Uh Oh…This Doesn't Seem Good!

This left me speechless when I saw it this morning!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Yesterday Britney shaved her head completely bald at a Sherman Oaks, CA tattoo. She also had red lips tattooed on her wrist. Hmmm…

“She wasn’t making sense at all and you could tell she’s not in a good place at all, and that she is totally freaking out,” reveals Emily Wynne-Hughes, an employee at Body & Soul, the Sherman Oaks tattoo parlor where Britney  got a black-white-and-pink cross tattooed on her lower hip and red-and-pink lips on her wrist.

Hughes tells Us Weekly, “She was a nightmare to deal with. She was screaming and flipping out from the pain and wiggling her body all around.”

At one point during Britney’s one-hour visit, Hughes asked Britney why there was a pink stain on her fluffy white handbag and Britney said she had “spilled Nyquil all over it.”
Double uh oh!

When asked why she shaved her head, Hughes says Britney replied, “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everybody touching me.”

Everyone at the tattoo parlor was shocked by Britney’s bizarre behavior.

Hughes, who was appalled and concerned by what she saw, adds, “After she left the shop we all just looked around and said to each other, ‘We just saw a huge celebrity on the verge of a nervous breakdown.'”

Britney checked herself into Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Centre in Antigua “two or three days ago” but left after just one day and headed to Florida…then to California.

On Tuesday, her former personal assistant, Felicia Culotta, wrote in a letter to Hollywood.com’s That Other Blog that Spears’s friends and family were trying to get her help, but were not having much luck.

“There’s just so much you can do to help a person,” Felicia wrote. “I cannot convince her in ANY way to love herself. … I cannot save her from herself, nor can I commit her to any type of treatment program against her wishes and will. I am throwing my hands up and realizing that I am helpless over another.”

Britney herself later wrote in a letter to fans on her Web site, “If I were you I’d be unhappy too if I had to read what I’ve been reading every day. But trust me, I get it. I know I’ve been far from perfect and the media has had a lot of fun exaggerating my every move.”

Maybe she is experiencing some kind of postpartum dementia. Poor Brit…



  1. says

    Hey Brittney I just want to say good luck in rehab and good luck tacking care of your kids I am 18 year’s old and this is my last year in school and I an specal ed classes and and I am going throug rehab to of my behaver and I will pray for you everyday and your to kids Sean and Jayden I have all of you stuff like movie’s cd’s like them kind of suff will good luck hope to here you again and I will pray for you and god love’s you alot and he love’s me to your #1 fan Kayla

  2. reporterandmom says

    next we’ll be seeing britney & kevin in a court room battling for custody & money! outrageous!

  3. carleigh says

    #69 Antiobiotics only treat bacterial STD’s then you have the lovely family of viruses that there is no cure for like HIV, HPV, Herpes….and those are not treatable with a simple does of penicillin or amoxicillin. Those are the one’s that stay with you for life! Those viruses are treatable but NOT curable…hope Britney is using condoms or something!

  4. TLB says

    I have to say that it is cause for concern when anyone starts behaving erraticly. I watched my cousin self destruct and eventually died at age 31 (although he was childless) and what a painful thing to go through knowing that he was not able to get well. It was not that he did not want to get well I think the drugs made it so that he could not get well. He had no friends, his girlfriend committed suicide and his parents told him not to come home until he was well. He had nothing. I think that is how Brittney feels. My heart breaks for her. I think that part of her mental problems she can not control on her own. Post partum dep. can be dabilitating and with out some medical help (not self medicating) she will never be the same again. I think she thinks that by giving in to getting help she is losing the control she so badly wants to have over her life. What she doenst get is that right now she has no control and she wont until she gets some help. She needs some major TLC from family and friends if she is going to make it through this. It is really really sad. I just feel for her. I would not ever want the life she has.

  5. Lil says

    #62 No accounting for taste. Some people will as you say do ANYTHING. That’s why they invented antibiotics.

