Britney With Sean Preston & Jayden James & A Stern Warning From A Celebrity Rabbi!

Britney Spears

Well…wasn’t thrilled to post any Brit pics recently, as they weren’t very Babyrazzi-ish or flattering! She was clubhopping with strippers and such. I really thought she was probably going through a passing phase with all the wild nights, but she seems to like her wild nights more than I thought! I also didn’t know how to put a positive spin on some of the pics and they were rather unusual pics! I was happy to see a pic of her with her children!!

And this was interesting! I didn’t know that there were celebrity rabbis dispensing advice to celebrities! This rabbi wrote the following letter to Britney!

Britney Spears

Following from Metro:

A celebrity Rabbi has written to Britney Spears lambasting her for ‘permanently scarring’ her kids.

New York spiritual leader and author Rabbi Shmuley Boteach sent an open letter to the 25-year-old, offering guidance on why she should hop back on the straight and narrow.

Boteach warned her: ‘Once you become a parent, Britney, life gets really serious… We can all pretend that life is one big party devoid of responsibility.’

‘And rarely being home, or coming home drunk, or letting your kids see you in a degraded state, will permanently scar your kids.’

Boteach continued: ‘Soon your boys will be surfing the Internet.

‘They’ll see a lot of photos of you in poses that no son should ever see their own mother… Try and be home with your kids… Cover up… Limit the visits to the nightclubs.’

Finishing his letter, he encouraged her saying, ‘I know you can get your life together, Britney.’

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  1. Trisha says

    well um….heather… glad that you have changed you mind b/c it could have really killed your kids. did you say that you were 18 w/ a 3mth old and a 13mth old and 6weeks pregnant???

  2. Heather says

    well my son is now 13mths old when i wrote that 1st one **WHEN** my daughter had just turned 3mths old that day.

    I forgot to put when…….

  3. Heather says

    okay……the only reason i havent been on here lately is b/c i have two kids and i dont have the time to get on the computer. okay, KMisaHO i watched that video….it is VERY sad. I do understand now what could happen to my kids. i feel very bad for what i have been doing to them and that i was basically putting their lives in danger. and to answer everyones questions i am real i live in greenville south carolina. i only put my 3 mth old up front occasonally……and that was when she was screaming at the top of her lungs b/c she wanted her mommy. i know yall know what the feeling is when your baby is crying for you……it breaks your heart. it makes me cry. and yes my daughter was premature. she was 6weeks early. but she got to come home after 1 week in the NICU. and it is possible to have a 12mth old and a 3mth old…….b/c i have them. well my son is now 13mths old when i wrote that 1st one my daughter had just turned 3mths old that day. but anyways……from now on i am going to put my kids in the right way that way if i get in a car reak i will know that they wont get as hurt as they would have…….thank you so much KMisaHO for that video b/c it has changed my whole opinion about the whole thing……

  4. terria says

    You know ,having kids is a stressful thing. There is as much joy as there is pain. I too gave birth to a little boy 9-12-06 by the name of Brayden Makoa. I know the strsses involved. I have a 4 yr old that is all energy! I hate to go anywhere,and so I have just about become a hermit. It’s hard to what you need with small chilren let alone what you you want to do.I understand her moments of insanity. My moments are behind closed doors and hers are unfortunately, in front of the world. Let her be a mother in her way. She will be o.k. Take your worst moment. Now imagine the world has now seen video or picture of the moment you, were not o.k.

  5. boo says

    Quotes from, I tried to copy and paste the link several times but no luck, so I’m trying this.
    these are stating that Brit was in the wrong with both of her kids carseats!~*

    “TMZ has a photo of Britney Spears with her sons, Jayden James, 5 months, and Sean Preston Federline, 17 months, in a car. Both babies are in car seats but Jayden’s Cosco 3 in 1 Convertible Car Seat appears to be forward facing, contrary to recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) AND the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration. ”

    “Children should face the rear of the vehicle until they are at least 1 year of age and weigh at least 20 lb to decrease the risk of cervical spine injury in the event of a crash. Infants who weigh 20 lb before 1 year of age should ride rear facing in a convertible seat or infant seat approved for higher weights until at least 1 year of age. ”

    “Oh no they didn’t” has more photos that show that Jayden’s car seat IS strapped in so it’s not like she just placed it on the seat temporarily. Sean Preston’s straps are loose too, which is not safe. The straps should fit snugly around the shoulders and clasp in the middle of the chest.

