Naomi Watts Is Expecting!

Naomi Watts

Naomi glowed at the Montblanc ‘Night of the Stars’ Gala in France on February 2nd!
In Touch Weekly is reporting that Naomi and Liev Schreiber are expecting a baby together.

“This wasn’t planned, but Naomi and Liev are thrilled,” a friend tells In Touch. “They’ll probably be married before the baby is born.”

The couple have been dating for almost two years and Naomi is said to be just entering her second trimester and is barely showing. However, a freind reports that Naomi is not taking any roles until after the baby is born.

“She’ll be such a great mom,” the insider says.

Best Wishes!


  1. suzy says

    wow, she looks amazing! i don’t normally like her much, but she looks extra cute here. love that dress too!:)

  2. MissyMama says

    Has this pregnancy been confirmed?? I mean come on, since when is In Touch Weekly a place for sound and accurate stories?

  3. KMisaHO says

    (3rd time trying to post…uugghh! so frustrating, anyway….)

    My (O.C.D) son is currently obsessed with the movie King Kong! He watches it over and over and over again! I see Naomi so much, I fell like she is family! Congratulations! I hope she has a healthy pregnancy! (and I don’t recommend riding on the back of King Kong while pregnant!) 🙂

  4. Lauren says

    Congrats to Naomi and Liev! I’m sure they’re beyond thrilled to be having a baby together. Good luck to them and their bundle of joy.

  5. scarlet says

    WONDERFUL NEWS..Nothing in the world but having a baby is the happiest news…Good luck to both of them..

  6. says

    She’s a beautiful woman but that dress is not flattering for the pregnant shape….surprise babies are always fun!

    I am so incredibly sad today, one of my clients died last night, my heart breaks for their family. This is one aspect of my career that is never easy…

  7. Boo says

    Congrats to her and Liev!! Is this her first Child??
    I have never really followed her as an actress or been a huge fan so I have no idea,
    She is beautiful, So no doubt this baby is going to be adorable… of course then again…ALL babies are as far as I am concerned.

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