  6. Braydie says

    I seen a Tv report that said someone told her that her hair was in such bad shape she should shave it all off and start over. but who knows……

    to Don’t hate!!!:~~~ she does everyone else…why not you too???

  7. Paula says

    I think KFed got a bad rap. Looks like he’s the sane one. And no #62 shaving your head doesn’t make you a bad mom. It’s all the other stuff that she’s been doing that’s made her a bad mom. You can “do her” if you want, just look out for one of your major parts either getting real sick or rotting off.

  8. carleigh says

    Actually Kevin has been the one keeping a low profile through this whole situation as far as the partying yes he does do that but not to the point where he’s on the cover of the daily rag mags Monday thru Friday. I think Britney was messed up long before he ever came into the picture, it’s just now that Britney is acting out in public whereas before she always had a man around to corral her bizarre behavior before it became an issue. I haven’t heard anything about an overdose but it wouldn’t suprise me sadly enough.

  9. Nikki says

    #42 actually Brits mom is very stable i have read her bio and without “Lynn” She would have become a mom at 16 im not kidding her mom has litterly bragged her from parties
    Oh and her fathers name was “Jamie” people there called him “Mr.Jamie” and there second daughter was named after them both
    “Jamie-Lynn Spears” But ya “Jamie” was a horribble influence on them all (L/B/J-L)But he loves his girls and sapports Brit in every way she is lucky she has to loving parents who would do anything for her!! I wish my family was like that!!!:P

  10. Don't hate!!! says

    All of you stupid mutha fuckas need 2 quit hatin on Britney and get a life!!! shaving your head doesn’t mean that you are a bad parent i feel sorry for all you dumb, sorry hoes cuz i think she looks sexy!! and i would do her any day!!!

  11. sweetie says

    I think if she doen’t get any help soon she is going to be the next ANS, so sad for the boys the don’t deserve any of this

  12. Amanda .M. Harrisod says

    She needs a few good people with love and hope to stick by her and stop HATE’N I love and care about people in worse shape and I WILL ALWAYS BE A TRUE BLUE BRITNEY SPEARS FAN !!!!! She Will B Ok!!!!

  13. Paula says

    I really don’t think she wants those kids but just doesn’t want to admit it. She thinks if people thinks she crazy then they won’t put down on her for not taking care of them. That’s my opinion. What better way to get Keven to get custody of them? She knows what’s at stake here. She just doesn’t want them. She’s not the only one that’s ever done that.

  14. Kayleigh says

    Paula, it doesn’t say much all it says is britney was rushed to hospital last night over a suspected overdose, the nanny had found her unconsious.

    But don’t forget, newspapers can make up shit cause this is the first ive heard of it and it hasn’t been on the tv, so i dunno whether to believe it…

  15. Paula says

    Britney has made her bed! There are hundreds of celebrities that live low profile lives. I don’t feel sorry for her because one minute she’s complaining about the media hounding her and the next she does something that will make them want to hound her. What does she think is going to happen? She’s done everything to get attention even if it’s negative attention, she likes the attention and likes reading about herself in the magazines. Theres been pictures of her in People looking at magzines with her picture on the front cover and all the thousands of pictures of her she never looked upset over what she was reading, in fact she’s always either laughing or smiling. There is definitely something wrong with her and I’m sure some people have told her to stay home with her kids but she can’t seem to do that. Goes to show that all the money in the world won’t bring happiness to a person. And people need to stop blaming her parents. After awhile a person needs to start blaming themselves for what happens to them. As far as pressure to look good for fans and the media I don’t think Brtney has ever had that pressure. She’s come out of the house looking pretty nasty at times and does she think shaving her head looks good? No! And I agree with one poster that ANS was getting more attention than her at this time. Notice everytime something else would happen with another celebrity that was in the news she did something bizzare? Think about it. Everytime. She is the media whore. And she will try and commit suicide soon, but it will be and almost situation, just for the attention. Just watch. She’s running out of things to do.