    “This is the third time Britney has made a serious error in judgement when it comes to car safety for her children. The first time was when she drove with Sean Preston on her lap, and the second time was when she drove with him forward facing before he was a year old with shoulder straps so loose that he flopped over. ”

    “Note: We normally refrain from linking or publishing photos of children inside of cars as it is invasive, but this is a special case. And to those who say we should “just leave Britney alone,” we feel that this is an important enough issue to raise awareness of. We couldn’t care less if Britney wears underpants, who she dates, which celebutante she hangs out with, but proper installation and restraint of infants and children in cars can save lives. A reader just emailed that she lost her nephew in a car accident because he was not strapped into his car seat properly. My mother’s friend lost her granddaughter in a car accident. The four other people in the car suffered injuries but their daughter went through the windshield because she was not wearing a seat belt. Please learn from their serious mistakes.”

  6. KMisaHO says

    #57…Brandy, thank you for explaining the whole “strap thing”. I totally understood you! 🙂

    And…Jenna, I’m afraid to tell you that it is totally possible for someone to have a 12 month old AND a 3 month old. (The 3 month old could of been premature)…possible…but totally crazy (if you ask me!) :O

  7. KMisaHO says

    #57…Brandy, thank you for explaining the whole “stap thing”. I totally understood you! 🙂

  8. N says

    I think its safe to say that if social services were going to get involved ….. they would have by now.

  9. Jenna M. says

    Oh my god someone take those kids away from her!

    Jayden needs a rear-facing seat and Sean isn’t strapped in properly. Its ALMOST as bad as when she drove around with baby Sean ON HER LAP (thinking about that still gives me the shivers).

    I think Heather is made up. I;m 17 and I don’t have any kids, but I would never treat a 3-month-old like that. Also, it would be virtually impossible to have biological children aged 12 and 3mths.

    Britney is an evil, self-obsessed cow judging from how she treats her kids. She is passed the stage where she could be helped, social services need to involved and SOON!

  10. Brandy says

    I am by no means defending Brit here, I think she should have the kids taken from her, be forced into rehab & parenting classes, then talk about getting her kids back.
    Anyway that being said, my son’s car seat looks like Sean P’s and on my son’s car seat, right below the clasps that snap in front of his chest is an adjuster for the belt. To loosen or tighten the straps if needed, the excess from this does hang down and is just the extra belt not being used. I may not be clear in my description, but I know what I’m saying. My son’s restraints are tight, and he does have this strappy thing hanging down, same side too, but it is just the rest of the strap not being used, until you have to loosen the belts again as he grows. Make sense? Anyway, I hope that is the case here with Sean P.

  11. MissyMama says

    I cannot tell from those pics (on the posted link by N) of what is his clothing and what is the carseat strap.

    Am I wrong or does that car seat look too big for SPF?

  12. Sarah says

    I agree with KMisaHO, I htink that SP is wearing a jumper type overall or vest. It looks to me that that is what is falling down in the pic. Also we dont know what went down before or after this pic. They couldve been getting ready to get out of the car. That maybe the reason that JJ carseat is turned around. BOTTOM LINE IS WE DONT KNOW.

  13. KMisaHO says

    I dunno “N”…I looked at that picture you referenced and I’m even more confused about Sean’s carseat strap. In that picture, it almost looks like he is wearing a dark vest over a blue shirt…and the carseat strap IS dangling over his shoulder?? Hmm…I guess we can speculate all we want! We’re not in the car with them! I just pray those kids are safe! God forbid anything happen to them!

  14. N says

    Sorry ladies….. But as they say a picture can be worth a thousand words….. WE are incorrect. Sean is strapped in correctly! If you study the pictures on ………. his harness is made that way…… But if you look at the pictures closely above we should have come to that conclusion as the top and bottom strap where WE thought his arm should go in… is too close. When you look at the pictures on this site you will see the rest of the black harness…..

  15. joelly says

    I sincerely hope that “Heather” is just someone posting in an attempt get things more heated on the Babyrazzi blog. As you can see “she” didn’t come back to defend any of her statements.

