Tori Spelling's Baby Shower

Tori Spelling

Well, it did indeed turn out to be sponsored by Tupperware!

To celebrate the upcoming birth of their first child together, Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott welcomed around 50 guests to a coed baby shower on Saturday afternoon at Elixir Tonic & Tea in West Hollywood.

“We’re so excited to share this special time with our friends,” said Dean. “We can’t wait to meet the little man. We feel him kicking all the time and we’re so eager to finally see him.”

The couple revealed in December that they are expecting a boy, whose middle will be Aaron after Tori’s father, legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling, who died last year. The baby is due in April.

Guests at the event included Tori’s Beverly Hills 90210 pal Jennie Garth and her So NotTORIous costar Loni Anderson. Tori’s mother Candy, with whom she’s had a falling out, was not there. (Lord…that is sad!)

Tori glowed in a blue mini-dress, and happily let her friends rub her belly. “I’ve loved being pregnant, but I’m ready to give birth,” she said with a laugh. “I can’t wait to be a mom and hold this little baby in my arms.”

The blue-themed party was sponsored by Tupperware and planned by Jo Gartin of Love Luck and Angels. “They wanted the party colors to mimic their baby’s turquoise blue and chocolate brown nursery,” said Gartin, who decorated the event with white amaryllis in turquoise vases, blue glass lanterns and hundreds of votive candles.

The menu, presented on blue Etch-a-Sketch trays, featured childhood favorites such as grilled cheese sandwiches, tuna melts, miniature corn dogs and pigs in a blanket, as well as an all-blue dessert menu that included blueberry popsicles.

The shower, which was filmed for Tori’s new Oxygen reality show Tori & Dean: In Love, ended around 7 p.m. when guests left with an exclusive gift bag produced by The Silver Spoon, including items such as Too Faced Lip Injection, a $600 pearl bracelet from and an InphantElefant baby blanket.



  1. says

    Angelina, no it doesn’t hurt all the time but it can at times.
    My daughter had busy times in utero but also had equal quiet times. She only caused pain a few times. My son was incredibly busy, he was constantly moving. I sat for the last month of my pregnancy with my left hand firmly planted in between my ribcage and my sons eager feet, I was bruised from his battering and was still sore for 2 weeks after he was born LOL My belly at 9 months was the source of entertainment it was fun guessing what we were seeing or what he was doing, it was amazing how much we could see externally!!! My daughter was 2.5yr at the time and was awed by her busy brother, funny enough he was an angel baby and very quiet as an infant then he turned 2!

    Good luck Angelina, are you feeling okay?

  2. BC Girl says

    Pigs in a Blanket are sausages wrapped in dough!! Also called Sausage Rolls…. Mmmm they are yummy dipped in ketchup!!!

  3. NO NAME says

    Awww, they are soooo adorable. Such a nice change to see Tori without pigtails. Her hair is so pretty long. And Dean looks so proud. I just know they’re going to make awesome parents. I really do hope Tori’s mom had a prior engagement and that’s why she couldn’t go to the shower. Welcoming a new baby is such a joyous time. I do hope they are able to put their differences aside. I’m pretty sure Aaron wouldn’t want all that squabbling and feuding between them. Anyway, congrats to the McDermotts!

  4. Boo says

    Once you get further in the later months 7, 8 and 9 the kicks tend to be a lot more uncomfortable depending on where they kick… if he/she get you in the ribs it’ll probably hurt more then anywhere else ( I found anyway )…but it still feels amazing, just wait til you feel the baby roll all over your stomache, it is by far the coolest feeling ever, seeing them roll under your skin….GREAT, Now I wanna be pregnant again, I’m starting to miss it 🙁

  5. Angelina ( preggo hot momma!) says

    Well i have not felt any “real” kicks yet because i am very early in pregnancy. I am only like 2 months pergnant soo…….. yup. Now i hvae a question,does it hurt when they kick?

  6. Brandy says

    The “pigs in a blanket” i serve my kids are hot dogs with crescent rolls wrapped around the outside, topped with cheese and baked. They love them!

  7. says

    Now that is a baby shower, It sounds so fun! I love everything blue! I can’t wait to see their little guy!

    Angelina, knowing that you are now pregnant you will be in for a shock! Some babies are crazy busy, my son moved my shirt he was so active. My daughter and I were in the tub when I was 8 months and she had her back to my tummy, she asked me to stop poking her. I laughed because of course I could feel her brother dancing up a storm in there!
    Honey after 7 months you should feel the movements externally, it truly is amazing and you may actually get a glimpse of limbs every now and again too!

  8. Angelina (preggo hot momma!) says

    If you checked out the video at, you can see Dean is very protective of Tori. And i just wanna comment on Deans statement sayin ” we can feel him kicking” cant the person who is onlypregnant feel it? but i understand that he can touch her stomach but……yup. Congratz to them. I hipe they have a healthy baby. In the vid, Dean was yelling and didnt want the paps to take pictures of Tori while she was coming out of the car. Britney perhaps?? I dunno what pigs in a blanket means.

  9. Boo says

    That is sad that her mom didn’t show up…It is her grand baby after all, but who knows what the reasons were for her absence. Hopefully she just couldn’t make it.
    I just love their menu choices….lol, just goes to show, being rich and having money doesn’t mean eating escargot and caviar all the time….what exactly is ” pigs in a blanket”?? 🙂

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