Marcia Cross Sees Her Doctor

Marcia Cross
Marcia Cross, (who has been on bed rest since January), was spotted going to her doctor for a checkup on Tuesday. Marcia is expecting twins with husband Tom Mahoney in April.



  1. Julie says

    KellyMay, it wasn’t make specifically for twin pregnancies. I bought it at a medical supply store for about 45 dollars. They came, I think, in S,M,L sizes. It isn’t one you could just go to Walmart and buy. It adjusts perfectly to fit, and it was the best thing I bought during my pregnancy. Doesn’t slide down, doesn’t leave indents, the only thing that I noted was that I had to loosen it when I sat down. Not in the car, but if I was sitting straight up at the table or on the couch because it pushed my tummy up and it got uncomfortable. I can’t remember the brand, and if I knew just where it was, I would surely be happy to send it on to you, was that great. To answer your other questions, I was induced at 37 weeks and was thrilled to be able to deliver vaginally as they were both vertex the entire pregnancy. Have your client check medical supply stores for the support belt!!

  2. says

    Wow, she’s so beautiful! I love love love twin bellies!!!! I am anxious to see her bundles!

    Julie, was it made specifically for twin pregnancies? I have a client whom is 32 weeks bought a prenatal support belt but her vast tummy doesn’t seem to fit properly!?! She says it slides down and it leaves nasty indents in her skin?

    Just curious (and you do not have to answer if you don’t want to) how many weeks did you deliver and what route? Thanks in advance 🙂

  3. Lauren says

    Marcia seems to be glowing. I hope that she does have a safe and healthy delivery for her and her twins. It must be hard being on bed rest for another 2 months. Hang in there Marcia, it’s worth it!!

  4. Julie says

    Oh this brings back memories! The black elastic waist lounging pants, the big sweater, walking with my hands clasped under my tummy! When I was pregnant with twins, I was about 32 weeks when I looked full term and felt like there was no way I could keep going! I wonder if she feels that way! She looks fabulous! I hope she’s discovered what I called the “gut sling”, It was a big elastic tummy and back support special for pregnant women that I wore under my clothes. It was heavenly! Get one, Marcia!

  5. Boo says

    Poor girl… being on bed rest for 4 months, thats a lot for anyone to handle… I really hope all goes well with her 2 precious little babes…She’s going to make a really good Mom!*~

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