  16. N says

    It looks like Sean is in the car seat incorrectly from the picture above….. that should be fixed. The little one facing forward is up for debate because that law is different in every state. She looks overwhelmed, depressed, lost, ….. and in need of a session with a therapist. I dont see the need in being disrespectful towards anyone so I wont call Britney names or wish ill things towards her like alot of you “loving mommies” have done.

  17. readmuch says

    # 47- If you look at 25, 26 and 30… all those comments are referring the car being “stationary” which means not moving in case you didn’t know, And Rabbi Schmuley Boteach is his name, is a much respected man who helps families in need of some guidance, which Britney is in desparate need of, I’m glad he stepped in to say something coz unfortunately noone else has the balls to…and what is wrong with limiting yourself to night clubs….when you’re the mother of 2 (especially a toddler and a 5 month old), the last thing you need is to be out club hopping and getting drunk EVERY NIGHT, I don’t care how famous or how much money you have, it’s COMPLETELY unnecessary

  18. get real says

    I find it funny that none of you thought of the fact that the vehicle was probably not moving! Also I hope rabbi whateverthehellhisnameis will shut the f up! Cover yourself, limit vists to the nightclubs? Please just some stupid man who thinks women should stay home and cook him dinner more than likely. Stop hating on her ppl!

  19. Paula says

    Ummm, Heather is an idiot if she’s real and I’m from near Kentwood and every mother I know puts their babies in carseats like they are supposed to. And, if she didn’t she would be arrested for child endangerment and her kids would be promptly taken away from her, so I just wish Britney would come home and do that. What can I say about Britney? Hmmm….typical!

    I would have to say that an 18 year old having that many kids in such a short period of time isn’t at all responsible (if she’s real) so why do you ladies think she’d be responsible with her kids? Maybe one of the fathers should take responsiblity.

  20. Not Amused says

    I believe “Heather” is a made up personality. Anyone self charactorized as her would probably have already lost custody of her children or be well on the way to losing them. And if Heather was for real – and I hate to use phrase, doesn’t have time to be driving children anywhere. She is too busy working on her back. Eooooou!

  21. boo says

    Ya and not to mention. that would mean getting pregnant almost immediately after having your oldest baby, which usually new mothers like to take the first few weeks to recover and recouperate before diving back into the sexual, physical part of a relationship….At least I know I did.
    To even joke about treating a 3 month old baby like that with many concerened parents on here is just ridiculous and immature….PLEASE won’t you grow up!

  22. Granny says

    I think “Heather” is a joke someone is trying to play. I’m pretty certain that if anyone was 18, with a 1 year old and and 3 month old and 6 weeks expecting , with child care attitudes like that would most likely be in the process of losing her parental rights. Bad joke “Heather”.

  23. carleigh says

    I don’t think “Heather” is actually telling the truth in her post. I think she is an alternate personality that popped up on here to rile everyone up. Even if she is only 18 y/o and has two kids with one more on the way, I would highly doubt anyone could be as stupid as she appears to be in her incessant babbling. If YOU “Heather” are really that niave and ignorant than you don’t deserve to have your children…what the F*CK is wrong with you???? Are you from Kentwood,LA by chance?

  24. says

    Thank you for posting that video KMisaHo, I too felt concern when reading that a 3 month old is forward facing….as a fellow mother I would have a very difficult time coping with a death that would have been prevented had I followed the law.

    I hope that this is investigated further as I imagine the proper authorities will advise her so…

  25. boo says

    Heather , if you refer back to comment #2- I aim that directly at you. Especially if You are willing to put a 3 month old and a 1 yr old in a position that could potentially kill them…you are ridiculous and a sorry excuse for a Mom.
    You may not give a FU*K what everyone on here thinks of you…. but if you don’t smarten up, you could GOD FORBID lose your children forever
    If I were you I’d take Missymama’s advice- Parenting classes may do you some wonders~*

  26. KMisaHO says

    I’m sorry, I meant to say their son was 3 years old when he was killed (not 5). Anyway, his age isn’t important. His story is!!

  27. KMisaHO says

    Heather, my heart was in my throat when I read your post. To you and anyone else who doesn’t realize the safety of buckling your children in properly, please watch this video made by parents who lost their 5 year old in a car accident. I hope their story will move you enough to take the time to buckle your children in the correct way. I must warn you, it is a very emotional video. I cry everytime I watch it!

