Soleil Moon Frye & Daughter

Soleil Moon Frye, 30, was snapped with her one-year-old daughter Poe (her full name is Poet Sienna Rose) in Hollywood. Poe’s father is Soleil’s husband, Jason Goldberg.
Soleil Moon Frye

Too cute! OMG…I loved Punky Brewster so much as a kid! It’s hard to believe she is now 30 and has a little one!



  1. Diva says

    I read somewhere else that the baby is 16 months, and Soleil is TINY, TINY, TINY… so the baby looks deceptively big.

    Judging by what the one other person in the shot is wearing, the baby is dressed fine. Soleil is a lil over dressed.

  2. Niamh says

    How cute! Her daughter has adorable curls…and I really like her name 🙂 It’s pretty and unique.

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