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    Tory is so beautiful as well as her man. She looks happy and full of joy.I wish the best of luck to Tory and her family.#11and #12 if she is so ugly how did she get a man,and are expecting a son.Maybe her face got bigger since she gained weight. Just why do you guys have to be mean you wood not what someone saying that about you.

  3. gracelyn says

    Her face is not the same color as her body is what #7 meant, doesnt take a genious to figure that out!! I think shes put on an extreme amout of weight already. I really dont dislike her but she is one ugly woman!!!!

  4. Boo says

    I will admit that she does look “better”…with lighter more toned makeup on (like in the other pic from the other baby shower post)…but to match your makeup to your body???? Since when are we supposed to do that??lol.

  5. carleigh says

    I always thought you matched your make up to your complexion and then the shades to your clothing..not your make up to your body??? LMAO

  6. joelly says

    I wonder if Dean is going to leave Tori like he left his wife, son and newly adopted daughter.

    He is a POS and she is a homewreaker, why isn’t she proudly displaying her step children while expoiting herself, her love and pregnancy.

  7. CHANELLE says

    Tori is ugly as hell and always has been, she looks like a horse for real and this pic does no justice, her makeup doesn’t even match the rest of her body……….lol

  8. crayola says

    look at that horse she is ugly. what the hell is she gonna do with that bowl? bathe her son in it.

  9. Lauren says

    Tori and Dean look like glowing proud parents-to-be. I can’t wait until they release photos of their baby boy. Hopefully, the bundle of joy will help Tori reconcile with her mother. I’m sure thats what Aaron would want to have happen.

  10. carleigh says

    Tori looks very content and proud. It’s good to see her finally happy after the the year she had in 06′. I hope she continues to be this happy and has a smooth delivery! Can’t wait to see the pic’s of her baby boy. KellyMay don’t worry about missing a birth pretty soon you will be the lucky one having your beautiful baby! Keep us updated on your health and wishes and get out those shovels and find that

  11. Boo says

    Kelly May, I heard you guys are getting hammered pretty bad with snow up there in that area…I’m going back “home” this weekend to visit, hopefully the weather is nice enough to let us have a good drive… winter driving long distances Sux!
    Speaking of Tori, She does look beautiful…She’s definitely got the expectant Mom glow thats for sure.
    And her dress I love to… it’s very pretty!~*

  12. says

    Tori looks so beautiful! I really get the feeling that she is elated to have this baby… I hope she can reconcile with her mom, fortunately babes have a great healing factor!

    I have that tupperware ball, gosh it’s a classic!

    On a bummer note I missed a birth last night because of the weather 🙁 Our city is in a standstill because over a foot of snow fell in less then 8 hours, our schools are closed as is everything else! Craziness, my hubby is trying to find our van under all that snow and it’s still snowing…

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