Wow! It’s so great to finally see him (clearly)! Britney may be a bit crazy right now, but she certainly makes adorable babies!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

He has finally emerged! “Preston loves Jayden,” their former nanny says. “He’s always kissing him.” Britney has been dressing Jayden, whom she calls “Baby-Baby” in pink outerwear to disguise him from the prying eyes. Jayden has the same chubby cheeks as his older brother, but his eyes are blue instead of brown. “Jayden just lights up the room, ” the nanny says. “They are both just beautiful kids.”

PERSONAL THOUGHTS: Is this really Jayden? This is from the newest issue of OK Magazine. I think they would be accurate, but who knows? I expected Jayden James to have a big, splashy debut on the cover of People. Hmmmm… I’m sure the truth will reveal itself soon! Maybe I was just super overly excited! One of the things that worries me is the pick coat (even though OK tries to explain that). Little Jayden looks like he could be Violet Affleck’s brother!

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