What In Heaven's Name Is Going On Here?!

Britney was out at the clubs in NYC again Tuesday night and was described as falling all over the place and being inebriated with something.

Britney Spears

I am still rooting for Britney and wish her the best, but don’t understand how she can be living the way she is. She is the mother of two young children and is out making a mockery of herself. What I am just in complete awe of, is how no one in her life is stepping up to the plate and reigning her in. Why won’t her mother, sister, aunt or cousin help her stop this? Doesn’t she have a big Southern family? She looks seriously depressed…perhaps she is suffering from post-partum depression?



  1. princess says

    Brittney probally lost it b/c she came on this website and read all these horrible comments. Brittney’s not perfect no one is. She has made some mistakes and she is entiltled to. It does not give anyone the right to say such mean and disqustings things about some we know nothing about personally.

  2. boo says

    Has anyone seen the new pics of Britney riding in a car with 5 month old JJ in a forward facing carseat… what the heck is she thinking, honestly, who allows their 5 month old to be in that much danger…. cuz it’s obvious that if they were in an accident, the baby would likely be dead….She seriously needs help….I’m sorry, but she really truely does!!~*


  3. MissyMama says

    ok, I have to add….
    We had some company over for dinner last night, and I ended up having a cocktail too many. With all the 15 types of sh*t I’m feeling today I must wonder why on earth Britney continues to party everynight, does she enjoy this feeling??

  4. says

    I have a life and one I enjoy immensely which includes some harmless entertainment provided by this website! Personally I think a better choice to spend my free time then getting coked up and partying all night?!? My children would agree wholeheartidly!

  5. gracelyn says

    Paula, your obviously of your f**king rocker!!! You dont know shit about me so dont automaticly think because Im saying something about Britney that its about my life or personal experiences. I have an excellent relationship with both my parents, so excuse you for trying to be a know-it-all BITCH!!!!!!!!!

  6. Paula says

    Got a great life, just like to hear about the stupid stuff Brit does!! Very entertaining!!! N, did you happen to send her thongs? I like the color, poo poo stripes. Sorry, had to have some fun. LOL!! 🙂

  7. MissyMama says

    Neither do you N. You post on a whole bunch of other blog sites ranting the same love for Britney. Don’t put on your holier than thu act here.

  8. Paula says

    I heard that the last guy dumped her. That probably didn’t feel good. She needs to learn to live without a man and just be a mother, so years from now she won’t have any regrets asking the question was I a good mother to my children? Well, there is a bright side to this…she does have drawers on, lol!!

  9. says

    Postpartum I don’t think is the problem either Paula. I think that Britney felt cheated by what many of us now would love to forget. She said that once to Kevin that she felt behind and wished she could go ‘back in the future’ LOL. She has a lot on her plate and then some right now!

    I think she’s partying to feel good. She likely feels like she needs someone so she’s prowling but she needs to find herself right now. Especially for her children, the choices Britney makes will influence her children’s lives no matter whether she’s there or not.

  10. Paula says

    Actually Gracelyn, it was her idea! And IF it is the parents fault, get over it, grow up and stop blaming your parents for your problems. That’s the trouble with some people, they are always blaming the parents for every bad thing that happens to them. But, there comes a time when you have to look in the mirror and take responsiblity for your own actions and stop blaming everyone else.

  11. Boo says

    Actually I believe that it was Britney’s Idea to wear her school girl uniform the way it was…all rolled up with her belly hanging out in her video” baby one more time”….If i remember correctly in an interview that I watched of hers a long time ago she had said that the outfit was supposed to be a regular uniform and it was her idea to Sexy it up a bit… and every one liked the idea and thought it looked cute.
    Now I could be completely wrong on this cuz it was a long time ago that I watched the interview…. but if I’m correct than that just goes to show that it was her choice at 15 years old how she wanted to look and dress!~*

  12. Paula says

    Amazing what a little makeup with do for ya…..or not. We all know she cleans up good……or not. So what is she doing? She’s sinking lower and lower. I don’t think it’s post partum depression, do you KellyMay? Could it be that or is she just sowing wild oats? Personally I think she’s just gone wild. She had kids way too young, her immaturity is showing really bad and she can’t handle the responsiblity of being a parent. Should have kept ole KFed around. At least she had to pretend to be a good mom.

