Anna Nicole Smith Passes Away

So sad to report this….Anna Nicole passed away this afternoon. She leaves behind five-month-old daughter Dannielynn Hope. Obviously, Anna was very troubled for a very long time and her son dying probably pushed her over the edge.

Anna Nicole Smith



  1. says

    Your bady is so cute and i love your bady and she is a cute little baby and to your husband you will be the father of your little girl and when you have you little gril take care of her a lot and be a good father to her like smith wanted you to take care of her.and i now you will never forget her when you were with her that was a great day for you and you were great to her and good when you were there for her and your girl and god bless you and you girl and keep fighting for your girl and do not give up ok and good.god love you

  2. Paula says

    I personally hope Howard K. Stern is the father. He was with Anna for years through thick and thin and on her reality show you could tell he really loved her. He seemed to be the only man that really stuck by her no matter what. All this is just getting weirder by the day and I hope she is resting in peace with her son now. I pray that this issue is resolved soon with the baby and if Burkhead is the father I hope he really wants her and not just the money.

  3. Braydie says

    I hope the best for her daughter and I hope that one of these 3 men that has now come forward as danni’s father, IS her father. I can’t see this little girl growing up with no one if it turns out none of them are her bio father. Anyone could see Anna was in alot of pain over loosing her son, the pictures of her and howards “wedding” …you could see she was really out of it. I just hope the father is reveled and this little girl can finally have the family life she deserves.

    Also, I really proud of this thread. No matter how much you liked or disliked Anna, every one is being really respectful of others opinions on this matter. I hope in the future it will stay that way on other threads also.

  4. Benji says

    Anna shouldn’t be getting this much attention, it’s sensationalized. She was an F-List celebrity. But the mystery behind her death is suspicious. HKS, is a lawyer, and he’s not stupid, I’m sure he has access and information into all kinds of *death bys*, he knew how to manipulate Anna and the Media. I bet his background will be carefully scrutinized, and I hope he gets caught!

  5. carol says

    What is all the fuss about Anna Nicole Smith’s dead? She was selfish, greedy for money and had serious mental problems. This was supposed to happen sooner or later. And now the media are to praise her as some kind of “star”, which she actually never was. And all the Hollywood celebs with their dishonest comments – not a single of them would have starred next to her in a movie.

    I feel sorry for the baby tough, but I also did this before – for having such a mother. Dannielynne was to face a hard life with Anna Nicole as her mother.

  6. Isabel says

    Wow, what a horrible event….I feel sorry for little dannie i mean she is bring fought by howard,larry and I just read that Annas mother is fighting too…..what a poor poor baby.My prayers go out to little Dannie,Anna and her family.

  7. Nicki says

    Wow, very sad.
    Now Zsa Zsa Gabors hubsand is saying he might be Dannilyns dad, huh???? He claims he had a decade long affair, I guess on and off with her. This is messed up.

    I pray for little Dannilyn. God bless her.

  8. Angie says

    May the Wind rise to greet you,Anna
    May the Rains fall as the tears of the Sun mourn you
    May the Water of Gaia wash peace and comfort to those who love you and will miss you
    May the Earth reclaim you as one
    May your blessed and lovely soul become as it is to be
    Our Lord and Lady hold open the way to home

    Blessed Be, Anna Nicole, Daniel, Howard and Dannielynn
    You are safe, you are wise, you are loved.

  9. Ruby Jackson says

    This is not going to be a media frenzy, but rather a legal frenzy. The battle is on for her estate, and since her claim against her dead husband’s money is in litigation, it’s going to be a while before her estate can even be determined. …and you know who’s going to win, either way? HKS. Why hasn’t he been disbarred yet?

  10. A special friend says

    Today the world endured a sadness beyond belief. Anna was such a lively, energetic, eccentric, person. She lived for her son, Daniel. When he died, her world as she knew it fell apart. Even the sweet, little, angel she delivered could not compensate for the pain her heart was feeling. Daniel was not only her son, he was her best friend. She put her total trust in him when she couldn’t trust anyone else. When he died, a part of her died with him. We saw her loneliness and pain in the pictures. The desperation of trying to hang in there for the sake of her newborn baby became too much for her to bare. We will sadly miss you Anna. Your family will take excellent care of and greatly love your sweet, precious angel, Daniellynn. She will grow up knowing how much her mommy and brother loved her. The world has endured a huge void; however, heaven has gained another beautiful angel. Rest in peace, Anna.

  11. Amy says

    I will miss you soo much Anna! You are so beautiful, i bet you are the most beautiful angel in haven. I LUV U ANNA!

  12. Ellen says

    I see major chaos coming out of this. How many people are going to be coming after custody of this child just to have control of the money? And then there are going to be those truly interested in that baby will have to fight the vultures. It forbodes bady.

  13. carleigh says

    This is just so heartbreaking for the little girl stuck in the middle of this tug of love. I never was really impressed with Anna Nicole in life but it never seemed like she did anything to hurt anyone deliberately,she only hurt herself which is just so sad. Poor woman, I am sure she couldn’t take the heartbreak of losing her son Daniel and it only escalated her own demise in the end. Now her baby is left w/o a mother and that is just so sad, Dannilynn will never have a vivid memory of her mother to cling to, she will never have a mother to watch over her as she grows and she will more than likely always be surrounded by scandal and controversy. I just hope that whoever happens to turn out to be her “biological” father will nurture, shield and protect her from the legacy of her mother. I would hate to see her whole life tarnished by the tragedies that have befallen her in her first year of life. Anna was wacky and funny and I just hope that her daughter will get to know only the good side of who her mother was…my prayers and thoughts are with her child, poor,sweet innocent little baby. How sad, truly sad.

