A Cute Pic Of Little Dannielynn

Anna Nicole Smith

Despite all the madness, I thought this was a cute pic of little Dannielynn. I hope that she ends up with someone who truly loves her and will care for her and give her as normal a life as possible.



  1. christy says

    i hope howard is the father, he is the only one who has tried to look out for anna. he has been the only one concerned for her wishes and even in death made sure they were carried out. howard is the only one who commented that any money made in the future off anna / daniel would be put in trust for dannielynn. it seems out of everyone howard is the only one making provisions for the best intrest of dannielynn. i hope regardless of the paternity case that howard is able to keep dannielynn and continue to raise her the way he and anna had intended to. i know after watching all this unfold im only 28 and i had my will done last week to make sure this never happens to me. i also think virgie is a AWFUL, SELFISH, HATEFUL peice of garbage for a mother. it is very evident why anna stayed away. as for birkhead you got more than your 15 minutes, jesus man disappear already!!! as for you howard my prayers are with you sweetie!!

  2. boo says

    I’m completely on the same page as Krista, They need to do the paternity test now… thats the most important thing to figure out right now, at least while she’s so young it wont be as hard of a transition to be placed with her biological father if she ends up not being HKS Which I to don’t think she is ( I think she’s Larry’s)…And as for awarding custody to ANS mom, I think would be disrespecting the dead, Anna In a word HATED her mom, I saw interviews of her talking about how Her “Biological” Mother would never see her baby, how she couldn’t stand that woman, they never got along or had a typical mother daughter relationship, there was a lot of annimosity between her and her “mom”…So I think to allow her custody would be like a huge slap to Anna’s face.. if she didn’t want her mom to see her baby in life (by her choice) then I think her wishes should be respected in death…jmo.
    and as for the WILL and how everything was left to daniel, excluding any future spouses or kids… well I think the courts should and probably will award everything to Dannielynn, seeing as she is the only immediate member of anna’s family left ( other then her Mom and sister and whoever else, that again WE all KNOW Anna would NOT want to have any of her money.
    Besides if she had updated it since the death of Daniel, you know she would’ve put DL as the soul beneficiary of everything… I just don’t think she was thinking that 5 months after the death of her son she’d be gone herself… with everything that was happeneing to her I’m sure rewriting her Will was the last thing on her list of things to do, unfortunately!~*

    Lastly it’s funny to me that when she had the baby there was just the possibility that HKS and LB could be potential fathers of the Babe and now all these men are coming out of the woodworks within a day after her death… it’s ridiculous how money hungry and greedy some people can be… if they originally thought they could be the dad then why wait til the baby is 4 months old and her mother is dead to come forward… give be a break..Greed fuc*ers!~*

  3. Krista says

    I definately don’t think that Anna was starving Dannielynn, look at that picture, does she look like she was being starved?? She looks like a normal healthy baby!

    I think that all these men saying they are the father should just be tested, get it over with already see who the real dad is, I really dont think Howard is the father or else he would have gotten a paternity test taken right away to prove that Dannielynn is his baby.. he’s scared the test will come out negative which I’m sure it will… I feel so sorry for that precious little baby, she will never know Anna now, all she has is pictures to remember her by, and I hope that whoever gets custody will show her pics of Anna and let her know this is your mommy, its all this little girl has left of her mother…

    I truely hope Anna’s mother does not get custody, Anna had a bad relationship and a bad childhood growing up with her, why put the baby in the same situation?

    Maybe the baby should be adopted, its just too complicated, everyone wants her for the money, but come to find out, Anna’s Will said Howard gets everything, there is nothing moneywise for Dannielynn.. wtf? I think thats exactly what howard wanted, I think he killed her, he got his money, got her to write the Will and have everything given to him then killed her, and her son too, cause maybe he was scared of Daniel stopping the wedding, cause if that were the case Howard would get nothing, and Daniel would probably get everything since Anna loved him so much, he was her life!

  4. Ellen says

    If Stern believes he is the father, do the DNA test, prove it, and the odds are really overwhelming in his favor then that he keeps the child. And most likely manages the estate for the baby. But not to do the testing sort of drags a lot of this case a lot longer than needs to be.

  5. Tasha says

    poor baby!!!! They dont even know who the father is yet…this just kills me!!! I never really followed 2 much about anna but i hate the thought of this whole situation 4 her family and i JUST CANT BELEIVE ANNA DIED!!!
    pOOR KID!!! she is one adorable baby!!!!

  6. Paula says

    Carleigh, I feel so sorry for Howard. I saw him on Inside Edition tonight and he just looks so broken hearted over her death and you can tell he loves that baby so much. He did love Anna and was with her for so long. You could tell how he felt about her on her show. He looked like he’d do anything for her. And didn’t she have some kind of back pain on her show. Seems I remember once when she hurt her back. Not saying that is why they think she was on methodone or pain pills but that would be a good excuse. And that rumour about her starving her baby is just so over the top it’s rediculous. People are just making stuff up now. I’m just amazed at how low people will sink to make someone look bad. Especially a person that is no longer able to defend themselves. And you are right about Anna not ever hurting anyone on purpose. She even took her cousin in that time and made her over and can’t remember the details but they had a falling out. As for her mother Anna didn’t want her around and it wasn’t because of the baby, that had been going on for years and had nothing to do with Dannilyn and I think Howard should do everything possible to keep that woman away from her. I so hope he is the father because Larry Burkhead I feel is just wanting her for the money that may be involved. She is such a beautiful baby too.

