Trump Bump

Donald Trump Jr. and an expectant Vanessa Trump were snapped at Tuesday night’s annual Winter Dance of The Museum of Natural History. She looks lovely!

Vanessa Trump


  1. Gace says

    She’ll wake up soon enough and realize that not ONE of the male Trumps are really good for anything. He looks like a pervert. Poor girl…

  2. Julie says

    She looks lovely, he does not. Kay, I agree with you 100%, you used just the right words. He’s yucky. I suppose the money makes him more attractive, but when it comes right down to it, don’t you have to be at least a little physically attracted to someone to want to make babies with them? Yuck. And the comment he made about “Trumps don’t do diapers”, made me want to reach through the screen and slap him in his greasy face. But she is beautiful, and her prenancy suits her.

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