  14. Alanzander says

    I read on that she left her baby with a baby sitter on sunday it the bahamas for a week long vacation without her I think that is sad too. but i did like her so sad that that baby girl will never see her mom again. My dad droped dead at age 40 1/2 from a sudden heart attack from that moment i have never been the same i was 15 and now i am 23 with a 5 and 3 year old I mourn for him every day at least i do remember everything about him just wish he could see my kids I really could not tell what would be harder loving someone so much and loosing them or never knowing them at all. THIS IS SO SAD FOR DANNILYNN I do have my brother and he is just like my dad in every way

  15. Jen says


    I was just watching tv last night about the battle for Dannielynn.. How tragic, wow! I can’t believe it. So SAD.
    I hope Danni will be in God’s hands always. I bet it was drug overdose, just like her poor son. Just so extremely sad for them!

  16. Boo says

    Well that’s not something I was expecting to see signing on to here just now…That’s terrible…. I wonder if it was suicide…I can’t say it would surprise me any, just because of everything thats been happening to her lately, with Daniels death, fighting for her late hubby’s money, the paternity suite and the trim spa legal battle…. All those things would be enough to push anyone over the edge… I hope everything works out for little Dannielynn, and she finds out the truth of who her biological father is and she has a happy life…. it is a nice thought to know that Yes Anna is now with her son…. but poor Dannielynn no longer having her mommy, My heart goes out to her!~* 🙁

  17. BC Girl says

    Oh my gosh, I feel so sorry for the little baby girl. I only hope for her to be taken care of by someone who loves her and will guard and protect her from all this media.
    I also believe that this was suicide. She apparently had her own on-call nurse with her at the hotel, why would a nurse be there with her??? Unless she was planning something like this. JMO

  18. KMisaHO says

    Very shocked….very sad! Thank God that baby Dannielynn is too young to understand all the tragedy and drama that has happened in her short little life! I hope that there is someone that will look out for HER best interest!

  19. jenna says

    thats awful. She proboly died a sad, lonley person. all alone, i think thats the worst way to die.
    I read somewhere that the lawyer for Larry Birkhead wanted to get a dna sample from her corpse…unbelievable. This is going to turn into a media
    event and a half. I think it’s suicide. Daniel dieing put her over the edge. Ever since the son died, she’s been a jarbled, drugged out mess. I guess Howard or Dannilynne
    couldnt giver her something to look forward to.

  20. Paula says

    #10 there are pre teens that come on this site. Why shouldn’t they? They like babies too, and that is so why we should watch our language on here, everyone!! And you didn’t spell everything right either.

  21. Lauren says

    This is way to sad. She never seemed to fully recover from Daniel’s death. I hope both Anna and her son find peace now. I pray that the bio father of Dannielynn is revealed soon and that the little girl will grow up in a warm and loving enviroment.

  22. fee says

    My heart goes out to her family.
    As far as the baby is concerned, an emergency hearing is being called to speed up the paternity process.

  23. says

    Conspiracy, wow I just read Perez, very interesting!!!!!

    Angelina, oh no are you having sickness. Please email me and let me know what you are experiencing times and such, I’ll offer any advice I can give and usually it last no longer then 12 weeks, myself with my 2nd pregnancy it was 16 weeks (nothing with my first) and I have had seen some women whom had it for longer…

  24. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    What is an 11 year old doing here. i think u are just acting like one. No eleven year old can spell would wrong I am so sad for little Dannielynn and i think she wanted to be with her son in heaven and ever since his death she looked like a train wreck and i think that it had something to do with Daniel’s death. I think the real father is Larry not the guy she was with. Prayers to everyone in her family. U know this is scary, but she idolizes Marilyn Monroe and she dies the same way Mailyn did. There is also this show on MTV called true life and this lady did everything Anna Nicole did and she loked just like her and she dressed like her and gained weight when Anna did and cut her hair the way anna’s hair was. So now that`Anna is gone i wonder what will happen to the lady,but she went back to her regular ways when she finall yrelized that she is not Anna Nicole Smith. I know this is not the time to tslk about my own personal problems but i tried the Saltines for the morning sickness, it is helping me a tiny tiny bit but it keeps comeing back. Does anyone know when it fades away?

  25. says

    I loved Anna Nicole Smith and to hear she is dead.Thats no joke if i could i wood take care of Dannilyn .She was 1 of my Idols.I am only 11 years old . I am not a fan of lease shes in a better place,maybe with her son.

  26. Paula says

    My heart goes out to Nicoles family. At least she’s with her son now and knows some peace. Prayers for the little baby that has no mother now. Life is so short….

  27. MissyMama says

    Though I am not at all suprised, I am sad. Even though Anna was a mess, I still felt for her, the personal pain she must have suffered to allow herself to continue to drown herself in her”medications” and the loss of a child…wow.

    I am sad for her daughter. Hopefully she will be raised by her biological father, whomever that is, and be loved in a stable home.

  28. says

    Very sad to hear about this, I feel bad for the baby, what will happen to Dannielynn now? Is it known yet what she died from? My guess is her poor heart was broken after her son’s death, I hope she found peace. Poor girl.
    I pray that baby isn’t stuck in the middle now between the two men. My hopes and prayers are with Dannielynn.

  29. says

    I forgot to add I only wish that love may surround this child from here on out, she has had a lot of losses in her wee life thus far!

  30. says


    Now the battle begins for that innocent little baby *sigh* how does life ever get this desperate…. choices some are good some are bad.

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