Julia Roberts With Hazel & Phinnaeus

Julia Roberts, 39, was snapped with her husband Danny and their two-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus. Julia and Danny are expecting their third child this summer!

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

I thought this quote from Julia, though random, was priceless!

“We all need to take a deep breath and think about being a Bush daughter and having that cross to bear. I’d go out and have a couple of drinks, too” – about President George W. Bush’s daughters being caught with alcohol as minors.

She went even further to say:

“He’s embarrassing, he’s not my president. He will never be my president” – talking about President George W. Bush.



  1. sharon says

    Alright my turn!!! I have to say as I am sure a few others have added, has anyone ever heard of free speech. I do believe it is part of your constitution isn’t it? #7 Do you honestly think the only people who died in the 9/11 disasters were American? Are you that short sighted? Canadian, Asians, Europeans also died that day. The US is not the only country in the world that is fighting the war on terror. Canada is right there in the thick of it all as well as England, Norway, and Germany. I hate to break it to you but Bush is not the only idiot in the USA, and Canada also has it’s share. Celebrities sacrifice many things everyday, their privacy being one thing as we all know being on here and checking out their personal lives, so don’t worry about whether or not Julia has enlisted to help out in Iraq. Honestly I don’t think that is the right place for her. Canada so far is not in Iraq, however we are in Afghanistan. My HUSBAND is in Afghanistan. We are there trying to make a better life for the Afghani people who are caught up in the Al-Qaedas net of destruction and despair, same as the Americans are in Iraq trying to help the Iraqi people do the same thing. We are both trying to do the same things. Whether or not our governments are trying to realize the same goals as our troops is not even important as far as I am concerned. In being where the troops are they are able to help people less fortunate then ourselves. Americans, Canadians, we all have it better then Afghani and Iraqi people. Our troops know that being in a warzone is a potential hazard to themselves. They are in the military for a reason, and God forbid I ever have the knock on my door, but if I did I know my husband is doing something he believes in over there. Americans and Canadians have lost soldiers, and that is part of the reason why many people do not support this “war” and all blame goes to Bush. That is a very closed minded way of looking at things. In war people die. It is a fact of life unfortunately, and like I said God forbid I ever get that knock on my door. This debate on whether it is better to be American or Canadian is silly. We are all the same people. You all know that right? We are almost all ancestors of people who came here from other countries, looking for a better life. So knock it off with the pettiness and cattiness. Granted this is a baby site but I for one have seen many pics and articles here that have nothing to do with babies. EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions…the sooner some people realize that the bettter.

  2. boo says

    There is a page I found with the meanings of his name… And I believe it’s pronouced fin-e-us… but I could be wrong.


    And allow me to just say, Canada is a wonderful place to live, I love it….. And I am praying that my dear Brother in law comes home safe from Afghanistan- he left to go there for 6 or so months, because of what he is willing to sacrifce for HIS country…mainly his life, as ” to All American” # 70, put it about her great country of the US…which don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s a great place to live a lot of wonderful people come from there…. but the US is not the only Country willing to fight for their country and people.
    Good Luck Big Brother, Love you, stay safe and come home soon!!!~*

  3. Paula says

    Ok, now that everyone has finished with who has the better country and leader and ecomonical status lets get on with the celebrity that is posted and her children. Can somebody please tell me how Phinnaeus is pronounced and what does it mean?

  4. Paula says

    Ok, now that everyone has finished with who has the better country and leader and ecomonical status lets get on with the celebrity that is posted and her children. Can somebody please tell me how Phinnaeus is pronounced and what does it mean?

  5. BC Girl says

    Alrighty then… looks like everyone else is done with this post, as am I…. I am done with you. You can just carry on with your narrow-minded American Pride self. Have fun with that, and I hope that someday you will come to realize how beautiful and significant Canada really is. Just because you love your country does not meen that you have to shit on other people’s countries.


    Just SHUT UP BC GIRL! (BIG CUNT GIRL)! I’M DONE WITH YOU!! WHATEVER!! You aren’t worth a minute to me to keep on with you. See you around, Bitch!!

  7. BC Girl says

    #70 – Why do you have to be such a bitch about all of this?? I was not saying anything bad about the US in my comment, I was just trying to show you that Canada is not insignificant and worthless, that you in the US do need Canada for at least a few reasons. Going around saying that Canada is ‘insignificant’… what are you trying to prove here?? You are making yourself sound like a real cunt. You can go on ranting and raving with your ‘American Pride’, but that is no reason to be putting other countries into these ‘categories’ of how significant they are in comparrison to the US. There are many people on this website that live in Canada, I think that you are really just trying to piss the Canadians off and start a fight because you are obviouslly a worthless piece of shit Yank who has nothing better to do with her time.