  16. MDMOMINPA says

    Also Wanted To say Britney Should Be Spending Time Taking Her Sons to the Park,Strolling At The Zoo,I Just Don’t Get It ,If You want Children Then Be With Them .I See People All The Time That Actually Want Children & Would Give Anything If they Could Conceive a baby! Then I See Things Like This & It Makes Me Wonder Why You choose To bring A Baby Into This World & Be So Selfish . I Agree With The Comment Above Me ,I’m Just Going To Pray For Her Somethings Definitely Wrong Here!

  17. MDMOMINPA says

    As I Commented On another Blog About This, WHAT Is She Thinking?????Unbeleivable!!Britney Is Acting Tottally Bizarre Lately ,Partying! Showing Off PrivateBody Parts!!!passing out!Acting like a teenager!!!!!! YOUR A MOM Now Britney Which Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You have To Act Like A Nun But you could Take Some Classy MomTips From Jen Garner, Brooke Shileds & Katie Holmes,Their All Sexy Moms But Do It with Class! Theirs A Difference Between Being Sexy & Classy & Sexy & Trashy!!!!! Grow Up!!!!

  18. says

    I have never written on this before but i just felt that i had to comment! Over the years i have never been a fan of Britney Spears, and i still don’t listen to any of her music. But now and than i have seen her on the cover of a magazine, sometimes looking happy and other times looking sad and “alone”! Why do we as people ALWAYS have to judge and put down other people? Britney got famous…yes!!! And i KNOW MANY MANY people would LOVE to have the money and looks she has and many of the other celebs, but does that REALLY bring happiness? Divorce after divorce…….? Not even that, imagine having to keep up with your looks and body just to PLEASE all of the fans and the media? I seriousely couldn’t imagine, and that’s why i would never want to be a celebrety! I have decided to PRAY for Britney instead of judging her and hating her because of what she’s doing and what she’s DONE! Jesus can ALWAYS forgive!!! ALWAYS!!!!!! And He Loves Britney just like He loves all of YOU! I’m sorry i sound like a crazy person i might be one in your eyes, but i have seen enough rude comments so i just couldn’t let it go! Britney Spears is lost and feels alone…ALONE in this world and the ONLY answer is JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!! I’m sure all of you have bad days, we ALL have them. What brings YOU joy in this world? I know things that might bring joy for a short time….but REAL JOY that LASTS???? I am sure many could NOT answer this!! Lets PRAY for Britney! (John 3:16)

  19. Elaine says

    I feel sorry for Britney, and her children – she seems to be in a bad place just now and appears to be very unhappy. She could be ill – Post natal depression does seem to be a possibility especially with her children being born so close together and the additional stress of her marriage break down.

    I am surprised the tattoo parlour agreed to do the tattoos if she was so out of it. Are there not rules obliging the artist to ensure the person understands what they are doing?

  20. Shea says

    I haven’t wrote in awhile however i gotta comment on this lol.
    Britney is a media whore and since so much attention is on Anna Nicole Smiths death shes gotta attempt to do something to sway the media her way. I don’t feel bad for her ass in any way. She did this shit to herself. I feel bad for her kids though, wow what a embarrassment.
    LOL to Braydie, I thought the same thing when I seen that she shaved her head !!!!!

  21. KMisaHO says

    This evening, my 4 year old was sitting on my lap while I was looking at pictures of Britney’s bald head on the computer. My son turned to me and said, “Mommy, turn that off…it’s really ugly and scaring me!” Dang! If she can scare my kid, she’s gonna scare her 2 little boys for sure! Anyway…she really has an ugly shaped head, don’t you think? It looks all bumping! (and I know those bumbs aren’t brains!)