  7. carleigh says

    MissyMama..I, too, hope the same thing. But there was no date on the pictures and we don’t even know if that was really a fridge in her house..we have all heard of photoshop so there is a big margin for speculation here.

    Paula, I agree with everything you stated in your post as well. I hope for Dannielynn’s sake that Howard is the father. Howard has been with Anna through thick and thin and for many, many years and you can tell that he loved her very much and would have done anything in the world for her. I just postulate as to why Anna was taking Methadone to begin with, was she a former closet herion user, or was it used for the other alternative of managing chronic pain. It would seem an unlikely choice for pain management because there are so many other less lethal medications that can be used for the medical management of chronic pain. It just sickens me to think that people have stolen her personal belongings, photographs, video’s, dvd’s, jewelry, personal diaries and other various items were supposedly taken out of her home while Howard wasn’t there. I think Howard has been extremely vigilant in protecting and loving towards Anna in her lifetime as well as Daniel and he has been there for Dannielynn from day one. I know a lot of people think he’s using this time to make a quick buck off of a tragedy, but how else is he going to pay his own legal fee’s to fight extradition to the United States, for the paternity issue, and for just providing for Dannielynn in general. He hasn’t done anything tacky or self-promoting, he has given heartfelt interviews and while he has apparently been paid, he should be compensated. Terri Irwin for on live TV and did an interview after Steve Irwin died back in September and nobody said anything about her being tacky or opportunistic when she did it.
    There is enough going around about Anna as it is, let her have the peace in death she never had in this lifetime..she’s at least with her son now. Though it doesn’t bode well with me the circumstances surrounding her death, if there is guilt to be had let the police do their job and justice be served. Enough with the insanity already don’t people realize that what they are doing is that by slandering and defaming Anna’s memory they are in essence tarnishing what little bit of legacy can be left for Dannielynn to hang onto. She will never have the memory of a mothers loving touch, kiss or the mother-daughter bond. Dannielynn has lost and will continue to be the ultimate victim in this whole debacle unless people get a grip and show a bit of respect and compassion…Anna was an over-the-top personality…but I never saw where she did anything to deliberately hurt another person. Whatever she was in life, she is still the only mother Dannielynn had and everyone should just respect that fact and let her rest in peace.

  8. Paula says

    I myself hope Howard is the father. He’s been with Anna for years and as far as him cashing in on the interviews, he better do what he can because it’s going to be a very expensive trying to keep this baby and prove in every way he is the father. Not to mention what it’s going to cost to take care of her. And there is going to be alot said on how Anna died and pictures that aren’t real. Anyone can take a picture of a fridge with methodone in it. Half the country is on it. Methodone does kill if its taken wrong and abused but there are poeple that need it and it does make their lives better if they use for what it’s intended for. It is trading one drug for another but methodone is meant to help you cope and stay off the streets. It’s not for people who just want to get high. Although there are alot of them that abuse it. I’m not saying Anna didn’t, I just saying we shouldn’t believe everything we see and hear until it’s a proven fact.

  9. MissyMama says

    Carleigh, the fridge pics are from the fridge in her bedroom. Lets just PRAY there was a full stock of formula in the kitchen fridge!!

  10. carleigh says

    I dont’ believe that statement the nanny made, you read that on TMZ right Jenna? I read the same thing and then there were tacky pic’s of the contents of her fridge..notice there was methadone, slim fast and some medicinal vials but no baby formula? The fridge wasn’t even a large standard fridge but one of those little portable one’s like in campers or dorms…just strange. I just can’t believe how farcical and overblown this has gotten, it has ceased being about Dannielynn and her well being long ago. Now apparently it’s about trashing a dead woman who isn’t here to defend herself. This whole situation is cloaked in drama, secrecy and tragedy and ultimately the one who suffers when the lights go out at night is poor precious little Dannielynn..really does break my heart for what this little girl is going to have to look forward to in regards to her mother’s death and legagcy. Enough is enough let Anna Nicole and Daniel rest in peace and whomever is responsible let justice be served!

  11. Jenna M. says

    I have no idea whether or not this is true, but I just read that Anna starved her little baby so that she would grow up slim and sexy. If she did kill herself or die from a drug overdose, then I hope she burns cause their is no excuse to leave a little baby motherless. I wish all the best for little Dannielynn.

  12. Brandy says

    I have no comments on Anna’s life, how she lived, or how she died. I feel sooooooo bad for this little girl, no child should grow up without a mother, and now she has too. She will not even have memories of her mother’s voice, laughter, smile, etc. to take with her. She is too young to understand anything now and it breaks my heart that this three ring circus has formed with her in the middle now. I pray the courts jump in and establish paternity SOON so this baby can resume somewhat of a normal lifestyle.