    #69 Well, good for you Canada, now you know how it feels to be threatened and don’t blame it on the US. Let’s see what you do when they fly planes into your buildings. But of course you’ll blame it on the US. These people don’t care who you are, they hate everybody and they’ll kill anybody. There is no compassion for our people and what we went through. Everyone just disses the war but we aren’t going to let people like the Dixie Chicks or Julia Roberts worry us because they don’t like what we’re doing. They can sleep in there beds all safe and sound because of what our soilders are willing to sacrifice for them. Because our soilders believe in what THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STANDS FOR AND ARE WILLING TO DIE FOR OUR COUNTRY. IF IT WEREN’T FOR MEN AND WOMEN LIKE WE HAVE WE WOULDN’T BE WHERE WE ARE TODAY. The President has a huge heavy load on his shoulders that no one stops to think about. They can all say what he should be doing but what would they really do in his shoes? I’d like to know. Sure, he’s made mistakes but so does everyone. But people should respect what he’s doing and what he’s tried to do and THANK OUR LOVING GOD IN HEAVEN THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN WHEN THAT STUPID ASS CLINTON WHAT IN OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    President Bush didn’t start the war, the people that killed our people did, so let’s get that fact straight. And as far as anybody wanting anything from you guys, sure we get our oil from you but we also get it from Alaska and Mexico and not to mention 13 other countries so don’t go thinking you are the only place we get oil from. So to me you’re still insignificant.

  9. BC Girl says

    #50 TOO ALL AMERICANS – Canada is “Just a small insignificant country that hasn?t got anything that anybody wants. ”

    I thought this was an interesting quote, seeings as how America gets their main percentage of their oil supply FROM CANADA!!! Thats strange how you think “Canada hasnt got anything that anybody wants”… Hmm what would America do if it werent for us ‘insignificant’ Canadians and our huge oil supply to you guys?? Canada is now getting terrorist threats from Al Quadia because of the U.S.
    Al Quadia is threatening us BECAUSE we supply the US oil supply. So looks like you should maybe check into your facts a little more #50 before you go on ranting about how Canada is “insignificant and worthless”. We are taking threats because of our helping the United States of America with their oil!!

  10. BC Girl says

    #50 TOO ALL AMERICANS – Canada is “Just a small insignificant country that hasn?t got anything that anybody wants. ”

    I thought this was an interesting quote, seeings as how America gets their main percentage of their oil supply FROM CANADA!!! Thats strange how you think “Canada hasnt got anything that anybody wants”… Hmm what would America do if it werent for us ‘insignificant’ Canadians and our huge oil supply to you guys?? Canada is now getting terrorist threats from Al Quadia because of the U.S.
    Al Quadia is threatening us BECAUSE we supply the US oil supply. So looks like you should maybe check into your facts a little more #50 before you go on ranting about how Canada is “insignificant and worthless”. We are taking threats because of the United States of America!!

  11. Not Amused says

    Diana B Never insult or wish ill on innocent children. There is never a justifiable excuse for it.

  12. BC Girl says

    Diana B – “Hope you and your kids get what you deserve in the afterlife”
    That was a pretty cruel thing to say. For starters, her kids have nothing to do with this subject, they didnt say anything about the president.
    Second, she is allowed to have her opinion!! Just because she doesnt like Bush doesnt meen that she is going to hell. Come on now… whos to say that Bush himself isnt going to hell when he dies?? When really he is the one who has started this war, and really, anyone who has lost their life because of this war, in the beginning, is because of Bush cause hes the one who started it all.

  13. Diana B says

    So if we were rich we could have the media and society say anything we want. Then here it is. JULIA Roberts you are in America last time I say and you poor sorry loser Democrats need not cry, first the Dixie Bitches now this ho, what is next? Let’s hope and pray you celebrities even make it to heaven, with your invitro procedures and stealing husbands. I know I’m a sinner but at least I don’t cry over KERRY losing to Bush. It’s what it is quite crying and see what are you doing for society? Crying about it or really trying to help our poor? Ms. Moder you are forever banned in my family and every person I can tell not to watch your movies. Word of mouth always wins over media. Good Luck Ms. Moder hope you and your kids get what you deserve in the afterlife.

  14. jayden says

    and by the way. im disgusted with the webmistress, this is a sight about celebrity babies, not about political views of the hollywood crowd. Im 100 % sure she wouldnt post anything against any of the liberal presidents (the real sickies) out there.

  15. jayden says

    shes just rude. she has the right to think what she would like about the president, but thats ridiculous to talk in that disgusting manner to the media about him.

  16. BC Girl says

    Im sorry, but why do we have to blaim the webmistress for this debate?? Its not her fault that we are all arguing over this.
    I completely agree with #59 (sweetie). Whichever country you live in personally, Im sure that you are going to know and say all the good qualities about your country in particular. Both Canada and USA are beautiful countries in their completely different ways. There are good and bad things about both countries (and lots of goods and bads I might add if we all go about naming off every single good and bad thing about each country!!)