  22. CanuckMom says

    I wouldn’t be surprised to hear another headline that Brit has overdosed or committed suicide…..This is a sad, sad thing to watch someone crumble like this, no matter what you may think of her parenting or her lifestyle. I’m sure she realizes that her life as a popstar is over, her kids hardly know her, and she hasn’t got a friend in the world…what’s next? My best friend took her life and we watched her struggle with mental illness and addiction. It was only after she knew that she wasn’t going to be able to have the life and career that she wanted that she made the decision to end her life. Watching Brit, I think of her, and the strange things she did shortly before she died….way too similar…..eerie even…

  23. Hager says

    OK, someone posted about Britney’s Loving parents…I read somewhere, they’ve got their own problems, the dad “James” is into hookers and the Mom “Lynn” is a crazy stage mom, watch out JAMIE LYNN!!!
    Britney never had a chance with those two.

  24. boo says

    I don’t think she looks pregnant, thats just looks like a whole lot of loose baby weight…. she just hasn’t toned it yet.
    And 1234, Carleigh is making a lot of sense in her posts, so back off, Everything she has said I’m sure 90% of the people on here agree with her in one way or another… the fact is everyone is worried about those little boys and afraid for them.
    I think she needs to be be treated for postpartum depression, phycosis, and/or dementia… I believe is what all those disorders are called… because I’m willing to bet she has got something to that affect wrong with her!~*
    Having a baby, a divorce, a death in the family, negative publicity from compromising pics and partying, and everything else going on her life I’m sure all those things have had a huge effect on her and are probably gradually making things worse!
    I truly do fear for those kids.. especially after Reading the post from KMisaHo, I only pray that Brits kids don’t end up like that… someone needs to help her NOW, before something terrible happens, be it against herself or the boys!!!

  25. Lia Noelle says

    its official: Britney has LOST IT.

    i guarentee it, she is going to loose her kids soon. she is just not a good mother, or influence, at all.

  26. Lia Noelle says

    its official: Britney has LOST IT.

    i guarentee it, she is going to loose her kids soon. she is just not a good mother, or influence, at all.

  27. Kayleigh says

    1234, please stop causing trouble with carleigh, she is only speking her opinion like everybody else.

    Thankyou. 🙂

  28. Maggie says


  29. carleigh says

    1234..get a better more original screen name. Firstly, I didn’t make a medical diagnosis did I? No, I simply stated that I hope she gets the help she needs as soon as possible because of the fact she has two little boys and she’s gotten so damn bizarre it’s scarey. I didn’t say I had an ounce of sympathy for her either, I said I just hope she get’s the help she needs before she becomes the next ANS. It’s sad primarily because we have ALL watched this discent into madness and it’s horrible to watch her do this in the eye of the public and to watch it play out. Back a few years ago Britney had a white hot career and was riding on the crest of the fame wave, now she’s sunken into the very bowels of humanity, how can you say that’s not a sad thing to watch unless you have no heart. You are certainly entitled to your own opinions just as I am to mine, and from what I have watched and how I personally feel, it’s a lose-lose situation on all ends and that’s what makes it all the more tragic and heartbreaking. If you are a person of compassion and care about the welfare of society’s children then how can you not care an one ounce about what happens to their mother?? We all feel sympathy and our hearts go out to ANS’s daughter, why should Britney’s boys be any less deserving of our concern and sympathy as well??? Because Britney isn’t dead yet?

  30. 1234 says

    Carleigh…. please stop being the doctor on this site we don’t necessarily agree w/ you about everything so just get over it……… i feel sorry for Brit herself,her kids and her family friends and fans. It is very sad and I hope she gets the help that is needed. But I personally don’t think she is on drugs. I totally think she gets drunk alot but there has to be a reason she wasn’t always like this, So maybe something happened that we the public don’t know about that messed her up. I am very sad for them all. And hope she gets her life together. And also Carleigh you speak like you actully have known her for years…..it looks to me YOUR the attention seeker. And i also agree w/ daria

  31. Kayleigh says

    yes carleigh i do agree that shes an attention seeker, but seriously i have no sympathy for her at all, she has brought this on all by herself, in my eyes them kiddies should have been took off her by now, if it was any of us doing all this shit, our kiddies would have been took off us a long time ago but people think “oh she’s a celebrity, she has nannies so it doesn’t matter” and it’s wrong! Personally i really do hope KFed gets the kids, really i do…she has gone too far now and i’m sorry to say but i give it a couple of months before there is an announcement saying she has been found dead.

