Michelle Williams & Matilda Rose

Michelle Williams & Heath Ledger
Michelle Williams, 26, was snapped out for a stroll with one-year-old Matilda Rose. It looks like Michelle got a very short hair cut (but it may just be pulled back).



  1. chelsey says

    im not sure if they did or didnt get married but it sure does look like it, michelle has been wearing a ring now for the past year but now heath is wearing a ring when he didnt before, and when asked about it, michelle said she didnt want to talk about it, i would have thought if she wasnt she would have just said no.

    im not sure if her hair has been cut short but if it has, im sure she will suit it, i think that that picture of her is just not the best one of her, she has had her hair short before and she looked good then, i guess we should just wait for a better picture:)

    also even though you cant see matilda all that much she still looks cute.

    heath is soooooo hot and i love them both as a couple

  2. boo says

    I don’t think I like that haircut on her, she looks a lot better with Long hair.
    Does anyone know if it was it ever proven about her and Heath secretly getting married?
    I wonder if they’ll ever have more kids~*


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