  17. TOO ALL AMERICANS!! says

    Bravo Granny!! Ellen you are right about that. The webmistress did it on purpose. Just like she adds the gay couples to the site. Instead of saying a couple is having a baby she has to say something about them being gay. She’s a sh*t stirrer with a big spoon!!!!

  18. ellen says

    Webmistress made it political when she added the quotes. She could have just mentioned the parents, the kids , the cute hats, etc. But she added the politcal comments and opened the door. She must have hoped for the hoopla it caused because the reactions were a given.

  19. sweetie says

    Oh please you people this is not a political website, stop offending each other, I am sure both contries Canada and USA have good things to offer they are both beautiful countries. And in any case of emergency i am sure canada will be there for the USA as Usa will be there for Canada. Julia has the right to express her own opinions about the goverment, where is the freedom of speech, please stop the fighting REMEMBER NO COUNTY IS PERFECT. JULIA YOUR BABIES ARE GETTING BIG, I CAN NOT BELIEVE SHE IS PREGNANT AGAING GOOD FOR HER.

  20. granny says

    I don’t believe that most of the world hates America. If so they certainly accept what we offer quickly. That would be a little two faced if they hated us so much.

    And in my part of the world, Oklahoma, children can if the parents desire start school programs at the age of 3. Oklahoma has health care for children if not provided for by the parents by the state. My 2 1/2 year old grandson with Down Syndrome has been receiving services for free since he came home at 5 weeks of age. And just last week the major Oklahoma newspaper reported that over 200 illegal aliens received free college educations.

    Why was my mother’s neurologist from Pakistan, my father’s cardiologist is from India, 4 of the last 6 physicians to move to our town came from Canada, my grandson’s thoracic surgeon came from Yugoslavia, my ex-coworker was a physican who escaped from Poland. The wife of our local newspaper is from Canada. One of my youngest daughters best friends for 6 years was from Canada. The crew sent to roof my house we from Mexico. My grandaughter takes gymnastics from Nadia Comenici of Romania. I’m certain their’s were economic reasons that they choose to be here. And yes, we have the same physicans here that are from the US.

    Americans need to be proud. We may not have had Shakespear but we had Harper Lee, Truman Capote and Walt Whitman. We didn’t build the first auto, but we produced the major autos of the world and invented the modern assembly line. We weren’t the first in space but we were the first on the moon. And in the process we developed the laser used in medicine and construction among other things. We didn’t do the first heart transpant but an American invented the artificial heart which today keeps people alive while on the transplant list. A black American devised the blood transfusion. America is the country that is always in the news for free life-saving surgeries performed on people coming from around the world.

    We didn’t have Rembrandt but we had Norman Rockwell, Wyatt and Whistler. The world around listens to Country and Western, Rock-a-billy, Jazz, Skat, Bluegrass, Swing, Hip Hop, Rap, and Gansta Rap. I don’t here of too many foreing music groups except for rockers on tour.

    The first motion picture equipment was manufactured under an American patent. They may have been born and started their careers elsewhere, but Richard Burton, Greta Garbo, and many others got their world-wide attention through American films.

    The number one fast food franchise in China is Americas KFC and now WalMart (yuk) !!!! Which with the 1 child philosphy is where our cousin got her two daughters.

    And in this country, like what they say or not, we allow our people to speak their minds. No dissappearing never to be seen again, no newspapers controlled by the State. And as for liberal work leave, I retired with full benefits at the age of 50 and not on a medical.

    And I don’t like the names of these two cute children either. I really love the names that most of our younger generation are giving to their kids, but not Hazel.

    I am dissappointed though, that Julia’s remarks were on this site. It certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest when most of us would really rather just admire the children

  21. Gesa says

    Now we see, where little Phin has his red hair from…
    And this political discussion is so pathetic….. democracy excatly entitles her to freedom of thoughts and speach…..

  22. whatever says

    A successful actress? Expressing her opinion is one thing but looking like a idiot while doing so is another. What dumb things she says. She’s attacking other peoples children, publically, that’s mature. Oh well, her children will have a hard road ahead of themselves with her as their mother, and she’s having more . . . YIKES!

  23. says

    That is wonderful to hear! Did you seek out these services or are they routine? The reason I’m asking is your right, it is not known that these services are available and should be readily utilized. If you could please post a link I can direct to some friends with children in America that are in desperate need of assistance in these areas. My one gf’s child lost out on the ‘lotto’ draw for placement in government preschool and is now struggling, this information would be of great use to many..

  24. Bran says

    #31-You hit the nail on the head! I couldn’t have said it better myself! Amen and Thank You to all our soldiers and their families!

