Wow! It’s so great to finally see him (clearly)! Britney may be a bit crazy right now, but she certainly makes adorable babies!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

He has finally emerged! “Preston loves Jayden,” their former nanny says. “He’s always kissing him.” Britney has been dressing Jayden, whom she calls “Baby-Baby” in pink outerwear to disguise him from the prying eyes. Jayden has the same chubby cheeks as his older brother, but his eyes are blue instead of brown. “Jayden just lights up the room, ” the nanny says. “They are both just beautiful kids.”

PERSONAL THOUGHTS: Is this really Jayden? This is from the newest issue of OK Magazine. I think they would be accurate, but who knows? I expected Jayden James to have a big, splashy debut on the cover of People. Hmmmm… I’m sure the truth will reveal itself soon! Maybe I was just super overly excited! One of the things that worries me is the pick coat (even though OK tries to explain that). Little Jayden looks like he could be Violet Affleck’s brother!


  1. pamom says

    carleigh, I hate to burst your bubble but the father isnt the only one who determines the eye color. The one thing the father does determine is the sex of a baby, and mom determines how many.. But not eye color.

  2. Bets says

    What, again, is so horribly wrong about dressing a boy in pink? I can’t seem to understand the long term damage this is suppose to do.

  3. boo says

    referring to #54- The pages have moved now on ICYDK, so if you click on the link you likely won’t find the pic I’m referring to.

  4. Miranda says

    Why is this cute little boy wearing PINK? I know they said why, but honestly, WHY? I don’t think this is Jayden. Or, I’m pretty sure it’s not Jayden. You know, a month ago or so, I wasn’t even sure he existed. But he obviously do, and I hope these cute babies will have the childhood they deserve.

  5. boo says

    To everyone who my be skeptical that this is JJ, there is a pic on icydk , it’s this particular one of JJ and an inset one of SP as a little one, and I must say I do see a striking resemblance in the 2 pics, they have the same eyes, ears nose and even the hair is a bit the same… so maybe this is him after all…but Who knows!! take a Look at it, I dunno, I see some similarities there! But thats just me!~*

  6. Bad_faith says

    I don’t see the problem with him wearing pink, its just a colour and she’s doing it to protect him from the media. besides do you think he knows what colour he’s wearing or that pink is traditionally a “girls” colour? he’s a baby, as long as he’s warm he doesn’t care.

  7. Kayleigh says

    Missymama and Boo- I reported him and so did many others to “MK” and all he said was ” I’m sure he’s sorry for saying them things!” wtf?? MK wouldn’t understand because he has no kids, so basically i then had a go at jizzball and it all errupted cause of his comments and i was the one that got banned….seriously they must love people on that site what come out with comments like that! Very disturbing.

  8. MissyMama says

    Pretty much exactly what I said in an earlier post Lexi.

    Until I see that baby with Britney, it’s questionable.

  9. Lexi says

    This is def not Jayden, not like I would know, but think about it–Britney always keeps him covered, and also, did she ever dress SP in pink?? I mean, come on, she’s Britney Spears. It’s not like she can walk around New York undected just because she’s carrying a baby that’s wearing a pink coat. OMG! It’s Britney!! AND JAYDEN!!!!! Oh, wait, that’s not Jayden….he’s wearing pink. I think if she wanted to disguise him she would need to do a little more than that–which she is: keeping him covered all the time!! Also, this baby is not attached to anyone (that we can see). It could honestly be anyone. For the first photo of Jayden to be believable, he probably should be in Britney’s arms, don’t you think?

  10. MissyMama says

    WOW Kayleigh, that is very disturbing. Did they maybe think that you posted that on accident?? That is so not right!

    Anyone else having major issues with this site for the last hour or so??

  11. maggie says


  12. boo says

    The owner of that site needs their head checked, if they are allowing someone who speaks like that to stay on and continue what they are doing… I have a 3 year old and that is EXTREMELY disturbing, perhaps maybe someone should track that fuc*er down and Neuter him!!~*

  13. Kayleigh says

    I got banned for a really fucked up reason….someone called “jizzball” said that he would rape a 3 yr old girl and then rub her shitty diaper in her face afterwards, as you can imagine i went mad and as a result i got banned for shooting my mouth off, yet “jizzball” was still allowed to stay?? wtf??

