Mary, Frederik & Christian On Holiday In Verbier

Princess Mary

Princess Mary

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, husband Crown Prince Frederik, and 15-month-old Christian enjoyed a ski holiday in the Swiss resort of Verbier. Mary is expecting her second child in early May. They are such an adorable family!



  1. Shae says

    they are a sweet family…I like Princess (now countess) Alexandria. I thought she was beautiful. That brown on Christian is so blah ! though….a little child should have lots of color…

  2. ashleigh says

    i love this family
    christian looks so cute all bundled up. I can’t wait until mary gives birth to her second child. I wonder whether it will be a boy or girl

  3. Lovethebabies says

    I love this family too – her hair looks great!! There is a really cute set of private photos on a website dedicated to them – an official website – google princess mary and you should be able to find it. She has really grown on me!!!

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