  25. KMisaHO says

    KellyMay…I have had my 4 1/2 year old son in a FREE (U.S. government paid for) program since he was 19 months old. A school bus comes and picks him up 5 days a week (3 hours a day) and he receives FREE speech and occupational therapy as well as a FREE preschool education. He also receives FREE evaluations from social workers, therapists and psychiatrists…just to make sure he is developmentally ready to enter school (which he is). Last month, he had his teeth cleaned and examed by a dentist for FREE. He is not (labelled) disabled and we are not poor or on welfare.-(we are your average middle class Americans) My point being, you seem to think that these services are only offerred in Canada. They are not. They are also offerred in the USA. Perhaps this is a side of the USA that is not portrayed to other countries. Perhaps other countries do not want to see the good in America…only the bad. Other countries like to think that our government doesn’t care about the future of our children…well, my son is living-proof that they do!

  26. TOO ALL AMERICANS!! says

    Ok, some people believe the planes were staged, I don’t, so lets say they weren’t staged. What do any of you think should have happened? Should we have ignored it and picked up the peices? Turn tale and forgot? Or should we have gone after the ones that did it like we did? I don’t understand some of the thinking on this. What should we have done? It’s stupid idea that it was done for money when we are spending billions on the war now. Truth is we are the most powerful country in the world but we won’t be for long. We help too many countries that need our help. We spend too much money in them and all we get in return is strife for it. But the one thing we do do well is stand up for ourselves and will not be bullied. And for that I am proud to say I’m American.

  27. says

    “If you Canadians think Americans are ignorant and uneducated and what ever else you think about us, why do you even come on a site that is American made?”

    My statement was in the specific posters ingnorance not the country as a whole, ditto on the uneducated, again there are many brilliant Americans and some that aren’t so smart.

    My opinions are based upon the feelings of many of my American friends. I have been a part of a mother/child group for 6 years since I was pregnant, of 48 members 5 of us are Canadian, 2 from UK and the rest American. All our babes were born in the same month and year, a few years ago when our babes turned 4 it became evident how very different our countries were. Up until then we didn’t have too many differences with the exception of ketchup chips πŸ™‚ In Canada at 3 years old all children go through a preschool assessment provided by the government, they are assessed for social, physical and emotional development and if there is any areas lacking then the child is followed and the appropriate programs implimented to aid that child all before school starts. The programs and resources accessable to us are amazing, they are also screened yearly at school for dental with a program to aid if finances are low as well as supplement our childcare costs. We have an amazing 1 year paid maternity leave through our government as well as a paternity leave (it was amazing to have my husband home when our son was born).The list goes on and on what our government has chosen is important to our future and the future our children.
    I don’t have personal qualms with Americans, I have many really great friends that our American, I have also seen the great strides for a parent to get proper care for their child in America after a diagnosis of Autism that was finally identified after that child experienced a lot of heart ache and grief from his school. Our government insures that every child has a healthy equal start in life which is what every child should have. Amongst that group of woman, 8 of them from the US have husbands that are serving, I see the strife these woman face and anxiety related to the unknown. I am thankful to have my husband by my side and will never take that for granted.

    I won’t leave this American site because I am Canadian and quite obviously many Americans feel the same way quite possibly the web mistress as well, should they leave? I don’t agree with spending money on voluntary wars in other countries when there is needs in our own country that should be taken care of first. It just does not make sense to me when we only live once and time is precious, the time spent in this war has brought more grief then good….

    KMisaHo- may Canadians work in the US because you make more money then us for it is one of the richest countries in the world. Some speculate this is why this war is staged for more power and more money. Your income tax is lower then ours as well so smarter for a Canadian to reap the rewards of an American job with the benefits of being a Canadian, it does seem somewhat unfair for the Americans doesn’t it but your government has allowed that to continue. As long as some people can continue to take advantage of this world they will.

  28. TOO ALL AMERICANS!! says

    Lets make a mass exit over to Canada. It sounds so wonderful and if it’s all everybody says it is we should all go live there. Hhhmmm, wonder how they would like that? About 4 million Americans invading their country. Bet there’d be a mass hissy fit from all you Canadians. Truth is nobody cares about Canada, you’re so protected by the US that nothing will ever happen to you. Just a small insignificant country that hasn’t got anything that anybody wants.

  29. Paula says

    #44, I think that if you want to discuss political views there are around a million sites to do that on. You come here to discuss celebrity babiess and I think the webmistress was wrong for putting that “quote” on here. Obviously she wanted to make her views known and start a controversy. I agree, this site has hit a new low. Everyone should pray for our troops and our countries, ALL of them, because you just never know when you are your country will be in the same situation.

