Britney Enters Rehab & Exits Rehab

Britney Spears
So many celebrities seem to end up in rehab these days….just recently Robbie Williams and Lindsay Lohan, and now Britney. What baffles me is that they come and go out of rehab so quickly! Reportedly, Britney entered rehab at the insistence of her friends and family, but has already left! Huh? Isn’t rehab a longer process than that!? I hope Britney gets the help that she needs, especially since her two sons need her to be healthy. Is rehab really necessary? How about simply staying home with her babies and family at night? The influence of the club scene is probably the biggest problem. (I know that is probably an overly simplistic solution)


  1. Debbie says

    i agree Brittany needs rehab. She is a grown women now she needs to grow up and take good care of those kids. K-fed is not the answer. kids need both parents not just one. brittany is distroying her life and her kids, and her mother has tried so hard to get her to do the right thing. But once again she thinks she is all grown up. when it’s obious she needs to grow up. When you play you pay. people need to realize sex has consiquinces. it can bring babies or diseases. We all have choices to make in this life and right now those babies are too young so they have to live how she chooses for them too. and she is so wrong right now. It is so unfair to those children. She has to want to help herself before anyone can help her.

  2. Mel says

    My best friend of 10 years died at the age of 24 this year after a battle with addiction. This breaks my heart to see what Brittney is doing to herself and her family. Out of the bad came some good and other people close to her have sobered up and remained that way for several months now. Britney does need rehab, she needs detox and a really good 12 step program. I can think of one that works… My mom also had an addiction problem and now has been sober 16 years and has a wonderful life. The damage these drugs are doing to Britney’s body I don’t even think she understands. I’m only a year older than her and my friend was her age.. .. I wish I could give her what I’ve learned in the last year and the pain that we’ve all been through…and some help. She can only get it if she REALLY WANTS IT.

  3. boo says

    I thought the same thing Sharon…Wow it’s like we could be related or something, we have the same mind…hehe Anyway, Ever since the divorce KFed has been keeping an Extremely Low profile, you hardly see him out and About doing stupid shit, I’ve seen the Very rare clubbing appearance and then stuff promoting his album and yadiyadiyada, but most of it has to do with Work!
    And on the other hand almost every pic that we have seen of her has been discusting, crude, nasty, irresposible and just plain wrong, ( oh , but she does manage to squeeze the ever famous photo ops with SP, to make her look better then what she is…sorry but she’s not fooling me) …Where Kev on the other hand seems to be the responsible one here….I never thought the day would come that I’d be saying the words K-fed and responsible in the same sentence, but the fact of the matter is, he really is looking like the better parent right now, and I’m routing for him to get custody…. it may very well be partially selfish, money hungry reasons for wanting the boys, but at the same time I think he truely is in love with them and I think they’ll get a lot more parental love, supervision, attention and support that they don’t seem to be getting from twitney!
    Any judge at this point in time would be stupid to award full custody to a negectful mother, which is exactly what she is…improperly securing them to their carseats that could endanger their lives, which is sad cuz it only takes all of 2 minutes to secure a baby properly… Up and leaving them at all hours of the day and night to go shopping and clubbing, then Sleeping away the hangovers all day after her long nights out, and All the while her kids stay home with what I’m sure they know as their “Mommies”.
    She is in definite need of Rehab, parenting classes, a shrink, and therapist…. she is in dire need of help period….and I truely hope she sucks it up and goes and gets it!~*

  4. sharon says

    My husband and I were discussing this the other day. I hope she smartens up and gets her shit together. Right now all she is doing is giving Kevin ammunition against her in court. I for one haven’t noticed very much bad press about him lately. She on the other hand is going crazy. That is going to influence a judge somewhere some day and she is going to lose her little boys and Kevin (who probably doesn’t want them, just Brits money) is going to get them. I personally am not a KFed fan but I have to give him the smart card here for staying out of shit.

  5. anne says

    sounds like shes got post natal depression and isn’t coping very well. to be honest i wouldn’t if i had too small children, a swarm of stupid papparazzi in my face everywhere i go and going through a divorce. i really hope and pray that she gets better for her sake and the sake of her boys and people give her the time, support and respect she needs at this time (unfortunatelly its a great shame that this isn’t going to happen) poor lass

  6. Kayleigh says

    She needs more than help, it’s an absolute disgrace that she would rather go out and party than spend time with her kiddies, from when she first started out she has really gone down hill.

    Maybe them kiddies would be best off with kfed after all. 🙁

  7. says

    Giesella I agree!

    It really seems that Britney has self esteem issues from many of her statements, she really needs to talk to someone to help her recognize her own beauty and the beauty of her family.

  8. BC Girl says

    Not neccesarily Diva.. I have many girlfriends in the city who are out at the clubs partying it up at least 3-4 times per week. Just dancing and having a good time, yes something getting out of hand like Britney does. But my girlfriends are definately not addicts in any sense. They just love partying, dancing, and having a good time. If they have not enough money to drink the ($8/drink) one night, they still go just to have some fun. I am not by any meens sticking up for Britney here, just saying that its ridiculous how celebs think they can fix anything and everything with rehad, I just dont think its necessary here.

  9. BC Girl says

    I agree with the webmistress, I dont really think that rehab is necessary for Britney. Although, I really dont know whether she is an alcoholic or a drug addict. For some reason, I just think that she loves the partying scene too much, I dont think she is addicted to drugs or alcohol. I think all she needs to do is get a good kick in the ass and stay home with her kids. Rehab is for people with addictions, again I think she is just ‘addicted’ to the clubs, dancing, and partying too hard. With that said, she is such an idiot!!! I hope she doesnt make a comeback, Im sure she wont!!

  10. MissyMama says

    Unfortunately, Britney needs more than rehab.

    Rehab is a good start, get detoxed, learn how destructive she is being and learn about addiction and how it affects not only her life, but the life of her children and the rest of her family.

    She also needs some sort of therapy to deal with her inner demons. She needs someone to help her figure out why she is destructive and why she doesn’t love herself and why she feels like she needs a man or to be loved in order to feel important.

    Sadly a lot of her behavior is due to the fact she became famous so young and missed out on a normal childhood and normal development emotionally.

    Now with all that said, the rest of her trashiness and uncleanliness is due to stupidity, and sorry…nothing can fix stupidity.

  11. Giesella says

    I think Britt has the most beautiful kids in hollywood yet so far. Just look at Sean, wow no words to explain his beauty, and yet she can’t see that. Every day i look at my 1- year old girl, and i just want to become a better person. That should be the beauty of MOTHERHOOD.

    Mamma’s out there wouldn’t you agree?

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