  14. MissyMama says

    STFU?!? That is too funny. I haven’t been on any of the forums yet…still new to this whole blogging thing. But that’s funny! I’d probably get banned too!

  15. boo says

    Kayleigh- For starters, I don’t believe I said anything about You HATING babies on this site, in fact nothing I said even remotely resembled that phrase PERIOD.
    Second, I understand that not everyone is going to think that every baby is adorable… as you said you don’t find Violet cute and that’s fine because you don’t say it openly using Harsh words against the baby, ( it’s not this handle in particular, there have been many different posts with many nasty things being said about innocent little kids, and I for one don’t think its right….I could expect that kind of behavior from another kid… but not from a grown adult.
    I’m simply saying that I feel these kids deserve a little bit more respect then what some of the “posters” on here give them seeing as they are innocent and defenseless in all this crap, and for a grown woman (or) Man to flat out call a child “UGLY” is cruel in my books!~*

  16. MissyMama says

    Kayleigh, no I don’t think we’ve spoken yet, but don’t worry. I’m pretty hard to offend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. MissyMama says

    Ok, even though I am still VERY skeptical that this is actually JJ…I can see where there MAY be some resemblance to SPF. The shape of his eyes and brows closely resemble that of SPF.

    I guess we will see in time….

  18. MissyMama says

    LMAO!! I”ve seen your posts “sweetness” !! haha. No I’ll know who I’m “talking to” there.

    Too funny! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  19. Kayleigh says

    I go under Sweetness……Alot of people don’t like me there cause i speak my mind and they don’t like it, oh well they don’t have to read it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Angelina (preggo hot momma!) says

    I ain’t seeing any blue eyes. And why isnt it all over the news? He is pretty cute. And i can just imagine Sean kissing him on the cheek. cute!

  21. jordyn says

    Carleigh, I believe the mother is the one who determines the gender. The man carries an x and a y . The woman can either have an acidic environment or an alkaline, the acidic environment (down there) will kill off the y sperm (male) and therefore you are more apt to having a girl and the alkaline environment will kill off the x sperm. Just my theory, or should I say Martine Lafluer’s method.

  22. Kayleigh says

    Boo, not everybody is going to think all babies are cute….personally i don’t find violet affleck cute at all, that doesn’t mean to say i hate her or i’ll say nasty things about her, cause as you’ve said…THEY ARE CHILDREN!! I don’t hate children but you must stop thinking that, just because we say we don’t find them cute….!

    Hope you get my point.

  23. MissyMama says

    FYI- Extra is reporting that Britney is entering rehab!

    Could there finally be an end to this madness?!?!

  24. boo says

    I don’t understand how some of you can talk so much shit!!!..
    What posesses people to call a baby “ugly”, with ” big ears”, “not very cute”, “not all that”…and so on? It’s a baby for crying out loud… there has been so many nasty things been said about many of the kids posted on this site and I think it is uncalled for! If you wanna talk shit about the parents then go right ahead, at least they are old enough to defend them selves, and believe me I don’t hesitate to put my 2 sense in about Britney… but a baby… c’mon people!~*

  25. Kalista Brat says

    I don’t think that baby looks like K Fed or Brit, unless Britney was cheating on K Fed because Jayden James looks different than Sean Preston. I think this baby looks like a girl and neither Brit or Fed Ex have blue eyes, something is wrong here.

  26. Julie says

    Well, first, I don’t think his ears are too big, I think his hood is pushing his ear out and making it look like it sticks out. Second, I don’t think lovely Jennifer Garner and lovely little Violet would appreciate the comment that Jayden looks like he could be her brother. I just don’t think he’s all that. I think this whole Britney/K Fed/Sean P/Jayden situation is just weird. I’m actually getting bored with it, even though usually I’m celeb-obsessed. K Fed is white trash, Britney is white trash with cash, and her kids are nothing to write home about. So what’s the big deal??? The only thing I feel is sorry for her because I really think she’s having some big problems and needs help. I guess it goes to show that money doesn’t always buy happiness. Sorry to be such a downer on this. ๐Ÿ™

  27. Pika says

    I know the snowsuit looks pink, but photography/printing can make any color look like another. I think it’s a white suit. I believe he looks like mom. Love that portable but interactive stage of babies his age!