  30. carleigh says

    I am NOT touching this one with a 500 foot pole. I like Julia Roberts, she is entitled to speak her mind and her kids are cute and I can’t wait to see the newest one. Good Luck and happy pregnancy Julia!

  31. says

    What’s wrong with a celebrity having an opinion? …Wait, I know! If it’s not the right opinion, then she shouldn’t have said anything at all. Typical right-wing American attitude. All the comments from the Americans have shown just how uneducated we are (yes, I’m American – and have an opinion that’s not right-wing). It’s so simple to say things like, “Americans are there to help other countries”, “Anyone heard of patriotism” or “Yeah, then how come all the Mexicans come here”. It’s a little bit harder to actually think a little bit further. Yes, America lends a helping hand to other countries – but it’s never alone (until recently – when Dubya decided to take over). We are generally supported by other countries. And personally, I think I can appriciate living in a “free” country so long as I’m not beaten to death for having a different opinion than someone else. It gets a little hard to live in a country that is continually pushing a semi-religious agenda on everyone and then claiming that the government is church and state separate. Forgive me if my patriotism takes a little bit of effort. Lastly, and this is really the most tacky thing to address but since someone said it – the “Mexicans” (as all of you polite people put it – sense my sarcasm) aren’t immigrating to our country because they love America. They simply love being able to make money. Regardless, at least they have a work-ethic, which is something that can’t be said for too many Americans who are constantly looking for ways to get paid without having to work.

    Anyway – back to the real reason for this website – I love Julia! It’s great to see her out with her family. But I truly hate the names of her children. Though I think they are cute kiddos!

  32. Braydie says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADY!!!! My son is 1 today.
    Also Happy Valentines Day everyone!

    My two cents:
    I live in America, however I do go to Canada often and I love it there also…( love the Ice wine, YUMMMM I buy at least 10 bottles when I go up there :)… ) I also have went to Mexico about 6 times and have NOT had any one do what was being described. No matter what anyone thinks of what leader from any country, be glad you live in a country that actually has medical, dental, housing,… FOOD. I’ve seen many countries where there is not even food, no crops …nothing. Let alone a dentist to go to… I work for Bush so I cant say much lol, but I can say I did not vote for him, however I do respect him as our president. What Julia said isn’t a bad thing, that is HER opinion. Like these are all of YOUR opinions. Julia didn’t say she hated America, just the president. Which doesn’t make America what it is. Also i just love how people say Julia should keep her mouth shut on matters like this, but then goes and says what THEIR opinion is on the political matter lol. Then attempts to justify it by saying that’s MY opinion. Where was this big discussion when Kanye West said Bush didn’t care about black people? Or when the Dixie chicks said they didn’t like him? I supposed Tobe Kieth is gonna rip Julia a big one now in a song lol. Anyway, until Julia tries to assassinate the President, I wouldn’t worry about her Hormones going outta whack and saying a few choice opinions..
    Her kids are cute though.

  33. Lovethebabies says

    I actually thought the discussion had a bit more depth and interest than usual. I much prefer to read opinions about political matters and the world we live in rather than whether Britney is a slag or other such silly comments. I think it is more appropriate to have views on the state of our world rather than the state of some publicised ‘car-crash’. Bring it on ladies (and men).

  34. Ms D says

    I agree with everyone who has said that this is supposed to be a BABY SITE and not a political sounding board!

    I think it was just wrong to put Julia Roberts’ quote on here about Bush..look at how many people have begun to argue and put each other down about their different countries because of it–as well as the webmistresses opinion of it. What does any of that have to do with BABIES???

    This is a new low for this site and many of it’s posters. πŸ™

  35. Sara says

    Okay I have to say my two cents….#31, #41 I agree. My husband is serving in Iraq right now to keep our country free. You better believe that he and the rest of our American soldiers are paying the cost for us and they very much believe in the AMERICAN way! They are protecting our country weather you like it or not….someone has to.

    Julia is my age….she has a big mouth and should restrain from making comments like that or otherwise, publicly. We really don’t need to know her political views even though she has a platform to use them. Just my opinion.

  36. KMisaHO says

    wow…how did a thread about Julia Roberts turn into America-bashing? For those American’s who bashed their own country…shame on you! Ever hear of patriotism? You are welcome to leave this country anytime. I hear Canada is nice -although it would not be my first, second or third choice of residency. I live 23 miles from Canada and I’m amazed at how many Canadians drive over to the U.S. to work. Hmm…why is that? The majority of the many Canadians that I have encountered are rude and obnoxious. Your comments directed towards Americans and our President prove that. And as for “Mexican’s turning their backs on Americans when they walk down the street”…obviously, you don’t watch the news because everyday, hundreds of Mexicans risk their lives trying to illegally enter our country for a better life. #29…you said it the best…if you all hate our country and Americans so much…stay off of our websites and follow the lives of only Canadian celebrities….I’m sure that Alan Thicke would love one or two hits on his website!

