Dave Matthews & Wife Expecting Their Third Child

2/6/07 UPDATE: People magazine has confirmed the happy news!

Dave Matthews

Musician Dave Matthews and wife, Ashley Harper are rumored to be expecting their third child this summer. I have no way of confirming! They have five-year-old twin girls, Grace Anne and Stella Busina.

The following is from an interview Dave did for Rolling Stone magazine when his daughters were 2:

What’s it like watching your twin girls grow up?

They’re hysterical to watch – how much fun they’re having, how they’re turning into people and how much they love sugar and avocados. I worry that I’m screwing up all the time. But as long as I love them, it’ll be OK. My kids are what gives me the urgency to say what I think about the world.

Best wishes to Dave and his family!

Thanks to Anna!



  1. portia says

    if something happens to my alpine valley concert i’m going to cry! it’s the highlight of my year!

  2. Jennie says

    If dave postpones summer tour dates, there will be so many pissed off fans. i mean babies are cool and everything, but if the gorge shows are cancelled there will be hell to pay

  3. Julie says

    He rocks, and his wife is really pretty! I saw a documentary on him, and there is so much of him that I didn’t know. I guess he’s been married for quite a long time. He must be a very private person. Congratulations, if the rumors are true!

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