  28. MissyMama says

    Heather, May I suggest some parenting classes. YOU are the PARENT!! YOU decide what happens and what doesn’t. If you have your 3 month old facing forward ( I do not care WHAT State you are from) YOU ARE THE STUPID ONE! A child less than 12 months of age, REGARDLESS of age IS NOT capable of with standing an impact in a forward facing car seat. That is why there are laws. To beleive that some of you would put your childrens lives in jeapordy in order to satisfy your own “reasons” of putting your infant in a front facing car seat appals me. I would rather deal with a screaming infant than a comliant 4 month old facing the wrong way, who could inevitabley face a broken neck should I get rear ended.

    There are reasons that “guidelines” are made regarding the useage of carseats and the appropriation of those guidelines.

  29. Heather says

    i think that all of yall that said that britany spears was a fool and all that are fucking stupid!!!! just because her 5mth old son is facing frontwards doesnt matter!! i do it all the time to my 3mth old b/c she likes to look at me when i drive. and my 12mth old sons straps arent always tight…..that will hurt the child if they are too tight and just to let yall know i think that yall are just judging her to be judging her!!! i might not be 25 but i am 18 and i think that i am a good mommy….just because i do what i think that i should do what my kids want…if they arent crying then what the hell??? and if yall dont like what i am saying guess what…..**i dont give a fuck**…….
    i dont care if yall judge me b/c i am 18 and have a 12 mth old son and a 3 mth old daughter and i am 6 weeks pregnant!!! i believe what i want to believe just like yall, right???

  30. Granny says

    If my daughter caught me with improperly installed carseats I would lose my Granny priviledges. I’m slow at installing them but since I care I take the time. These children are very precious cargo.

  31. boo says

    even if the car was “stationary” as you say 25, its obvious that it intended to move seeing as SP is buckled in ( half assed anyway), who puts their children in carseats and buckles them in if they have No intentions of going anywhere.???
    And I can’t say I’m the PERFECT mummy, but I like to think that I’m a pretty damn good one!

  32. granny says

    While she is in the car, she could be properly attending to th e car seats. She isn’t driving. and doesn’t look as if she is in fear of pursuit. Just get off the phone, attend to the kids, then make your call.

  33. MissyMama says

    12yearsold, I’m happy to hear that at your age you understand what is going on in Britney’s situation and that you agree with the fact she is not abiding by the law (carseat wise) and hopefully your comment extends to my remark of her behaviour. 🙂

    Here in California, it is 20lbs AND 12 months before an infant can legally face forward. Hell..our laws extend to the limit that any child under 4’9″ should remain in a booster seat! Depending on how your child is build, he/she could be in a car/booster seat until they’re 10!

    Eventhough this law is a PIMA, I agree with it. My children are 4y/o and 15months. I was recently in an accident on my way to work. THANKFULLY neither of my kids were in the car with me, but immediately upon impact, I turned around to make sure my kids were ok. Remind you, THEY WERE NOT WITH ME! As soon as I pulled my vcar over I started crying saying, “I’m so happy the boys weren’t with me this morning”.

    I dare Britney to have the same empathy.

  34. carleigh says

    The car may be stationary but you know what Britney did the SAME thing with Sean P. last year DRIVING herself around in her convertible???????? And we are too judgemental……………PLEASE….not perfect just safety conscious parents, thank you very much!

  35. Lovethebabies says

    Oh to be so perfect to judge so much from just one little photo. For all we know the car could be stationary!! I can see there are lots of perfect little Mummy’s on this website. I wish I could be so perfect too.

  36. joelly says

    At least they have a good father figure (yeah right)….maybe Shar Jackson can raise Britney’s boys?

  37. Niamh says

    The Rabbi makes a very good point about Sean and Jayden getting older, looking on the internet and seeing pictures of their mom that are embarrassing and degrading. Britney should take that advice to heart. Her babies will grow up faster than she realizes and I’m sure she wouldn’t want her sons to be ashamed of her.

  38. 12yearsold says

    I agree w/ Missymama on mostly all her comments on this site I think everyone should really read her comments cause there true. Not starting anything Canuck- I don’t agree with blunt but I don’t see anything wrong with her spelling. Basically I agree with Missymama

  39. 12yearsold says

    I agree w/ Missymama on mostly all her comments on this site I think everyone should really read her comments cause there true. Not starting anything Canuck- I don’t agree with blunt but I see anything wrong with her spelling. Basically I agree with Missymama

  40. joelly says

    Has her family just abandoned her, where is her mother? I doubt her new stripper friends or Paris Hilton give a shit about her kids but don’t her parents, her brother, sister, publicist, nanny, etc.,? Someone knock some sense into this child raising children. So sad.