  37. Maus says

    #14 Bush the “leader of the free world”????? Time for a reality check here. NATO’s members together boast military power several times as great as that demonstrated in the Gulf War. America alone is not capable of helping the world. Europeans shake their heads in disbelief that Bush was voted for again in the last election. It is so evident that most of the American people are brain-washed. They only have two weeks of vacation time a year. Where can they go other than Mexico? They have no idea how other countries operate.
    I am from Germany and explained to an American that we do not pay for school or University and the health care system is far better than the one in the States. Her attitude was that the German system sounds like “Socialism”. Well, if she thinks that paying $27,000.00 per year to bring her two kids through school is okay then go right ahead. Very sad!!!!

  38. Jolene says

    She has a right to her opinion..and since this is AMERICA..she also has freedom of speech. It doesn’t matter if she’s a public figure or a homeless person from the streets..everyone has a right to express themselves..even people on here.

  39. boo says

    Wow, she’s still pretty tiny, I don’t see much of a baby bump there… and she must be about 4 or 5 months along if shes due in the summer!… or maybe she’s just one of the lucky ones who doesn’t gain much weight, or it’s just hidden well! who knows!~*

  40. Niamh says

    I can’t to hear what Julia and Danny name their 3rd child! I think her kids are cute.

    I must say, my respect for Julia has dropped slightly after reading that rude comment. She has a right to her opinion, but that was just tacky.

  41. Grayy says

    Nothing is wrong with pride in one’s country whether it is American, Canadian , British, or whatever. And I trave internationally yearly so I have a little experience outside of my comfort zone.

    But America has something going for it. That is why we have such a large immigrant population. That is why illegal Mexicans are stopping here im mid-America and not going past our Northern borders. That is why the Americans were so pivital in WWI and WWII. That is why America is there when the world needs help for natural disasters the world over such as the Tsunami, the famine in Somalia, and the earthquake in Pakistan.

    And that is why countries that are so limited in their sense of fair play attach such as on 9/11 like cowards undercover..

    And, unlike totalitarian countries like Iran, when we don’t like our leaders we can vote them out. But Americans are good people except for the proverbial bad apples that all countries like families have.

    And I enjoyed seeing the pictures of this family, walking around whereever they want to go, when ever they want to go, and Mama Julia isn’t having to hide herself under a burqa.

  42. Yikes says

    Wow – I can’t believe all this fuss. Democracy is the right to choose which opinion you want to hold – not submitting one opinion over the other. In other words, if people don’t like Bush, then that’s fine. Get over it. No one is dissing the soliders.

    If Julia was a communist then she wouldn’t be able to say anything against the government without basically getting killed so I don’t think she is.

    And as far as America’s “goodwill” towards other countries and not asking for money, I think everyone could use a refresher in the real history of the U.S.A.

    Keep this a celebrity baby site. We have discussed government too much already.

  43. Lovethebabies says

    Personally I love Australia!!! (Although I think our PM wishes he was American…. sadly…)

  44. d says

    It has been proven down through the years that Americans will stand up and fight for what they believe in to keep our country free. Americans will help other countries when they are in need and will make sacrifices that no other country will make. We are proud of our soldiers and proud of our flag. We never ask other countries for money and are always willing to send money when disaster happens. We can’t forget that we are helping the Iraqis become free like we are and we did stop the torture and murders of thousands of people. Maybe we didn’t find weapons of mass distruction but we did stop Saddam from gassing whole towns and torturing men and women. I’m sure most are greatful for that. If not we’ll be rediculed but Americans are strong and can take a lot from anyone. Some of the torture chambers out soldiers have found with the blood and bone and death still there was enough to push them forward to stop what was going on over there. If people can’t understand that, then they have no heart for other people and no compassion. Were we supposed to turn our heads and look the other way like other countries do? When the planes came and killed our people we had to do something are we would have opened more doors for them to do it again. I don’t want to be cowered down in my kitchen with my arms around my children with bombs going off in my neighborhood. I think that Americans have forgotten how awful 9/11 was. I think we should stay mad as hell about it and not let time make it easier to forget. And I think other countries should be more compassionate towards us because it could happen to them just as easy as it happend to us.

  45. Nat says

    Shows you the ignorance of people how they can only figure mexico is the only foreign country of the entire world. however, there are more people out there dont forget to mention all the other obvious foreign people that live here and protest against the war, and evidently they arent all “mexicans” but so called “natives” of this beautiful country. julia is in all her right to say what she wants about the president. we can like or dislike and say whatever we want about whoever we want just because he’s the president of this country doesnt make him any better or worse than any other individual living. BTW, her kids are kinda different looking, but cute in their own way.

