Jenny McCarthy & Son

Jenny McCarthy, 34, and son Evan, 4, were snapped out and about in West Hollywood on February 9th. Evan’s father is Jenny’s ex-husband, John Asher.

Jenny McCarthy



  1. boo says

    Yes KellyMay they are still together and I believe he has an older daughter from his ex – wife, isn’t her name Jane????.
    It was said somewhere that they will never get married though because they’ve both been there done that.
    But I dunno they look pretty happy together, I could see a wedding in the future!~*
    Is that her pocket inside out on her jeans. Looks funny.hehe :)…Evan is really cute!

  2. says

    It’ so great to see her out and about with her son! Is she still with Jim Carrey? He’s a funny guy, he doesn’t have any kids does he?

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