Claudia Schiffer & Daughter On The Cover Of French Elle

Claudia Schiffer

Here Claudia, 36, is pictured with her daughter Clementine, 2. I love it!


  1. Lisa says

    I agree, it’s out of place. Like if all the models were holding cell phones to their ears in playboy or something. It’s not wrong, it just ruins the picture.

  2. clara says

    In most of the world, she would still be having a breast in her mouth, no big deal..but I agree, why do kids have pacis or bottles in photos at all?

  3. Lauren says

    This is a gorgeous pic of Claudia and Clementine. But, why is Clementine sucking on a bottle? Couldn’t she be holding a doll or a favorite toy? The bottle ruins this otherwise beautiful picture.

  4. Julie says

    Ug, I agree. Why is she sucking on a bottle at all? One of my biggest pet peeves is when a child has a bottle or pacifier constantly in their mouth when they are too old for either one.

  5. AnnMichelle says

    Wow, you’re honored to be on the front of French Elle magazine with your daughter, and she has a BOTTLE in her mouth….you’ve got to be kidding me!! Its a beautiful picture, but could we replace that thing with a doll maybe????

  6. KMisaHO says

    It is a beautiful picture! But…it would of been even better without her 2 year old sucking on a bottle!

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