  41. boo says

    I don’t care if the paparazi were bothering her and she wanted a quick escape, the fact of the matter is , JJ is 5 months old, and WAY to young to be in a forward facing seat…and his little body is not strong enough to withstand the impact of being flopped around in the event of an accident…I could never be too much in a hurry to get somewhere without making sure my kids were safe a secured properly in their carseats… disagree with me all you want, I think it’s wrong and she is a F***in’ idiot for putting her kids lives in danger
    And “Blunt” what about his photo does not say danger to you… cuz I see at least 3 things wrong…1) JJ’s FF Carseat- 2) SP straps are NOT properly on him, and he is NOT secured at all, 3) she’s not wearing her seat belt, so she could potentially fly into one of the kids in the event of an accident ( another deadly situation)….Anyone who see’s no fault on her behalf in this pic needs to get there eyes checked.
    And when I hear that BS was visited by the child welfare because of recent photos taken of her and her boys in a car, not properly secured, then maybe I’ll believe the fact that she doesn’t get special treatment because of her money and fame.

  42. Lauren says

    What is the matter with her? Sean P.’s shoulder straps are hanging off of him and Jayden J.’s carseat should be rear-facing. She doesn’t even care, she’s just gabbing away on the phone. Let K-Fed have the kids already. Geez…

  43. MissyMama says

    I am making OBSERVATIONS based on the photo. Isn’t that what these sites are about? Giving our opinions on the subject matter based from the pictures we are looking at?

    My observation of her looking, yes LOOKING as if she would rather be elsewhere was based upon this pic, along with the rest of the car pics that I saw on another site.

    I do understand that she is being followed and hounded by the paps 24/7. But excuse me…it IS NOT difficult to pick up and turn around an infant car seat once inside the car, especially and SUV. And with her being IN the backseat, WITH JJ, she has all the opportunity in the world to reposition the carseat properly.

    But I guess since I am the mother of two and follow the law to ensure the safety of my children, especiall when inside a vehicle, I”m an idiot.

    Pardon me.

  44. carleigh says

    Canuk– no offense to Britney fans (though I am offended by Britney greatly) ..but if you look at other websites it is readily apparent that they (referencing Britney’s “fans”) are more than likely trailer dwelling hicks or a pack of 13-15 year olds who for lack of a better phrase, are uneducated themselves. JMO!

  45. carleigh says

    I can’t say anything productive or even remotely “nice” about Britney…not even that “hey at least she’s with her kids” or something along those lines. Because she is an OBVIOUS danger to her own children…stupid girl. I won’t even call her a woman, but unfortunately she is a MOTHER and not a very good one from her conduct and just the pictures we have ALL seen over and over again. She’s once again in the spotlight for another glorious parental mishap. It’s a wonder that a higher authority hasn’t stepped in and forced her to learn SIMPLE parental precautions, like carseat installation and useage. These are simple things that ANY thoughtful parent would have knowledge of especially with TWO children. Like hello, Sean P needs to be buckled in with the straps SECURELY and SNUGGLY fastened to his body and not dangling off of his shoulders. As for Jayden he shouldn’t be in a forward facing car seat until he sits upright and weighs OVER 20 lbs. (at least that’s the law here in Illinois). Britney just proves time and again that she is just a stupid, drunken, no account, no brains HICK! There’s a difference between being “country” (I am from the midwest and hear that term used here in context) and being a stupid HICK!
    As far as the letter from the Rabbi, that’s all nice, well said and his intentions are good but if Britney doesn’t even listen to what the public and her few “fans” have been screaming about for months I highly doubt she will give credence to his “open letter”. Hell, who knows if this stupid bitch even knows how to read or write??? Maybe that’s why she makes the mistakes she makes because she can’t READ the carseat instruction manual…someone needs to get her a clue and hooked on phonics and a one way ticket to parenting classes and rehab! PRONTO!

  46. canuck says

    Wow blunt, you really can’t spell!
    Don’t defend Britney, she clearly has not fastened her children into their seats properly, and there is NO excuse for that. period.