  32. carleigh says

    Kayleigh that’s one way of thinking about it, but look past that fact and just consider everything that Britney has been doing to herself since she announced her divorce in November. She’s not just doing this for attention, she has a real, viable issue with mental stabilty and it’s been readily apparent that it’s progressing downhill quickly. It’s sad to say but yes she is an attention seeker, she loves and craves being the center of all this media attention which would totally explain away her obessive need to pull all of these “look at me! look at me!” stunts, but Britney’s issue’s are far deeper than just an unhealthy fixation and feeding an inner need, she is really wacked out and she desperately needs help before she becomes the next ANS!JMO..but she needs a major intervention and some phsycotropic medications and therapy pronto or she will self-destruct just like poor Anna did!

  33. KMisaHO says

    2 weeks ago, 5 miles from my house, a mother stabbed to death her 2 beautiful young daughters, 3 dogs and their pet mouse. Again, everyone saw that she was heading for a mental breakdown, but no one wanted to get involved. Now 2 innocent children are dead!

    Someone needs to step in and help Britney before it’s too late. The girl needs some major psychological help…fast!

  34. Danielle says

    Umm.. if she didn’t want anymore people touching her, can someone explain why after shaving her head she got two tattoo’s?
    Now I’m not a tattoo pro, but I’m SURE they need to touch you to do it!
    Whatta quack!

  35. carleigh says

    Daria………I don’t believe anybody said that ONLY because she shaved her head that makes her a nut case. In fact I think the articles related to the reasons why and her conduct in the beauty salon were enough of an indication. She purportedly went into a salon, asked a beautician to shave her head, the woman refused to do it so Shitney grabbed the clippers and did her own scalping. How sane is that???? Not to mention all the other things. Tattoo’s and head shaving does NOT make a woman crazy, maybe a bit odd by some standards but NOT crazy. Her emotional instability and stating “I’m tired of people touching me”….WTF is up w/ that??? She just keeps getting more and more strange as the weeks progress and it’s gotten to the point to where she begs to be left alone but then pulls a stunt like this………can we just agree that if she wanted to lay low she wouldn’t be haunting tacky lingere shops w/ her 1 1/2 yr. old son, she wouldn’t be puking on herself all the time from drinking too much, she wouldn’t be hanging out around trashy strippers, passing out in nightclubs, walking around with a pharmacy full of prescription med’s in her purse and she would have kept her crotch covered up and private parts private. And you wonder why people think she’s lost it??????? Well, examine the facts then get back to us, K?

  36. crayola says

    bitch is fugly. she is fucked and she is probably addicted to niquill and she was’nt in the front pages of mag. so she needed to do something drastic. my goodness if she does’nt end up like anna nicole. her head is as ugly ass her snatch.

  37. Braydie says

    I think she looks pregnant again myself. I cant believe she shaved her head….maybe she wanted things to match ………… 😛

  38. daria says

    Wait…she’s lost her mind because she shaved her head and got a couple of tattoos??? I’ve done the same things and I have two sons. According to you people, I’m ready to be committed too. I’m sure the woman has a decent amount of instability but women shave their heads more often than you might think. Get off your f*cking high horses people.

  39. Julie says

    I couldn’t believe this, and it is sad. All I could think of is that she had totally lost it, like everyone else thinks. However, and I’m just throwing this out there, is there something in her practice of Kaballah that would involve shaving her head as part of a rebirth of some sort? Maybe this is symbolic of a new beginning, starting over.

  40. lala_brit says

    Heres me thinking that K-FED was a total ass!…look out Brit youre giving Kevin the green light to the kids!