  28. kay says

    Yes i agree, i do think he’s cute, it’s just his ears stand out way too much, but then again it’s not his fault ๐Ÿ™‚

    I dunno whether to believe this is actually jj, something tells me it isn’t! I could be wrong, who knows.

    But why on earth does she have to put a pink coat on him?? everyone is gonna see him in the end just like how we saw spf, he’s a baby, no different from any other…i just don’t get her!

  29. MissyMama says

    Kay, I agree. I too am very skeptical that this is actually JJ. If these shots were indeed taken during her trip to NYC, why did she continue to go to such great lenghts (i.e. the car) to keep him covered? He is ALWAYS covered, so I don’t beleive she would be out and about during the day without him being completely covered.

    But then again, there is always room for me to be wrong…

    Either way the baby is cute!

  30. carleigh says

    I didn’t mean father determined eye color, I meant to state that father determines the gender of the child…my bad..sorry!

  31. Paula says

    My niece has blue eyes and her husband has brown eyes and her daughter has blue eyes, her son has brown eyes and her other daughter has hazel eyes. So don’t who got what from who. My mother had green eyes and my father had brown eyes and three of us have green eyes, three of us has brown eyes and 4 of us have blue eyes. Glad I didn’t get brown eyes, lol.

    Britney Spears is such a clueless ditz. Or maybe she really had a girl and just doesn’t know it because she hasn’t changed a diaper yet. That has got to be it!!

  32. carleigh says

    Jayden is beautiful no doubt, however, he is growing up as the son of two ass clowns. Dressing him in pink to avoid being detected or to draw attention away from her child is just another stupid Britney ‘ploy’, if i were her I would be more worried about the spectacle she’s made out of herself than of people looking at her son. She’s a disgusting mess.

  33. CTBMOM says

    A baby’s eye color is not determined by the father. My friend has brown eyes and her husband has blue eyes….their daughter has brown eyes like her mother. And when she got remarried (to a brown eyed man) and had a son with him, their son has blue eyes because they both carried the recessive gene for it (my friend’s mom and her husband’s father both have blue eyes).

  34. carleigh says

    Eye color is actually determined by the father and since we haven’t ever seen Kevin’s family members up close and personal we don’t know if their is a blue eyed or hazel-green eyed person in his family tree.

  35. yBaileu says

    If both parents have brown eyes the baby Can have blue eyes. It simply means that both parents are carrying a recessive blue trait in their jeans which doesnt show through because the brown trait they carry dominates over the blue… there is only a 25% chance of two brown eyed parents with recessive blue traits having a blue eyed kid but it does happen

    I agree jayden is adorable!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. says

    big blue eyes who is that possible when both parents have brown eyes just look at victoria kids she have brown eyes and her hus have blue eyes and all three kids with brown eyes

  37. crayola says

    what this bitch puts her kids through, my goodness pink. why does’nt she just dress like a man..

  38. KMisaHO says

    Okay…dressing a little boy in pink (for whatever reason) is just wrong! “Disquise him from prying eyes??” Don’t you think that she would stir up even MORE press for being seen with a baby girl? The girl has simply lost the 2 brain cells that she used to have!

  39. boo says

    FYI, all that info about BS dressing him in pink to disguise was not there when I first posted so nevermind any of it. :D~

  40. boo says

    Yes very cute, finally we see his adorable little face…it’s about time…. question though, is it just me or does his snowsuit look pink??…. Maybe if it is, twitney was trying to draw attention away from him, making people think he was a girl….or maybe it’s white and the colour on the pic is off…whichever it doesn’t matter.

    Also am I reading the caption correct ” Britney cancelled plans to take care of her baby” good girl, I must say I’m impressed ( not really) I’m so sorry, but I can not stand her!!

    But happy picture so happy posts – HE IS MOST DEFINITELY BEAUTIFUL BABY!~*

  41. NO NAME says

    Awww, how sweeeeet!! Just makes me wanna pinch those chubby lil’ cheeks…He looks more like his daddy to me than Sean Preston but they are both soooo adorable! Nice to see him all bundled up and warm! Oh, and out of the car seat.

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