorated the babies room up with dozens of flowers, had a little onesie specially made that sad “mommy, marry my Daddy” I think, he put the ring on a necklace around Lyrics neck while he laid in his crib… and went to Tiffany in the bedroom was acting like he wanted to get “freaky” lol, which she wasn’t sure if she was ready seeing as she had only had the baby a short time before… then the baby started crying over the baby monitor so she went to go get him and Ashley acting as though nothing was happening told her to just give it a few minutes and see if he’d go back to sleep on his own, but Mommy wouldn’t wait, she went in the room, ( and he followed her in) she saw the flowers went to the crib saw the ring and was too cute, she teared up and obviously said yes… but I just thought it was so original, what a way to get your newborn baby involved in your marriage proposal. So Sweet.
    Anyway Lyric is such a neat name for a musicians son, fits perfectly… he is so adorable and has gotten so big.
    I wonder if Ash and Tiff have set the wedding date yet??

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