  47. AnnMichelle says

    You guys crack me up…MissyMama said she looks like she would rather be someplace else because she’s on the phone??? omg…maybe she is on the phone with the carseat manufacturer on how to buckle the seats in!! LMAO Notice she is in the BACK seat WITH Jayden, and had to probably jump the middle seat to get back there! The bare feet…look at her, she’s in short sleeves, Seans sleeves are rolled up…maybe its WARM. The blanket is to cover his face, not to keep him warm. One last note…the papparazzi in her face may have forced her to put her carseat in the back seat in that position because its a fast easy way to get away from US. Having a baby in rear facing is a luxury of time she probably doesnt have to protect her kids from escaping the next camera. give her a break. and i dont really even care that much about her, just being fair.

  48. Reina says


    Since when do they have forward facing car seats that have straps coming from the sides??? Kids under a certain age [i think 5] have to use the straps that come on the car seat…after that when they’re old/big enough they can use the car’s own seatbelts while still sitting in the car seat. That poor little boy looks as if he could just take his arm right out of the restraint.

  49. Reina says

    Seriously. All of these people that she’s around daily…including whoever is driving her around…and not ONE person says anything about the fucking car seat or Sean being improperly strapped in? She should have just a hint of common sense from all the mishaps with Sean when he was an infant…but she will never learn. The authorities need to get involved immediately. Maybe she’ll value her kid’s lives more when something really serious happens to one of them [God forbid, but does she not remember little Sean fracturing his skull?]

    Agh.. she frustrates the hell out of me.

  50. blunt says

    yall are just flat out idiots mainly missymama. I don’t really like brittney but how do u know she doesn’t want to be around her kids from a picture. When she does stupid stuff than she deserves to be talked about. But give her props for being w/ her kids, yall look for something everytime. And Boo the law doesn’t care that shes Brittney Spears or not she would get in trouble IF they thought her kids were in danger just like the rest of the public. And for crying out loud its only a picture and you can’t see everything. it looks like the straps of seans seat come out from the side which is probably why it looks like there falling off.!!!!!!!!!!

  51. MissyMama says

    She looks like she is bothered by the fact that she is in this vehicle with these children, HER children. Like she would rather be someplace else.

    It really breaks my heart. These poor boys are going to be so screwed up emotionally from not having the maternal bond they so deserve.


  52. Onlooker says

    Again, she puts these kids at risk. What is wrong with her? The little guy should definetly not be forward facing and the older child is not strapped in properly! Duh…

  53. MissyMama says

    My God she really is just a stupid little girl. You would think that she would have learned, or a least gotten the hint when she received so much flack for having SPF forward facing to soon. AARRGGGHH! I wish I was able to drive down to LA, stalk out one of the Gay bars she patrons, wait for her then beat the living crap out of her when I find her. She needs the crap beat out of her!!

    Well, I feel a little better now….

  54. boo says

    Your right “Mommy”, his seat belt is not done up properly, and could be very hazardous for him to in the event of an accident….see its funny, if anyone who wasn’t “Britney Spears” or a celebrity.. was pulled over and A cop saw that both of her children weren’t properly restrained in the car… we’d be in serious shit, with the likelyhood of tickets or fines
    and who knows what else, maybe we’d have take parenting classes or have the child welfare involved, it’s absolutely ridiculous…this woman ( if you wanna call her that) has NO idea how to be a good mom!… it’s so sad for those poor babies, Maybe someone should step in and order Parenting classes for her and get her some help….Because its obvious to me that she is in DESPERATE need!!!~*

  55. mommy says

    Looks like the older boy’s shoulder straps are very loose and at his elbows-not very safe!! What is wrong with this “mother”? She doesn’t seem too concerned with her childrens safety. Maybe they would be better off with their daddy.

  56. boo says

    Yeah a pic of her with her 5 month old son in a FORWARD FACING CAR SEAT…. what kind of a jackass puts their 5 months olds life in danger by putting them in a FORWARD FACING carseat…. she is a complete TOOL, sorry to those who like her, but this pic was enough… NO mother would do that to her infant….and any of those who would be willing to put their babies life at risk, well I would have to put you in the same category as her and classify you as an Unfit Parent as well….I’m Sorry, but it is just wrong…SO WRONG!!~*

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