  46. Just Asking? says

    If you Canadians think Americans are ignorant and uneducated and what ever else you think about us, why do you even come on a site that is American made? Why not just stay away from anything that has anything to do with our country? Obviously you don’t like the way our country is run. I think you should just stick to your own country and leave ours alone. That includes our celebrities.

  47. Paula says

    I thought this was a baby site?? Everyone needs to keep their politcal stance to themselves and go elsewhere for the subject.

    But of course noone is going to listen to me!

    Cute kids!

  48. random says

    OMG there is no real americans except for the native americans because most of the americans are just from all over the world so shut up and dont think america is the best country in the world.

  49. One of these days says

    First of all, if Mexicans hate us so bad why are all of them over here…your comment on that doesn’t make sense. And second of all, all of our presidents help other countries not just Bush, we’ve been doing it for decades, and thirdly that is the most rediculous thing for anyone to say that Bush ordered the planes into the buildings. LMAO over that one. If you really believe that you are a stupid fool. And lastly, I’m sure their are some soldiers that don’t want to be in the war but most all of the ones I know do and I know a lot of them. Of course they are mostly Marines and that makes a big difference. And don’t believe everything you hear on CNN. No one ever reports the good stuff that is going on with the war. Why not? Because they don’t want to report that good things are happening. They just want to make Americans and Bush look as bad as possible.

  50. says

    #14 I too am very proud to be Canadian! Oh and we do make some good cars here GMC!

    I am very glad our government puts importance on healthcare and education! That speaks so much compared to the little you are offered there in the same regard so the children suffer is that alright with you? Fortunately we have a voice that is heard in our country! Isn’t the future clearly in the hands of our children and many children go without in the USA because that is not the priority. Look at the education statistics between the two countries, you will be shocked and again I credit our fine government We pay taxes, lots of them so your statement in saying we don’t pay for anything is ignorant.
    War is the priority there, very very sad! I have absolutely no desire to live in the USA, I feel quite safe and comfortable where I am, I do not lock my doors at night because I don’t have to, I am thankful for that! I was quite shocked to learn from many of my American friends they lock their doors during the day!. The statistics in crime and gun control between USA and Canada!?!?
    You cannot be that ignorant, there is no comparison between Canada and the United States! Perhaps a lag in education and I wonder why, likely the way Mr. Bush wants it?!? He’s not trying to build future leaders nor encouarge it, let’s fight instead! I am very proud to be a Canadian and support our leaders, the proof is in the pudding!

  51. keppa says

    Bush is an idiot. Anyone with half a brain knows it. I think there’s a difference between supporting the troops and supporting the president (although I personally believe the war is an absolute waste too.)
    And I would MUCH rather live in Canda had I the choice (not quite old enough to move there yet) and deal with simply “beer and hockey” than an idiotic president and a horribly corrupt political system….anyday

  52. Proud to be Canadian!! says

    Ohh and regarding your little comment on “You cant even pay for anything yourselves, you make the government pay for everything”…. jealous much #14?? We dont ‘make’ the government pay for anything, that is just how it works here in Canada. So, we dont have to pay for schooling, medical, dental, childcare, etc. Is that really such a bad thing?? No, I would think that every other country would love to have this in effect with them!!! That is something to be very proud of, not to be ashamed of. Our leader loves us and wants to help us in any way he can….

  53. Proud to be Canadian!! says

    This is for you #14 – “You are all just followers who wish you were American”…. Ohhh wow, that is the farthest from the truth I think I have every heard. I dont know of a single Canadian who wants to be an American. Every single country in this world hates Americans. Yes we drive cars made by Americans, but who the hell cares, you make better cards than us. As far as wanting to be one of you, NEVER!! We go to Mexico on Vacation and the Mexicans are willing to trade whatever you want for your ballcap that has a Canadian flag on it because they loves Canadian so much…. they see an American walking down the street in Mexico, they all turn around the other way because they hate Americans, just like everyone else!!! You may have the most power in the world, but look what you have sacrificed for it…. Ohhh, and just as much as America would be here if something happened in Canada… Canada would be there for America as well, trying to make peace with everyone because your President is such a money grabbing, war making, jackass!!!

  54. daria says

    Your so-called “president” ordered those planes into that building Seems to have worked to get public approval for an illegal war if it’s got all you right-wing mamas taking a break from Fox News to comment in his defense on babyrazzi.com.

  55. N says

    Typing fast…. missed the word “an” in front of american for the english teachers on this site…. : )

  56. N says

    I am american George Bush is an ass… I could care less if hes the president. He has done a terrible job at it. In any other workplace you get fired when you do a bad job. He is not god so I can say anything I want about him. I still love my country just not him. And most of the soldiers I know dont approve of this war for oil… oh I’m sorry weapons of mass destruction… my fault again searching for Bin Laden……. Julia is an american she pays TAXES so she can so whatever the hell she wants!