  13. carleigh says

    Zsa Zsa’s husband is supposedly impotent and tried to file a lawsuit against Viagra a few years back:


    Sorry but it is my understanding that IF Viagra MADE him impotent then how could he possibly even have a remote chance of being Dannielynn’s father…he’s a lunatic, idiot, with a questionable past and now that Anna’s dead he’s trying to make a “quick” buck by throw his DNA into the ring to challenge his right to a paternity claim..this man is definitely a SUPER WEIRDO! I don’t think he has a snowballs chance in hell of being Dannielynn’s father, but I just happen to think he’s an opportunistic, money grubbing, wanna be, trying to cash in on Anna’s death and make more headlines for himself. That’s just downright SICK!

  14. Ellen says

    I don’t believe Stern is the father. Men I know have said that if they thought a baby was theirs they would be insisting on testing to prove it. Stern has been resistive to the testing as if afraid of the results. The way that Birkhead and Zsa Zsa’s ‘s husband are insisting.

  15. Anne says

    Tess Howard is no better, I mean how indecent for him to cash on interviews in a situation like this. Danielynn looks like a female Kingston Rossdale. She is a cutie pie who should be adopted. Methodone Kills. Period. Some one is making too much money out of it that even after two high profile deaths, we are still covering our heads in sand!

  16. says

    I thought the same as you Carleigh, that baby was Larrys until I saw this picture. I hope they settle that matter soon.

    I strongly suspect that she died due to the methadone just like Damiel. It is an incredibly deadly drug and has many many contraindications, she was sick likely taking other meds and something did not mix right. My theory on Daniel is he either found it or was offered it and took too much. I worked in a addiction center a few years ago that treated herion/opiate addicts with methadone, I dispensed their daily drink or sent them home with there ‘carries’ for those whom were long term clients. I saw two deaths in the 7 months I were there and both were in opiate-naive persons whom took more then 30mg which caused fatal respiratory depression. I resigned because I had moral issues with replacing one addiction with another. After seeing the bottle in Anna’s fridge I thought how easily accessible it was to Daniel especially when Howard and Anna were at the hospital. I know many teenagers whom have likely heard about methadone but aren’t fully aware of it’s danger. What would stop him from taking a swig from that bottle, only needing to ingest 6ml to die?!?
    Anna I believe was a result of mixing drugs.

    TMZ has lots of new stuff on their site, theres a report that Anna tried to commit suicide by drinking something then slipped into a 48 hour sleep, that indicates to me strongly that she drank methadone. Most clients when first starting the program complained of excessive sleepiness and upset stomache, they were usually started on 15mg then increased 5mg every week to build tolerance! Very very scary drug!

  17. BC Girl says

    I feel so unbeliveably bad for this sweet little baby girl. I cant believe how many guys have stepped up saying they are the father now. There are five of them:

    1. Howard K. Stern (I really hope and pray he is not the father, otherwise he will have poor little Dannilynne on E.T. the first day she learns how to talk, just to make more money of course).
    2. Larry Birkhead (I honestly do hope and believe that he is the real father)
    3. That Prince Guy (hmmm who the hell is this guy anyways?? How come he never cared before Anna died that Dannilynn might be his?? Hes only saying they had an affair now because Anna’s inheritance is up for grabs with the baby).
    4. Her Bodyguard (Ya I also highly doubt this one too, where was he before Anna died??).
    5. Her Dead Husbands Frozen Sperm (I really highly doubt this one, because if it was his frozen sperm, she would have had a paternity test done in 2 seconds to prove that Larry Birkhead is not the father).
    6. **well there is only a #6 if you count the rumours that her son Daniel is the father and thats why they both killed themselves…. this one I definately DO NOT believe!!!
    But hey I guess you never know, there probably is a good chance that all of these 5 men COULD be the real father, because chances are that Anna probably did sleep with all of them in the same time range. I know that I didnt know her (and not that I have anything against Anna Nicole, I actually really liked her) but apparently she was quite the town pump.

  18. GEMENI says


  19. carleigh says

    In that picture I actually think she looks more like Howard K. Stern than Larry Birkhead. I had only seen the other pic’s of Dannielynn at the commitment ceremony and then I thought she just HAD to belong to Mr. Birkhead, but now I am not so sure. Look at her facial shape, eyes and brow line..she has some of Anna in her obviously but I can’t help but notice the striking resemblence to Howard also. Maybe it is just me. I just hope that she is surrounded in total love, happiness and well protected from what has occured in her life thus far…what a beautiful little girl she is.

  20. MissyMama says

    I pray that this sweet, innocent little girl is healthy and that Larry is her father and that he provides her with a life filled with love. I am so saddened, that even though she was so troubled, this little girl will never know her mother.

    I know it would kill me if something happend to me and my boys never got to know who their mother was.

    On a happier note….she really is a beautiful little girl.

  21. boo says

    Poor sweet baby girl, I hope they find out who her daddy is and figure out what actually happened to Anna soon , so that the people involved can sleep a little easier, and get a little bit of closure.

  22. Lauren says

    Dannielynn is adorable. I believe Larry Birkhead is the father and I hope he wins the paternity case. She deserves to live her life as normally as possible.

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