Britney's "Rehab Center" Is A Luxurious Carribean Resort!

OMG! You’ve got to see the “rehab center” Britney left so quickly! It is in Antigua and was founded by Eric Clapton. It is called the Crossroads Centre.

Britney Spears

The cost of the program is $19,500. Patients are encouraged to get a lot of massages and spend time in the outdoor jacuzzi! My goodness….Britney must have left because she couldn’t handle being away from her babies, because it sounds amazing!

So, know I understand why all these celebs are always disappearing off to rehab…it is a noble way to take a very lovely holiday!

Silly thought: Forget all this addiction business…all mothers of young children should be sent here for a few weeks every year, and the government should pay for it. That would be very good for everyone!


  1. says

    I just read on a lawyers site whom apparently has a connection to Britney, she didn’t go to rehab nor did she even think about it…
    Yes I agree for all the hard working mommas out there we do deserve a nice break like that but call me crazy it wouldn’t be any fun without my children!

  2. Claire says

    that girl needs some serious help. before she does something stupid. send me to a place that encourages massages and going to the jacuzzi anytime

  3. boo says

    I’m surprised she didn’t jump on the oppotunity to stay, you know seeing as Her kids overwhelm her Soooo much!!…. it would’ve made for a nice break from the time that she DOESN’T spend with them!~* Twit~*
    It is a nice resort for sure!!~**

  4. Kayleigh says

    WOW, send me there anytime lol, She’s a nutcase for leaving! It would have done her the world of good.

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