  57. Following all the other chickens and not using their handle... says

    Julia Roberts is a communist the only good thing she has done is cover up the heads of her FUGLY children. She should do the world a favor and put a bag over her and her equally FUGLY husbands head.

    To all the Canadians. first. you are rude calling the leader of the free world a “tard” – shows real class and manners second, Keep your nose in your own country! only 2 good things have come out of canada. Beer and hockey. You have a ruler that doesn;t even want to live in your country. You are a bunch of followers who just follow AMerica and wish you were american. You probably drive an american car? does canada even know how to make cars? You cant even pay for anything yourselves. you make the government pay for everything. You send all your trash to AMerica. keep your trash in your own country. it will fit in much better there.

  58. Elaine says

    number 2, isn’t freedom of expression one of the US Constitutional rights? Does this not give her the right to express a political opinion? I am not American so forgive me if I am wrong.

    Her children are really cute

  59. NO NAME says

    WOW! The twins are getting soooo big. Phin is looking more and more like his daddy, imo. Wonder why Hazel is suddenly acting camera shy? She’s always taken to the papa’s. It’s good to see Danny and Julia both spending time with the kids. They are definately gonna have their hands full this summer. I heard there’s a possibility of MORE TWINS!! For their sake and sanity, I hope not! LOL!! I’m sure it’ll be just as precious as Hazel and Phin.

  60. PeacenotWar says

    George Bush loves money, money brings power George Bush loves power, power brings Greed, George Bush wants more money.

    The United States Government does not care about the people of it’s country. If it did then there would not be people dying every minute I type. This war was staged by Bush, it has continued because of Bush and what has it solved? I won’t even touch on the thousands of lives which is close to being tens of thousands of lives that have been adversely affected by this war, the amputees, the post traumatic stress and the grief. Nothing about this is right, money is the route to all evil and temptation is great! My heart aches for America, it has lost so much already and as the last previous poster stated if something happened in another country then the US would be in, you likely right, Bush loves to be the Master puppeteer at your expense not his!

  61. Lauren says

    Julia has a right to her own political opinion but he did win and he is the President, so she needs to take that into consideration before shooting off her mouth.

  62. cris says

    I dont have anything against the americans, but that president you have is really mean, but thats the guy you chose, Im not saying all americans voted for him, but he won, and the people is the one that allowed everything that he does or think like he does

  63. One of these days says

    Celebrities and other people are all want to enjoy all of the benefits of our country but aren’t willing to sacrifice anything for it

  64. One of these days says

    Something will happen in Canada and the US will be right over to help with like we are in every other country and then you will eat your words. In my opinion we shouldn’t help any country with anything because after we do it we are talked bad about anyway. As far as Bush goes he’s done the best he could under the circumstances. Let somebody fly some planes into your buildings in one of your cities and kill thousands of people and see how you like it and see how you handle it. Or would you just sit back and say oh well? I know the war isn’t popular right now, but I can tell you that it must be something our soldiers believe in because when they get home from one tour they are ready to return for another one. So not everyone thinks Bush is an idiot. Thank God we have men and women ready to fight for our country or we’d all be in a fix. Better to fight them in their country than fight them in our hometowns. We do what we have to do.

  65. Proud to be Canadian!! says

    I agree #5. What is so bad about Julia stating her opinion about your dumb ass president?? She is allowed to speak her mind. So I guess that according to you (#1 and #2) she isnt allowed to express her opinions about anything because she is a succesful actress?? Thats crap.
    Your president is a tard… Like you all dont know it!!

  66. canadian says

    Why are you Americans so afraid of a little political banter? Your President is an ASS and everyone knows it. Get with it.

  67. Paula says

    Ok, is this a political site or a baby site??????
    I think the webmistress should stick to babies and leave the celebrities with their political views to other sites. Thank you!

  68. Anne says

    That quote is spot on I would not have a father like that. It is a cross. May be he should retire and become a comic character. Shame, shame! Can you imagine 63% of europeans think Americans are the most stupid people on Earth? All thanks to Dubia, the world now thinks America is the land of the stupids. And people who stand up for him make matters worse!

  69. lecklund says

    Feel free to move if you don’t like it here. Just because your in the public eye does not give you the right to share your political opinion. Hopefully your children are not influenced by your unkind words of the country they should be proud to live in.

  70. KMisaHO says

    Well…if Julia doesn’t like the president, she is welcome to move to another country! Perhaps she would rather live in North Korea under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-il. Just another example of a celebrity mis-using her status to voice her political feelings. Stick to acting! (Atleast our president didn’t steal anyone’s spouse!) Oh…and by the way….her husband looks like a homeless bum!

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