  13. gracelyn says

    Actually Paula I dont think Britney came up with the idea to run around in skimpy clothes at the age of 15. She was probably told sex sells so you must dress like a slut!!! Its her parents fault shes the way she is.

  14. Cobi says

    Oh my gosh…..is that really someone messing around with her thongs…..that’s gross. Geez cant she think like a normal person!!!

  15. Lovethebabies says

    hey, I seriously think that maybe something has happened to her second baby – possibly he is no longer around. I think that could explain a lot – and really, she is only young…….

  16. says

    Hi Braydie, I watched Larry last night and does appear to be put together. They played recorded phone convos with Anna from a month ago, he was very concerned about the baby. Anna sounded really out of it, it was very sad!
    Wow, what a crazy way to start out your life, ditto for Jayden, Sean did have his mommy for his first year but then…

  17. Braydie says

    Lets all be glad brits at least WEARING underwear this time….. However I dont think I would want the job of making sure their “in the right place”. Thats just nasty.

    On another note…I cant , well I guess I can, believe Anna nicole is dead. I feel so bad for her daughter. I hope that Larry B. is the father and not Howard S.. This little girl needs someone stable, and from what I’ve read about Larry he seems to be pretty put together. Howard from her show that was on, he’s not at all, he did the same crap Anna did, if not worse. I hope the best for her baby. 🙁

  18. Sallie says

    Is it just me or does she (Britney) ALWAYS look like she’s in need of a shampoo and a hot shower?

  19. MissyMama says

    I know this is way off subject…but Breaking News…Anna Nicole Smith is dead. She collapsed at a Casino in Miami and was rushed to the hospital. Her lawers have confirmed her death.

    Maybe Britney will see this as a wake up call??? Hopefully.

  20. Paula says

    Ok ladies, I live abut 20 minutes from Kentwood and word on the streets there is nobody can do anything with her, not her mom, dad, sis or anyone else. They are worried about her but she has the money and the means to do whatever she wants. Can’t say people are happy with her, everyone sort of gave up on her years ago as being a home town gal with morals. Can’t say how her homelife was but as far as I know she went to school and did her auditions and her mom and dad were church goers and tried to raise her in church. Now that money has come along, her parents are divorced and they all live other places instead of Kentwood and only come to visit every now and then. Britney has a huge house there and comes and goes but nobody really cares. Sometimes we know she’s there but most of the time we don’t. Like I said, nobody cares. In my opinion she hasn’t hit rock bottom yet but she’s heading there fast. And Gracelyn, any exploiting that was going on was Britney doing it to herself. Nobody told her to run around half dressed even before now, nobody told her to get married for 58 minutes and nobody told her to show her goodies to everyone. Sorry, but once a person reaches a certain age they should know better. She just doesn’t care, bottom line.

  21. Jenn says

    I just feel so bad for those little babies when they’re waking up in the middle of the night and neither mommy nor daddy is there to comfort them…

  22. Ellen says

    I don’t know if she uses drugs other than alcohol, smells, neglect bathing or is a true whore as defined in the dictionary. But I know she looks like someone well on the way to a serious fall. It will be interesting to see how well she lands. She looks like someone in need of serious loving intervention. It will be hard to take her come-back serious when pictures like this will be playing over and over in our minds.

  23. Julie says

    This is really looking sad. I hope she gets help soon so she and her babies can be happy. You’ve got to know that she must feel just awful. She’s a young mom with two babies, she’s going through a divorce, and it’s all in the public eye. I don’t say these things as an excuse, but when we see these pics, I think we should all keep in mind that she is a woman and a mommy, and she is obviously in some serious pain. It’s easy to throw stones, especially with the anonymity of posting here, but imagine if she was your friend or daughter. I can’t say why nobody has intervened, but nobody knows what has gone on behind closed doors. Maybe her family is trying to help her PRIVATELY. I just feel really really sad for her.