  41. Nikki says

    Ok she said her worst nightmare was loosing her kids (SP&JJ) to K-Fed !!!! So Brit; ya your worst nightmare is coming ! and
    Well i don`t think K-Fed will need to worrie about it cuz he will deffinitly get the kids know!!
    I wonder if Sean and Jayden cried when they saw mommy bald????? Poor lil SP & JJ ,
    wow….i feel bad for her little boys! she`s worse then MY father!!! and believe me he was horrible! i hope they don`t go threw what i whent threw!!!

  42. Kayleigh says

    She really has gone over the edge now, what is the point in doing all this shit shes doing?? She’s a fucking asshole, an absolute mess!

  43. Lauren says

    omg. she has lost it. she must be on drugs to do something like this. she is not stable enough to care for Sean and Jayden. Kevin better get his ass to court and get an emergency hearing for custody of those kids.

  44. MissyMama says

    Ok, she has officially lost it.

    I am really concerned for the safety of SPF and JJ. I think she has some sort of post partum/drug induced psychosis. She needs help and NOW!!

    All I can think about is Andrea Yates (the woman who drown her 5 kids)…at this point I would not put any sort of mental breakdown past her. She probably has no clue what she is doing at this point.

    Where is her family, her manager…someone??

    Kevin better get his ass to the court house and file an emergency order for custody of those boys.

  45. CanuckMom says

    Awwww. I’ve read all of the hate-filled comments over the months of Brittney-watch on a different web sites, and I understand the frustration with her. And I get that this is NOT like other world-wide suffering. I get that, but I tell ya- my heart broke for her, seeing her tip over the edge in these pictures. Human empathy. She’s a human being who is suffering for all the world to see. Whether people think she deserves it, or not. Holy cow this was SO SAD to see….so sad
    Nyquill is a liquid cough remedy that contains alcohol.

  46. Gesa says

    NyQuil isthe brand name of a family of cold medicine – to help relieve cold symptoms. Among others it contains sedating antihistamines and/ or hypnotics. Let?s assumes she or her children had a bad cold because it is also (ab)used by drug addicted people…..

  47. Jenna M. says

    There isn’t really anything to say here is there? Oh, except can anyone tell me what Nyquil is please?

  48. carleigh says

    She has completely and totally lost any sense of control in her life and this is what happens. She’s been drugging it up, drinking like a sailor (no offense to naval officers out there), puking all over herself and now this. It’s just sad because of the children involved. My heart goes out to SP and JJ they are the real victims. Britney has really lost it totally this time, all the bad publicity and negative reactions she has been reading about herself have caught up with her. I wonder what steps her parents would have to take to have her ass legally committed to a mental facility. Obviously she thought about going to rehab and back out after a day or two so she has no intent or interest in getting some much needed help. Shaving her head????? She’s gone! Her parents need to file the paperwork to gain power of attorney over her medical treatment and force her into some kind of mental facility whether it be depression, drinking, drugs or whatever, Britney needs all the help she can get..and it’s not a matter of her being able to afford it, so money isn’t an issue. Just put this crazy bitch in a padded room, lock the door and throw away the key and keep her kids as far away from her as possible..she’s a danger to everyone, especially herself! Britney get some help!

  49. Paula says

    Said on one site she did it because she didn’t want any one touching her anymore and didn’t want anyone cutting her hair because they have to touch her. She needs some intervention but they are also saying her family has been trying to help her but a person really has to want to be helped before anyone can help them. Too bad she had to have kids, now they have to suffer right along with her.

  50. boo says

    I dunno but this to me seems lke a desperate cry for help!…. Something needs to be done now, before she ends up another ANS.

  51. Paula says

    Does it look like she left the extensions only in the back of her head??????Maybe she had to shave it to start all over because she’s died it so much and the extensions were pulling it out.

  52. Paula says

    Yea, right, exaggerating her every move. I don’t think this is exaggerated, what do ya’ll think? What the hell, is all I can say. She’s done for. I predicted years ago that she wouldn’t last long but this is really over the top and something I never expected. She is so over now!!!

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