Gwyneth Glows At Charity Benefit

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth glowed as the host of a New York charity fundraiser on Thursday night! And she had a cold that she had picked up from her son Moses!

“It’s for a really good cause,” she said. “This has been planned for a long time, so I couldn’t take a sick day today.”

Gywneth, who is the face of Damiani diamonds, helped represent the jewellery brand at a cancer fundraiser at Manhattan’s St. Regis Hotel.

Gwyneth, 34,has remained largely out of the limelight for the last two years while she focused on raising daughter Apple, two, and ten-month-old son Moses. But she is due to return to the screen soon in her brother Jake’s directorial debut, The Good Night, in which she portrays a nagging wife.

She’s also signed up to do a new movie alongside Robert Downey Jr. “When I had kids I just wanted to be with them,” she explains. But doing one movie a year, she thinks, “makes you more interesting as a person and wife and mother”.

I still cannot get over her long, perfect tresses! I am most impressed, as I find perfectly blown out and coiffed hair to be the hardest thing to maintain as a mom.

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