Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes At Party Thrown By Will & Jada Smith

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise
Tom and a very elegant Katie were snapped at Celebrate Mary (a party hosted by pals Will and Jada Smith at Hollywood club Boulevard 3 on Friday) with Mary J. Blige.



  1. carleigh says

    Katie doesn’t look her best in this pic….she’s seen some better days as far as make-up and clothing. But remember she’s trying to emulate VBeck’s (Posh) style and this clown collared outfit seems just like something Posh would try to pull off. Remember Posh is supposedly mentoring Katie on her new style and stuff….all I can say is two words GOD AWFUL! Tom I don’t like him…as for Mary J she rocks and looks great! Katie put your contacts in next time and SEE what you look like! Also rule of fashion: remove one article before leaving home and since Tom HAD to go…she couldn’t remove that hideous collar.

  2. TomLooksPortly says

    Niamh, exhausted from “taking care of Suri”?? Yeah, maybe on the nanny’s night off…

  3. rose says

    I do agree. Katie looks pregnant in this picture and she did wear an all-black ensemble? To hide she’s pregnant again?

  4. michele hickox says

    I think they look great as good as first time parents wedding and all a fan since dawson

  5. Niamh says

    I read in Us Weekly that they had gone to a party and stayed until 2am and Katie was really tired and wanted to go, but Tom wanted to stay. He relented eventually and took her home…

    So, maybe Katie is exhausted from late nights out and taking care of Suri??

  6. Jenna says

    Wow she looks like crap. She is a beautiful youing lady, why does she dress like a 5 year old? Even my granny wouldn’t wear half the stuff Katie wears. I blame Tom. But then I would.

  7. NO NAME says

    WEIRD, WEIRD, WEIRD! They dress weird, look weird, and act weird. They definately have the scientology look down to an art. In a weird kinda way, they remind me of Amish people (especially Katie). Poor Suri. She’s in for a weird awakening. Congrats to Mary J. She rocks!!

  8. Diva says

    I usually love the way Katie dresses, but this one is NOT classic classy, lol…. she’s taken couture a little too mainstream here.

  9. Dianne says

    She looks very old in this photo. My goodness for such a young lady, she doesn’t dress like one. I wonder if that has anything to do with Tom telling her how to dress. Shame if it is!

  10. kinny says

    why does katie always dress so ugly? with money like she has to spend, you’d think she’d hire a stylist with STYLE!

  11. Nell says

    I’d love to see Katie or tom, for that matter, with Suri once in a while. Do these two realize they are parents?

  12. Robin says

    her cute J-Crew, Dawsons Creek days are looong gone thats for sure
    and where the *beep* is SURI??

  13. kt says

    i think she looks pregant too. it’shard to see but her hips/waist look a little rounded out…..and the hair, face, etc….and Tom is especially glowing! they are excited!

  14. Aditi says

    katie looks soooooo bad!!!!!!!!
    i wouldnt dress like that ever..
    she worked out so much and lost all that weight ..for what? to dress like a grannie?

  15. Anne says

    There are better pictures out there. I like Tom’s short hair. I would also like to see Katie dress more sexily but right now I think she is preggers anyway.

  16. boo says

    I agree, I wouldn’t exactly call her elegant in this pic….she’s definitely had her better days… Heck ,even while attending Connor and Isabealla’s soccer games she has looked more “elegant”.

  17. jules says

    ‘Very Elegant’????? webmistress are you blind?….This is the worst I have ever seen her! AWFUL!!!

  18. KMisaHO says

    Whats up with the parachute clown collar around Katie’s neck? Looks like she and Tom are both using the same blind hairdresser…e-gads! Mary J. looks awesome, though!

  19. Braydie says

    Did katie stop breastfeeding? Her breasts look alittle saggy lol. That dress is freaking hilarious!

  20. DDinEngland says

    Katie looks knackered in this photo, and since when exactly did she start dressing like a 40 year old?

    BTW everyone, I love this site!!!


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