Jessica Simpson Inspired By Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Jessica Simpson has revealed that she wants to adopt children to avoid the pain of childbirth. She would love to have a big family but fears she may not be able to cope with childbirth more than once. She told Britain’s Star magazine: “I want to adopt before I actually have my own kids, but I don’t know if I can give birth three times. I’ll have to see how much pain is involved the first time round.” She explained: “I think Angelina Jolie has done amazing things. The adoption rate has skyrocketed.” Jessica is currently dating John Mayer.


  1. M says

    Is she for real??? “avoid the pain of childbirth” O.k. Does she realize that childbirth is easy…the hard part comes afterwards! Hello…is anybody home? Darn these girls wanting to play mommy. Here is how it goes: Fall in love, get engaged, move in together, have babies. Easy! Oh, and really want to be a wife and MOM. Your life as it was before no longer exhists.

  2. She wants a WHAT?! says

    Why doesn’t she THINK before she SPEAKS?! Maybe then she wouldn’t appear so stupid. I actually liked her on The Newlyweds. I often wondered how Nick could put up with her crazy arse. Is somebody really capable of being that dumb? Anyway, back to the topic. Jessica, listen dear, contact one of the local public schools in your area and see if they will let you adopt a “fake” baby to take care of.. Keep in mind this baby will cry, poop, eat, and demand your attention. This is the closest thing to actually having one of your own. After about a week of doing that, then decide if you want to share your self-centered little world with a baby. They’re not all giggles and cute lil’ booties. They require lots and lots of your undivided attention. Not quite sure you’d see it worth the sacrifice. JMO, darling.

  3. Boo says

    Who are you calling a cow…. she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she has a body that many woman would kill to have…. I love Jessica Simpson it’s her sister that drives me nuts…I wish her the best in her journeys to becoming a parent however that may come about.

  4. Jenna says

    Oh my god, what a self-centred cow. Adopting to avoid the pain of childbirth? I’m sure the emotional pain of the adoption process is far more emotionally painful than the physical pain of childbirth.

  5. crayola says

    what the hell is she doing to her face. all that botox , restilin. even the eye lift . she does look evil. she is a stupid ugly lady.

  6. says

    PLEASE!!!!!!! ppl stop hating on jessica! at least she wants to adopt to give an orphan a home and a better life! she’s rich she has the resources to do it! STOP JUDGING on someone you dont know! GOD HELP YOU!

  7. Sandra says

    Gosh you guys are harsh on someone you have never met or know completely NOTHING about! Makes me think if y’all have that much negative to say, your lives must not be that great! Seriously very immature comments people. Oh and “Employee of the month” was a funny movie, yeah she didn’t do the best job acting in it, but you will NEVER look at another Costco the same way!! I wish her Good Luck in whatever she decides to do!

  8. shirley&Laverne says

    well definetively adopting a baby so you don’t go through childbirth is a poor poor excuse to adopt.

    I don’t think she even imagines the hard work that comes with being a parent, she seems to think the hard work and pain ends after labor.

    NEWSFLASH for Jessica, parenting is 24/7 demanding and even painful job. with no pay whatsoever except the reward of loving and being loved back by your children.

    by the way did you see her last movie “employee of the month” OMG I cannot believe she even gets parts on movies, this girl needs some acting lessons badly. she was awful, awful in that movie.

  9. says

    Lord help the baby she gets. She is honestly a stupid woman, it’s not cute or funny, (if she is doing it as a “show” for TV) I would be embarrassed to be her. I really do believe she is stupid, lucky her Daddy is a record producer, it was her only shot at fame. I just shake my head, stupid stupid stupid. Jessica does understand what it takes not only to have a baby but raise one? I doubt if she does, they need to be fed and changed a concept that I think is too far beyond her mental capacity!!!

  10. vicki b says

    ok, webmistress thank you for the pic of jessica you chose – that’s just too funny. her over plumped lips, her botoxed pulled tight face and arranging her boob just right. that’s funny.

    then again i woke up late this morning and look like hell and dream of having boobs big enough to have to arrange 🙂

    still i hope whatever she decides that she gets a good nanny or three!

  11. Lauren says

    Good riddance, Jessica adopt?! That’s a laugh in half. She can’t even cook or do laundry? How does she expect to take care of a child let alone 3?! She seriously needs a harsh reality check. At least Angelina has the intelligence and does charity work for the world. All Jessica does is looking scummy and dating grody looking dudes.

  12. KMisaHO says

    God help the child that this bimbo adopts! Hopefully, the adoption agency requires an I.Q. test. The BIG difference between Jessica and Angelina….Angelina has a brain (and uses it!) Dang! Everytime this girl opens her mouth, she says something stupid! (By the way…she looks “evil” in the above picture).


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