Valentine's Day Reunion For Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen, Sam & Lola

It’s great to see Denise and Charlie being so civil for the sake of the girls.

Denise Richards



  1. Lauren says

    It’s nice to finally see that Charlie and Denise stopped the mudslinging and are being civil for their daughters’ sake. Both Sam and Lola are cute kids. They both resemble Charlie more than Denise.

  2. Ellen says

    I always think that those little girls need their hair trimmed or something . They are cute but never have attractive hairdos.

  3. mair says

    These two should have stayed together to keep the streets safe for the rest of us. What a pair. It’s true the kids do not seem happy. They look worried all the time. Poor girlies…

  4. NO NAME says

    I never see those kids smiling. However, it’s good to see Denise and Charlie walking on the same planet without trying to kill each other. Bet she’s thinking about her nice lil’ surprise for Richie when she leaves Charlie and the kids.

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