  24. carleigh says

    #14 I may well be all the things you say that I am (but who are you to me? do you know me personally?–I am a hypocrite for judging poor little Britney yet you seem to think it’s OK for you to write and slanderous expose’ about me…and who’s the hypocrite now BITCH?) but I am not running around from bar to bar to bar, showing my private parts to the whole world and abandoning my two children and making a spectacle of myself. Jealous no, I feel nothing for Britney except utter disdain and total DISGUST! Now as for you maybe you should go hang around Hyde or some other Hollywood drug den and wait for your chance to become Britney’s personal butt whiper because it sounds as if that’s the only aspirations in life that you have going for you..go love on your crack whore Britney….maybe it’s you who wants to be just like her and are so damn jealous you can’t see straight…….otherwise you’d see what myself and everyone else see’s…Britney for what she is and unfortunately it’s not a pretty sight, pretty disgust, but not by any means pretty!

  25. says


  26. Lauren says

    What is going thru her mind when these pictures are being taken? Does she even realize that her actions are going to affect her sons more than she realizes? I sincerely hope that she cleans up her act. Until that day, I’m rooting for K-Fed to get custody.

  27. Lauren says

    I used to root for Britney getting custody of those boys but now after seeing these, I seriously hope K-Fed gets the kids. She looks in no shape to take care of herself, let alone 2 little boys.

  28. says

    My oldest child is almost six years old. All the time that I have been away from my kids, doe not add up to how much Brit has spent away from hers…..and their 17mths old and 4mths old! When Suri Cruise was born, people were going out of their minds, wondering where the hell she was and why there wasn’t a picture out there.
    Does little JAYDEN JAMES even exist?! Does Brit even acknowledge her second son? You never see her with him or mentioning him…at all! I AM NOT a fan of K-Fed, but maybe the boys are better off with him right now. Am I being to hard on the girl? Or does she need to a mom instead of a BAR STAR???!!!???


    Some of you are the biggest hypocrites in the world (namely you Carleigh). Who are you to judge this girl? You don’t know anything about her other than what the tabloids want you to see. You don’t know what’s going on in her life. She is a single parent trying to do the best she can to raise her 2 small kids alone. That is not an easy task but I’m sure you know nothing about that. How do we know you’re not a skanky crank WHORE? Must take one to know one. Your just jealous because she’s a wealthy skank and your just a sewer slut. Hahahhahahahaha!!!

  30. MissyMama says

    I just have to say that maybe her family IS trying to step in and try and get her to clean up/be responsible. But when you are in the middle of addiction whether it be coke, booze, speed, extacy, perscription pills, all the above, you are in not frame of mind to hear how you are not living the right kind of life. Drug/alcohol addicts when in the midst of their addictions firmly believe that they are not doing anything wrong and that their lives are in complete control.

    Only when she finally hits rock bottom (which hopefully for her children will not be death by OD) will she see that how she has been living isn’t good for her or her family and hoefully she can get the help she needs.

    I really feel for her children. They are the ones who are suffering. I have no pity or sympathy for Britney. She is making her own choices and is CHOOSING this lifestyle over her children.

  31. BabySugs says

    what is wrong with you people? who are you to tell apart whores from good ones? who are you to be soo comfortable with saying whore over and over again as if you knew so well what it is about? who the f… are you to think that you can have well-informed views from such shit that comes from silly people such as paparrazis or the likes? c’mmon it’s a shame: stop the name-calling. otherwise, one could make a case name-calling is good for everything: chinkos, niggers, whores (women who don’t fit societal excpectations, and the rest… shame on you: the guardians of GOODness!!!!

  32. jules says

    Well, I would just like to say “What to people expect from her?” She was a kid, let me repeat that, A KID, when she became a star. Not saying that she didn’t want that, but she never really got to be a normal child. I have no idea what her home life was like, before singing career, but I can only imagine. She is still a kid. I agree that she is not acting like I think a mother should, but get a life people. If she was not Brittney, no one would even care what she was doing. I just feel sorry for her that she can not do anything without everyone critizing her every move.

  33. says

    At this point now this is incredibly sad! When will she hit rock bottom, and when that does happen hopefully she’ll finally see the hands reaching out to help her.Until then we just sit back and watch! I know she likely has limited contact with her boys due to her social life and they are likely quite healthy and happy but she is still there momma. She is really only hurting herself, I hope someone soon holds this woman accountable irregardless of what she’s worth! It seems funny to call her a woman..

