Zaria & Launa Are Adorable Royal Babies!

Princess Zaria & Princess Launa

Countess Zaria & Princess Launa

This past weekend eight-month-old Countess Zaria (of the Dutch royal family) was baptized at Bosch Palace in the Hague. Father Prince Johan-Friso, mother Mabel Wisse Smit, (who is named after a mythical goddess), big sister Princess Launa (who will turn two next month), proud grandmother, Queen Beatrix and many other family members were there to share in the blessed occasion.

Zaria and Launa are such beautiful names!



  1. Shae says

    I thought JohanFriso lost his title when he married Mabel Wisse Smit? No matter, they are a lovely family…I remember when he and his brothers were born…such a big deal since they were the first males in years!

  2. donna says

    She is called Luana not Launa, it is a misspelling. Yeah the girls are cute. But Mabel, the mother, once dated the head of the maffia in Holland. That makes her less cute

  3. Jessie says

    Omigosh! Those girls, especially Launa, are soo lucky to be actual princesses! I’d love to be Launa, lol!

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