Reese Witherspoon & Deacon Out For Ice Cream Together On Valentine's Day

Reese Witherspoon

More pics of Reese and Deacon out for ice cream together on Valentine’s Day are very sweet! Click here to see them!


  1. kay says

    Deacon is starting to look so much like reese, can”t believe the resembalance.

    Yes i do feel for reese, i know what it’s like. I’m with ya girl :confused:

  2. NO NAME says

    Poor Reese. I just can’t imagine the heartache involved with divorcing the father of your children and having to go through the first lover’s day without someone significant in your life. True heartbreak. :(….Anyway, Deacon is getting really big, looking just like his daddy. I saw a lil’ bit of Ellen today when Ryan was sobbing like a baby about how much he still loves Reese. I’m sure he quickly found out the grass wasn’t greener on the other side. Too bad it took losing everything that was important to him to find out. Hard lesson learned.

  3. boo says

    She looks less then impressed in these pics…maybe she was just depressed that she was spending valentines day single…. but then again, I think Deacon makes a much better date then any Man.~*:D

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