  34. carleigh says

    She’s worse than a drunked college co-ed looking for a one night booty call! What does make it that much worse is that almost everyone (myself included) used to blame the trashiness on K-Fed and being with him was what was bringing her down. Well, K-Fed may party and be a quote “bad boy” or playa or whatever he is, but we don’t see pictures of him like this now do we? We don’t see him hanging all over every woman in a 50 mile radius do we? Maybe he gets a room or does it on the down low or whatever, but he is at least discreet and doesn’t make a SCREAMING SPECTACLE of himself anymore. I really have no pity, empathy or compassion left for Britney. She’s just a strung out has been mess and the only thing that would maybe shock me next would be the headlines screaming she’s overdosed and dead…which sadly is the next step if she doesn’t clean up. She doesn’t even give a rat’s ass about her looks so what should make a person believe she takes pride in her kids either.

  35. lala_brit says

    Such a shame……..she was so innocent in the video ‘baby one more time’ another crack ho with kids that have no regular daddy and mommy……………

  36. BC Girl says

    I used to really like Britney. Remember back when little Sean was first born and Britney was seen EVERYWHERE with him!! Now I cannot stand this dirty, smelly, whore. She just reminds me of some 18 year old girl who can now get into the bar for her first time and thinks the bar is the coolest place in the world and is there every weekend!! News flash to Britt, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GROW OUT OF THE BAR SCENE BY YOUR AGE!!! Yes, we all go out to the bars once or twice a month, but every night, come on!! Isnt she a little old for that?? Her poor baby boys, especially little Sean, he must miss his Mama so much, little Jayden probably barely even knows her.

  37. jenna says

    I can’t believe its gone this far and that K-Fed is the “lesser of the two evils”. Her skin looks awful. The bloated blotchy greasy thing isnt a good look, Brit.
    Judging by the looks of her, thats a prescription pill addiction, if I’ve ever seen one. Her family proboly dosent intervene because she makes their Lexus’s payments. Thats whats wrong with the Nicole Richies and Lindsays of Hollywood; no ones “bigger” then them to tell them what to do, i know if i had a gazillion bucks, I’d laugh in the face of any peon of mine that
    tried to tell me what to do. Hopefully, she’s going to get tired of seeing her pics on the net looking like this. and do something about it.

  38. says

    I’m no way supporting her but I have to ask myself why is she behaving this way??? Has anyone ever saw her baby?? Jayden, I think that is his name could be wrong like I said not a follower of Britney anyway I really hope nothing happened to the baby and I’m not making excuses but maybe the baby is sick or possbily has died does anyone really know?? I guess that could be her excuse just wondering if anyone has seen him. She has totally changed and her family is no where to be seen. If something has happened maybe they think this is the best way for her to cope. I hope I’m wrong and the baby is in good hands with the nannies.

  39. gracelyn says

    I dont know whether to hate her or feel sorry for her. First of all the hands on her thong look like a womans hands, not sure where your from but Ive never seen a man with such girly hands. How do any of you know that shes a whore? I think too many people take her life to seriously its like you people think you know her and everything about her, including what goes on behind closed doors in her life. I was never a Britney fan ever, but its just so sad to see someone in desparate need of love and help and its seems like nobodys there to give it to her. Its quite obvious where her parenting skills came from by the way her mother and father just sit back and do nothing to but watch her self destruct. What kind of parents are they? Maybe if she was raised a little differently, and not thrown into the spotlight and exploited for most of her life she wouldnt be how she is today.

  40. MissyMama says

    There isn’t anything I can say that has not already been said. Besides the alcohol, I would bet that little miss Britney is doing drugs. Her disheveled, unclean “lost” look and her behavior just scream drug addiction.

    I truely beleive that K-Fed will get those boys. Britney has gone too far for recovery.

  41. carleigh says

    I can’t say anything about this WHORE that hasn’t been said a million other times on this very website and hundreds more. Just look at her and then take a look down farther and you see two male hands on her thong underwear…….apparently she is to out of it to even realize or care that a guy has his hands on her panties which makes her an intoxicated WHORE!!!!!!!! If I were a betting woman, I would lay 50 to 1 odds that her sons will both be in major therapy before they are old enough to drive a car! I can’t even say look at her, what a mess she is, look how drunk she is, look at how she’s dressed, look at how discombobulated she appears beacuse it’s NORMAL for Britney!!!!!!! How sad yes, but by now I am suprised when she is NOT drunk and making a drunken WHORE out of herself. Give her a break…no WAY, leave her alone, NOT gonna happen…go away Britney you make me sick!

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