Vanessa Trump Sporting Her Bump

Vanessa Trump and Max Azria were snapped backstage at the BCBG Max Azria show during Fashion Week in New York on February 2nd.

Vanessa Trump



  1. NO NAME says

    I agree with you Dori. It’s a wonder what money will make you do. I think Vanessa is very pretty but I don’t think I could make myself wake up next to Donald, Jr. LOL!!!! Or the Donald Sr. either. Looks like they are a happy couple and I wish them the best of luck with the baby.

  2. dori says

    I am confused. Who said she was due in the summer? She looks like 7-8 months pregnant here. I think April is more like it.
    She’s very pretty now her child and Donalds child will be close in age , how sweet. When will Donald grow up and stop marrying women the ages of his children and stop having babies when it’s his childrens turn to have kids. Donald strikes me as being a narcissitic jerk. And he’s butt ugly to boot. Without his money what woman would want to go out with him?

  3. Nicki says

    donna~This girl is married to one of the Trump sons. Ivanka is her sis-in-law. Ivankas half sis is Tiffany, the daughter he had with Marla Maples.(much younger)
    Vanessa looks pretty and very happy.

  4. donna says

    she looks soooo much better then her sister or half sister, The one with the blown up tits ivana I think her name is.

  5. Lauren says

    How cute. I love baby bumps. lol. She’s pretty big for being due in the summer. I can’t imagine The Donald being my grandfather.

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